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The messy wake of destruction a migraine can leave behind

07/22/2016 06:09:53 AM

Has this ever happened to you? You emerge from a multi-day migraine, finally able to leave your bedroom, finally able to even consider returning to work—if not today, then tomorrow.  The pain... READ MORE > read more

I am so bored!

07/21/2016 06:54:01 AM

While growing up with migraine, my parents tried to keep life consistent. Today I understand why they did it. Although I didn’t appreciate it for years, especially as a teenager. I craved... READ MORE > read more

SpringTMS Migraine Treatment Now Available

07/20/2016 04:46:52 AM

SpringTMS is non-drug treatment that uses a technology called transcranial magnetic stimulation to abort migraine attacks. Research has documented few possible side effects from using the device. FDA approved SpringTMS as an... READ MORE > read more

Another Migraine Look-Alike

07/19/2016 19:32:23 PM

According to the International Classification of Headache Disorders, 3rd Edition, primary headache disorders are classified in one of three ways: Migraine, Tension-Type Headaches, or Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalalgias. As our name implies, most... REA > read more

When I “lost” medication that was right in front of my face

07/19/2016 05:50:12 AM

You chronic migraineurs know how it goes: you have used as many triptans as you can safely use in one week and it’s time for the rescue medication (assuming your doctor has... READ MORE > read more

Video of Botox Injections

07/18/2016 06:07:21 AM

This video was taken a few years ago by a neurologist, not a headache specialist. At the time, I had to see him for Botox for insurance reasons and now my specialist... READ MORE > read more

Good patient, bad patient, effective patient

07/15/2016 05:42:09 AM

Our culture expects “good” patients to passively follow the rules. Doctors are the experts. Patients must do what the doctor says. Patients may ask questions, but never question a doctor’s advice. Patients... READ MORE > read more

Reminding myself to stick to the plan

07/14/2016 07:17:24 AM

Confession: I hadn’t taken my daily vitamins and supplements for, like, a week.  No need to scold me—I’ve been doing plenty of that myself.  You think about migraines all the time, Janet—why... READ MORE > read more

Migraine Versus Music

07/13/2016 06:03:47 AM

It is widely accepted in the scientific community that music has incredible therapeutic applications to improve people’s overall health, but most of us don’t need to read a study or visit a music... READ MORE > read more

It’s all relative

07/12/2016 08:01:18 AM

I love catching up with friends. We’re spread all over the country and so busy managing our daily lives that it’s hard to stay connected. Those moments we steal are so precious!... READ MORE > read more

Social Media Used to Study Migraine Symptoms

07/11/2016 04:44:15 AM

Migraine Hallucinations We all know the basic symptoms of having migraines. Sensitivity to light and sound, nausea, skin is sensitive to the touch, smells can be overwhelming. But have you ever heard... READ MORE > read more

An Updated Migraine Toolkit

07/08/2016 05:51:31 AM

While the concept of a migraine toolkit isn’t new, it is something that can be updated to reflect migraineurs’ changing needs.  We took some of your tips on items to have on... READ MORE > read more

Hey, you.

07/07/2016 06:30:19 AM

Yeah, you…the one with the brightness turned way down, hiding behind sunglasses, under that big hat, surrounded in ice packs and trash bins. It’s been three days and that storm in your... READ MORE > read more

Highlights of the AHS 2016 Conference

07/06/2016 05:30:50 AM

I attended the annual American Headache Society conference in San Diego June 9-12. This was my second year to have the chance to hear the latest research findings in the world of... READ MORE > read more

TMI warning: how fish oil did not work for me

07/06/2016 05:22:45 AM

When I was in my late twenties, I started taking fish oil supplements for the first time. I tolerated them well and they, in conjunction with my other supplements and lifestyle changes,... READ MORE > read more

Using menthol to help migraine

07/05/2016 04:57:52 AM

In March, articles started circulating on social media about the benefits of Johnson’s Vapor Bath for relieving the pain of migraine. It started with someone’s Facebook claim that using this product nightly... READ MORE > read more

Using caffeine as a migraine treatment

07/04/2016 15:37:56 PM

(written the last week of May, 2016) Something extraordinary happened on Thursday of this week.  I woke with a really bad migraine, complete with that sinus stuffiness and dizziness. I am scheduled... READ MORE > read more

Dr. Silberstein Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

07/01/2016 05:23:18 AM

My first encounter with Dr. Silberstein was after a Fellow had prescribed a headache treatment plan for me at the Jefferson University Headache Center and needed someone to sign off. He rolled... READ MORE > read more

“Cluster Migraine”

06/30/2016 19:50:18 PM

Readers often ask about something they call “cluster migraine”. It’s not an official diagnosis, so delving into the topic took some sleuthing. I found the following five questions raised in relation to... READ MORE > read more

Every month is awareness month

06/29/2016 19:45:34 PM

Every June we celebrate Migraine and Headache Awareness Month. We treat it like a holiday — lots of anticipation and weeks of preparation culminate in that big push. Then we wake up on... READ MORE > read more

Community Feedback: Daily Life Migraine Triggers

06/28/2016 05:56:22 AM

Anyone living with the neurological condition migraine, knows that every day can be a struggle.  Migraines can often be unpredictable and unyielding in their symptoms.  While every individual with migraine can have... READ MORE > read more

30 Dirty Little Secrets About My Life with Migraine

06/27/2016 05:06:06 AM

I’ve done the “30 Things” meme several years in a row, so this year I’m changing things up. I won’t be following the traditional question format. Instead, I’d like to air a little... READ MORE > read more

The Trigger Fairies

06/26/2016 21:42:56 PM

We share a humorous graphic with you: two migraine trigger “fairies” discuss their evil plan and almost forget something obvious! All joking aside, migraine attacks involve much more than the painful headache. The most... READ MORE > read more

Memorable Migraine: The Important Day I Completely Missed

06/23/2016 20:47:39 PM

We do a lot of book events at work, and, while I’m involved with planning a lot of them, I don’t end up attending most since I prefer to work during the... READ MORE > read more

An All-Consuming Job

06/23/2016 05:06:27 AM

My job is the first thing I think about each morning. My work factors into every decision I make, from what I eat to whether or not I have sex. It wakes... READ MORE > read more

The Four Phases of Migraine

06/22/2016 04:55:18 AM

Living with migraine can be much like being on a roller coaster ride–lots of ups and downs. We present a spoof on the four phases of migraine and the emotions that can... READ MORE > read more

Taking charge of your migraine care

06/22/2016 04:10:43 AM

Many of you have written in to share that migraine has become a constant presence in your life. Despite your best efforts and that of your doctors, the daily pain is unrelenting... READ MORE > read more

Almost a lab rat

06/21/2016 04:57:14 AM

Recently I noticed a post on our Facebook page that said, “3-8 migraines per month? Consider this study.” Always interested in migraine research, I clicked on the link and decided to apply for the... READ MORE > read more

Caffeine Wean Take Three

06/20/2016 04:25:24 AM

I’m a quitter…again. I quit drinking my daily coffee about a month ago. Last time I weaned myself off coffee, my husband did it with me.  We were still drinking Argentinian maté... READ MORE > read more

Quality of Life is More Important Than Quantity of Migraine Attacks

06/17/2016 05:23:51 AM

A friend’s husband told me he has migraine attacks every Saturday and Sunday. “It could be worse,” he said, “but this is no way to live.” At the time, it was a... READ MORE > read more

Patients make all the difference

06/16/2016 04:33:42 AM

The National Institutes of Health has allocated $20 million for migraine research in 2016. This level of funding has remained steady since 2014 and is projected to stay the same for 2017.... READ MORE > read more

Can someone please prescribe me a week-long vacation?

06/15/2016 05:03:44 AM

I think I need a vacation. No, scratch that. I know I need a vacation. This may sound preposterous for any of my friends and family who know how often I travel.... READ MORE > read more

Paying it forward in the next generation

06/14/2016 05:30:20 AM

I recently had a frank conversation with my 23 year-old daughter about life with migraine. As many of you know, she was diagnosed with Abdominal Migraine at two years old. Before her... READ MORE > read more

Paying it forward in the next generation

06/14/2016 05:30:20 AM

I recently had a frank conversation with my 23 year-old daughter about life with migraine. As many of you know, she was diagnosed with Abdominal Migraine at two years old. Before her... READ MORE > read more

Teva Announces Suspension of Marketing for Zecuity for the Treatment of Migraine

06/13/2016 15:03:14 PM

Teva Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of Zecuity (sumatriptan iontophoretic transdermal system), has announced a voluntary suspension of sales, marketing, and distribution of the migraine patch due to the risk of serious burns and... READ MORE > read more

Migraine with Co-Morbid Bipolar: A New Subtype?

06/13/2016 04:43:24 AM

We’ve known about the link between migraine disease and bipolar disorder for some time. Now, however, the unique experience of the two conditions together is causing some researchers to argue that it... READ MORE > read more

Positive phase 2 results reported for erenumab in the treatment of chronic migraine

06/10/2016 19:17:45 PM

Amgen announced that the company’s experimental drug, erenumab, has met the midstage goal of a placebo-controlled, Phase II study by reducing the number of migraine attacks per month in people with chronic... READ MORE > read more

Why isn’t migraine a legitimate reason to miss work?

06/10/2016 05:57:09 AM

I’d love to ask this question of every employer I can find. Too many of us have been treated as though we are lying about, faking, or exaggerating our symptoms in order... READ MORE > read more

Why we ask about your doctor

06/09/2016 05:50:44 AM

If you’ve ever asked a question on our forums, left a comment on an article, or responded to a Facebook post, you’ve probably discovered that there’s one question we nearly always ask:... READ MORE > read more

Why I no longer watch medical dramas

06/09/2016 05:48:04 AM

For many years, I loved medical dramas. I started watching Grey’s Anatomy (no spoilers, don’t worry) shortly after it started airing, and I stuck it out until last year or so, when... READ MORE > read more

The earliest signs of a migraine attack

06/08/2016 05:02:43 AM

Have you identified the early signs of your migraine attack? Identifying the earliest signs and symptoms can help treat the attack as early and effectively as possible – typically before the pain... READ MORE > read more

High-Frequency Episodic Migraine is Similar to Chronic Migraine

06/07/2016 05:49:52 AM

“The emotional and functional impact in high-frequency episodic patients could be as disabling as in those with chronic migraine.” This comes from a study just published in the journal Cephalalgia this spring.... READ MORE > read more

Ruling your unruly migraine

06/06/2016 04:55:29 AM

Here in the Midwest we don’t get many idyllic spring showers. We don’t often get foggy drizzle either. It’s too bad though, because that kind of rain actually makes my head feel... READ MORE > read more

Fighting for Migraine – With Words

06/05/2016 17:54:28 PM

The words and phrases we use subtly influence how we and others think about the world.  This matters a lot for migraine.  It is hard to change people’s preconceived, ignorant notions and... READ MORE > read more

I Am No Longer the Person I Was When Migraine Hijacked My Life

06/03/2016 05:13:17 AM

I am no longer the person I was when migraine hijacked my life. I am no longer a striving overachiever. I am not energetic or a whirlwind of activity. I have a... READ MORE > read more

New Cohort Study Links Migraine and Cardiovascular Disease

06/02/2016 18:29:12 PM

The long-term effects of migraine have been an object of interest for researchers in the past several decades.  While not everything about migraine is understood, researchers have discovered a nearly two-fold increased... READ MORE > read more

Rule your migraine in the summer sun

06/02/2016 05:16:42 AM

Bright sunlight and searing heat can ruin summertime plans for almost any migraineur. By planning ahead and packing smart, we can still enjoy the fun, even if migraine strikes. It is possible... READ MORE > read more

Change your avatar for migraine awareness!

05/31/2016 19:03:12 PM

June is Migraine and Headache Awareness Month! One way to spread awareness is to change your avatar (profile image) across social media sites. You can download any of the images to use... READ MORE > read more

Visual disturbances involving only one eye

05/31/2016 05:06:09 AM

Most of us are familiar with the term “aura” and understand it to be a visual disturbance that precedes the headache phase of a migraine attack. An aura often presents as wavy... READ MORE > read more

Migraine consumer protection

05/27/2016 05:21:32 AM

You can’t Google “migraine” without getting bombarded with ads for goods and services. Everywhere you click, there are promises of relief. How can you tell which ones are legitimate and which are... READ MORE > read more

No Two People With Migraine Are the Same

05/26/2016 05:31:40 AM

I did not believe I had migraine for several years after I was diagnosed in 2002. Although the specialist I saw was highly respected, I didn’t trust the diagnosis. I knew what migraine... READ MORE > read more

Community Responses: The Things You Miss

05/24/2016 05:39:14 AM

The things you truly enjoy in life tend to be nothing more than fond and vivid memories in the back of your mind when you live with chronic migraine. For many migraineurs,... READ MORE > read more

If there’s no cure, why have hope?

05/23/2016 05:00:46 AM

Over and over again, we have challenged claims of a “cure” for migraine. We explain carefully that without adequate funding, researchers have been unable to study migraine enough to determine its root... READ MORE > read more

Community Responses: Earliest symptoms prior to migraine diagnosis

05/20/2016 12:41:24 PM

We asked our Facebook community: When you look back, what are your earliest symptoms that you can recall having prior to your migraine diagnosis? This is emotional question to reflect on because for many,... READ MORE > read more

Phases of the journey

05/19/2016 13:52:27 PM

Every migraineur has a unique story. Our journey of life with migraine can be described as a process of growing awareness. Each step along the way matters. While there really is no... READ MORE > read more

Assessing your treatment plan

05/17/2016 06:07:35 AM

Every day you follow the plan. You swallow a fist full of pills, watch your triggers, chart your progress, and pray that migraine stays away. You don’t skip meals, stay up late,... READ MORE > read more

Migraine and Anxiety: A Multi-Faceted Relationship

05/16/2016 05:18:18 AM

May is Mental Health Month. It’s also a month when, almost without fail, my anxiety starts to skyrocket to levels rarely seen outside of the summer months. Now, then, is as good... READ MORE > read more

Miles for Migraine Expands in 2016: Why You Need to Care

05/15/2016 18:58:15 PM

For many of us, walking to the mailbox and back seems daunting. You know what else can seem like an uphill battle? Raising awareness for Migraines. Educating people on our silent illness.... READ MORE > read more

It’s MY migraine

05/13/2016 06:29:25 AM

I don’t know if this is the case with other chronic illnesses, but I’ve noticed that migraineurs tend to take personal ownership of their migraine experience. How many times do we say,... READ MORE > read more

How to Wean Off Caffeine

05/12/2016 05:33:31 AM

“Your brain is on fire and caffeine is gasoline.” My headache specialist said that to me five years ago. After two decades of an on-and-off relationship with caffeine, I’ve barely had any... READ MORE > read more

A Conversation with NFL Player Raising Fibromyalgia Awareness

05/12/2016 05:31:47 AM

May 12 is Fibromyalgia Awareness Day, and the community now has a team player on their side. NFL player and Super Bowl champion Dominique Easley has raised 36 thousand dollars for fibromyalgia... READ MORE > read more

Dear pharmaceutical companies

05/10/2016 05:10:21 AM

You get blamed when your products fail or cause dangerous side effects. Maligned in the press, you are accused of seeking profits before the welfare of patients. “Big pharma” is a dirty... READ MORE > read more

Singing Through the Pain

05/08/2016 21:23:45 PM

The last time I sung in public, I had to step up to home plate. At the cameraman’s signal, I sang for 90 seconds to a crowd of 30,000. It’s cringe-worthy when... READ MORE > read more

The ONE symptom we all have in common

05/06/2016 05:19:10 AM

Despite the wide variation of symptoms, there is one universal symptom I think we all experience. This symptom cannot be found in the ICHD-3, nor is it likely that your doctor will... READ MORE > read more

10 Uncommon Ways to Reduce Stress for Migraine Health

05/05/2016 05:05:07 AM

Stress is – for many of us – a compounding factor for migraine. Whether or not it is an actual trigger for you personally (there is controversy about whether it is a... READ MORE > read more

A unique research opportunity for community members

05/04/2016 10:14:37 AM

I am writing to invite you to participate in an important survey designed to better understand the dietary factors that influence migraines. Given the amount of people are impacted by migraines the... READ MORE > read more

The Migraine Girl tries Cefaly

05/04/2016 07:04:41 AM

Before 2015 concluded, I bit the bullet: I decided to ask my neurologist if she’d be willing to write me a prescription for the Cefaly headband (also referred to as the “Cefaly... READ MORE > read more

Watch as The Migraine Girl Uses Cefaly

05/04/2016 07:02:24 AM

Many migraineurs have read about the Cefaly device but, apart from the simulations shown online where a model is angelically donning the headband, there aren’t lot of videos out there showing a... READ MORE > read more

Community Responses -Your Go-To Essentials During a Migraine

05/03/2016 04:36:44 AM

We asked both our Facebook and community to respond after reading the article titled, A List & Call for Creature Comforts, what have you discovered that helps ease, address and get... READ MORE > read more

Emotional Abuse in Childhood Linked to Migraine in Adulthood?

05/02/2016 07:06:24 AM

Enduring emotional abuse as a child could increase a young adult’s risk of migraine, according to a preliminary study that was presented at the American Academy of Neurology’s annual meeting in April. Researchers... READ MORE > read more

To work, or not to work

04/29/2016 05:31:17 AM

Working with migraine is challenging even under the best circumstances. We’ve all heard about the need for fragrance-free workplaces, replacing fluorescent lights with incandescent ones, and offering flexible scheduling, generous paid time... READ > read more

Migraine simulator – educational tool or more stigma?

04/28/2016 04:57:15 AM

The makers of Excedrin recently launched a virtual reality migraine simulator that mimics some symptoms of a migraine attack. Scott Yacovino, a representative from Excedrin, claims, “We’re simulating the symptoms of migraine... READ MORE > read more

Community Responses: Top 4 things you could not live without for migraine management

04/27/2016 04:58:09 AM

When you know a migraine is looming and about to hit, our community is always gracious and kind enough to share what your must-haves and essentials are to help sooth the... READ MORE > read more

$185 Million Donation to Research, Treat Neurological Diseases

04/26/2016 20:07:22 PM

Philanthropists Joan and Sandy Weill have donated $185 million to develop a neuroscience institute at U.C. San Francisco. The donation will include a clinic to treat migraine and chronic pain and for... READ MORE > read more

Avoiding migraines at the dentist

04/25/2016 04:57:00 AM

Have you ever met anyone who enjoyed going to the dentist? It’s not the most pleasant experience. For migraineurs, though, a trip to the dentist can be more than just uncomfortable. As... READ MORE > read more

I Had No Idea THAT Was a Migraine Symptom!

04/22/2016 05:26:45 AM

Cold hands, feet and/or nose Clumsiness Earaches or pain Tooth sensitivity Eye irritation Frequent urination Stuffy nose Physical weakness Fatigue Unsteadiness or dizziness Neck pain Trouble finding words Inability to comprehend written... READ MORE > read more

“You should exercise more!”

04/21/2016 04:58:21 AM

“You should exercise more!” These were the dreaded words that came out of my headache specialist’s mouth at my last appointment. She told me that aerobic exercise a few times a week... READ MORE > read more

A migraine variant in infancy

04/20/2016 05:24:29 AM

The first year of life is full of so many changes and joys. Your baby is healthy and growing. He coos and smiles when you tickle his toes or blow raspberries on... READ MORE > read more

It is more blessed to give

04/19/2016 05:20:58 AM

Sometimes I take my migraine knowledge for granted. Not too many years ago, I was the one searching for answers. In a random twist of fate, I stumbled into the path of... READ MORE > read more

My thoughts on Excedrin’s “What Does a Migraine Feel Like?” video

04/18/2016 05:07:45 AM

Many of you have likely seen the Excedrin-produced video called “What Does a Migraine Feel Like? – The Excedrin Migraine Experience.” It was covered by multiple news outlets in early April 2016,... READ MORE > read more

I know a migraine attack is coming on when…

04/15/2016 17:30:51 PM

The waist of my pants or my bra strap suddenly feels too tight My left ear itches then starts to ache It feels like there’s something in my left eye My teeth... READ MORE > read more

The Things I Miss

04/14/2016 12:20:38 PM

While I don’t condone the notion that positive thinking solves all of the world’s problems, looking on the bright side is certainly important when living with migraine. I work hard to cultivate... READ MORE > read more

Gambling, superstition, and bad luck

04/13/2016 06:21:50 AM

Having migraine is like drawing a really bad hand in the poker game of life. If I play my cards right, I might not lose my shirt, but I’m certainly not going... READ MORE > read more

Community Thoughts: New guidelines for prescribing opioids

04/11/2016 20:58:31 PM

When the Center for Disease Control (CDC) releases new guidelines for prescribing opioids, many patients who experience migraine and other chronic health conditions may find this to be alarming and unsettling. It... READ MORE > read more

Ice pick headaches

04/11/2016 05:45:02 AM

“Ouch!” you scream as a searing bolt of pain hits your head. Before you can explain what just happened, the pain is gone. It only lasted seconds, but felt like you’d just... READ MORE > read more

An open letter to Chronic Migraine, the world’s most annoying insect

04/10/2016 20:02:53 PM

Like an annoying insect circling relentlessly- you come back again and again. Wearing me down. I swat into the air, at first absent-mindedly and then, as you continue to come round, sometimes... READ MORE > read more

Join me for the Migraine World Summit, April 15-20, 2016!

04/10/2016 19:48:30 PM

Last month, a fellow named Carl Cincinnato sent me an email asking if I’d be interested in doing a video interview for the first Migraine World Summit, a first-of-its-kind virtual gathering he... READ MORE > read more

Of Course Our Emotions Don’t Cause Migraine

04/08/2016 06:22:52 AM

“Women’s Emotions Do Not Cause Their Migraines.” My first reaction to this New York Times headline was I’m so glad to see this stupid myth rebuked in a well-respected newspaper. Reading through... READ MORE > read more

Our community reveals their “ferocious” migraine types

04/07/2016 05:27:47 AM

While every migraineur experiences vastly different symptoms, they unquestionably can take on a life of their own and develop characteristics much like an animate being. Inspired by the original article, “What Animal... READ MORE > read more

A new discovery eases the stress of bad days

04/06/2016 04:58:03 AM

Have you ever been stuck at home for days with a long string of migraines? The walls are closing in. Dishes and laundry pile up. The trash is overflowing. Now, to add... READ MORE > read more

IBS: “Migraine of the Bowels”

04/05/2016 06:17:32 AM

People with migraine are more likely to have IBS than those who don’t have migraine, which is why migraine and IBS are called comorbid diseases. This connection is further supported by new research that... READ MORE > read more

Benign paroxysmal vertigo

04/04/2016 00:17:11 AM

When a child with a family history of migraine experiences vertigo, the diagnosis is often benign paroxysmal vertigo.  Unlike abdominal migraine and cyclic vomiting syndrome, this condition is exclusively seen in children.... READ MORE > read more

Take the Health Information Experience Survey

04/03/2016 06:06:59 AM

Staying informed is crucial when managing a chronic condition such as migraine, and the internet has made it significantly easier to learn right at home. But online resources are only helpful if... READ MORE > read more

Trying to describe a migraine attack while it’s happening

04/01/2016 06:00:10 AM

Hi, friends! I decided to record myself in the beginning part of a recent migraine attack. It’s not the most glamorous depiction of myself I’ve ever seen, but it is a pretty... READ MORE > read more

Not the Life I Wanted

03/31/2016 05:28:30 AM

I have a migraine attack every time I eat or drink anything but plain water. Every. Single. Time. That is not an exaggeration. Even plain sparkling water is a migraine trigger. I... READ MORE > read more

Migraine & Privilege

03/30/2016 05:45:37 AM

There’s been a lot of talk about privilege and how it affects our ability to succeed in life. The discussions prompted me to think about the effects of privilege on migraine treatment... READ MORE > read more

Finding Traction with Migraines

03/29/2016 05:10:47 AM

Every few months, my teenaged sons show me the bottom of their sneakers and point out the fact that the tread, once rich with volume and texture, is now worn down and... READ MORE > read more

Former NFL Player, Ben Utecht Talks TBIs

03/27/2016 18:22:42 PM

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month, led by the Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA). Many of those who experience brain injuries or a subset of brain injuries, called Traumatic Brain Injuries... READ MORE > read more

Migraine Symptoms Vary From One Attack to the Next

03/25/2016 05:17:23 AM

With the long list of possible migraine symptoms, it’s not surprising that attacks vary dramatically from one person to the next. The same is true for individuals, too. In a study published last... READ MORE > read more

Depression as a prodrome symptom

03/24/2016 05:17:22 AM

I was in a funk and couldn’t shake it. I’d been sinking deeper for at least two days and now was on the verge of tears. There was no particular reason for... READ MORE > read more

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