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Fotor: How I Edit My Blog Photos

03/05/2014 01:53:59 AM

Sometimes, I get asked about how I edit my photos. Some people assume that I use Photoshop. Well… I wish! To be honest, I’m a complete Photoshop noob. I remember when I decided to use Photoshop to do some materials for a Facebook page. It > read more

Chasing Sunsets and Dreams

03/03/2014 23:31:49 PM

Some weekends, when the weather is just right and the sky is clear, I like to go chasing after sunsets. Fortunately, I have a friend here who enjoys sunsets as much as I do. In other places, like in the Philippines, catching a glorious sunset might s > read more

Affordable Eats: Eating My Way Through China’s Streetfood

03/03/2014 04:39:37 AM

I’ve always believed that good food doesn’t always have to be expensive. Although I appreciate the gastronomic experience I can get from a fancy restaurant, I also enjoy the affordable treats offered by street vendors. Of course, eating s > read more

Exploring the Madness in Guangzhou’s Markets

03/02/2014 02:50:45 AM

I have this belief that if you really want to get to know the vibe of a city, you need to visit its markets. You see, when you step into a public market, you get to experience the core of the city’s every day life. The shouts of the sellers, th > read more

Caught in Your Undertow

02/28/2014 03:54:34 AM

Many have been said against you. In fact, among my friends, the most common advice has been to keep my heart guarded. “He’s only going to break your heart,” they say. To some extent, I agree. You are bound to break my heart.   Yet > read more

BONBONS Hello Kitty Cafe at Zhujiang New Town

02/27/2014 04:36:35 AM

“Do you know why Hello Kitty doesn’t have a mouth?” My friend asked me. “She doesn’t? I don’t know. Why?” “It’s so when you look at her, she will feel what you want her to feel.” Brilliant p > read more

Snapshots from the Flower City of Guangzhou

02/26/2014 03:57:01 AM

It feels like it’s been ages since I talked to my blog readers, and it probably has been! Yesterday, I realized that it’s been two months since my last blog post. Although it didn’t seem that long to me, I’m sure that in virtu > read more

Those Were the Nights

02/25/2014 01:11:22 AM

Those nights between you and me, were they just a dream? Perhaps my imagination deceived me into believing that their carefully packaged moments were in fact realities. There have been times in the past when I gave in to my delusions. I have never be > read more

Black and White

12/13/2013 04:39:00 AM

I just love the idea of a monochromatic outfit, don’t you? I was having a little browse online and decided to go for it and create a couple of outfits with a black and white color palette. Black can look so rocker-chic and white is usually more sof > read more

Reasons to Get Out When the Sun Is In

11/12/2013 20:34:09 PM

With the darkening days and grizzly weather it can be tempting to hibernate through the winter. Although your sofa might be beckoning there are some good reasons to face the outdoors. Vitamin D-ficient Actually a health > read more

The Love We Think We Deserve… Sort Of (OOTD)

10/08/2013 09:42:14 AM

At one point or another, we’ve been able to relate to this song. We’ve loved something or someone so much even though it has never loved us the way we deserved. But, what sort of love do we deserve? Is there even such a thing? When the mo > read more

Visiting the Goddess at Nansha Tin Hau Palace

10/05/2013 01:07:59 AM

Growing up, we’ve more or less been made familiar with the Greek and Roman gods and goddesses. Their counterparts in Asian culture, however, are not given as much importance. Hence, when I first went to China, I was not familiar with the local > read more

Photography, Fashion, and Art (OOTD x Review)

10/04/2013 07:06:47 AM

One rainy afternoon, my aunt and I decided to go to the University of the Philippines to do an impromptu shoot at the UP Art Cafe. My aunt has always been interested in photography although it is not her chosen career path. She told me that when she > read more

Bargain Shopping at Zhuangyuan Fang

10/02/2013 15:54:24 PM

During my first month in Guangzhou, I was surprised to find out how expensive shopping there could be especially if you go to the malls. Some of the stuff they sell there were even more expensive when compared to a similar item being sold in the Phil > read more

I’m Back – Updates and an OOTD

10/01/2013 13:17:04 PM

Today, my friend told me that he couldn’t believe it when he saw that my last post on my blog was made last August 28. I couldn’t believe it myself! One day, I decided to stop writing for a while because I was too busy and it was so diffi > read more

Oh It’s Torture

08/16/2013 00:04:59 AM

To watch something forbidden being dangled in front of you… Oh, the sheer torture! Swing, swing it goes and I am  completely mesmerized. Like a bright red apple from a witch’s gnarled hands, you tempt me to take a bite. Yet every time I > read more

As Catty As It Gets

07/27/2013 21:30:08 PM

Sometimes, I want to scratch your eyes out. You make it so difficult for me to get over you. Just when I thought I was immune, you do something sweet and slowly, I feel my heart melt. Then, when I’m ready to give in, you give me mixed signals u > read more

Spotlight: SM Accessories Pre-Fall Collection

07/26/2013 23:56:29 PM

As the cooler and rainier months are coming, it’s time to transition our accessories from the bright, pastel colors of summer to the richer, darker hues of fall (well, rainy season here in the Philippines). SM Accessories, together with it̵ > read more

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