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Wishing I could give advice to myself before I was ever diagnosed with migraine

11/26/2014 05:42:53 AM

I’ve had migraine disease for about twenty years now, but, like many people, my condition went undiagnosed for many years.  During those years, I did what I could to take care of... READ MORE > read more

Surviving the Latest “Totally Effective” Migraine Treatment

11/25/2014 05:17:08 AM

Last week, my hometown newspaper posted an online article with a headline that boasted a “95% effective” migraine treatment. (I’m not going to go into specifics here, as I don’t want to... READ MORE > read more

We at are thankful!

11/24/2014 15:21:47 PM

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we at wanted to express our gratitude by sharing some of the many things that we are thankful for. And of course, we encourage you to... READ MORE > read more

FDA Issues New Guidelines for Developing Abortive Migraine Meds

11/23/2014 10:36:35 AM

Recently, the FDA provided new guidelines for all new Migraine medications that are being developed. Any new drug would have to provide evidence that it eliminates headache pain within 2 hours of... READ MORE > read more

Completely Unofficial Made-Up Migraine Types: The Wave

11/21/2014 05:28:17 AM

Have you ever walked along the beach, your feet tracing the ever-changing line where water meets sand? Perhaps your flip-flops are in one hand and your pant legs are rolled up as... READ MORE > read more

Migraine Causes, Migraine Triggers

11/20/2014 05:10:57 AM

Many people come to looking for information on migraine causes, but the search terminology can lead you astray. You’re probably looking for why you had a migraine yesterday – maybe if... READ MORE > read more

“Migraine Brain” Part VI – Self-reflection

11/19/2014 13:23:29 PM

This is the last of a six-part series on coping with “migraine brain”. If you have missed the earlier posts, start with the basics of Executive Skills. When this series started, the... READ MORE > read more

New trigger- not wearing my glasses

11/18/2014 05:36:56 AM

Last summer, I got a new vision prescription for the first time since I was seventeen (for those who are counting, that’s exactly half a lifetime ago now that I’m thirty-four years... READ MORE > read more

How I Rate my Migraines

11/17/2014 04:52:13 AM

I have a rocky relationship with the pain scale. Though I think it can be a useful tool for communicating my pain level, I’ve come across several problems with it. First is... READ MORE > read more

Emerging From the Migraine Black Hole

11/16/2014 19:57:43 PM

My Migraines go in cycles. There’s never a day without one, but some weeks are more tolerable than others. Bad weeks can include trips to the ER, changing meds, researching new treatments,... READ MORE > read more

Feature Migraine Documentary in the Works

11/14/2014 12:45:22 PM

From the New York Times to Indiewire to Kickstarter, migraine has gotten a lot of attention in the last couple weeks! It’s all thanks to “Out of My Head,” a feature documentary... READ MORE > read more

Allodynia between attacks may contribute to your next migraine

11/14/2014 12:23:17 PM

A study published in this month’s edition of Cephalalgia confirms the results of a 2011 study. Migraineurs have a lower threshold for painful heat perception, even between attacks. This newer study also... READ MORE > read more

Thanks for Your Concern… I Don’t Want to Talk About It

11/13/2014 05:22:03 AM

A friend came over for a few minutes and we chatted for a bit. I’d just returned from vacation so he asked how it was and if I’d felt great the whole... READ MORE > read more

“Migraine Brain” Part V – Emotional control

11/11/2014 18:48:09 PM

We are nearing the end of this series on “migraine brain”. I hope that you are feeling reassured that your symptoms really are legitimate.  But more than that, I hope you have... READ MORE > read more

Building Migraine-Friendly Habits, 66 Days At a Time

11/11/2014 05:06:58 AM

Most of us have heard the old adage that it takes 21 days to establish a new habit. If you’re trying to live healthier, however, researchers want you to know it’ll likely... READ MORE > read more

You snooze, you lose: on the difficulty of waking up in the morning

11/10/2014 04:48:42 AM

If you’ve been reading articles on and/or doing independent research about your illness, you know as well as I how often you hear certain nuggets of tried and true advice.  For... READ MORE > read more

Stress as a Trigger?

11/09/2014 11:28:36 AM

Often when I talk about my migraines, the subject of stress comes up. This doesn’t surprise me, as the connection between stress and migraines is often discussed. This article talks about how more... READ MORE > read more

The strange early signs of a migraine attack

11/08/2014 17:35:48 PM

Some of the earliest signs of a migraine attack are less obvious, even to people with migraine. It’s important to identify these early symptoms in the prodrome stage, as early detection can... READ MORE > read more

Migraine Mantras

11/07/2014 06:43:42 AM

After at least 12 years in a perpetual migraine attack, I finally got a break this year with a digestive enzyme called diamine oxidase. I still have chronic migraine, but I can... READ MORE > read more

CGRP Monoclonal Antibodies for Migraine Prevention: Published Phase II Results

11/06/2014 21:46:20 PM

Few agents have been approved for migraine prevention, none of which were developed for this purpose. The discovery that calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP), a potent vasodilator and neurotransmitter, plays a role in... READ MORE > read more

How to know which advice to take: to rest or not to rest?

11/06/2014 06:50:41 AM

Hearing advice and recognizing it as smart is one thing; following that good advice is quite another. Here’s a different conundrum, though: how do you know which good advice to take?  ... READ MORE > read more

6 Tips for Making Holiday Plans Go Smoothly

11/05/2014 11:10:19 AM

Hosting parties, having houseguests and gathering my loved ones at the dinner table bring me great joy. They’re all also tremendously difficult for someone with chronic migraine. With much practice, I’ve figured... READ MORE > read more

Motivational Interviewing in action

11/04/2014 04:55:37 AM

Previously, I introduced you to the Stages of Change derived from a style of counseling called Motivational Interviewing. I invited you to examine the qualities of each stage to and discover your... READ MORE > read more

Savoring this healthy time while I can

11/03/2014 17:32:41 PM

Guess what?  I’ve been feeling pretty good in the last few months, migraine-wise. Summertime is a notoriously difficult time for my migraine brain, but this year’s slightly cooler temperatures paired with my... READ MORE > read more

What are your “three good things”?

11/02/2014 09:07:56 AM

One of the best techniques I’ve learned to improve my ability to cope when migraine wears me down is to make note of three good things that happen each day. It may... READ MORE > read more

Pain behaviors can perpetuate stigma

10/31/2014 18:52:51 PM

Pain behaviors are all the things people naturally do when in pain. Yet these very legitimate behaviors are some of the excuses people use to blame patients and accuse them of lying.... READ MORE > read more

Children & Migraine: 11 Things Parents Need to Know

10/30/2014 05:30:07 AM

Migraine often looks so different in kids than adults that even parents who have migraine don’t realize their child’s symptoms are actually migraine. Here are some facts and information about children and... READ MORE > read more

The Unintentional Detox

10/29/2014 12:16:45 PM

I’ve often wondered if any of my meds were actually working. The cocktail often gets reworked about every 3 months as I see my Headache Specialist. When I return, I don’t really... READ MORE > read more

The newbie’s guide to

10/28/2014 05:35:59 AM is a pretty big website. It’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed when searching for information.  So I’d like to give you a brief tour.  Bookmark or print this page and... READ MORE > read more

Even informal mindfulness practice can help migraineurs

10/27/2014 11:15:06 AM

While I and many of you rely on abortive meds to kick a migraine to the curb once it shows up, daily care even when a migraine is not threatening to show... READ MORE > read more

Feeling Bad about Feeling Bad: Visiting with Family

10/26/2014 11:34:57 AM

Every summer my extended family goes to the beach for a reunion-type vacation. I was blessed to marry into a large Lebanese family that believes in the importance of spending quality time... READ MORE > read more

Facial pain during migraine explained

10/24/2014 10:50:02 AM

Do you ever get sinus pain, watery eyes, nasal congestion, jaw or ear pain during a migraine? You can blame these strange symptoms on your sphenopalatine ganglion. Spheno-what? The sphenopalatine ganglion, or... READ MORE > read more

Depression and Migraine: more than just comorbid conditions

10/23/2014 17:41:58 PM

With Depression awareness month this October, I wanted to look back to my own experiences. I had almost forgotten that I once struggled with it daily over ten years ago. It held... READ MORE > read more

Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Migraine, and Understanding the Invisible Nature of Abuse

10/22/2014 17:56:32 PM

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. While some people might not see a connection between domestic violence and migraine, it’s there, both as an explicit connection (with domestic violence increasing the risk... READ MORE > read more

Study investigates the treatment of migraine in the emergency department

10/22/2014 14:39:05 PM

A recent review that examined the treatment of migraine in the emergency department was published in the journal Headache.1 Migraine is a common reason for emergency department visits, but data on patient... READ MORE > read more

Expressing gratitude: whom do YOU want to thank, and why?

10/21/2014 14:21:26 PM

Like any chronic illness patient, I could fill a book with my list of frustrations and complaints. From being angry that I have another migraine at another friend’s wedding to being frustrated... READ MORE > read more

Tell the truth, have you ever lied to your doctor?

10/20/2014 12:24:56 PM

If you’d asked me 10 years ago if I’d ever lie to my doctor I would have said no, absolutely not. Honesty between a doctor and patient is necessary to get the... READ MORE > read more

Book Excerpt-Not Tonight: Migraine and the Politics of Gender and Health

10/19/2014 19:17:06 PM

I’m a sociologist of medicine and for the last 10 years, I’ve been researching and writing about migraine. I’m excited and proud to announce that my first book on migraine, Not Tonight: Migraine... READ MORE > read more

How to respond to “How are you?”

10/18/2014 12:33:04 PM

“How are you” is considered a polite question to ask in almost every situation. When you have migraine, it can be difficult to answer in a socially appropriate way. Most of us... READ MORE > read more

18 things not to say to a person with migraine

10/17/2014 04:58:48 AM

You responded to our original Things not to say article with more frustrating comments you’ve heard from misinformed people about migraines. So we’ve included them in our updated graphics below. Although lowering... READ MORE > read more

When do you just call it a day?

10/16/2014 15:55:20 PM

Some days I wake up with the ghost of a migraine teasing at my temples and my neck.  I can’t tell if it’s going to settle in or if I am in... READ MORE > read more

“Migraine Brain” Part IV – Getting the job done

10/15/2014 18:21:39 PM

When it comes to “migraine brain” I hear a lot of complaints about having too many unfinished projects. Some even share that they frequently forget what they were doing if interrupted. Additionally,... READ MORE > read more

Top 10 Migraine Triggers, According to New Study

10/14/2014 18:43:35 PM

A new study1 has identified the top 10 migraine triggers and the frequency at which they occur. The study’s author* culled this list by examining a collection of existing migraine studies in... READ MORE > read more

Need to Recharge? Try Taking a Brain Break

10/13/2014 18:10:54 PM

Most of us with migraine know the benefits of a short nap, but what happens when you don’t have the time or the space for a nap? Are you destined to finish... READ MORE > read more

Migraine Choice Mistakes

10/12/2014 18:26:06 PM

How often do you do something that you know you shouldn’t because you have a Migraine – you make the choice anyway? I’m sure I am not alone when I answer this... READ MORE > read more

Wading through the postdrome

10/10/2014 05:22:45 AM

It’s been awhile since I made a point of writing while in the throes of a migraine attack. This afternoon, a migraine that had been creeping around for a good 12-15 hours... READ MORE > read more

Saving Money on Acupuncture

10/09/2014 18:51:33 PM

Acupuncture is a frequently recommended migraine treatment that works wonders for some people. Unfortunately, it is expensive, requires multiple sessions to see if it will help you, and is rarely covered by... READ MORE > read more

Cluster headaches explained

10/08/2014 10:26:09 AM

There are several types of headache disorders, not just migraine. That’s why it’s so important to see a true headache specialist. All headaches are not equal and treatments for each one can... READ MORE > read more

Tips for getting moving again while dealing with migraine

10/07/2014 05:43:39 AM

Before chronic migraines I was very physically active. If I wasn’t giving it my all it wasn’t good enough. With chronic migraines I continued to exercise as much as I could, but... READ MORE > read more

Tips for safe and effective medication storage

10/06/2014 17:06:50 PM

Medication is a huge topic for anyone who has migraines. One topic that is often overlooked is the safe and effective storage of medications. These medications are expensive, and we often don’t... READ MORE > read more

Should You See a Chiropractor for Migraine?

10/05/2014 17:14:44 PM

As a long-time chronic migraineur, I’ve been the recipient of numerous “have you tried X?” suggestions. Topping the list of recent suggestions given by well-meaning friends, family, and strangers is chiropractic care.... READ MORE > read more

Even social butterflies need quiet time to keep stress low

10/03/2014 06:38:51 AM

For most of my life, I’ve thought of myself as a social butterfly. I’m thankful that I have always made friends pretty easily, and after a little bit of understandable anxiety in... READ MORE > read more

Running Through the Zoo & Miles for Migraine

10/02/2014 05:29:13 AM

Earlier this year, I wrote about “Crunching my Way to the Zoo,” and all of the trials of exercise after being inactive for so long. Finding an exercise plan that doesn’t anger... READ MORE > read more

Are you ready for change?

10/01/2014 05:08:00 AM

One of the things I miss about practicing psychotherapy is the challenge of helping people make change.  Unlike other health care providers, counselors and therapists are not in the business of telling... READ MORE > read more

Separating Depression Symptoms From Migraine Symptoms & Frustrations

09/30/2014 04:47:23 AM

“Is today my birthday?,” my nephew asked his mom days before his third or fourth birthday. When she said no, he said, “Well, is it my birthday season?” My sister laughed and... READ MORE > read more

I finally have insurance, and it’s a blessing and a curse.

09/29/2014 08:18:57 AM

Like many fortunate people out there, for years I took for granted my health insurance.  I was covered continually from birth onward.  When I graduated college, my parents got coverage extended so... READ MORE > read more

“Migraine Brain” Part III – Catching up after an attack

09/28/2014 10:13:04 AM

One of the challenges with migraine-related cognitive deficits is that it can leave migraineurs with a sense of running behind. I have often described it as “playing catch up“. I will start... READ MORE > read more

Bargaining to Get Rid of Migraine

09/26/2014 05:23:28 AM

“What would you give up to never have another migraine?” This question pops up online a lot, from social media to forums to drug ads. People usually respond to it eagerly. When... READ MORE > read more

Why Can’t a Cold Just Be a Cold? I Always Get a Migraine, Too.

09/25/2014 05:45:44 AM

When I’m sick with anything other than migraine, I joke with my friends and family: “I can handle a migraine like a pro,” I say, “but give me the cold, the flu,... READ MORE > read more

National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day Sept 27, 2014

09/24/2014 08:59:55 AM

Saturday, September 27, 2014 is National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day from 10am to 2pm. This is a nation-wide event that encourages patients to clear out their medicine cabinets of unused prescriptions and... READ MORE > read more

“Non-Preferred” Generics Increase Co-Pays for Triptans, Other Drugs

09/23/2014 11:36:11 AM

Insurance companies are prohibited from denying insurance to chronically ill patients or charging them more for coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Instead, companies are raising costs for patients with health conditions... READ MORE > read more

Special education services for children with migraine

09/22/2014 13:12:37 PM

Migraines can seriously impact a child’s social and emotional development. They can also present a significant barrier to educational success. If your child has migraines, you know how difficult it can be... READ MORE > read more

Midlife Migraine Linked to Parkinson’s Disease

09/21/2014 18:40:06 PM

Many migraineurs, especially women, feel better as they age, but a new study has important implications for those who don’t. A study published this week in Neurology1 suggests that people who experience... READ MORE > read more

Acting out Pain

09/20/2014 07:38:21 AM

There’s a lot of talk these days about Jennifer Aniston’s new role in her latest movie, “Cake,” in which she plays a woman dealing with chronic pain. I’m completely intrigued by this... READ MORE > read more

Sensory Processing Sensitivity (a.k.a. Highly Sensitive People)

09/19/2014 05:35:38 AM

Migraineurs are more sensitive to sensory stimuli than non-migraineurs, certainly during a migraine, but also between migraine attacks. It is also said that the migraine brain is hyper-reactive (or hypersensitive) to stimuli.1,2... READ MORE > read more

Study suggests association between midlife migraine and late-life Parkinson’s disease

09/18/2014 21:01:09 PM

Studies have demonstrated that patients with migraine disease have an increased risk of cardiovascular and psychiatric disorders, and this increased risk is even more apparent in those migraineurs who have migraine with... READ MORE > read more

Tips for enjoying summertime outdoor concerts and festivals without worrying (too much) about migraine

09/18/2014 14:06:10 PM

I love music, and I love concerts.  Every year, like clockwork, the outdoor concerts/festivals start popping up as soon as the weather turns warm.  In this post, I’m going to tell you... READ MORE > read more

Moving House for the First Time in a Decade

09/17/2014 08:57:00 AM

In 2004, ten years ago, I moved to Athens, Georgia.  It was to be a temporary home for me—I expected to be here for two or three years, long enough to start... READ MORE > read more

Study: Meditation Reduces Migraine Frequency, Severity & Duration

09/16/2014 18:24:15 PM

Whether you believe stress is a migraine trigger or that the behaviors caused by stress (not sleeping well, eating poorly, etc.) are the culprit, mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) can reduce migraine frequency... READ MORE > read more

Migraine & Pregnancy: What to Expect

09/15/2014 11:52:35 AM

For the majority of women with migraine, they can expect their migraines to greatly improve during pregnancy. This improvement is felt to be linked to the high steady-state levels of estrogen that... READ MORE > read more

The gut-brain connection

09/13/2014 11:33:47 AM

Nausea and vomiting are common complaints among migraine patients. Many are confused by this strange symptom. What in the world does digestion have to do with a neurological disorder of the brain?... READ MORE > read more

Migraine Hacks: A Movie Theatre with Fewer Triggers

09/12/2014 05:56:11 AM

Have you ever been in a dark movie theatre when your revery is broken by someone nearby who has taken out a cell phone?  Even if he isn’t using the phone to... READ MORE > read more

Miles for Migraine- Philadelphia1.5-Mile Walk/5K/10K Run

09/11/2014 10:06:28 AM

Saturday, October 11, 2014, Miles for Migraine, a 501©(3) organization, will hold its first dedicated race in Philadelphia’s Wissahickon Park, along Forbidden Drive, at Valley Green. Entrance is on Northwestern Avenue. The... READ MORE > read more

Invisible Illness, Invisible Person

09/10/2014 11:33:57 AM

Having an invisible illness sometimes feels like being an invisible person. This happens in so many ways: When I tell someone I’m getting a migraine and the response is, “No you’re not.”... READ MORE > read more

Hot Wings for Headaches – your questions answered

09/09/2014 15:04:37 PM

Monday I had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Dave Watson, director of the WVU Headache Center and originator of the Hot Wings for Headaches challenge. The Challenge has generated quite a bit of... READ MORE > read more

Ear pain: Is this related to my migraine or not?

09/09/2014 08:45:56 AM

Last year I wrote a blog post that was really helpful to me and to my loved ones who want to understand what it’s like to have frequent migraine attacks. (Many of... READ MORE > read more

Migraine and Suicide Risk: Know the Facts, Get Help

09/08/2014 20:36:32 PM

Mental health isn’t something we talk about much in our culture, unless it’s in the wake of a celebrity death, like Robin Williams’, or a large-scale tragedy, such as the Isla Vista... READ MORE > read more

Invisible Illness Awareness Week

09/07/2014 17:25:26 PM

“But you don’t look sick.” Does this anger you as much as it does me? Just because an illness can’t be seen doesn’t mean it isn’t real or debilitating. In fact, about... READ MORE > read more

Completely Unofficial, Made-Up Migraine Types- the Lingering Houseguest

09/05/2014 15:14:29 PM

Thankfully, I haven’t had any memorable experiences where friends or family have overstayed their welcome at my home, but I know it’s a common occurrence for many people out there. Imagine with... READ MORE > read more

Move over, Ice Bucket Challenge: We want to bring some attention to migraine!

09/04/2014 08:31:41 AM

As a longtime patient advocate, I applaud folks who are able to bring a lot of attention to those who deal with particular illnesses/conditions that mean a lot to them. That is... READ MORE > read more

New drug-free treatment in clinical trials

09/03/2014 11:59:21 AM

ElectroCore has developed a portable vagus nerve stimulator, gammaCore, that is currently being tested for the prevention and treatment of both episodic and chronic migraine. The U.S. studies are either complete or... READ MORE > read more

My first known silent migraine episode

09/02/2014 20:18:52 PM

As a migraine advocate who is continually learning about this disease and its intricacies, I have long since heard of “silent migraine.”  I have wondered in passing if I’d ever had a... READ MORE > read more

My Internal Dialogue During an 8-Day Migraine Attack

09/01/2014 17:10:58 PM

Day One I actually thought I was doing well today. I went running down to Woodley Park and back, 2.4 miles. I lied down after showering to rest before meeting friends for... READ MORE > read more

10 Tips to Quiet Your Mind for Sleep

08/31/2014 20:35:29 PM

Does your mind start chattering loudly as soon as you get into bed? Thoughts of what happened in the day, what you need to get done tomorrow, that comment you made that... READ MORE > read more

Migraine hacks I wish for: Psychic Earplugs

08/29/2014 07:17:23 AM

I’m back for another installment of my new Migraine Hacks I Wish For Series. File this under Impossible Inventions or Things I Wish Existed. As someone who has dealt with migraine for... READ MORE > read more

Hot Wings for Headache

08/29/2014 04:24:18 AM

By now you are familiar with the ALS “ice bucket” fundraising and awareness campaign. People have been posting videos of themselves accepting the challenge, sharing facts about ALS, and then challenging others... READ MORE > read more

Believing the lie

08/28/2014 18:55:08 PM

We’ve all heard it. Migraine is NOT just a headache. There are so many other symptoms we have to deal with. Sometimes it’s difficult to determine if what I am experiencing is... READ MORE > read more

How Open is your Doctor to Complementary and Alternative Medicine?

08/27/2014 10:17:37 AM

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (or CAM) is widely used by patients, but often left undiscussed with their traditional doctors. According to one study, 82% of headache sufferers use some type of alternative... READ MORE > read more

Can Having a Purpose in Life Protect You From Pain?

08/26/2014 13:46:54 PM

Purposeful people live longer; that’s the takeaway from a recent study1 based on data taken from a longitudinal sample that followed 7,108 participants for approximately 15 years. According to the study, this... READ MORE > read more

Faking It

08/25/2014 18:42:07 PM

Headache advocates are taking to social media to express their (justified) outrage about a wikiHow that explains how to fake a migraine. The article, one of many “how to fake” pieces on... READ MORE > read more

Outsmarting Triptan Packaging

08/24/2014 08:19:47 AM

When migraine makes you clumsy or reduces the strength of your grip, opening triptan packaging can be unbelievably frustrating. Some people keep small scissors with them to get to their drugs, but... READ MORE > read more

Migraine Hacks I Wish For: The Psychic Scent Blocker

08/22/2014 08:47:30 AM

This is part of a somewhat silly, somewhat silly blog series I started called “Migraine Hacks I Wish For,” a collection of would-be inventions that would make my life as a migraineur... READ MORE > read more

MTHFR and the Genetic Mutation That Could Be Affecting Your Migraine Treatment

08/21/2014 13:11:37 PM

MTHFR is the official symbol for a gene called methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (NAD(P)H). This gene instructs the body to make an enzyme, methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase, which is involved in converting certain B-vitamins  into a... READ MOR > read more

The Four Agreements for migraine: Always do your best

08/20/2014 14:26:58 PM

This is the last agreement in The Four Agreements series. In the first post, we addressed the way we talk to ourselves and others with Agreement #1 – “Be impeccable with your... READ MORE > read more

A new menstrual-related migraine routine for me

08/19/2014 06:22:41 AM

A few months back, I wrote a review of my colleague Dr. Susan Hutchinson’s book The Woman’s Guide to Managing Migraine: Understanding the Hormone Connection to Find Hope and Wellness.. As... READ MORE > read more

Early Retirement

08/17/2014 11:55:40 AM

Serious athletes train their entire lives to make it in the big leagues. They spend years working on their craft, always striving to be better, stronger and faster. But their own bodies... READ MORE > read more

13 Things People With Migraine DO Want to Hear

08/15/2014 10:52:09 AM

If you’ve read what not to say to someone with migraine, you may be wondering if there is anything left that you CAN say. The answer is yes, absolutely! There are plenty... READ MORE > read more

“Migraine Brain” Part II – working memory deficits

08/13/2014 14:13:12 PM

In Treating “Migraine Brain” , I introduced the idea of using mental health strategies to compensate for memory and focus problems brought on by migraine. This can be accomplished by identifying your Executive Skills... READ MORE > read more

Curious about my concussion

08/12/2014 13:29:39 PM

When I was a kid, I rode my bike all the time.  The riding was for pure pleasure, not usually related to the need for a quick commute.  I occasionally rode my... READ MORE > read more

Ten Self-Care Tips for Back-to-School Time

08/11/2014 17:57:07 PM

August is almost over, which means many of us are preparing for back-to-school time. Here are some tips migraineurs can use to help ease the transition into earlier mornings and more hectic... READ MORE > read more

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