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A Review of Soothe, “the Uber of Massage”

09/25/2016 11:48:11 AM

A sore neck, shoulders, and back pretty much come with the territory of chronic migraine. When my health insurance covered massage, I had a 90-minute appointment every week. That kept the body... READ MORE > read more

My Migraine is a River: Coming to Terms With My Chronic Illness

09/23/2016 05:43:15 AM

Nearly all of us with chronic illness know the feeling of constant struggle. There is the fight to move through your day normally and to do the usual tasks that need to... READ MORE > read more

Sometimes I Feel Like a Broken Record

09/22/2016 05:47:49 AM

I’ve come a long way in terms of accepting a life with migraine. After four years of frequent disability I no longer worry about this disease ruining my life, in fact I’m... READ MORE > read more

When My Doctor Gave Up on Me

09/21/2016 05:11:30 AM

The headache specialist said: “Research is finding new treatments, but nothing is available to help you now. You’re the same age as my daughter. I would want her to have relief while she waits... READ MORE > read more

Your Opinion Matters

09/20/2016 05:00:31 AM

I recently participated in a patient survey conducted by a pharmaceutical research company. Although the survey targeted a different type of headache disorder, I still learned a few things that might be... READ MORE > read more

Getting to Know Lisa

09/20/2016 04:59:20 AM

You know what’s contributors and moderators think about migraine, but there’s more to us than migraine. We’re doing a Getting to Know… series to introduce you to the people behind the... READ MORE > read more

Failure of Empathy

09/19/2016 05:29:03 AM

“I’m sorry my work is late. I have migraines both days every weekend,” my classmate in an online science class told me when I called to talk to her about our group... READ MORE > read more

What is Kratom?

09/18/2016 17:57:46 PM

I heard about kratom about three months ago when a friend asked if anyone had ever suggested it to me as a pain reliever. They shared with me an article from Vice... READ MORE > read more

Why the “Migraine Personality” is Total Bunk

09/16/2016 06:06:01 AM

Never heard of the “migraine personality”? Good. But in case you do come across this antiquated psychology, you might want to have some information in your arsenal. The “migraine personality” was coined in... READ MORE > read more

Mania & Migraines

09/15/2016 19:16:21 PM

“I miss out on life’s little moments,” said the woman on the commercial, before the announcer launched into the long list of potential side effects. It caught my attention because I assumed... READ MORE > read more

Help find a cure. Walk or run with us!

09/15/2016 14:16:20 PM

Dear Patient, In addition to pain, sickness, and — for many — daily disability, migraine carries a severe burden of discrimination and negativity from many members of community.  This is social stigma.... READ MORE > read more

Cancelling Out the Good

09/15/2016 04:54:56 AM

Just as the placebo effect can have a positive impact on treatment results, the opposite can be true as well. It’s called the nocebo effect. Because the mind and body are inseparable,... READ MORE > read more

Getting to Know Series: Sarah Hackley

09/14/2016 05:51:27 AM

You know what‘s contributors and moderators think about migraine, but there’s more to us than migraine. We’re doing a Getting to Know… series to introduce you to the people behind the... READ MORE > read more

Newton spurs an attack…

09/14/2016 05:40:47 AM

It was a dark and stormy night… Well, not really. It was neither dark nor stormy where I live in California, but it was stormy elsewhere. In fact, a hurricane recently ripped... READ MORE > read more

Memorable Migraine: My friend’s Brooklyn wedding

09/13/2016 08:43:51 AM

A few years back, I was thrilled to get an invitation in the mail to a dear college friend’s wedding in New York. First of all, I love this girl and knew... READ MORE > read more

The “Migraineur” Controversy

09/12/2016 04:26:50 AM

“Migraineur” is a term used to denote a person who has migraine. As a writer and word-nerd, I began using the word as soon as I learned it, happy to find a... READ MORE > read more

Understanding Placebo Effect

09/11/2016 14:04:07 PM

The rate of placebo effect in clinical trials is around 30%. That rate has been consistent and is an expected outcome. Placebo rates that are higher or lower can call the entire... READ MORE > read more

Advocate for Migraine – With Feet

09/09/2016 13:52:29 PM

Disease advocacy is everywhere.  Pink ribbons abound, as do signs for the American Cancer Society, MS, Parkinson’s, Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s, ALS, Leukemia and the list goes on.  People come to support these... READ MORE > read more

Loss and Longing

09/09/2016 05:34:16 AM

“Facebook is a catalog of food I can’t eat, places I can’t go, events I can’t attend, and friends I can’t spend time with.” That’s what I told my husband yesterday after I... READ MORE > read more

Migraines & Food: Cravings, Triggers, Comfort & Freedom

09/08/2016 06:32:19 AM

Nutrition plays a powerful role for the person living with chronic migraine. What we crave can signal the arrival of a migraine; what we eat can prevent or conversely trigger its occurrence;... READ MORE > read more

Headache Camp #5- Advocating for Yourself

09/08/2016 06:31:31 AM

In mid-July I returned to Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia for my 5th Headache Camp. If you haven’t read any of my previous posts on what I’ve dubbed Headache Camp, it’s actually... READ MORE > read more

Migraine Manifest Destiny

09/07/2016 05:43:53 AM

Back when the US was a fledgling nation, a phenomenon occurred that history books call “westward expansion.” Pioneers in search of religious freedom, wealth, independence, land ownership, and growing room headed west... READ MORE > read more

Using a smart phone during an attack

09/06/2016 05:52:04 AM

I admit that I use my iPhone way more than I wish I did. When I see other people in public using their phones instead of engaging with the world around them,... READ MORE > read more

Getting to Know Anna

09/06/2016 05:51:41 AM

You know what’s contributors and moderators think about migraine, but there’s more to us than migraine. We’re doing a Getting to Know… series to introduce you to the people behind the... READ MORE > read more

Breaking my own rules

09/05/2016 22:00:50 PM

Okay. It’s confession time. I was packing for my final trip of the summer when I made a startling discovery. Flipping open the pill box containing my naratriptan, I found just four little... READ MORE > read more

Community Feedback: Migraine Warning Symptoms

09/02/2016 05:59:46 AM

When Kerrie Smyres’article about migraine symptoms that go far beyond head pain was posted on our Facebook, many of you shared what signs you have to deal with preceding a migraine. They... READ MORE > read more

Participants Needed for Online Study on Trigger Identification & Management

09/01/2016 07:18:21 AM

Would you like help with identifying your migraine triggers and learning to manage them? Are you interested in helping other people with migraine? You can do both by participating in an online... READ MORE > read more

I’m sorry for what I said when I was in prodrome

09/01/2016 07:17:40 AM

I used to say “I’m sorry for what I said when I was hangry,” but what with my eating protein-rich foods every three hours to keep my blood sugar even and ward... READ MORE > read more

Research Opportunity from Immaculata University

08/31/2016 19:50:41 PM

Migraine is a common chronic pain disorder affecting nearly 12% of the US population. Chronic migraine, in particular, is a debilitating disease often associated with comorbid psychiatric, medical, and medication overuse issues.... READ MORE > read more

The Medication Experiments

08/31/2016 06:18:31 AM

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to reliably figure out why this happens, but sometimes my tried-and-true medications just don’t work right. Take, for instance, the migraine I had this past Sunday. I... READ MORE > read more

Big News From Headache On the Hill

08/30/2016 04:24:09 AM

Every year, the Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy (AHDA) coordinates a day of stomping on Capitol Hill for migraine research. Patients, caregivers, advocates and doctors spend a day meeting with multiple offices... READ MORE > read more

Migraine: More than a headache, it’s a “life-ache”

08/29/2016 19:21:14 PM

Those with migraine know that it’s so much more than “just a headache.” Migraine can impact all aspects of life, ranging from relationships to the ability to work. As if managing the... READ MORE > read more

Finding safe space

08/29/2016 05:55:16 AM

I’ve wanted to address this issue for quite a while, but hesitated because there are no easy answers that fit neatly in a single blog post. Honestly, a volume of encyclopedias probably... READ MORE > read more

Getting to Know Elizabeth

08/28/2016 12:24:09 PM

You get to know a lot about’s contributors and moderators through our writing and interaction on the site, but it’s all connected to migraine. Sometimes it’s nice to get to know... READ MORE > read more

Examining life through the unwanted lens with migraine

08/26/2016 05:34:13 AM

When living with a chronic health condition like migraine, many migraineurs are forced to take a step back and view things in a new light. For better or for worse, your daily... READ MORE > read more

A different path

08/25/2016 08:55:56 AM

I will never forget the day I gave up hope. I’d been stubbornly clinging to the possibility that a surgical procedure would finally eradicate migraine for good. I was finished being “the... READ MORE > read more

Planning for Life’s Big Moments: A Case Study of a Chronic Migraineur

08/24/2016 05:50:21 AM

Our lives are made up of a succession of moments – some tiny and insignificant, others small and infinitely precious, and still others that are so immense we can do little but... READ MORE > read more

Migraine Minefield: Jury Duty

08/23/2016 05:31:59 AM

The dreaded letter came in early July. I was being summoned to jury duty. Ughhhhh. My first reaction was to begin looking for the letter my former neurologist wrote to my county’s... READ MORE > read more

Getting to Know Katie

08/22/2016 06:05:36 AM

You know what’s contributors and moderators think about migraine, but there’s more to us than migraine. We’re doing a Getting to Know… series to introduce you to the people behind the... READ MORE > read more

Sensory Overload

08/19/2016 12:47:10 PM

“It’s too much. All these people racing down the sidewalk, the traffic, the noise… I feel like I can’t breathe, like I’m being crushed.” This was my assessment of the streets of... READ MORE > read more

Migraine is treatable, but…

08/18/2016 06:59:56 AM

There’s an effort within Migraine advocacy to promote the message that Migraine is treatable. Technically, this is true. In reality, the answer is much more complicated. Migraine is treatable just like heart... READ MORE > read more

The Important Day YOU Completely Missed

08/17/2016 15:29:57 PM

Recently, patient advocate, Janet Geddis, otherwise known as, “The Migraine Girl”, wrote an article for the community about the important day she completely missed due to a vicious migraine. The question was... READ MORE > read more

A New Perspective on Migraine Specialists

08/16/2016 08:39:46 AM

Visits to my local headache clinic are usually stressful. First, there’s the travel involved with its loud, stinky, and visually overwhelming triggers. Despite being loaded with acute meds, protein-rich snacks, water, and... READ MORE > read more

Migraine in the ER: Treatment Guidelines From the American Headache Society

08/14/2016 23:46:23 PM

During a migraine attack, going to the ER can seem like a nightmare come true. The lights are blaring, sounds are loud and unpredictable, and the odors of a hospital turn your... READ MORE > read more

Cancelling Out the Good

08/13/2016 22:54:56 PM

Just as the placebo effect can have a positive impact on treatment results, the opposite can be true as well. It’s called the nocebo effect. Because the mind and body are inseparable,... READ MORE > read more

Migraine and losing your sense of time

08/12/2016 06:11:29 AM

In the last few months, my migraine brain has been behaving a lot better than usual. I’m very grateful for that, and I’m hoping that whatever the secret key is keeps working.... READ MORE > read more

Chronic migraine or something else?

08/11/2016 05:46:51 AM

Do you have headache pain every day? Can you remember the exact day the pain started? There is another primary headache disorder that mimics the symptoms of Chronic Migraine. It’s called New... READ MORE > read more

Good Migraine Citizenship

08/10/2016 05:53:12 AM

Online support groups can be a life-saver for many with migraine who are too sick to socialize any other way. Having the support of others who understand what you are going through... READ MORE > read more

The undeniable importance of spending time with friends

08/09/2016 05:57:06 AM

A couple of weeks ago, I went to this adorable local neighborhood restaurant, one I used to frequent when I lived only blocks away. One of our friends was playing a show... READ MORE > read more

Understanding the Cynic

08/08/2016 05:46:12 AM

“Migraine is treatable.” That statement is small comfort to many who have lived with migraine for decades with minimal or substandard treatment. It fails to encourage those who have been through years... READ MORE > read more

Cefaly Take Two: Revamped Migraine Medical Device Available in U.S.

08/07/2016 14:54:50 PM

The business of wearable medical technology is booming. From biofeedback headgear for relaxation to contact lenses that can detect glucose levels, anyone with some extra cash to burn is sure to become... READ MORE > read more

Turning on a Dime: Migraine and Unpredictability

08/05/2016 07:25:51 AM

A common frustration shared in many accounts of life with migraine, is the true unpredictability of when an attack may strike. Sure, keeping food journals, avoiding certain environmental triggers, and medications may... READ MORE > read more

Three to a Bed: Me, My Husband, & Migraine

08/04/2016 06:46:52 AM

When my husband and I dated long distance, I looked forward to living in the same place so we could share a bed. Twenty years have dispelled that romantic notion. It’s not... READ MORE > read more

Three Things About My Migraine

08/03/2016 06:21:55 AM

This summer, we at wanted to share three things about our individuals migraines with the community that our members might not know. Migraine can be such an alienating disease, and we felt... READ MORE > read more

I admit it: other people’s breakthroughs in migraine treatment sometimes make me envious

08/01/2016 20:23:43 PM

Pretty recently, one of my friends started getting what she believes to be migraine attacks. It sounds like this is most likely connected to perimenopause and the dizzying hormonal changes that accompany... READ MORE > read more

Conference Migraine Strikes Again

08/01/2016 15:14:37 PM

In June, I had a migraine-free streak that lasted eight whole days! I was thrilled. I wished fervently that the streak would continue, especially since I was heading to Florida for a... READ MORE > read more

When the headache feels like a lightning strike

08/01/2016 06:10:31 AM

Every one of us has faced the fear that our headache symptoms might just be a sign of something far worse. We worry about cancer, stroke, anyeurism, and the ethereal unknown. On... READ MORE > read more

CGRP Drugs for Migraine: A Patient’s Experience

07/31/2016 14:27:46 PM

In the excitement about the CGRP drugs in development for migraine prevention, we’ve heard a lot about the promising research findings, including minimal side effects. I’ve kept wondering what it’s like for... READ MORE > read more

Stop the patient blaming!

07/29/2016 09:35:26 AM

In the very same week, I ran across two articles. Both were slideshow lists of poor lifestyle choices commonly made by patients with fibromyalgia and migraine.  They were titled “5 don’ts of... READ MORE > read more

Requiem for the Disabled

07/28/2016 08:36:49 AM

I was recently released from Jefferson Headache Clinic in Philadelphia, just prior to the start of the Democratic National Convention that was being hosted in the city. I’m at my parent’s house... READ MORE > read more

Let’s Give Ourselves Some Credit

07/28/2016 06:25:53 AM

In Tammy Rome’s recent post “30 Dirty Little Secrets About My Life With Migraine” she reminded us that perfection is unattainable; that we’re only human; and that we’re bound to make mistakes.... READ MORE > read more

Gentle post-migraine recovery

07/27/2016 18:53:36 PM

After a migraine, do you ever have that “beat up” feeling as if you’ve been hit by a truck? That’s your body telling you to take it easy. Do you give yourself... READ MORE > read more

New Migraine Drug ALD403 Continues to Show Promise

07/27/2016 18:30:35 PM

Alder Biopharmaceuticals has recently released follow up data to their Phase 2b clinical trial investigating the efficacy of a new, preventative migraine drug, ALD403. Results of the trial were initially released at... READ MORE > read more

Namaste-ing my Way to the Beach

07/25/2016 21:31:44 PM

June Gloom. The Marina Mist. This is how Santa Monica greeted me after moving across the country from DC. It’s foggy in the morning and burns off in the afternoon to reveal... READ MORE > read more

Updates on Promising New Migraine Drugs

07/25/2016 06:35:40 AM

The migraine world has been abuzz lately about new drugs in development to prevent migraine attacks. These drugs, called monoclonal antibodies, target an amino acid called CGRP (calcitonin gene-related peptide). CGRP plays... READ MORE > read more

When I found out that insurance didn’t cover a medication I really needed

07/24/2016 15:15:11 PM

In 2015, I asked my neurologist about non-oral migraine meds I could try. Most of the time when I get a migraine, I don’t end up vomiting, but it had been happening... READ MORE > read more

The messy wake of destruction a migraine can leave behind

07/22/2016 06:09:53 AM

Has this ever happened to you? You emerge from a multi-day migraine, finally able to leave your bedroom, finally able to even consider returning to work—if not today, then tomorrow.  The pain... READ MORE > read more

I am so bored!

07/21/2016 06:54:01 AM

While growing up with migraine, my parents tried to keep life consistent. Today I understand why they did it. Although I didn’t appreciate it for years, especially as a teenager. I craved... READ MORE > read more

SpringTMS Migraine Treatment Now Available

07/20/2016 04:46:52 AM

SpringTMS is non-drug treatment that uses a technology called transcranial magnetic stimulation to abort migraine attacks. Research has documented few possible side effects from using the device. FDA approved SpringTMS as an... READ MORE > read more

Another Migraine Look-Alike

07/19/2016 19:32:23 PM

According to the International Classification of Headache Disorders, 3rd Edition, primary headache disorders are classified in one of three ways: Migraine, Tension-Type Headaches, or Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalalgias. As our name implies, most... REA > read more

When I “lost” medication that was right in front of my face

07/19/2016 05:50:12 AM

You chronic migraineurs know how it goes: you have used as many triptans as you can safely use in one week and it’s time for the rescue medication (assuming your doctor has... READ MORE > read more

Video of Botox Injections

07/18/2016 06:07:21 AM

This video was taken a few years ago by a neurologist, not a headache specialist. At the time, I had to see him for Botox for insurance reasons and now my specialist... READ MORE > read more

Good patient, bad patient, effective patient

07/15/2016 05:42:09 AM

Our culture expects “good” patients to passively follow the rules. Doctors are the experts. Patients must do what the doctor says. Patients may ask questions, but never question a doctor’s advice. Patients... READ MORE > read more

Reminding myself to stick to the plan

07/14/2016 07:17:24 AM

Confession: I hadn’t taken my daily vitamins and supplements for, like, a week.  No need to scold me—I’ve been doing plenty of that myself.  You think about migraines all the time, Janet—why... READ MORE > read more

Migraine Versus Music

07/13/2016 06:03:47 AM

It is widely accepted in the scientific community that music has incredible therapeutic applications to improve people’s overall health, but most of us don’t need to read a study or visit a music... READ MORE > read more

It’s all relative

07/12/2016 08:01:18 AM

I love catching up with friends. We’re spread all over the country and so busy managing our daily lives that it’s hard to stay connected. Those moments we steal are so precious!... READ MORE > read more

Social Media Used to Study Migraine Symptoms

07/11/2016 04:44:15 AM

Migraine Hallucinations We all know the basic symptoms of having migraines. Sensitivity to light and sound, nausea, skin is sensitive to the touch, smells can be overwhelming. But have you ever heard... READ MORE > read more

An Updated Migraine Toolkit

07/08/2016 05:51:31 AM

While the concept of a migraine toolkit isn’t new, it is something that can be updated to reflect migraineurs’ changing needs.  We took some of your tips on items to have on... READ MORE > read more

Hey, you.

07/07/2016 06:30:19 AM

Yeah, you…the one with the brightness turned way down, hiding behind sunglasses, under that big hat, surrounded in ice packs and trash bins. It’s been three days and that storm in your... READ MORE > read more

Highlights of the AHS 2016 Conference

07/06/2016 05:30:50 AM

I attended the annual American Headache Society conference in San Diego June 9-12. This was my second year to have the chance to hear the latest research findings in the world of... READ MORE > read more

TMI warning: how fish oil did not work for me

07/06/2016 05:22:45 AM

When I was in my late twenties, I started taking fish oil supplements for the first time. I tolerated them well and they, in conjunction with my other supplements and lifestyle changes,... READ MORE > read more

Using menthol to help migraine

07/05/2016 04:57:52 AM

In March, articles started circulating on social media about the benefits of Johnson’s Vapor Bath for relieving the pain of migraine. It started with someone’s Facebook claim that using this product nightly... READ MORE > read more

Using caffeine as a migraine treatment

07/04/2016 15:37:56 PM

(written the last week of May, 2016) Something extraordinary happened on Thursday of this week.  I woke with a really bad migraine, complete with that sinus stuffiness and dizziness. I am scheduled... READ MORE > read more

Dr. Silberstein Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

07/01/2016 05:23:18 AM

My first encounter with Dr. Silberstein was after a Fellow had prescribed a headache treatment plan for me at the Jefferson University Headache Center and needed someone to sign off. He rolled... READ MORE > read more

“Cluster Migraine”

06/30/2016 19:50:18 PM

Readers often ask about something they call “cluster migraine”. It’s not an official diagnosis, so delving into the topic took some sleuthing. I found the following five questions raised in relation to... READ MORE > read more

Every month is awareness month

06/29/2016 19:45:34 PM

Every June we celebrate Migraine and Headache Awareness Month. We treat it like a holiday — lots of anticipation and weeks of preparation culminate in that big push. Then we wake up on... READ MORE > read more

Community Feedback: Daily Life Migraine Triggers

06/28/2016 05:56:22 AM

Anyone living with the neurological condition migraine, knows that every day can be a struggle.  Migraines can often be unpredictable and unyielding in their symptoms.  While every individual with migraine can have... READ MORE > read more

30 Dirty Little Secrets About My Life with Migraine

06/27/2016 05:06:06 AM

I’ve done the “30 Things” meme several years in a row, so this year I’m changing things up. I won’t be following the traditional question format. Instead, I’d like to air a little... READ MORE > read more

The Trigger Fairies

06/26/2016 21:42:56 PM

We share a humorous graphic with you: two migraine trigger “fairies” discuss their evil plan and almost forget something obvious! All joking aside, migraine attacks involve much more than the painful headache. The most... READ MORE > read more

Memorable Migraine: The Important Day I Completely Missed

06/23/2016 20:47:39 PM

We do a lot of book events at work, and, while I’m involved with planning a lot of them, I don’t end up attending most since I prefer to work during the... READ MORE > read more

An All-Consuming Job

06/23/2016 05:06:27 AM

My job is the first thing I think about each morning. My work factors into every decision I make, from what I eat to whether or not I have sex. It wakes... READ MORE > read more

The Four Phases of Migraine

06/22/2016 04:55:18 AM

Living with migraine can be much like being on a roller coaster ride–lots of ups and downs. We present a spoof on the four phases of migraine and the emotions that can... READ MORE > read more

Taking charge of your migraine care

06/22/2016 04:10:43 AM

Many of you have written in to share that migraine has become a constant presence in your life. Despite your best efforts and that of your doctors, the daily pain is unrelenting... READ MORE > read more

Almost a lab rat

06/21/2016 04:57:14 AM

Recently I noticed a post on our Facebook page that said, “3-8 migraines per month? Consider this study.” Always interested in migraine research, I clicked on the link and decided to apply for the... READ MORE > read more

Caffeine Wean Take Three

06/20/2016 04:25:24 AM

I’m a quitter…again. I quit drinking my daily coffee about a month ago. Last time I weaned myself off coffee, my husband did it with me.  We were still drinking Argentinian maté... READ MORE > read more

Quality of Life is More Important Than Quantity of Migraine Attacks

06/17/2016 05:23:51 AM

A friend’s husband told me he has migraine attacks every Saturday and Sunday. “It could be worse,” he said, “but this is no way to live.” At the time, it was a... READ MORE > read more

Patients make all the difference

06/16/2016 04:33:42 AM

The National Institutes of Health has allocated $20 million for migraine research in 2016. This level of funding has remained steady since 2014 and is projected to stay the same for 2017.... READ MORE > read more

Can someone please prescribe me a week-long vacation?

06/15/2016 05:03:44 AM

I think I need a vacation. No, scratch that. I know I need a vacation. This may sound preposterous for any of my friends and family who know how often I travel.... READ MORE > read more

Paying it forward in the next generation

06/14/2016 05:30:20 AM

I recently had a frank conversation with my 23 year-old daughter about life with migraine. As many of you know, she was diagnosed with Abdominal Migraine at two years old. Before her... READ MORE > read more

Paying it forward in the next generation

06/14/2016 05:30:20 AM

I recently had a frank conversation with my 23 year-old daughter about life with migraine. As many of you know, she was diagnosed with Abdominal Migraine at two years old. Before her... READ MORE > read more

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