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Famous Historical Places Part 2 - Odd Blocks at Karnak

10/13/2013 19:00:00 PM

I choose to write this in connection with the Sphinx Temple, because I think the construction seem very similar. But I will let You be the judge of that. Karnak is surely another famous historical place, especially to the ancient Egyptians.  Since > read more

Famous Historical Places - Sphinx

10/08/2013 20:06:00 PM

"In a land fare to the south, lays a gigantic creature unlike any other. It carries many secrets from the past, and enchant people to have thousands of theories, of it existence.." Truly this magnificent ancient structure, must be seen as a histor > read more

Explore The Enchanting Mysteries Of Egypt By Booking Adventurous Nile River Cruises

10/04/2013 18:15:00 PM

From the modern capital Cairo to the ancient land of Dendera, the mysterious country of Egypt offers plenty of sightseeing opportunities for adventurous people.  The legendary land of Pharaohs offers you a memorable glimpse into its rich ancient ci > read more

Seti I Heb Sed Festival

10/01/2013 21:33:00 PM

This is an article post about the great pharaoh Seti I and his Heb Sed Festival, this article is connected to  Rameses II Heb Sed Festival Scene and Thutmose III Heb Sed festival stele CASE STUDY The articles above, deal with those pharaohs Heb > read more

The Temple of a Million Years - Abydos Temple

09/07/2013 22:41:00 PM

The title Temple of a Million Years, Where Death Dwells might sound like something with an ominous outcome. But let me assure you, that is fare from the reality of the title. Seti I temple at Abydos is a true gateway to time itself, laid out in our > read more

Senenmut the Astronomer

08/14/2013 21:21:00 PM

He is proven to be a genius of his time, to this day, his monuments still stand as a perfection of the reign of Hatshepsut. Senenmut was her closet friend as well as being her chief architect. • Who was Senenmut? • Who were Senenmut's pare > read more


08/13/2013 20:53:00 PM

• First a Story • Who was Hat-shep-sut? • From Queen to King • The Queens cartouche's • Monuments • Translation of the Obelisk text • Tomb of the Queen "Be Silent our Daughter of Daughters, and listen to our words...." she was struck > read more

Things found inside Djosers Step Pyramid

08/03/2013 19:44:00 PM

People tend to believe that the Pyramids were empty when they were first opened, but this is not true.  The Great Pyramids at Giza are the most popular pyramids among people today, but in fact there are many pyramids all the way down to Sudan > read more

Behold the Pharaohs List

08/02/2013 18:38:00 PM

Pharaohs List ISBN: 87-991527-4-6 By Karima Lachtane FREE E-BOOK Unearth 6 pages of detailed research covering some of Pharaoh Narmer and Scorpio's stele and mace, and be taken on a astonishing journey more than 4000 years back in time. > read more

Crypt Underneath Dendera Temple

07/31/2013 19:28:00 PM

Beneath the sand, among the walls, under  the temple floor you'll find secret crypts. In Abydos, in Karnak, in Kom-Ombo  and everywhere else, many have stood  untouched by any man, even till this very day. The video clip below, is one of such c > read more

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