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Community Poll – Words That Describe Migraine

02/26/2015 09:38:40 AM

After reading The Migraine Girl‘s recent article on patient-created language, we became curious about YOUR favorite terms for describing migraine. So we asked our Facebook community: What are some of your self-created phrases you use to... > read more

Not knowing how much you can take ’til you’ve made it through

02/26/2015 08:19:41 AM

As I have mentioned a handful of times on here, I tend to run cold and very often have cold fingers and toes.  At six feet tall and very thin, I usually... READ MORE > read more

Why Wasn’t I Chosen for a Clinical Trial?

02/25/2015 19:49:11 PM

In any clinical trial, participants must meet certain criteria to be eligible to participate. There are two commonly used terms when describing clinical trial eligibility, and those are “inclusion criteria” and “exclusion... READ MORE > read more

Saving money on migraine treatments

02/24/2015 11:38:50 AM

If you’ve been following us for very long, you likely hear advice like this: Use abortive, preventive, and rescue medicines. Try acupuncture, chiropractic, etc. See a headache specialist. Stock up on ice... READ MORE > read more

Migraine Elimination Diet: Foods to Eat, Foods to Avoid

02/24/2015 05:01:53 AM

The easiest way to follow this diet is to keep meals very simple. You’ll trade a few months of dietary boredom for lots of information about your own migraine triggers. In the... READ MORE > read more

Meal skipping: chicken or the egg?

02/23/2015 05:44:57 AM

Meal skipping is one of my sneakiest and most common migraine triggers.  I am a 34-year-old woman who can (usually) manage a successful business and family life (including regularly feeding my cat),... READ MORE > read more

H.O.P.E. Hold on, pain ends…really?

02/22/2015 18:08:18 PM

There are some sayings that, while meant to be encouraging and uplifting, are simply not true. This is one of those phrases, an acronym actually. Acronyms are designed so that each letter... READ MORE > read more

Migraine Treatment in the ER

02/20/2015 18:32:30 PM

Going to an emergency room with migraine is a nightmare. It’s loud, bright, smelly and chaotic. Health care providers may suspect that you’re not really in pain, but are looking for opioids... READ MORE > read more

10 secrets of successful chronic migraineurs

02/19/2015 05:13:45 AM

Chronic migraineurs face horrific attacks day after day, along with painful co-morbid conditions that disable them to the point they can no longer work, need help with house work and can barely care... READ MORE > read more

Post-migraine triage

02/18/2015 12:37:52 PM

I was about to say that the transition from summer to fall 2014 hadn’t been easy on my migraine brain this year, but it might be more apt to say that the... READ MORE > read more

I have a choice

02/16/2015 21:01:54 PM

When migraine comes knocking, I have a choice. I can choose to fret and feel sorry for myself or I can choose to proactively treat the attack. When I’m not sure what... READ MORE > read more

Those Quirky Migraine Symptoms…

02/16/2015 05:40:24 AM

We know that migraine is so much more than just head pain – nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light… the list of possible symptoms seems to go on and on. While certain symptoms... READ MORE > read more

Who Works With Migraine? The Healthcare Providers You Can Turn to for Help

02/15/2015 12:01:16 PM

When you’re first experiencing migraine, it can be difficult to know where to get help. This is particularly true if you’re not yet sure what you’re experiencing (i.e. don’t yet have a... READ MORE > read more

Community tips for migraine management

02/14/2015 14:15:57 PM

When it comes to managing migraine, some of the most helpful tips come from others who know what it’s like. To that end, here’s a collection of community tips for migraine management.... READ MORE > read more

Migraine pet peeve

02/13/2015 10:26:21 AM

The stigmatizing statement most likely to get a reaction out of me is the one I hear at every family gathering. It comes from a place of caring and is seriously misguided.... READ MORE > read more

Juggling migraine with life’s milestones, unexpected challenges and crises.

02/12/2015 08:41:39 AM

My son was born with a cleft lip and palate which has led to multiple medical interventions ranging from minor procedures to major 7-hour long surgeries. Now 15 years old, he is... READ MORE > read more

Clinical Trial Participation

02/11/2015 11:47:16 AM

Every clinical trial is designed to look at a specific population, so each participant is required to have certain traits (eligibility criteria) in order to take part in the study.1,2 Eligibility for... READ MORE > read more

Migraine and relationships- having “the talk” with your significant other

02/11/2015 05:25:56 AM

Before I met my partner of eight-plus years, I hadn’t dated anyone seriously in quite awhile.  Sure, there were a couple of boyfriends in college and some borderline-serious situations with one or... READ MORE > read more

Three Rounds of Botox May Be Necessary to Get Relief

02/10/2015 05:30:29 AM

If you tried one round of Botox and it wasn’t effective for you, you may still get relief after having a second or third round of injections, according to a recently published... READ MORE > read more

Summary of the American Headache Society Evidence Assessment

02/09/2015 14:09:00 PM

The American Headache Society has published an updated assessment of the evidence for pharmacologic treatments for acute migraine.1 The assessment is based on a standardized search of the literature published between 1998... READ MORE > read more

Migraineur’s Guide to CAM – Introduction

02/09/2015 13:53:13 PM

Hang around a group of migraineurs long enough and someone will bring up Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). Many of us have tried Feverfew, Butterbur, Vitamin B2, Magnesium, CoQ10, and a whole... READ MORE > read more

Migraineur as patient, migraineur as caregiver

02/08/2015 13:12:39 PM

Today I am writing not from the perspective of Janet as patient, but from the perspective of Janet as caregiver. You see, my longtime boyfriend, Jim, is like me in that he... READ MORE > read more

Open Enrollment Ends Feb 15th!

02/08/2015 06:35:23 AM

Let’s talk health insurance for a minute. In particular, the Affordable Care Act (or ACA). Yes, I mean Obamacare. This discussion isn’t about debating the law, it’s about what the law means... READ MORE > read more

The satisfaction of an obvious injury

02/06/2015 05:56:40 AM

This past November, I took a huge, embarrassing spill in front of a local restaurant. I’d gone to a local BBQ spot to pick up a yummy meal for Jim and me. ... READ MORE > read more

Looking Back at an Old List of Challenges

02/05/2015 05:16:56 AM

A few days ago I flipped open a sketchbook of mine to quite an interesting page: a list of migraine challenges from a little over a year ago. We are often focused... READ MORE > read more

How Accepting Our Limitations Can Ease the Emotional Pain Associated with Chronic Migraine

02/04/2015 05:34:00 AM

Everyone’s migraine disease is different, not only in the individual attacks and symptoms we experience but also in the progression our disease takes. My migraine disease seems to go in circles –... READ MORE > read more

Can dietary supplement labels be trusted?

02/03/2015 20:34:56 PM

“New York Attorney General Targets Supplements”“…four out of five of the products did not contain any of the herbs on their labels…The New York State attorney general’s office accused four major retailers... READ MORE > read more

Medical Marijuana for Migraine

02/03/2015 05:16:29 AM

Despite immense curiosity among people with migraine, most information on using medical marijuana for acute or preventive migraine treatment is anecdotal. Here are some frequently asked questions about marijuana for migraine with... READ MORE > read more

Changing the way we talk about Migraine

02/02/2015 05:41:17 AM

I’ve been thinking a lot about why stigma is so insidious and what we can do about it. A big part of the problem is in the way that everyone talks about... READ MORE > read more

A Year of Yoga

02/01/2015 11:30:41 AM

When I left work two years ago to focus on my health, I made it a priority to exercise. I worked with a personal trainer to help me transition from spending days on... READ MORE > read more

Clinical Trial Terminology

01/30/2015 10:21:00 AM

There are several terms that are commonly used when discussing clinical trials. Here are some that come up often:1,2 Adverse event: an undesirable experience associated with the use of a medical product... READ MORE > read more

Community Thoughts -The “Crazy Things” That Help

01/30/2015 05:41:26 AM

We all know that sometimes the meds don’t work as well as we’d like them to in the case of Migraines. As one of our community members put it: “desperate times call for desperate... READ MORE > read more

Helpful tips for partners & spouses

01/29/2015 19:16:40 PM

Recently I was talking to my 18 year-old about the key to a successful relationship. My views are shaped by the theories of Sue Johnson. She developed a style of couples counseling... READ MORE > read more

Which Foods Are Potential Migraine Triggers?: Understanding Food Chemicals

01/29/2015 13:52:14 PM

Note: This is a lot information to digest (pun intended) and will probably be overwhelming. I’m starting with the necessary details; in future posts I’ll share specific food lists and ways to... READ MORE > read more

Patient-created language to describe migraines: what’s your favorite phrase?

01/28/2015 05:41:14 AM

There’s official medical terminology, and there’s the vocabulary that we patients come up with to describe what we’re going through.  Both sets of terms are ever-changing and dependent on people’s education and... READ MORE > read more

An inventory of all my migraine/pain items

01/26/2015 09:50:59 AM

Just how much migraine and pain-related stuff do I have in here? This question popped up again and again this past summer as Jim and I packed up our house in preparation... READ MORE > read more

Hidden sources of dietary triggers

01/25/2015 18:27:36 PM

We recently received a comment from one of our Facebook visitors informing us that this year’s influenza vaccine contains MSG. This is a pretty serious concern for migraineurs. On the one hand,... READ MORE > read more

Memorable quotes of 2014

01/23/2015 17:44:26 PM

Throughout the year, hundreds of our community members graciously shared their stories about living with migraine, how this condition has had an impact on their lives, and much, much more! This presentation... READ MORE > read more

Survival tips from a 40-year veteran

01/22/2015 05:20:31 AM

This fall marks the 40th anniversary of my first migraine attack. Over the years I have learned a few things about coping with attacks in a wide variety of situations. As I... READ MORE > read more

Chronic Pain Finds a Place in Hollywood with “Cake”

01/21/2015 19:21:58 PM

I had the opportunity to attend an early screening for Jennifer Aniston’s new movie, “Cake,” for which she was nominated for Best Actress by the Golden Globe and SAG Awards.The film, which... READ MORE > read more

A Lower-Key Me

01/21/2015 05:11:20 AM

A few days back, one of my supervisors at emailed me the link to an article I wrote nearly six years ago to the day.  In it I describe staying in... READ MORE > read more

If you were marooned on Migraine Island, what would you bring?

01/20/2015 12:09:37 PM

We’ve all heard the hypothetical question: If you were stranded on a deserted island and could bring a certain number of things, what would they be? Answers typically tend to be in... READ MORE > read more

What’s an Elimination Diet and How Do I Manage One?

01/19/2015 18:14:44 PM

The term “elimination diet” sounds like you’re eliminating certain foods from your diet. Period. It actually means that you temporarily eliminate certain foods, then test to see which foods are problematic for... READ MORE > read more

What Being on Disability Means and Does Not Mean

01/18/2015 19:12:30 PM

Almost two years ago I announced to my family that I was going to apply for Disability. Although I loved my job, my doctor urged me to take a break. At that... READ MORE > read more

Do you wait or jump on treating a migraine attack? We asked, you answered!

01/17/2015 18:58:29 PM

While some of us treat a migraine attack as soon as we experience the first symptom, others try to wait it out to see if it’s going to be a bad one... READ MORE > read more

Migraine management: the seven essentials

01/15/2015 20:43:51 PM

Although there is still no cure or “quick fix” for migraine, there are essential steps everyone can take to help manage their migraines. Learn more about the essentials of migraine management in... READ MORE > read more

Getting through to your romantic partner

01/15/2015 05:20:04 AM

“My husband isn’t supportive.” “My girlfriend just doesn’t get it.” “We just had a huge fight. My partner says I use migraine as an excuse to not do anything around here.” Sound... READ MORE > read more

Understanding Clinical Trials

01/14/2015 19:17:01 PM

What is a Clinical Trial? A clinical trial1,2 is a research study that is conducted to determine whether a specific medical intervention, such as a treatment, device, procedure, or change in behavior... READ MORE > read more

An automatic fragrance spray, or THE MIGRAINE MACHINE

01/14/2015 05:39:14 AM

I’m at a friend’s house, hanging out with her pups while she’s out for the evening.  I ADORE my friend and am thrilled that she is back in town after a few... READ MORE > read more

Nurses’ Health Study II: No Inverse Association Between Migraine and Breast Cancer

01/13/2015 19:25:42 PM

The results of a cohort study and meta-analysis shed further light on the relation between migraines and breast cancer.1 Data suggesting that migraines might be inversely related to breast cancer come from... READ MORE > read more

Future treatment strategies may address the impact of stigma

01/13/2015 05:03:26 AM

In the not-so-distant-future, treatments for migraine may include much more than just the symptoms experienced. In order to minimize the impact of stigma, treatments may be tailored to suit each patient’s personality,... READ MORE > read more

Comforting TV

01/12/2015 05:32:47 AM

Like anyone in this world, I have times when I need to seek comfort. I’m an affectionate person, and nothing beats a hug from my family or Jim or a good friend... READ MORE > read more

Migraine Food Triggers: An Introduction

01/11/2015 13:31:19 PM

We’ve all heard about foods that are potential migraine triggers and many of us have tried avoiding those foods to some degree. Unfortunately, individual triggers can be elusive. Figuring out which foods... READ MORE > read more


01/09/2015 21:19:51 PM

Though I have been known to have (very) occasional moments of grace, I am not usually described as “graceful.”  In fact, if we were to create a scale where 0 is the... READ MORE > read more

Getting back to the basics

01/08/2015 12:07:47 PM

My first migraine occurred about 40 years ago. Since my dad is also a migraineur, I never had to live with the fear that grips so many people before they finally get... READ MORE > read more

Erroneous migraine-related credit score dings that won’t go away

01/07/2015 13:04:02 PM

When was the last time you checked out your credit score and report?  May I urge you to do so now?  (As far as I know, CreditKarma dot com is the only... READ MORE > read more

Migraine doulas wanted

01/06/2015 10:54:48 AM

Which one do you think migraineurs need most? Empathy: the intellectual identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another. Sympathy: sharing the feelings of another, compassion Compassion: a feeling... > read more

Keeping New Years Resolutions without the Stress

01/05/2015 19:16:50 PM

New years always bring new resolutions, and those of us with migraine generally have at last one that involves taking better care of ourselves. We may resolve to exercise more frequently, maintain... READ MORE > read more

2014: The Year in Migraine

01/04/2015 13:00:11 PM

2014 was filled with exciting developments for migraine treatment and research. Highlights include: Cefaly became available: FDA approved this external nerve stimulator for migraine prevention in March and the first shipments went... READ MORE > read more

8 Ways to Manage Migraine’s Impact on Marriage

01/02/2015 11:24:42 AM

Migraine can wreak havoc on a marriage or long-term relationship, even with the most supportive partner. It’s like having a demanding lover between you and your partner, a lover who insists on... READ MORE > read more

Safely using multiple pain-relief medications

01/01/2015 14:54:35 PM

Any medicine that relieves pain can cause medication-overuse headache if taken too often. Obviously, some medicines pose a greater risk, such as opioids and narcotics. But if you are taking over-the-counter medicines... READ MORE > read more

The “PMS Pinch”: my PMS migraine actually feels different from my normal attacks

12/31/2014 11:18:34 AM

I have a question I’ve been meaning to ask you ladies for a long time. I’m not sure why I waited this long—perhaps my burning curiosity got the better of me at last,... READ MORE > read more

How to Use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Overcome Stress, Anxiety, and Cognitive Distortions

12/30/2014 11:53:22 AM

Stress and anxiety tend to go hand-in-hand with migraine. The pain, fatigue, nausea, and uncertainty regarding treatment outcomes often feel like too much to handle. Thankfully, while we can’t control our illness,... READ MORE > read more

Using digital migraine diaries/headache journals

12/29/2014 17:45:04 PM

As much as I’m a proponent of proactive self-care and being your own healthcare provider (when that’s possible), I do a pretty terrible job of following one key bit of advice I... READ MORE > read more

The comfort of community

12/26/2014 14:39:31 PM

When I started this blog many years ago, it was my little secret.  I had fallen out of the habit of writing a diary, opting instead to write long letters to my... READ MORE > read more

Managing stress

12/26/2014 08:12:43 AM

Stress can really impact our migraines, so many of us are looking for different ways to manage stress. Here are some ideas our community members shared! NEXT > read more

Health food store shopping for beginners

12/24/2014 09:02:40 AM

So you want to try natural supplements? Many migraine specialists recommend adding natural products to your migraine treatment plan. Sometimes patients think of the idea first because of concerns about side effects... READ MORE > read more

Meet a Migraine Superhero: A Punk Rocker with Persistent Migraine Aura

12/23/2014 05:35:12 AM

Meet Elaine. You probably won’t know she has migraine. She is an upbeat, energetic recent art school grad who plays in a punk rock band. The band’s music is energetic, powerful, and... READ MORE > read more

12 Last Minute Gift Ideas under $20 for the Migraineur in Your Life

12/21/2014 19:33:55 PM

Do you have a friend or family member who suffers from Migraines? Need some last minute gift ideas? Here’s a list of things that I use regularly when I’m suffering. The majority... READ MORE > read more

Counting the Blessings: The Complete Picture of Life with Migraine

12/21/2014 18:49:30 PM

I was recently talking to someone about the myriad ways in which migraines have affected my life. Most of it she’d heard before: the not being able to be around bright lights... READ MORE > read more

Migraine & Sensitivity to Odors

12/19/2014 05:40:30 AM

Do you have an aversion to odors, unpleasant or not, during a migraine attack? What about between attacks? Do you seem to be able to smell scents others don’t even notice? While... READ MORE > read more

Infant care tips for migraineurs

12/18/2014 05:10:33 AM

I never thought I’d be caring for an infant at almost 45, yet here I am looking after my granddaughter while her parents work. When I first made the offer I was... READ MORE > read more

Highlights of 2014

12/17/2014 05:09:23 AM

The very talented writers on have done an amazing job this year keeping us informed of the latest treatment news, sharing experiences of daily life with migraine, and spreading awareness. What... READ MORE > read more

Reminding myself of what’s already in my migraine arsenal

12/16/2014 03:02:34 AM

If you’ve been dealing with migraine disease for years and have refused to give up on treatments that may work, chances are you have tried a LOT of techniques to improve your... READ MORE > read more

Discharging student loans due to disability

12/15/2014 08:03:56 AM

Migraineurs have enough to worry about without facing the financial burden of student loans. Our best laid plans to increase our income by getting an education can be ruined by migraine disability.... READ MORE > read more

How do you know when postdrome is over and your brain is back and ready for work?

12/14/2014 17:14:46 PM

When you consider yourself a smart, capable person who is good at taking initiative and getting things done, it can be hard to put on the brakes.  I can definitely use business-speak... READ MORE > read more

Top migraine food triggers

12/12/2014 21:08:55 PM

From Halloween candy, to Thanksgiving celebrations and now the Holiday season, one thing is a constant as the days grow shorter: Lots of food. And many of those foods can be migraine... READ MORE > read more

Why I probably won’t be at your party (a letter)

12/12/2014 05:37:43 AM

Dear ________, I got your Facebook invitation the other day.  You know, the event invitation you shared with me an a lot of other friends.  The party/show/gathering sounds like so much fun,... READ MORE > read more

Neck Pain and Migraine

12/11/2014 11:44:47 AM

Although neck pain doesn’t get a lot of attention as a migraine symptom, it’s actually more common than nausea, a hallmark symptom of migraine.1 In a recent study, 69% of people with... READ MORE > read more

Feeling Stressed, Anxious, or Hopeless? How Your Thoughts Drive Your Emotions

12/10/2014 05:00:48 AM

Our thoughts influence how we feel. They alter how we act. They even go so far as to shape our very realities; what we think drives what we pay attention to and... READ MORE > read more

Migraine is not invisible!

12/09/2014 05:13:38 AM

We’ve all heard migraine described as an “invisible illness”, but to the experienced eye, migraine isn’t invisible at all. Even when we actively try to hide it, there are tiny visible cues... READ MORE > read more

OTC Medications for Relief of Severe Migraine: Acetaminophen/Acetylsalicylic Acid/Caffeine vs. Ibuprofen

12/08/2014 10:22:33 AM

Half of migraineurs experience severe pain during an attack and more than 20% report extremely severe pain. Even patients with severe migraines often choose to treat an attack with non-prescription medications. The... READ MORE > read more

The smell of a fireplace: please don’t let this be a new trigger!

12/08/2014 05:44:44 AM

In August, Jim and I moved to a new house here in Athens.  Ten years to the day after my buddies helped me move into the house I affectionately call “the Purple... READ MORE > read more

In your face, migraine!

12/07/2014 18:55:46 PM

This week it was my privilege to enjoy a conversation with JP Summers, organizer of In Your Face, Migraine National Pie Challenge to benefit the Migraine Research Foundation.  Like many of us... READ MORE > read more

5 Reasons to Be Hopeful About the Future of Migraine Treatment

12/06/2014 17:54:48 PM

We often hear a lot of dismal news when it comes to migraine: less than 1/20th of 1% of the National Institute of Health’s budget goes toward migraine research, there’s no preventive... READ MORE > read more

Stigmatizing pain behaviors: Trigger avoidance

12/05/2014 05:36:56 AM

I promised everyone some more specifics on “pain behaviors”, so here’s one example. Some types of “pain behavior” contribute to stigma even though they are healthy. Migraine may be considered an invisible illness, but... READ MORE > read more

Expressing Gratitude for my Migraines

12/04/2014 11:18:42 AM

During the holiday season I am constantly reminded to practice gratitude. I love the Three Good Things thread where we are encouraged to post three things daily that we are grateful for... READ MORE > read more

A 2-week challenge for better sleep: can you go screen-free after 8pm?

12/03/2014 13:20:50 PM

In the last few years, I’ve spoken more and more with migraine patients about the trouble they have falling asleep and staying asleep.  As regular readers of this site know, interrupted sleep... READ MORE > read more

The Roller Coaster of Fluctuating Migraine Frequency

12/02/2014 05:59:13 AM

Have you ever felt like you were on a migraine roller coaster, where your migraine frequency seems to be going up and down, up and down? You’re not alone! This is a... READ MORE > read more

Shortage of headache specialists worse in some states

12/01/2014 08:39:28 AM

Currently there are 416 UCNS-certified headache specialists in the U.S. to treat over 36 million migraine patients. Simple math would say that’s 1 doctor for every 86,538 patients2.  Unfortunately for some patients,... READ MORE > read more

When the migraine-free time comes to an end, what do you do?

11/30/2014 18:39:04 PM

Have you ever thought you were pretty much in the clear with migraines, that the illness was a thing of the past?  And then did you have the experience where the dreaded... READ MORE > read more

When I say “I’m good,” even I am not sure if I’m being truthful

11/28/2014 20:23:27 PM

I’m writing this on the last day of September (though it’s possible you readers won’t see it for awhile after that since we roll out blog posts over time).  I have had... READ MORE > read more

Giving Thanks

11/27/2014 21:08:37 PM

When you’re mired in the thick of migraine, it can be difficult to find things to be grateful for. This month, readers have been sharing three good things that happen to... READ MORE > read more

I want a cure!

11/27/2014 21:04:01 PM

This is the battle cry of almost all migraineurs. Here at, we often get inquiries from people asking how to cure their migraines. I sure wish we could offer a cure.... READ MORE > read more

Wishing I could give advice to myself before I was ever diagnosed with migraine

11/26/2014 05:42:53 AM

I’ve had migraine disease for about twenty years now, but, like many people, my condition went undiagnosed for many years.  During those years, I did what I could to take care of... READ MORE > read more

Surviving the Latest “Totally Effective” Migraine Treatment

11/25/2014 05:17:08 AM

Last week, my hometown newspaper posted an online article with a headline that boasted a “95% effective” migraine treatment. (I’m not going to go into specifics here, as I don’t want to... READ MORE > read more

We at are thankful!

11/24/2014 15:21:47 PM

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we at wanted to express our gratitude by sharing some of the many things that we are thankful for. And of course, we encourage you to... READ MORE > read more

FDA Issues New Guidelines for Developing Abortive Migraine Meds

11/23/2014 10:36:35 AM

Recently, the FDA provided new guidelines for all new Migraine medications that are being developed. Any new drug would have to provide evidence that it eliminates headache pain within 2 hours of... READ MORE > read more

Completely Unofficial Made-Up Migraine Types: The Wave

11/21/2014 05:28:17 AM

Have you ever walked along the beach, your feet tracing the ever-changing line where water meets sand? Perhaps your flip-flops are in one hand and your pant legs are rolled up as... READ MORE > read more

Migraine Causes, Migraine Triggers

11/20/2014 05:10:57 AM

Many people come to looking for information on migraine causes, but the search terminology can lead you astray. You’re probably looking for why you had a migraine yesterday – maybe if... READ MORE > read more

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