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Migraine simulator – educational tool or more stigma?

04/28/2016 04:57:15 AM

The makers of Excedrin recently launched a virtual reality migraine simulator that mimics some symptoms of a migraine attack. Scott Yacovino, a representative from Excedrin, claims, “We’re simulating the symptoms of migraine... READ MORE > read more

Community Responses: Top 4 things you could not live without for migraine management

04/27/2016 04:58:09 AM

When you know a migraine is looming and about to hit, our community is always gracious and kind enough to share what your must-haves and essentials are to help sooth the... READ MORE > read more

$185 Million Donation to Research, Treat Neurological Diseases

04/26/2016 20:07:22 PM

Philanthropists Joan and Sandy Weill have donated $185 million to develop a neuroscience institute at U.C. San Francisco. The donation will include a clinic to treat migraine and chronic pain and for... READ MORE > read more

Avoiding migraines at the dentist

04/25/2016 04:57:00 AM

Have you ever met anyone who enjoyed going to the dentist? It’s not the most pleasant experience. For migraineurs, though, a trip to the dentist can be more than just uncomfortable. As... READ MORE > read more

I Had No Idea THAT Was a Migraine Symptom!

04/22/2016 05:26:45 AM

Cold hands, feet and/or nose Clumsiness Earaches or pain Tooth sensitivity Eye irritation Frequent urination Stuffy nose Physical weakness Fatigue Unsteadiness or dizziness Neck pain Trouble finding words Inability to comprehend written... READ MORE > read more

“You should exercise more!”

04/21/2016 04:58:21 AM

“You should exercise more!” These were the dreaded words that came out of my headache specialist’s mouth at my last appointment. She told me that aerobic exercise a few times a week... READ MORE > read more

A migraine variant in infancy

04/20/2016 05:24:29 AM

The first year of life is full of so many changes and joys. Your baby is healthy and growing. He coos and smiles when you tickle his toes or blow raspberries on... READ MORE > read more

It is more blessed to give

04/19/2016 05:20:58 AM

Sometimes I take my migraine knowledge for granted. Not too many years ago, I was the one searching for answers. In a random twist of fate, I stumbled into the path of... READ MORE > read more

My thoughts on Excedrin’s “What Does a Migraine Feel Like?” video

04/18/2016 05:07:45 AM

Many of you have likely seen the Excedrin-produced video called “What Does a Migraine Feel Like? – The Excedrin Migraine Experience.” It was covered by multiple news outlets in early April 2016,... READ MORE > read more

I know a migraine attack is coming on when…

04/15/2016 17:30:51 PM

The waist of my pants or my bra strap suddenly feels too tight My left ear itches then starts to ache It feels like there’s something in my left eye My teeth... READ MORE > read more

The Things I Miss

04/14/2016 12:20:38 PM

While I don’t condone the notion that positive thinking solves all of the world’s problems, looking on the bright side is certainly important when living with migraine. I work hard to cultivate... READ MORE > read more

Gambling, superstition, and bad luck

04/13/2016 06:21:50 AM

Having migraine is like drawing a really bad hand in the poker game of life. If I play my cards right, I might not lose my shirt, but I’m certainly not going... READ MORE > read more

Community Thoughts: New guidelines for prescribing opioids

04/11/2016 20:58:31 PM

When the Center for Disease Control (CDC) releases new guidelines for prescribing opioids, many patients who experience migraine and other chronic health conditions may find this to be alarming and unsettling. It... READ MORE > read more

Ice pick headaches

04/11/2016 05:45:02 AM

“Ouch!” you scream as a searing bolt of pain hits your head. Before you can explain what just happened, the pain is gone. It only lasted seconds, but felt like you’d just... READ MORE > read more

An open letter to Chronic Migraine, the world’s most annoying insect

04/10/2016 20:02:53 PM

Like an annoying insect circling relentlessly- you come back again and again. Wearing me down. I swat into the air, at first absent-mindedly and then, as you continue to come round, sometimes... READ MORE > read more

Join me for the Migraine World Summit, April 15-20, 2016!

04/10/2016 19:48:30 PM

Last month, a fellow named Carl Cincinnato sent me an email asking if I’d be interested in doing a video interview for the first Migraine World Summit, a first-of-its-kind virtual gathering he... READ MORE > read more

Of Course Our Emotions Don’t Cause Migraine

04/08/2016 06:22:52 AM

“Women’s Emotions Do Not Cause Their Migraines.” My first reaction to this New York Times headline was I’m so glad to see this stupid myth rebuked in a well-respected newspaper. Reading through... READ MORE > read more

Our community reveals their “ferocious” migraine types

04/07/2016 05:27:47 AM

While every migraineur experiences vastly different symptoms, they unquestionably can take on a life of their own and develop characteristics much like an animate being. Inspired by the original article, “What Animal... READ MORE > read more

A new discovery eases the stress of bad days

04/06/2016 04:58:03 AM

Have you ever been stuck at home for days with a long string of migraines? The walls are closing in. Dishes and laundry pile up. The trash is overflowing. Now, to add... READ MORE > read more

IBS: “Migraine of the Bowels”

04/05/2016 06:17:32 AM

People with migraine are more likely to have IBS than those who don’t have migraine, which is why migraine and IBS are called comorbid diseases. This connection is further supported by new research that... READ MORE > read more

Benign paroxysmal vertigo

04/04/2016 00:17:11 AM

When a child with a family history of migraine experiences vertigo, the diagnosis is often benign paroxysmal vertigo.  Unlike abdominal migraine and cyclic vomiting syndrome, this condition is exclusively seen in children.... READ MORE > read more

Take the Health Information Experience Survey

04/03/2016 06:06:59 AM

Staying informed is crucial when managing a chronic condition such as migraine, and the internet has made it significantly easier to learn right at home. But online resources are only helpful if... READ MORE > read more

Trying to describe a migraine attack while it’s happening

04/01/2016 06:00:10 AM

Hi, friends! I decided to record myself in the beginning part of a recent migraine attack. It’s not the most glamorous depiction of myself I’ve ever seen, but it is a pretty... READ MORE > read more

Not the Life I Wanted

03/31/2016 05:28:30 AM

I have a migraine attack every time I eat or drink anything but plain water. Every. Single. Time. That is not an exaggeration. Even plain sparkling water is a migraine trigger. I... READ MORE > read more

Migraine & Privilege

03/30/2016 05:45:37 AM

There’s been a lot of talk about privilege and how it affects our ability to succeed in life. The discussions prompted me to think about the effects of privilege on migraine treatment... READ MORE > read more

Finding Traction with Migraines

03/29/2016 05:10:47 AM

Every few months, my teenaged sons show me the bottom of their sneakers and point out the fact that the tread, once rich with volume and texture, is now worn down and... READ MORE > read more

Former NFL Player, Ben Utecht Talks TBIs

03/27/2016 18:22:42 PM

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month, led by the Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA). Many of those who experience brain injuries or a subset of brain injuries, called Traumatic Brain Injuries... READ MORE > read more

Migraine Symptoms Vary From One Attack to the Next

03/25/2016 05:17:23 AM

With the long list of possible migraine symptoms, it’s not surprising that attacks vary dramatically from one person to the next. The same is true for individuals, too. In a study published last... READ MORE > read more

Depression as a prodrome symptom

03/24/2016 05:17:22 AM

I was in a funk and couldn’t shake it. I’d been sinking deeper for at least two days and now was on the verge of tears. There was no particular reason for... READ MORE > read more

Argh….. Trigger is not Cause. Don’t Let Them Get Away with it

03/22/2016 21:10:04 PM

When someone says, “My migraine is caused by stress (or the weather, or menses, or red wine),” they are wrong. They are trivializing and damaging people who have a serious disease.  Don’t... READ MORE > read more

The Pros and Cons of Screen Time

03/22/2016 06:31:21 AM

When my doctor said that she was not a fan of social media for people with migraine because computer screens are triggering, I knew she probably had some good science to back... READ MORE > read more

Raise awareness for cluster headache

03/21/2016 14:06:57 PM

Today is International Cluster Headache Awareness Day. As you may recall from earlier features, cluster headache is characterized by one-sided, severe, stabbing pain that occurs in clusters. The attacks can be as... READ MORE > read more

My experience with SPG nerve blocks

03/21/2016 07:07:49 AM

Here’s what an SPG nerve block for #chronicmigraines looks like. Not as bad as it sounds. If your Migraines occur in the temples, behind your eyes or generally in the front of... READ MORE > read more

5 Reasons People With Migraine End Friendships

03/18/2016 05:11:08 AM

Many of us know what it’s like to be abandoned by friends because of migraine. Few of us talk about why migraine leads us to leave friendships ourselves. It can be just... READ MORE > read more

Be-ers and Doers and Migraine

03/17/2016 05:19:39 AM

When I first read Nova Scotian author Budge Wilson’s “Be-ers and Doers” I grasped the story’s message readily: a busy lifestyle is no better than a meditative one, and we shouldn’t try... READ MORE > read more

CDC releases guidelines for prescribing opioids for chronic pain

03/16/2016 18:27:00 PM

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) released voluntary guidelines for prescribing opioids for chronic pain. The guidelines urge primary care physicians to try measures like physical therapy, exercise, complementary/alternative therapies, behavioral > read more

From skeptic to true believer

03/16/2016 05:33:47 AM

Initially, I feared Botox. The idea of injecting toxic bacteria into my body was counterintuitive. For years I had been ridiculing people for using Botox as a cosmetic procedure. The very thought... READ MORE > read more

Stress is not my trigger and it doesn’t have to be yours either

03/14/2016 05:53:58 AM

My mother used to tell me, “Don’t let yourself get so stressed out. You’ll give yourself a migraine.” In her defense, our family doctor told her that stress caused migraines. Plus, she... READ MORE > read more

Recognizing My Own Aphasia

03/13/2016 18:25:41 PM

I’ve realized recently that my Migraines make me look like a ditzy, forgetful, dumb, drug addict and alcoholic. I am none of those things. I suffer from Aphasia. Let’s break it down:... READ MORE > read more

When Friends Don’t Get It

03/11/2016 05:08:17 AM

Most of us with migraine have been there: you tell a friend you have to cancel and they make a big deal out of it. Maybe they don’t do anything so misunderstanding... READ MORE > read more

Movement Disorders and Migraines

03/09/2016 05:21:36 AM

Last year, I started to notice that as I was falling asleep, my body would contract, twitch or move on its own. It was not just limited to my legs. I could... READ MORE > read more

Re-Framing Migraine

03/08/2016 14:59:54 PM

Migraine gets lousy press. Sure, we get a lot of articles in women’s magazines on “holiday headache,” “foods to avoid,” and “sex and headache.” Unfortunately, these types of articles encourage the notion... READ MORE > read more

Knocked upside the head

03/08/2016 05:01:58 AM

Y’all. I was so proud of myself yesterday. While I travel a lot for both work and pleasure, I don’t always have my ducks in a row in advance and end up... READ MORE > read more

A new theory about triggers

03/07/2016 05:01:06 AM

Ask fifteen migraineurs to tell you about their triggers and you will get 15 unique answers. None of us share the same ones. Triggers are so variable that they change from one... READ MORE > read more

Woman in Idaho Starts Worldwide Migraine Fundraiser Event to be Held in April

03/06/2016 18:44:43 PM

Katie Janquart knows firsthand how migraines can affect someone. She remembers having headaches her whole life, but when she was a teen they turned into a daily event. She finally was diagnosed... READ MORE > read more

Migraineurs- The new Superhero?

03/04/2016 05:38:37 AM

It’s my nature to look at life’s glass as half full, and yet with migraines, it’s easy to get stuck looking at the negatives. There are so many negatives, after all. It... READ MORE > read more

I don’t know how you do it.

03/03/2016 05:25:08 AM

Whenever someone says “I don’t know how you do it,” my head is full of things I want to say but don’t. In my fantasies, I imagine a very one-sided conversation that... READ MORE > read more

Product review: The Migraine Girl’s experience with the Leesa Mattress

03/02/2016 04:58:12 AM

Once, many years ago, I decided that I was an adult and deserved a really nice, comfortable, and supportive bed.  I did research before heading to the mattress store, determined to buy... READ MORE > read more

Headache on the Hill 2016

02/29/2016 05:48:14 AM

On February 8-9 the Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy (AHDA) gathered for its 9th Annual “Headache on the Hill,” (HOH). This is a chance for patients, advocates and even doctors to talk to... READ MORE > read more

What are your “go to” essentials that bring you comfort during a migraine?

02/26/2016 20:48:54 PM

You’ve commented and we’ve listened! We asked both our Facebook and community to respond after reading the article titled,  “A List & Call for Creature Comforts”,  what have you discovered that helps... READ MORE > read more

Resisting the Urge to Curl Up

02/25/2016 05:01:39 AM

Getting and keeping the body moving is only growing in importance for me these days.  As I continue aging and navigating the challenges of chronic daily migraines, I notice my body trending... READ MORE > read more

Tips for Managing Brain Fog

02/24/2016 06:27:19 AM

When living with Migraine, difficulty concentrating and brain fog can be common symptoms for many Migraineurs.  Here are some suggestions on ways to manage and compensate for them. Read the original post here.... READ MORE > read more

Opiate medication is not “fun” when you really need it

02/23/2016 06:25:04 AM

I’m quite thankful to report that I really, really like my neurologist, who does indeed have a lot of experience treating migraine (even though I don’t believe I’ve seen her name pop... READ MORE > read more

Girl Scout raises migraine awareness

02/21/2016 16:47:23 PM

We talk a lot about the need for advocacy to raise awareness and break down stigma. While we all intend to do more, life has a way of taking over. Careers, family,... READ MORE > read more

What Animal is Your Migraine?

02/19/2016 06:10:05 AM

Let’s face it, life with migraine isn’t easy. Our plans change when the uninvited pain shows up, we search for years or decades to find the right doctor, and often people don’t... READ MORE > read more

Stepping away from stress

02/18/2016 05:00:57 AM

As you fellow entrepreneurs out there can attest, owning your own business isn’t exactly a low-stress proposition. Of course people who are invested in their jobs (emotionally, mentally, intellectually, or financially) take... READ MORE > read more

Endless Search for Solutions in Migraine: Ear Staples and Dead Chickens

02/17/2016 04:54:00 AM

Recently, one of my closest allies in the fight against migraine (a fellow migraineur in her own right) shared a solution that she just found. Due to the fact that she is... READ MORE > read more

Guilty pleasures

02/16/2016 04:59:43 AM

So I have this “thing” about purple. It’s almost a superstition. For about five years now, I have insisted on at least one purple room in the house. This time I went... READ MORE > read more

Annoyances on the airplane

02/15/2016 05:30:51 AM

I am currently on a two hour and forty-five minute flight to Denver, Colorado.  Upon boarding the flight after an almost unprecedented (and mystifying) wait in the security line, I was happy... READ MORE > read more

Cyclic vomiting syndrome

02/14/2016 19:09:06 PM

Kids throw up. Most of the time it is in response to a viral or bacteria infection of the GI tract. Typically the child will continue to vomit until the stomach is... READ MORE > read more

Migraine hacks: cancellation insurance

02/12/2016 07:42:39 AM

When you have chronic illness (or chronic illnesses, as the case may be for many of us), reading about strict cancellation policies can be a little nerve-wracking.  A dentist may require that... READ MORE > read more

Detour Ahead: Career Paths Obstructed by Migraine

02/11/2016 06:21:44 AM

Some people can successfully manage their migraine triggers at work through careful planning and accommodations. Fragrance free policies, a quiet workspace, frequent breaks, and ergonomic furniture are just some factors that can... READ MORE > read more

The tummy monster

02/10/2016 06:17:25 AM

Abdominal migraine is a type of migraine most often seen in children. It does not involve headache symptoms. Instead, the pain is located in the belly. Small children will complain of “tummy... READ MORE > read more

Why am I so tired on my days off?

02/08/2016 06:05:46 AM

I have a little chicken-or-the-egg situation that keeps popping up again and am hoping you’ll weigh in with your own experiences. While I have made a habit of taking Sundays off (though... READ MORE > read more

Adventures behind the mask

02/08/2016 06:00:46 AM

I was diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea in the summer of 2012.  My headache doctor at the time was searching for untreated comorbidities that might explain why I was not responding to... READ MORE > read more

Patient Perspective: Opioids

02/06/2016 06:22:45 AM

Use of opioids in general is a widely researched and much debated topic. The Migraine community is often split on this issue as well. Many doctors will say that opioids cause medication... READ MORE > read more

Completely Unofficial, Made-Up Migraine Types: The Zombie

02/05/2016 09:52:09 AM

Many of you have told me you really identify with one or more of the “Completely Unofficial, Made-Up Migraine Types” I have written about here on  Once in awhile, someone will... READ MORE > read more

Celebrating 5 Years of Community

02/05/2016 04:21:38 AM

“We are celebrating FIVE remarkable years on!  We want to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to YOU…our devoted migraine community members.  You have all helped to foster an incredible support... READ MORE > read more

ONZETRA Xsail Receives FDA Approval for Acute Migraine

02/03/2016 20:57:38 PM

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved ONZETRA Xsail (sumatriptan nasal powder), formerly known as AVP-825, for the acute treatment of migraine with or without aura in adults.1 ONZETRA Xsail... READ MORE > read more

Migraine, a.k.a. The Amorphous Blob

02/03/2016 05:56:11 AM

One of my biggest frustrations in trying to live well with migraine is how impossible it is to predict how I will feel an hour in the future, let alone next weekend.... READ MORE > read more

Zofran is the CAUSE of migraines not treatment

02/02/2016 19:36:13 PM

I don’t understand why doctors insist on treating patients with zofran. I have experienced and entire family have also experienced massive next day migraines when Zofran was used. Why is this fact... READ MORE > read more

Solving my Headache Mystery

02/02/2016 15:54:10 PM

It started a year or two ago. It’s a deep pain originating where my neck met the base of my skull. This one-sided sharp pain often radiates to the front of my... READ MORE > read more

A one-sided headache that isn’t migraine

02/02/2016 15:52:15 PM

Migraine is thought to originate deep inside the brain. This isn’t the case for all headache disorders. Sometimes, peripheral nerves closer to the skin’s surface can mimic some of the symptoms of... READ MORE > read more

On Acceptance: Productivity and Pain

02/01/2016 05:21:04 AM

At a seminar on pain management a few years ago, the facilitator asked, “What is an acceptable percentage at which you are willing to function in your life? 50%? 75%?” My hand... READ MORE > read more

Constant Cancellations – the rare friend who can navigate chronic migraine

01/29/2016 20:35:34 PM

It’s a rare find: the friend who can handle all the idiosyncrasies that come with chronic migraine.  The requests to find a quiet restaurant, to choose the chair that faces away from... READ MORE > read more

Community Thoughts: Favorite Inspirational Quotes

01/28/2016 05:13:34 AM

Many people look to inspirational quotes or sayings to get through hard times when dealing with migraine. So we asked our Facebook community: “What is your favorite quote, expression, or saying?” Check... READ MORE > read more

10 tips for getting the most from Botox

01/27/2016 05:07:26 AM

“Have you tried Botox?” How many times has someone asked you that question? You’ve probably heard it more times than you can remember. It’s as though everyone thinks that Botox will cure... READ MORE > read more

PCORI Migraine Grant Approved

01/27/2016 04:54:35 AM

Clinical researcher Dr. Todd Schwedt and his team at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, AZ have won a $7 million grant from the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). The grant will... READ MORE > read more

When completing a tiny task makes you feel totally victorious

01/26/2016 04:55:15 AM

In October, I had such a rough bout with migraine. In fact, it’s been a tough fall*, and I’m looking forward to a respite from this bad health. I can’t help but... READ MORE > read more

Pretending to be healthy

01/25/2016 05:17:16 AM

Learning how to identify and avoid triggers is one of the first lessons all migraineurs learn. We are given a long list of possible triggers and a calendar or log in which... READ MORE > read more

Is marijuana really a cure for migraine?

01/24/2016 17:12:55 PM

By now you’ve probably read that sensational headline, “Medical marijuana: New study proves pot can nix migraine headaches.” Headlines don’t often tell the whole story. In this case, a lot of important... READ MORE > read more

Is It OK to Say I Feel Good?

01/22/2016 18:00:12 PM

Every single superstition… crossing my fingers, knocking on wood, etc is in my daily vocabulary more now than ever. Because I’m not used to saying “I Feel Good,” but I do!! It... READ MORE > read more

How we spend our good days

01/21/2016 04:53:24 AM

When your migraine symptoms are less severe or even better, when you are relishing in a pain free day, there is no one better than the members of this community to say how... READ MORE > read more

Migraine is part of a larger family

01/20/2016 05:42:10 AM

Roughly half of those who meet clinical criteria for a migraine diagnosis have never talked to a doctor about their symptoms. I’m not referring to those of us who have given up... READ MORE > read more

The little ways migraine can hold you up

01/19/2016 05:00:56 AM

My sister has one of those jobs that makes you believe in the inherent goodness of people.  J. works for the Athens Area Homeless Shelter’s Rapid Rehousing Program. In short, she helps... READ MORE > read more

Non-prescription abortives

01/18/2016 05:04:42 AM

“If she can take Excedrin and go back to work, then it’s not really a migraine.” I bet you’ve heard this one a lot. Maybe you’ve even said it. I understand the... READ MORE > read more

A List & Call for Creature Comforts

01/17/2016 13:23:39 PM

When under the thumb of a migraine, time can pass so slowly. Minutes seem like hours, hours like days.  When the pain is daily, it becomes key to find ways to get... READ MORE > read more

Completely Unofficial, Made-Up Migraine Types: The Russian Nesting Dolls Migraine

01/15/2016 23:15:44 PM

Yesterday* I woke up with an awful migraine. It was at least ten times worse than the modest migraine I’d gone to bed with, but, to make a very long story short,... READ MORE > read more

2015 review of migraine research

01/14/2016 05:04:06 AM

We have all heard that there are limited funds for migraine research, a shortage of qualified doctors, and infrequent launches of new treatments.  When was the last time you heard anything about... READ MORE > read more

Fear of losing my caregiver

01/12/2016 05:51:32 AM

Our caregivers are a valuable and necessary part of our health care team. Without their help with day-to-day needs, our lives would be so much more difficult. Have you ever wondered what... READ MORE > read more

Get Involved: CDC Opens Comments for New Opioid Guidelines

01/11/2016 04:51:02 AM

The Center for Disease Control is taking public comments until January 13th about their guidelines on opioid prescribing. While the majority of the guidelines are targeted at general practitioner who have had... READ MORE > read more

Five Things to Give Up in 2016

01/10/2016 18:38:09 PM

Most New Year’s resolutions focus on forming new habits or changing old ones in order to get healthier, happier, or more successful. Instead of focusing on losing weight, saving money, or any... READ MORE > read more

What is a “real” migraine?

01/07/2016 21:04:06 PM

This topic comes up a lot. In fact, it got started at our house over Thanksgiving weekend when my husband got a migraine attack. At first he couldn’t concentrate or focus. His brain... READ MORE > read more

You Are Beautifully Made

01/07/2016 05:01:24 AM

I’m a very optimistic person, rarely suffering from the “oh, woe is me,” attitude. Although, I could easily fall into that trap. While I’m usually positive, I curse my body on a... READ MORE > read more

My Week Without Migraine

01/06/2016 04:56:56 AM

I have lived with chronic migraine for over three years. Usually, sensory experiences that are considered “normal” to most are painful for me, and when enough of them are piled on top... READ MORE > read more

Home improvement, migraine style

01/05/2016 05:49:27 AM

When I first saw those bubblegum pink walls, I cringed. This room was going to be a guest bedroom. That bright pink HAD to go right away. The smaller room on the west side... READ MORE > read more

Migraine treatment series: oral and topical magnesium

01/04/2016 05:04:55 AM

I have taken magnesium for migraine prevention on and off for many years.  This time last year, I saw my neurologist, who was upset by the increased frequency of my migraine attacks... READ MORE > read more

Celebrating 5 Years of Community at

01/01/2016 11:11:31 AM

Welcome to‘s 5 Year Anniversary! To start, we’d like to highlight and publicly thank our amazing group of contributors and moderators – you can learn more about them here! We’re humbled and... READ MORE > read more

Effective Four-Item Screening Tool For Migraines

12/31/2015 19:26:20 PM

“Do you ever get headaches?” That was the initial question posed to potential study participants. But can a headache be a migraine? According to the 2013 International Classification of Headache Disorders (Third... READ MORE > read more

Keeping Stress Consistent: Avoiding Let-Down and Stress Migraines

12/31/2015 08:54:06 AM

Most of us experience a connection between stress and migraine disease, whether it is the migraine attack that comes during an intensely stressful period or the let-down attack that comes when the... READ MORE > read more

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