The 2016 Speculated Packed Republican Field versus the Speculated Democrat Field of One (?)

Senators Bernie Sanders, VT, and Rand Paul (KY)Presidential Hopefuls - image from Politico So much is now being bandied about reg..

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The 2016 Speculated Packed Republican Field versus the Speculated Democrat Field of One (?)

04/18/2014 06:20:45 AM

Senators Bernie Sanders, VT, and Rand Paul (KY)Presidential Hopefuls - image from Politico So much is now being bandied about regarding the individuals who are “front-runners”, denigrating and complementary, depending upon which media one prefer

Reflections on Rwanda and the Desire to Prevent further Atrocities

04/17/2014 06:41:29 AM

The genocide in Rwanda - image from Rwanda, the horrors of the genocide that took place two decades ago, is now at the forefront of the UN – an organization that barely mentioned the slaughter of three-quarters of a million people

Washington Post Reports Rand Paul Jest re: Fencing Off Massachusetts – Elite Lack sense of Humor grounded in Truth – Why MA is largely ignored in General Elections

04/15/2014 06:29:21 AM

An piece in the Washington Post – entitled “In the Loop” reported that Rand Paul jested about fencing off Massachusetts from New Hampshire whilst Paul was in the Live Free or Die state (Washington Post). Also noted in the same article is the

Harry Reid (D-NV) – Meets the Resistance – BLM (Bureau of Land Management) vs. The Ranchers - Ranchers 1 – Federal Government – 0

04/14/2014 06:42:17 AM

Although news reports of the standoff at the Nevada ranch, owned by one Clive Bundy, vary, yet suggest that Bundy “won” the range war with the Federal Rangers (i.e. Bureau of Land Management). ABC News. The snapshot: Bundy’s family had been do

2016 – The Early Players - Update– Elizabeth Warren (D) Continues War on Women, Rand Paul (L-R) squarely in the Middle, Jeb Bush (R) – Name Brand

04/09/2014 06:13:38 AM

First and foremost, one must understand that Hillary Clinton is most likely, not going to run for the 2016 nomination – despite all rumors to the contrary – and hints from the Clinton’s – part of the reason is one Elizabeth Warren – newly e

Yet Another Equal Pay Act for Women – Obama Administration Women in White House Make Less than Male Counterparts – A Political Motive – with no Real Consequence.

04/08/2014 05:56:42 AM

The New York Times is reporting on the Obama administrations attempt to roll out yet another equal pay act and begin by citing the fact that the White House staff is under “scrutiny” due to the fact that they pay women less than their male count

Letterman – Last of the Late Night Retirement’s - for now

04/04/2014 06:04:28 AM

From the New York Times David Letterman is set to retire – according to the New York Times, he will retire after his contract expires in 2015. That will bring him through the mid-terms, but one has to wonder, to what effect will this “icon” ha

Scott Brown – Compared to Daniel Webster – Ted Cruz – Heads to Liberty – The Natural Order of Politics and the U.S. Constitution

04/02/2014 06:10:00 AM

There is much ado about Scott Brown, former Senator from Massachusetts now living in New Hampshire and potentially seeking the Senate Seat in the Granite State. A piece in the Concord Monitor suggests that this maybe the natural order of all things

Rand Paul – Network in 50 States - Message – Take Me Seriously – and We All Should

03/28/2014 06:35:54 AM

The Washington Post’s article yesterday outlined Rand Paul’s networking operations, which are extensive, in an article titled “Rand Paul Building National Network Courting Mainstream support for Presidential Bid” (Washington Post). The artic

Speculation on the Papal visit – Obama Visit to Pope Francis – Outreach for Catholic Voters – the Politics of Religion.

03/27/2014 06:35:23 AM

Image from - article on Pope Francis worth the readFrom Yahoo News , the article entitled: “Obama meets Pope Francis, looks for Catholic boost”, an AFP piece, suggests that the President is meeting with Pope Francis for political purp

2014 Elections - John Dennis to Run for CA-12 Against Nancy Pelosi (D) – Receives Endorsement from Rand Paul

03/26/2014 06:27:53 AM

John Dennis, running against Nancy Pelosi, CA 12 - image from John Dennis, the Libertarian Leaning Republican will run against Nancy Pelosi, former Speaker of the House and infamous liberal firebrand, in 2014. This will be the third ti

CNN – Opinion Speculates on Why Obama is Losing the Millennials' –the reasons - and what that means for the 2014-2016 election.

03/25/2014 06:45:25 AM

A young CPAC attendee - standing with Rand - the image from - asks "...but do conservatives stand with his generation?". Note: CPAC attendees are conservative activists. An opinion piece on CNN by Julian Zelizer, a CNN Contributor,

The Rand Paul Effect – Media Love-Hate fest Begins on the National Election front.

03/21/2014 06:44:33 AM

Lately, the Love him or hate him effect from old and new media for Rand Paul, the Senator from Kentucky who is the current GOP 2016 frontrunner (though hardly announced) has been ramped up a bit. The reasoning is pretty clear to those who are of a p

Rand Paul Goes West – to Berkeley – Greeted with Standing O – Dares to Cross Lines!

03/20/2014 06:41:12 AM

Rand Paul Speaks at Berkeley - image LA Times Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) went to Berkeley and, as the San Jose Mercury News headlined: “found support”…”of all places”! It is not without some humor and irony that the headline reads – “of

The Libertarian-Conservative Prison Reform Platform Makes Bi-Partisanship Possible

03/18/2014 06:29:02 AM

An article at KSDK, on the united Democrat and Republican unity on prison reform is an interesting read – following the 2014 CPAC – (read the story here. Worth watching is the video of a CPAC conference, including Texas Governor Rick Perry and hi

Scott Brown Forms Exploratory Committee – NH Senate, Rand Paul tops Polls

03/17/2014 06:38:00 AM

From the Boston Globe: Scott Brown, former Republican Senator from Massachusetts, had move to New Hampshire, and now exploring a run at a Senate seat in the Granite State. Brown, who was one of the more bi-partisan – non “hack” Senators in the

Justice Department Blocks Harry Reid Investigation

03/14/2014 06:42:40 AM

A corruption probe begun by Utah State Prosecutors against Harry Reid (D) and Mike Lee (R), Senators from the State of Utah, has come under some scrutiny since efforts by the FBI have been thwarted by the Justice Department. In the case of Lee, ther

Dem’s Downplay Loss of Florida 13th – a Swing District – Portents of 2014

03/12/2014 06:36:16 AM

From ABC News Republican candidate David Jolly bested his Democrat opponent in a special election yesterday in a Florida Gulf Coast Congressional District Race. ABC news suggests that Democrats believed this District an easy win due to Obama winnin

The Resurgence of Liberty – CPAC - a Winning Message

03/10/2014 06:43:20 AM

In the years that one may or may not have paid a great deal of attention to the annual CPAC Convention, it has appeared mainly centric GOP – something has changed and that change is an overwhelming rejection of the status quo by those speakers wh

Cruz & Paul - The Original Intent – Non-intervention in times where growth is required – Self-Defense only

03/05/2014 06:38:40 AM

One may say what they like about “political parties” and ideology, either Democrat or Republican, right or left, however, to break ranks on occasion, in the vein of George Washington seems proper. Referring to the brouhaha surrounding certain Lib

MSNBC – Run Elizabeth Warren, Run! On her very Popular Policies

02/26/2014 06:26:56 AM

Krystal Ballover at MSNBC lays out the case for why she feels Elizabeth Warren, brand new Senator from Massachusetts, should run for the Presidency on the Progressive Democrat ticket: This view is puzzling because Warren and her policies are quite

Club for Growth Scorecard – Where the Senate and the Congress Fall when it comes to Pro-Growth legislation – A 2014 Voters Guide

02/25/2014 06:23:32 AM

The Club for Growth has released it’s scorecard for the 2013 legislative body – the ranks from 1(high) to N/A – (insufficient votes to register) can be found here at Not surprisingly, the top members

The Left Give and Takes as Baldwin and Morgan bow out of the Limelight – the rise of the American Revolution against the “Ruling Class”

02/24/2014 06:37:02 AM

Not normally one to pay much heed to what takes place in the working day to day drama that is “celebrity” (with the exception of allegedly “rock star” politicians), it is interesting to note two individuals who have experienced both the larg

Ted Cruz – In Florida – Crowds Exceed Expectations – Center Right GOP throngs to Cruz Message

02/21/2014 06:30:37 AM

Ted Cruz speaking in Sarasota, image from the Bradenton Herald There’s just is something about Ted Cruz, the Senator from Texas – he rails against the GOP leadership, he is not concerned so much about his place in the party, rather in following

Historical Weather – The Farmer’s Almanac versus – NOAA – National Weather Service – Who Do You Think Nailed the Winter 2014 forecast?

02/20/2014 06:17:26 AM

A typical New England Day 2014 - photo from Bangor Daily News If one answered the National Weather Service versus the arcane Farmers Almanac one would be wrong - In an article fromBloomberg’s Business Week, the discussion of how the use of climate

The Affordable Obama Care Act – Government Funded Groups Use Campaign Model – Failure to enroll targeted groups in significant numbers – Enrollees still not paying premiums – Are they enrolled?

02/19/2014 06:19:29 AM

The New York Times attempt at writing a glowing piece on enrollment campaigns for Obama Care (which is the Affordable Health Care Act) is somewhat disingenuous, although the title “Obama’s Vote-Getting Tactics Struggle to Find the Uninsured”, m

Who is Elizabeth Warren and why She will be the Democrat Frontrunner for 2016

02/18/2014 06:29:50 AM

Although it is understood that Hillary Clinton is the frontrunner now, given polling data and the obvious choice of the “next in line” of both political parties, one individual can best her – Elizabeth Warren. It began slowly with a great deal

Elites versus the working man – a schism in American Politics and the rise in popularity of the anti-incumbent

02/17/2014 06:15:15 AM

A Tea Party Protest at the Capitol - from the An article in Salon on the political landscape in Kansas by Thomas Frank almost hits the nail on the head – almost. His piece entitled: “The matter with Kansas now: The Tea Party,

San Diego Mayor’s Race – Not the Unusual Outcome Noted – This is part for the Course to date

02/13/2014 06:22:17 AM

From the San Diego Union Tribune The San Diego Mayor’s race was won by a decisive victory – the winner, Republican Kevin Faulcone.(UT San Diego). This was despite the best efforts of Democrats and Unions using their usual model of negative attac

Musings on Winter’s Past and “Plow Rage” in New York City – Coping with Winter

02/12/2014 06:22:56 AM

Let’s face it – it’s been a long, cold, snowy and generally brutal winter, however, it is not as if we, as citizens living just about anywhere in the U.S. have not, in a good lifetime, experience winter before. Some of us just deal with it, ot

How vulnerable are the Democrats? John Chapman to run for MA9 against Keating (D) – Has NRCC Support – Hell Freezes Over

02/11/2014 06:10:10 AM

John Chapman, Candidate for the MA9 - image from www.johnchapman2014.comFrom the Springfield Republican, an article on vulnerable Democrats trying to “straddle” on Obamacare apparently has some play, even in Blue Massachusetts.(Masslive) What is,

2014 – the Games Intensify – Senate Dem’s Meet Ad Blitz – Clinton-Obama Huddle to Save the Senate

02/06/2014 06:01:44 AM

ABS News Photo Picturing Presidents Obama and Clinton - saving the Senate Dem's - no easy task. According to the Washington Post, the American’s for Prosperity Pac, is targeting 12 – vulnerable Democrat Senators, while at the same time, it appear

Here comes the spin – Obama Care to drive 2 million out of workforce – Leaving a job or reducing hours to qualify for O-Care? – How to Fix the Entire Government – simple steps – any idiot could figure out.

02/05/2014 07:03:23 AM

From Investors Business Daily - Obama Care Means Less Work Social Security Worse – headline that makes one wonder if the hits will keep on coming, and of course, they do. First, the incentive not to work: ObamaCare's work disincentives will redu

2014= In with the New – Out with Everything Washington – the wrath of the American Taxpayer.

02/04/2014 06:34:56 AM

A Morning’s Musing – or Rant In a recent conversation regarding politics in the U.S., it was brought to my attention that those that know, and understand the Washington circles are obviously insulated, but not to the point where they have lost th

Good Grief –WAPost, suggests GOP Trouble with No Clear Front Runner – the Tea Leaves

02/03/2014 06:22:35 AM

The Washington Post is suggesting that the GOP is in “turmoil “as there are no clear frontrunners yet for 2016. They go on to explain that the “elders” of the party, are not happy unless there is a clear front-runner before the nominating pr

The State of the Union – The Rebuttal’s and the Lack of Hope in Change, Except from Within the Beltway

01/29/2014 06:28:48 AM

The State of the Union – The Rebuttal’s and the Lack of Hope in Change, Except from Within the Beltway The President delivered his fifth State of the Union address last evening, while watching it recalled previous speeches, with the more use of t

S.C. Tea Party – Organizes Precincts – The Beginning of the New Party.

01/28/2014 06:44:19 AM

Flipping through the dials, I happened upon a C-Span program – the S.C. Tea Party Convention - video here at C-Span, and decided to watch – what I learned was rather astounding. The main gist was as follows – The Tea Party, not unlike the New Y

2014 Foreseeable Shift In Senate Power – Rand Paul – 2016 – Ted Cruz – Majority Speaker – Opinion

01/27/2014 06:44:35 AM

2014 should see a shift in power in both the House and the Senate, given 2013 local races and the anti-incumbency that drove incumbents out of office. Politico lists the 12 most vulnerable Democrat Seats here, and they are not far off the mark, figur

Dinesh D’Souza – indicted Campaign Finance Laws –Equal Treatment Under the Law

01/24/2014 06:37:53 AM

The New York Times is reportingthe the Conservative, Author and Filmmaker (Obama 2016), has been indicted on charges stemming from reimbursing donors to a NY Senate Campaign, whereby he had exceeded the maximum personal contribution limit.Although

2016 Pre-Update – Rand Paul suggested as likely GOP front-runner – Making Sense of Changing Attitudes in Political Think

01/23/2014 06:37:43 AM

Senator Paul, during his filibuster, attracting both left and right over personal liberty - image Sioux City Journal The Atlantic article titled “Rand Paul is the 2016 Republican Frontrunner” suggests the obvious, assuming that Chris Christie was

Wendy Davis and Hillary Clinton – Matter Much? – Yes and No

01/22/2014 06:27:34 AM

Wendy Davis, Democrat from Texas who is seeking the Governor’s office, apparently has had a few problems in the past. She was the gunner for the pro-abortion lobby, and ensured that Texans had the “right to choose”, yet her past is catching up

New Hampshire – 2014- Scott Brown – Not Declared – behind Sheehan (D) Incumbent by3 points? –Let the Games Begin

01/21/2014 06:17:58 AM

One does not even have to be a declared candidate to meet polling margin of error in 2014 -image Poltiico 2014 is starting to shape up similarly to 2009 - Politico is reporting that Public Policy Polling has Scott Brown with an early deficit of 3 po

Obama believes Poll Numbers down due to Racism – Yet, other factors may be driving decline in approval.

01/20/2014 05:31:17 AM

From, comes an article where the President, Barack Obama, suggests that racism is playing a factor in him decline in approval. Gallup currently has his approval rating at 39%. (Bloomberg). One might suggest that it is not racism, rather

Gary Cohen, Director for CMS Information and Insurance Oversight – Has no Clue About How The Affordable HealthCare Act is Functioning – C-Span Hearings akin to watching a train wreck in action.

01/17/2014 06:41:25 AM

Last night, for entertainment, I turned to C-Span to see what might be happening with books or reviews, and I found a Congressional Hearing in Session. I normally watch or not depending on the content, and one understands that content might be dry as

The Changing of the Guard by the Quiet American – Historical Patterns Justify A Change in Political Ideology and Parties – The 42% Principle

01/16/2014 06:46:09 AM

Of Conservative Attack Ads against Incumbent Democrats to Susan Collins Explaining Benghazi – It is no wonder the is antipathy towards the Parties that Be? One might think that the overall lack of enthusiasm by the general public as far as getting

Obama – “I’ve Got a Pen and a Phone” – speaking Executive Orders – The difference between abuse of power and the basics of a normally benign executive order.

01/15/2014 06:34:55 AM

The President is obviously frustrated and in need of a campaign slogan – what better use than to take to the executive order and blame it on those Republican’s –while implementing God knows what next – changing legislation, ignoring legislati

Affronted - Obama Care (Affordable Health Care Act) – Buffers Big Business (Insurance Companies) against Loss – is Anyone Surprised? - The 1 Trillion Dollar Budget.

01/14/2014 06:32:17 AM

According to Bob Laszewsk, writing his Health Care Policy and Market Place Review blog – the Obama administration’s bill subsidizes insurers against adverse losses they might incur up to 2015 – this allows the carriers to limit any increases i

On Personal Liberty and the Question of Marijuana Legalization

01/13/2014 06:33:03 AM

Eric Erickson over at Red State appears to be in a bit of a quandary over the question of Legalization of Marijuana. He ties the Sexual Revolution of the 60’s (the downside) and the legalization of Marijuana in the same piece. He ends by being co

Harry Reid (D-NV) – Brings Partisanship to New Heights – Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) – works with Coburn (R-OK) on Bill – Sick of it All Yet?

01/10/2014 05:56:49 AM

An article in the New York Times speaks to the power plays by the Majority Senate Leader, Harry Reid and his “uncompromising” position on anything Republican. Apparently, there have been bills brought forth by Republicans which Democrats of like

CDC Reporting – 1 out of 4 Teens Meet Fitness Guidelines – “In my Day”…….

01/09/2014 06:43:19 AM

Children at play - circa 1960 - image from Sharonssunlitememories blog The CDC is reporting that only one (1) in four (4) teens meet the CDC fitness guidelines and these are partial findings, with results not yet weighed for treadmill tests – obesi

Bob Gates Let’s Loose – States What Most Already Surmised on Defense Strategy of Obama Administration

01/08/2014 06:39:02 AM

Although it is being perceived as “shocking” by the major media outlets, Bob Gates, former Bush and Obama Secretary of Defense’s, critique of the administration’s handling of the nation’s defense in his new book ; he goes so far as to sugge

Best Quote of the Week: “We’ve had record warmth. We’ve had record cold. The fact is it’s happened, and we don’t know exactly why.” –

01/07/2014 06:36:57 AM

Time to recycle 1970's Time cover - image from the conservative Given the fact that we’ve (the U.S.) has had blistering cold weather this week in places as unusual as Alabama and Florida, there is always an explanation – the best one ye

Massachusetts 2014 Governors Race – Primary Challenge for GOP – Charlie Baker and Mark Fisher – Could a Republican retake the Governor’s office?

01/06/2014 06:49:56 AM

It goes without saying that Charlie Baker will be seeking the Governor’s office this year as Deval Patrick finally exits. He will, however, face a challenger, Auburn, MA businessman, Mark Fisher. Fisher, who is more Tea Party, offers a non-politi

NFL Fails to Sell-Out Playoff Games – Economy the Possible Problem? – Sticker Shock over Obama Care Premiums and No Retirement for Baby Boomers

01/02/2014 06:20:27 AM

Yahoo Sports is reportingthat NFL playoff games are presently not sold out for this season – the ticket prices at $300 plus are now selling at just over $100 – what a deal! If one were to take the average middle class football fan, who has 2 chi

Excuse me but! Finding Pet Friendly Campgrounds is a Most difficult task!

12/31/2013 06:43:56 AM

image and article form After searching high and low for multiple weeks, I finally found a camping area that would accept me and my three pups for short-term campout. Normally most campsites, even in Pet friendly areas, suggest that

Ted Cruz – 2013 – First Year Most Influential Senator – No apologies – No remorse – As it Should be.

12/30/2013 06:09:43 AM

Ted Cruz, the junior Senator from the State of Texas, made some promises on the campaign trail and once elected, put himself to work – on the promise he made. These included stopping the Affordable Health Care Act – otherwise known as Obama Care

As we Close 2014 -CNN Outlines Why It Might Have been a bad Year for Obama –They missed a few!

12/23/2013 06:11:52 AM

In an effort to figure out why the President’s poll numbers have been less than stellar these past few months, CNN has suggestedsix reasons why: Obama Care tops the list, the polling is number 2, the Snowdon Leaks at 3, number 4 – the IRS targeti

Obama Care – Now You Can Keep A Plan that is More Substandard than the Plan you Lost Under Obama Care Mandates! – The Fleecing of America – Answer: Civil Class Action Law Suit

12/20/2013 06:21:24 AM

It’s all in a day’s work in D.C. as the nation’s indecisive and glaringly incompetent administration changes yet another facet of the disaster known as Obama Care. Due to mandates of this particular plan governing insurance coverage for certai

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