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Thank You!

06/29/2015 09:01:05 AM

We at want to share a few words of thanks to our amazing community members for spreading awareness far and wide during Migraine and Headache Awareness Month! It’s your involvement that makes this... READ MORE > read more

“It’s just a headache.” – why it bothers us so much

06/29/2015 08:14:13 AM

Nothing irritates a migraineur more than this statement. It tops the list of “what not to say” nearly every time. If you have never experienced a migraine attack, you might be wondering... READ MORE > read more

30 Things About Lisa’s Migraines

06/28/2015 20:56:37 PM

My diagnosis is migraine without aura. My migraine attack frequency is about 2 to 3 times a month on average, which is a dream! I was diagnosed in December 2011, just before... READ MORE > read more

Education & Awareness: Migraine & Headache Awareness Month

06/28/2015 20:48:34 PM

It can be hard to communicate what migraine is as a condition, not to mention how it impacts us. In honor of migraine and headache awareness month, we gathered a few share-worthy articles in the... READ MORE > read more

30 Things About Nancy’s Migraines

06/26/2015 08:57:50 AM

My diagnosis is: Chronic migraine, post-traumatic headache. My migraine attack frequency is: Three to four times a week. I was diagnosed in: 1997 after sustaining a traumatic brain injury. My comorbid conditions... READ MORE > read more

Kudos to my caretakers

06/26/2015 04:18:08 AM

“The Wisdom of Crowds is considerably greater than any one person working alone.” Truer words never spoken. It’s been four years since I’ve been diagnosed with Chronic Migraines. Without the help of... READ MORE > read more

Community Ideas: Summer Get Togethers

06/25/2015 18:41:31 PM

One of the most social seasons of the year has just started – so holiday gatherings, barbecues, and summer get-togethers are in full swing. We thought it might be helpful to share tips and tricks for attending celebrations while dealing > read more

Inside a Migraine Attack

06/25/2015 17:04:18 PM

Despite being a writer who has chronic migraine, I had never written anything describing a migraine attack during one. I was afraid paying so much attention to my symptoms would magnify them.... READ MORE > read more

Getting older means letting go of worries of missing out

06/24/2015 05:06:30 AM

In my twenties, I had migraines pretty frequently. In my twenties, I went out on the town at least once a week (if not three times a week), and I lived to... READ MORE > read more

Another kind of show   

06/23/2015 04:58:23 AM

I’ve been faking wellness for half a lifetime and guess what? I’m still sick. In the beginning I complained, cried, and then vomited when I could no longer hold it all in.... READ MORE > read more

Test Your Knowledge: Migraine Triggers Quiz

06/22/2015 04:56:51 AM

One essential part of effective migraine management is identifying and managing triggers. While triggers can be very tricky (for example, they vary from one person to another, they often change over time,... READ MORE > read more

30 Things About Katie’s Life With Chronic Migraine

06/22/2015 04:53:55 AM

My diagnosis is: Chronic Migraine. My migraine attack frequency is: Daily. I have some form of a headache at all times. A typical day starts at a pain level 3 and increases... READ MORE > read more

Trigger versus Cause

06/21/2015 17:54:17 PM

Migraine is a disease. It is a genetic vulnerability to periodic attacks that frequently include moderate to severe head pain, light and sound sensitivity, nausea, vomiting, and a lot more. Frequently, people... READ MORE > read more

30 Things About Kerrie’s Life With Migraine

06/19/2015 20:11:37 PM

My diagnosis is: chronic migraine My migraine attack frequency is: It was constant until last year. Now I’m getting two a day, but they respond relatively well to triptans. I only lose... READ MORE > read more

Migraine in America: Treatments by the Numbers

06/18/2015 05:28:59 AM

These numbers will come as no surprise to anyone with migraine who has faced the frustration of feeling like they’ve “tried everything.” 6 prescription products Were used by 50% of respondents for... READ MORE > read more

Research: How do you know if a medication is working for you?

06/17/2015 15:35:12 PM

The constant struggle to find the “right” medication is one of the most frustrating aspects of living with a condition like migraine. Some people are able to manage without any (or many)... READ MORE > read more

Roommates (Not) Wanted

06/17/2015 15:31:02 PM

At age 31, I had never had a roommate. I guess there was a long period of time where I lived with my ex-significant other, but to me that doesn’t count. I... READ MORE > read more

Maximizing the Effectiveness of Migraine Abortives

06/16/2015 06:14:03 AM

Is this a migraine or not? I’ll chug some caffeine and put ice on my head and hope it goes away.   I’m pretty sure this is a migraine, but only want... READ MORE > read more

I Will No Longer Fear the Sun

06/15/2015 05:01:32 AM

It’s Sunday morning and it’s one of the nicest days of the year so far. The sun is shining and it’s warm. My husband Paul and I head out for a hike.... READ MORE > read more

30 Things About My Migraines

06/14/2015 18:50:53 PM

My diagnosis is: Chronic daily headache, chronic migraine and cervical dystonia. My migraine attack frequency is: Daily with some being far worse than others. I was diagnosed in: 1977 initially with migraine... READ MORE > read more

Dear healthy loved one

06/12/2015 05:29:26 AM

The migraineur in your life wants you to know: Migraine is a real disease. There is no test for Migraine. There is no known cause. There is no cure. It’s not just... READ MORE > read more

Investigational CGRP Monoclonal Antibodies: Updates from the Congress of the International Headache Society

06/11/2015 19:42:32 PM

The 17th Congress of the International Headache Society was held May 14-17, 2015 in Valencia, Spain. Phase II data were presented on two emerging monoclonal antibodies targeting calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) or... READ MORE > read more

Need a Pick-Me-Up?

06/11/2015 05:31:36 AM

Dealing with migraine is a challenge and a feat that can be downright grueling at times. Because of this, it is crucial to give yourself a little pick-me-up every now and then by indulging in... READ MORE > read more

10 simple ways to raise awareness

06/10/2015 05:13:27 AM

When I was a naïve and clueless teenager I wrote this stupid, cheesy poem about making a difference. It is so bad, I won’t even think about sharing it with you. However,... READ MORE > read more

Without warning, something is just TOO MUCH

06/09/2015 05:05:50 AM

For well over a week in April, it poured down rain in Athens.  You know the phrase “buckets of rain”?  That’s what it was like.  One Wednesday, I was at my friend’s... READ MORE > read more

Patient Perspective: Ketamine

06/08/2015 05:02:12 AM

I’ve recently written about the drug ketamine being used for severe Migraine patients. I’ve shared my experience with ketamine infusions as well. To give a different perspective on ketamine usage, I interviewed... READ MORE > read more

30 Things about my life with migraine

06/07/2015 18:41:34 PM

My diagnoses are: Like many migraine patients, when I finally saw a true specialist, we discovered that I had more than one headache disorder. At this time, I have been diagnosed with... READ MORE > read more

Community Thoughts: What’s the Most Frustrating Thing About Migraine?

06/05/2015 05:33:41 AM

Migraine can affect every aspect of our lives. Sharing about it with others can be helpful in knowing we’re not alone with our frustrations. So, we asked our Facebook community, “What’s the most... READ MORE > read more

Common misconceptions about migraine

06/04/2015 05:01:37 AM

There are lots of misconceptions about migraine. It can be difficult to counter the social stigma surrounding migraine. Trying to explain it can often leave you feeling isolated and misunderstood. The last... READ MORE > read more

Waking up with migraine when you thought you’d be home free

06/03/2015 06:10:47 AM

The alarm goes off and I snooze it just one last time (you already know I have a lifelong problem with this).  Nine minutes later, it goes off again, and I snooze... READ MORE > read more

30 Things About My Life with Chronic Migraine

06/02/2015 05:19:17 AM

Living with chronic illness can be isolating and disheartening. It helps to know we’re not alone. To kick off Migraine Awareness Month, many of us here at are putting together a... READ MORE > read more

Migraine and Headache Awareness Month Starts Today

06/01/2015 05:03:50 AM

When it comes to raising awareness about migraine, finding something to say isn’t difficult—there are plenty of startling facts and statistics—but sharing information is not the same as being heard. The challenge... READ MORE > read more

National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month

05/31/2015 19:01:43 PM

Welcome to National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month. Here at, we want to take time every single day this month to help our community raise awareness about migraine. To that end,... READ MORE > read more

Change your avatar for awareness month!

05/31/2015 18:51:26 PM

June is Migraine and Headache Awareness Month! One way to spread awareness is to change your avatar (profile image) across social media sites. You can download any of the images below to... READ MORE > read more

If My Migraine Could Speak

05/29/2015 05:05:32 AM

If my migraine could speak… …it would tell you all the silly things I have done. My migraine must have a sense of humor because it makes me do ridiculous things. And... READ MORE > read more

How to Embrace the Power of the Clinical Trial on International Clinical Trials Day and Beyond

05/28/2015 23:45:55 PM

When we pick up our prescriptions from the pharmacy, most of us do not think about where these drugs come from. Yet every pill or medical intervention – from cold medicine to... READ MORE > read more

Migraine-specific opioid treatment

05/28/2015 05:07:04 AM

In this third installment of our series on opioid medications we will be exploring some of the discoveries made about the use of opioids to specifically treat migraine. In case you missed... READ MORE > read more

My terrible posture

05/27/2015 05:03:16 AM

Growing up, I was quite the water baby.  Every summer, I was at the neighborhood pool the moment it opened for the season. I was on the swim team as soon as... READ MORE > read more

Supporting migraine research

05/26/2015 05:00:13 AM

Have you ever wanted to do something to directly impact headache science?  Research is the foundation of good science. To discover more effective Migraine treatments, we must first understand what happens in... READ MORE > read more

Facts About Photophobia and Migraine

05/25/2015 19:58:36 PM

Photophobia is one of the hallmark symptoms of migraine and can also be a symptom of other headache disorders. The journal Headache published an exploration photophobia and headache disorders in the March... READ MORE > read more

Never, never, never give up

05/22/2015 04:56:58 AM

Often attributed to Winston Churchill, this statement is a reflection of my current mood as it relates to Migraine. As a lover of historical accuracy, I couldn’t resist the urge to search... READ MORE > read more

Treximet Approved by FDA for Treatment Acute Migraine in Children

05/21/2015 20:22:37 PM

Treximet, which is a combination of sumatriptan and naproxen sodium, was recently approved by the FDA for treatment of acute migraine in children aged 12 years and above.1 This makes it the first approved combination... READ MORE > read more

Getting Appropriate Treatment for Chronic Migraine

05/21/2015 05:02:04 AM

There are three vital components for appropriate treatment of migraine: 1. consultation with a health care professional, 2. accurate diagnosis, and 3. adequate treatment. If any one of these areas is not... READ MORE > read more

When I realized mindfulness was working for me

05/19/2015 20:04:55 PM

The topic of mindfulness has come up again and again here on, and with good reason:  it’s an excellent way to manage stress day-to-day and has been proven effective in coping... READ MORE > read more

Test Your Migraine Knowledge: Migraine 101 Quiz

05/19/2015 17:15:39 PM

Migraine is an incredibly complex condition. Some symptoms are more obvious than others, making it difficult to even diagnose. We’ve put together a quiz that covers some migraine basics. Test your knowledge,... READ MORE > read more

If I could only…: desperate treatments that sometimes seem like they just might work

05/18/2015 04:56:56 AM

Anyone who’s read about migraine (either online or in books or, like most of us, both) knows that some of the remedies our fellow migraineurs of yore used fly in the face... READ MORE > read more

A mail order pharmacy works for me

05/17/2015 11:26:14 AM

Janet recently described her experiences with a locally-owned, independent pharmacy. Her story takes me back to memories of a similar pharmacy in my youth. The pharmacist knew every family by name and... READ MORE > read more

Cognitive Dysfunction During Migraine Attacks

05/15/2015 04:55:00 AM

Feeling like you can’t think clearly and unable to comprehend even simple topics of conversation, your mind is in a fog. Not being able to pay attention, find words you’ve known since... READ MORE > read more

Warrior versus Zen Master

05/14/2015 04:56:22 AM

When it comes to Migraine, I find myself struggling between the roles of Warrior and Zen Master, unsure of which to embrace. By nature I am a warrior. Visualizing myself as a... READ MORE > read more

Managing Food Triggers With Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes

05/13/2015 05:02:54 AM

Is it possible to have our cake and eat it, too (possibly literally)? Elimination diets are a pain and no one wants to give up foods they don’t have to, so finding... READ MORE > read more

Migraineur’s Guide to CAM: diagnostic tools

05/12/2015 05:02:30 AM

CAM practitioners use a variety of testing methods to assess overall wellness and diagnose patient problems. Reputable practitioners use many of the same tests that conventional doctors rely on, such as x-rays,... READ MORE > read more

Triptans and Add-On Therapy: Effects on Headache-Related Disability

05/11/2015 09:56:19 AM

The practice of combining acute treatments for migraine is common, but not well studied. Real-world data from the American Migraine Prevalence and Prevention (AMPP) Study were used to evaluate how treatment changes... READ MORE > read more

From Chronic to Episodic: An Illustrated Journey

05/11/2015 04:58:29 AM

A doctor once told me that migraines are like a river. She said my health is a bridge, and if the migraine river is overflowing I won’t be able to cross. Basically,... READ MORE > read more

Let’s Put on a Show!

05/10/2015 19:19:40 PM

Recently I drove a friend of mine to a doctor’s appointment. She was having a really crappy day, riddled with a week-long respiratory infection and muscle pain.  When she was with me,... READ MORE > read more

Holding on to Hope With Chronic Migraine

05/10/2015 19:18:08 PM

A diagnosis of chronic migraine can seem like a life sentence. As the days drag on, it feels like migraine attacks are a permanent fixture and that you will never again function... READ MORE > read more

Living With a Disease That’s Dismissed as Inconsequential

05/08/2015 05:03:04 AM

Saying that migraine has wreaked havoc on my life is the understatement of the year. It has rendered my life and my personality nearly unrecognizable. This is an experience familiar to many people... READ MORE > read more

4 Myths About Managing Your Health

05/07/2015 05:03:31 AM

Myth: Your doctor referred you to a specialist, so they must be covered by your insurance. Doctors spend eight years going to med school to learn how to fix you. They don’t spend... READ MORE > read more

Seven Ways to Support the Newly Diagnosed

05/06/2015 05:02:50 AM

Someone I care deeply about was recently diagnosed with a chronic health problem. Though the disease is different than mine, it shares many common elements: it’s invisible, it’s currently incurable, and it... READ MORE > read more

Migraine as early childhood trauma

05/05/2015 19:49:55 PM

Some of the best article ideas come from reader responses to earlier posts. Your participation helps keep the ideas flowing. This post is one of those ideas born from reader feedback. Among... READ MORE > read more

When Chronic Migraine & Motherhood Becomes Reality

05/04/2015 11:12:12 AM

The wonderful news I announced last spring that my husband and I were expecting a baby girl after so many years trying led to a much longer hiatus from the site than... READ MORE > read more

Trying to be more understanding of others’ triggers and sensitivities

05/03/2015 20:10:49 PM

In summer 2012, I wrote what I thought was a super-honest article for about how I sometimes struggle(d) to find empathy for other migraineurs.  You can read the whole thing (and... READ MORE > read more

Dear Body, Why Do You Hate Me?

05/01/2015 05:41:08 AM

Dear Body, why do you hate me? I take care of you. I eat healthy…except when you crave French fries. I exercise as much as I can until you retaliate against me.... READ MORE > read more

Headache on the Hill 2015

04/30/2015 20:10:11 PM

On Thurs, April 23rd the Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy (AHDA) gathered for its 8th Annual “Headache on the Hill,” (HOH). This was a chance for patients, advocates and even doctors to... READ MORE > read more

Mr. Cologne Man Strikes Again

04/30/2015 05:38:14 AM

Last week, I met with a college student who is doing a project on insurance and liability for businesses (note to self: thank goodness there are people who are interested in that... READ MORE > read more

Finally solving a 40 year-old trigger

04/29/2015 05:10:07 AM

My family has a rich oral history. One of the more popular stories involves my father and me. It was his habit to read to me almost every day. This continued until... READ MORE > read more

Migraine Diet Recipes and Flavor Combinations

04/28/2015 05:03:16 AM

I’m an improvisational cook, so these suggestions are more about flavor combinations than detailed recipes. Many of my suggestions are simply legumes or browned meat, sautéed veggies, and a grain all mixed... READ MORE > read more

Radical Acceptance

04/27/2015 05:09:34 AM

There are a lot of uncomfortable realities that we face when coping with Migraine. Often our instinct is to resist, fight against, or try to change these realities. While there’s nothing wrong... READ MORE > read more

Patient Perspectives: Medical Marijuana

04/26/2015 18:04:34 PM

As medical and even recreational marijuana is becoming more acceptable and legal, many people are curious as to whether it would help them. “Medical marijuana for migraines,” a recent article, garnered... READ MORE > read more

Puffy eyes and the changing face of migraine

04/24/2015 05:07:08 AM

After a relatively good week, I woke up with a migraine today*. My head felt totally stuffed up and snotty, and I had the perhaps naive hope that simply blowing my nose... READ MORE > read more

Triggers versus Prodrome

04/23/2015 05:11:21 AM

Over the past 40 years, a lot has been learned about Migraine. One of the things we’ve learned is that attacks can start hours before the onset of pain. This prodrome can... READ MORE > read more

Food Allergy Testing for Migraine Triggers

04/22/2015 05:41:08 AM

Is food allergy testing a good way to test for migraine triggers? This is a common question when people are overwhelmed by the details of an elimination diet. The answer is: it’s... READ MORE > read more

Migraineur’s Guide to CAM: plant-based medicine

04/21/2015 05:49:37 AM

Herbalism is still the primary health care for most of the world. It is only in developed countries that pharmaceutical drugs have taken the lead. Most of the world relies on experts in... READ MORE > read more

A closer look at “the salt cure”

04/20/2015 05:10:38 AM

There is a tip making the rounds on Facebook that you can stop a migraine by drinking salt water. Some even suggest adding lemon juice. There is also someone promoting a book... READ MORE > read more

Headache Camp: From Mom’s Seat

04/19/2015 07:38:42 AM

I’ve written about my several in-patient stays at Thomas Jefferson University’s Headache Center, AKA “Headache Camp.” Those articles are from my point of view. But those around me experience my hospitalizations differently.... READ MORE > read more

9 Things People With Chronic Migraine Want You to Know

04/18/2015 18:44:21 PM

1. Chronic migraine is not the same as chronic pain. Migraine is known for causing severe head pain, but it also causes a constellation of other neurological symptoms that can be felt throughout... READ MORE > read more

A nightmare of incense

04/17/2015 07:18:27 AM

Over the holidays, my Avid Bookshop staff and I wanted to have a little party to celebrate the season and each other.  As always, I tried to make things more complicated than... READ MORE > read more

Migraineur’s Guide to CAM: energy and touch therapies

04/16/2015 05:01:52 AM

Reiki is a form of energy healing that originated in Japan in the early 1900s. The original practice was founded by Mikao Usui as a form of self-improvement. It is easily recognized... READ MORE > read more

Headache Camp: Round 2

04/15/2015 05:06:46 AM

I previously wrote about an in-patient treatment program at the Jefferson Headache Center in Philadelphia. I fondly refer to it as “Headache Camp.” My first trip was in August 2013 and I’ve... READ MORE > read more

Why It’s So Hard to Identify Food Triggers

04/14/2015 05:04:20 AM

If you’ve tried to track migraine triggers, you’ve probably gotten frustrated by how difficult it can be. Here are some of the reasons it’s tough to identify specific food triggers. Triggers tend... READ MORE > read more

“You’re the best at yourself”: How my beau’s words of wisdom helped me

04/13/2015 04:56:40 AM

My boyfriend—ahem, fiancé—is someone I have talked a lot about here in my articles. Since 2006, Jim has been a constant source of encouragement, comfort, and sometimes a few doses of... READ MORE > read more

Risks of long-term opioid treatment

04/12/2015 16:56:31 PM

In the first installment, A balancing act – opioid use throughout history, we reviewed some historical highlights to help us understand how we arrived at the present situation. Now we’ll cover many... READ MORE > read more

Another Take on Faking It

04/10/2015 05:54:17 AM

With friends, at work, at the doctor’s office, in casual interactions in public… every situation Katie mentioned in Faking It is a situation in which I have faked it. I was so... READ MORE > read more

Completely Unofficial, Made-Up Migraine Types: the Hourglass

04/09/2015 05:39:25 AM

Those of you who have been involved with for awhile now may be familiar with my series of articles focused on “Completely Unofficial, Made-Up Migraine Types.” It’s been both entertaining and... READ MORE > read more

Rethinking exercise

04/08/2015 05:32:09 AM

Given the choice, I’d rather eat nails than exercise in any way. Unfortunately it’s not one of my triggers, so I can’t even use that excuse. I’ve always been clumsy, awkward, and... READ MORE > read more

How a local, independent pharmacy helps me with migraine care

04/07/2015 05:32:00 AM

Having trouble affording your meds or getting advice? Try your local pharmacy! For many years, I was like a lot of people in that I automatically went to chain pharmacies (I hesitate... READ MORE > read more

Migraine Diet: Reintroducing Foods

04/06/2015 05:22:44 AM

How Long to Stay on the Diet A migraine elimination diet is the first step in figuring out your food triggers. Ideally, you’d wait to reintroduce foods until you’ve had a period... READ MORE > read more

Migraineur’s Guide to CAM: exercise and meditation

04/05/2015 05:20:08 AM

Exercise We often think of exercise as something to do to improve fitness. While these exercise methods can improve physical fitness, their purpose is to reduce stress, improve mental functioning, and create... READ MORE > read more

Top 10 Migraine Triggers According to a New Study

04/04/2015 05:05:26 AM

Kerrie Smyres recently reviewed a new study identifying the top 10 migraine triggers and the frequency at which they occur. Read on for the top 10 triggers, in the order at which... READ MORE > read more

Driving under the influence of migraine

04/03/2015 07:27:19 AM

We try so hard to disguise our pain. We cook and clean and shop and work – all while coping with nasty migraine symptoms. Giving up is a last resort. Yet there... READ MORE > read more

Migraine is Stressful

04/02/2015 05:16:32 AM

In all the ways we talk about the relationship between stress and migraine, very little attention gets paid to a critical element: migraine itself is stressful. Individual migraine attacks are stressful, but... READ MORE > read more

Triptan side effects – chest tightness, hiccups, and burping

04/01/2015 05:13:12 AM

In 2001, I was diagnosed with migraine at age 21 after having had attacks since I was 13 or so.  My doctor, a primary care doctor who mainly treated retirees in my... READ MORE > read more

Ketamine for Migraine Management

04/01/2015 05:10:09 AM

Imagine being transported to a place where you felt no pain. You may have an almost out-of-body experience that is peaceful and comforting. New thoughts and revelations may enter your mind as... READ MORE > read more

Who’s driving your bus?

03/31/2015 05:07:25 AM

Imagine that your life with Migraine is a bus. Sometimes it’s going somewhere and other times it is stalled or parked alongside the road. Regardless, it is YOUR bus. Do you know... READ MORE > read more

Too much Facebook for the Migraine Girl

03/30/2015 05:25:05 AM

(Written on February 21, 2015.) Today I turned thirty-five. I wasn’t upset to turn thirty five years ago despite having been warned that that would be a tough age to face.  ... READ MORE > read more

Migraine and the DMV Don’t Mix

03/29/2015 18:33:44 PM

Department of Motor Vehicles. Few words fill me with as much dread as these do. It’s more than a hassle; it’s a health hazard for someone with migraine. It’s hot, crowded, loud,... READ MORE > read more

Migraine trolls

03/26/2015 14:39:03 PM

Stigma is all too familiar to each of us. As advocates, our passion is to educate patients and the general public. We believe that education is the best way to dispel the... READ MORE > read more

Weird migraine symptom: a deep sense of foreboding

03/26/2015 05:53:16 AM

We all seem to have an eclectic assortment of prodrome symptoms, signs that a migraine attack is moving on in.  I have migraine with aura, and auras (changes in vision, tingly skin... READ MORE > read more

My Weirdest Migraine Home Remedy Tool

03/25/2015 05:28:22 AM

Pressure on my head or pulling my hair gives me some relief during a migraine attack. One night I started to drift off while squeezing my head, but woke right back up... READ MORE > read more

Migraineur’s Guide to CAM: traditional healing practices

03/24/2015 05:06:11 AM

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) TCM1,2 is a group of healing methods originating in China that developed over thousands of years and includes the use of special diets, massage, and herbal remedies native... READ MORE > read more

Patient Perspectives: Medical Marijuana

03/23/2015 05:14:37 AM

Kerrie recently wrote an article called “Medical Marijuana for Migraines”, which got a lot of attention. As medical and even recreational marijuana is becoming more acceptable and legal, many people are curious... READ MORE > read more

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