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2016 – GOP - Cruz In First – Rand Paul On Deck, DNC – O’Malley Most Likely, watch Julian Castro

03/23/2015 05:36:36 AM

The 2016 Presidential Sweepstakes begins today with the announcement that Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), will be running for the Republican Nomination. Cruz, who made the announcement via Twitter, will be speaking at Liberty University today, an evangelic > read more

Rand Paul, Corey Booker and Kirsten Gillibrand – Get the Federal Government Out of States where Medical Marijuana is Law.

03/10/2015 06:20:43 AM

From Reuters: Rand Paul, introduces legislation today to prevent the Federal government from prosecuting individuals in states where Medical Marijuana is legal. He is joined by Democrat Senators, Corey Booker, and Kirsten Gillibrand: Paul has bee > read more

2016 – DNC – O’Malley Receives Standing O in South Carolina - The New Face of the Democrat Party

03/09/2015 06:32:33 AM

Martin O'Malley - photo Politico (AP) From the S.C. News Exchangecomes an interesting take on Martin O’Malley and his changes of succeeding in a not so crowded field of Democrats for the 2016 Presidential nomination. O’Malley received several st > read more

What if – Court Strikes Down ObamaCare – Ted Cruz has the Answer

03/06/2015 05:50:28 AM

There is a big what-if involving the unconstitutional subsidies that are coming from the Federal government to help enroll individuals into the federal health care plan – the case is now in the Supreme Court and may be struck down in June . (See in > read more

Somalia Terrorist Group – Al Shabaab Makes Threats Against US Malls – Somalia’s in MN, MA and ME – Locals should be prepared

02/23/2015 05:42:09 AM

From CNN News:a video released this week by the Somali Terrorist group, Al Shabaab is calling for attacks on malls in the U.S.. Most of the refugees are located in Minneapolis-1 in 3 refugees to be exact (CBSLocal), Maine, Lewiston, is another des > read more

The Long Cold Winter - Massachusetts

02/16/2015 06:10:41 AM

The Long Cold Winter - MassachusettsIt has been one of those winters, winters that are so cold, dark and snowy that one is inclined to do little except plow out and rake the roof, bake in the oven (to further warm the house) eat soups and stews and p > read more

Winter Thoughts on a Crowded GOP Field

02/09/2015 05:57:05 AM

Cabin Fever – when one longs to take a walk, anywhere, without seeing 10 foot snow drifts! As one wrestles with t he flight or stay and fight the snow – thoughts turn to spring, and well, with that comes more of 2016. Announcement pending early > read more

History as Entertainment – the Worth – The Sons of Liberty

01/28/2015 06:05:11 AM

The History Channel’s “ the Son’s of Liberty” May have played fast and loose with some facts, made a few up here and there, but overall, gave the viewer the understanding that a long war was fought by those that despised taxes and injustice, > read more

State if the Union – Nothing New - GOP Rebuttal – the “New Republican Congress” Joni Delivers

01/21/2015 05:53:02 AM

Watching the State of the Union, via C-Span, CBS and Fox (different camera angles), one got the impression the man who would campaign no more, was campaigning nonetheless. The reference to working with Congress were weighed with threats to veto Bill > read more

Time for Pragmatism – Rand Paul offers Measured Reason - 2016 offers Reasonable Choice in Leadership

01/14/2015 06:01:52 AM

Last night, while looking for something entertaining to watch for an hour or so before bed, I found a program on CSPAN – the the Conservative Policy Summit (Video Here) with Kentucky Senator Rand Paul as the speaker. It was a dry topic to be cert > read more

Is there a Glimmer of Hope for the New Congress-Senate? Bi-Partisanship maybe on horizon

01/12/2015 05:37:18 AM

If there was ever a time when a band of likeminded politicians from both sides of the aisle was needed, it would be this era, this year, this time in our nation’s history. Let alone it is the beginning of a general election season where one expect > read more

With New Congress Ready to Take the Stage – Leadership is in question – 60% of Constituents want a new House Speaker. Hukabee enters the 2016 “crowded field”

01/05/2015 06:20:27 AM

With New Congress Ready to Take the Stage – Leadership is in question – 60% of Constituents want a new House Speaker. Hukabee enters the 2016 “crowded field” A record number of Congressmen and women will be assuming their roles this week, the > read more

Rick Perry -2016 – What are the odds? Both fields (DNC/GOP) too early to place any bets!

01/02/2015 06:17:19 AM

In reading a recent Texas Tribune article reposted by the New York Times one learns, if nothing else, that Rick Perry, the longest serving Governor in the State’s history, is politically astute. This is in stark contrast to the 2012 debate forum > read more

The CNN Jeb Bush Poll – Interesting mix of politicians and samples.

12/29/2014 06:12:45 AM

The CNN Poll released this past week has a bit of an interesting mix, considering a majority of those being proffered as choices are most likely not running. The marginals here in pdf offer some insight as to who was polled: 1011 adults via landli > read more

Best of Christmas-Holidays Pol’s and Polls

12/26/2014 06:59:53 AM

For starters the Holiday season normally gives one a break from all of the nonsense that is politics –if only briefly – if at all. The two national stories that most amused this season were the latest GOP poll by Zogby and the Festivus Tweets b > read more

The Potentials – Bush, Paul, Cruz, Perry , Christie and the middle and the base 2016 GOP Maybes

12/18/2014 05:43:41 AM

Opinion There is a lot of speculation going into the 2016 GOP presidential sweepstakes given the fact that not one person has yet announced an intent to run. Although there have been a slew of polls suggesting that one or the other at any given tim > read more

Historical Weather Data – NOAA Uses to Predict Snowfall

12/12/2014 05:42:37 AM

The national weather service offers a new feature to predict the amount of snowfall one might see for Christmas with’s link to data culled from a 40 year period.( - Shades of the Farmer’s Almanac, which uncannily nailed the c > read more

The Grilling of Gruber – The Professor who is just another ridiculous academic with an attitude – He should never have been nominated

12/10/2014 05:30:48 AM

The audacity of the professor fueled by Progressive Ethics. Not having paid a whole lot of attention to the hearings on Capitol Hill over the appointment of Jonathan Gruber, it was with some surprise and more than the usual disgusts that one happened > read more

Hilary Clinton Trump’s GOP Field in Bloomberg Politics Poll – Analysis

12/09/2014 05:14:19 AM

Bloomberg Politics commissioned a poll on 2016 Presidential match-up’s between multiple GOP contenders, the Vice President, Joe Biden and former Democrat Presidential Candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. In the Poll, Clinton le > read more

Internet addiction - only saying this once

12/08/2014 05:07:15 AM

A personal perspective. Although one might love to write, or analyze, or crochet or play the piano (badly), if one is invested in a game here, a social network there, or more specifically the games in the social network one might just abandon the oth > read more

2016 GOP Update – Rand Paul and Jeb Bush

12/08/2014 04:52:09 AM

Potential GOP Presidential Candidate for 2016, Rand Paul, has come under some fire for a statement he made regarding the fact that a New York City Cigarette Tax might be responsible for the death of Garner, who died while in a police chokehold – th > read more

Black Friday Shopping and Packers and Patriots – the Thanksgiving Weekend in Review

12/01/2014 06:13:42 AM

Along with the annual Turkey coma, comes “Black Friday”, and the compulsion (for some of us) to go uncharacteristically early into the stores for a little Christmas shopping. This year, it was easier to shop online, though this blogger did go fo > read more

The Travesty and the Tragedy – a Tale of Three Cities – Ferguson, Cleveland and Kansas City

11/25/2014 05:59:12 AM

The Grand Jury has made its decision on the Ferguson Police officer who had shot and killed a young Michel Brown, after responding to a robbery call resulting in months of demonstrations and upon hearing the verdict of no indictment, the riots ensue > read more

Obama About to Bring Down the Democrat Party – For Decades with Executive Immigration Reform

11/20/2014 06:15:01 AM

The President is set to announce his own immigration reform, without Congress, and according to Yahoo News service, this will irk Republicans (Yahoo). Additional, the Washington Post suggests that ahead of the announcement the President will dine w > read more

T – 25% of households under water – crossing socio-economic barriers – Taxed much?

11/17/2014 06:11:49 AM

The Hartford Courant’sarticle on the 25% of Connecticut households living under water, with some making 61,000 per year (approximate), and others being students not yet able to afford to move from a parents home, is somewhat telling of the state of > read more

The Clinton – Obama Transition – Spitting Into the Winds of Hate and Division

11/12/2014 05:50:50 AM

The Washington Post has an interesting article regarding the transition of power from President Obama to Hillary Clinton entitled: “The tricky Obama-Clinton handoff begins”. The gist in a nutshell: How Hillary Clinton can assume power from Oba > read more

2016 GOP Update – Ricky Perry in NH, Rand Paul – Mitch McConnell Will Support, Ben Carson to Air Introductory Video

11/10/2014 06:05:43 AM

Outgoing Texas Governor, Rick Perrywas in New Hampshire over the weekend, the kickoff of his 2016 “campaign” (not yet announced) – the Real Clear Politics article quotes a NH College republican suggesting they required extra seats, as the inte > read more

2016 Begins – Dr. Ben Carson Announced as first Republican Presidential Candidate

11/07/2014 05:42:19 AM

ABC News is reporting that Dr. Ben Carsonis the first Republican Candidate for the GOP Nomination. Carson, a famous pediatric neurosurgeon and conservative political star, will air a nearly 40 minute-long ad introducing himself to the American peopl > read more

The Nation Rises – GOP Control’s House, Senate, Governors Seats – More GOP Women, More First, More Diversity

11/05/2014 05:58:35 AM

It was one heck of a night of recrimination against all things progressive given the overwhelming defeat of Progressive Democrats nationwide, and in places that were considered sacrosanct to the Party. The Washington Post suggests the credit belongs > read more

To All those Political Purists – Don’t Complain if You Don’t Vote

11/04/2014 05:43:12 AM

It goes without saying that no matter what political party one prefers, if one has a purist mentality, one may not vote at all, especially if the slate of candidates does not meet sterling criteria. This mentality would adhere to many a “group”: > read more

So Long Harry and Thanks for All the Fish! The President’s Legacy – Will He or Won’t He Work with the GOP once freed of Reid?

11/03/2014 06:00:52 AM

The title is in reference to Douglas Adam’s 5 part trilogy beginning with A Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and ending with “So Long and Thanks’ for All the Fish”. Basically if one has any familiarity with this irreverent take on life and it > read more

2016 – Rand Paul Ready

10/31/2014 06:00:29 AM

Rand Paul has been everywhere as of late, lending a hand in GOP races at all levels across the US. What is most interesting is his continual investment in urban areas such as Detroit where Republican’s don’t’ look like the “white-bread-brand > read more

What Happened to Our National Ideal? – That everyone is Created Equal – Those pushed into categories about to wake up. Black Activists In Chicago Make a Valid Point

10/29/2014 06:30:50 AM

Chicago Activists Unchained, Destroy Black Leadership – video by Rebel Pundit via UTube At one time, during the 1950’s and 1960’s one knew there was deep-rooted racism, and that racism existed from the north to the south, west and southwest, > read more

Voters Are Angry – From MA to CA – Pelosi Begs for Cash as Rome Burns – Rand Paul in 30 States Supporting Candidates - Small tsunami or Armageddon?

10/28/2014 05:47:47 AM

According to CNN voters are somewhat miffed, to say the least, a full 60% or greater are angry at the direction of the country – that type of anger, the pollster suggests, is exactly what drove the wave of 2010 – the U.S. House takeover by the G > read more

The National GOP on Collision Course for 2016 – The Return of the “Safe” Candidate

10/27/2014 06:19:52 AM

Here we go again, the National GOP is pushing such notables as Chris Christie, the Governor of New Jersey (Moderate-Left), and former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush, of the Bush dynasty, as candidates for the 2016 GOP Presidential Contest. Apparently > read more

Canada and Gun Control – Lessons Taken Away

10/24/2014 06:12:25 AM

Canada has some of the strictest gun control laws on the continent, and yet they are left wondering where the prior felon turned radical Islamic Jihadist got his hands on a gun – the general consensus – illegally (CBA.CA) Understanding that any t > read more

2014 – Senate Preparing for Party Switch – 2016 – Begins with Rand Paul

10/23/2014 06:20:03 AM

Barring any massive upheavals in the universe as it is today, the outcome of the 2014 mid-terms will, in all probability, produce a GOP majority. With that in mind the Senate is said to be preparing on both sides of the old aisle for the “switch > read more

Scott Brown Vs. Jeanne Shaheen New Hampshire Senate Debate – No wonder Brown is gaining – Polling gives Republican’s the edge

10/22/2014 06:26:53 AM

Scott Brown & Jeanne Shaheen - image NBC News In the interest of disclosure this blogger (unenrolled – independent) has always been a huge fan of one Scott Brown. That status was based on his voting record in the MA Senate and then in the U.S. Se > read more

Rand Paul - Salon Headline: “Rand Paul’s worthy goal: Why we shouldn’t laugh off his attempt to woo African-American voters” – and why it matters

10/21/2014 06:37:24 AM

Here is the gist as it goes, driving home from work and tuning into the local news channel, there was the Howie Carr Show, and I was floored for two reasons: One this is a conservative talk show, and two, the callers were African American and they w > read more

On The Run – Kay Hagen (D-NC) calls for West Africa Flight Bans – Progressive Dem., E. Warren touts line Republicans have “Rigged” Election?

10/20/2014 05:57:34 AM

On The Run – Kay Hagen (D-NC) calls for West Africa Flight Bans – Progressive Dem., E. Warren touts line Republicans have “Rigged” Election? One can smell blood in the water, and those are the small businesses how are suddenly ramping up as > read more

Democrats Represent the Rich? – What gives? – Class warfare reversed – who Cares

10/17/2014 06:37:02 AM

As if the Border, ISIL (or whatever the name is this week), The IRS, the inconsistent and scary CDC (and Ebola), etc, etc., were not enough to drag a party down, the AP just handed the Democrats another blow: They, not Republican’s represent the r > read more

Something New, Nothing Borrowed, Nothing Blue – Massachusetts Reacting 2014

10/16/2014 06:14:49 AM

For all the ills that are affecting our great nation, mainly due to incompetence of leadership in the administration, which is effectively perceived as the Political Party it represents, the final straw has broken. Take Massachusetts, the “bluest > read more

Baker Rising in the Bluest State – Point of No Return – Weld Style Governor on Deck for MA –

10/09/2014 06:11:16 AM

From the Boston Globe: an op-ed piece giving Baker the edge in the last debate – with a blow by blow account (read story here of where he bested the rest of the Candidates. In addition new polling out suggests that Charlie Baker is over Coakley by > read more

Senate Elections 2014 – NC Debate leaves questions – Hagan hammers Millionaires – clueless on Kennedy Equal Pay Act. Picking Harry Reid’s Replacement.

10/08/2014 06:11:18 AM

It’s difficult to tell which races will be the one to finally push Harry Reid (D-NV) off his mighty perch, and send him back to the floor of the Senate in order to finally get something, anything done. Granted a conservative here, but unenrolled, > read more

Media Readies for Inevitable – GOP control of Both Houses of Congress – the back end of Lack of Trust in Government.

10/06/2014 05:58:07 AM

A recent AP/GFKpoll suggests that American’s, in general, do not trust the government to keep them “safe”, and or help them out in a crisis. (AP). In reading the polling data, it crosses all party lines, and is pretty damming to the theory that > read more

Ebola – Fear Rules – Political Implications - the Plague and Politics

10/03/2014 06:11:55 AM

The case of Ebola that began the chain of events began in Dallas Texas. A man traveling from Liberia, who lied on his exit papers from that country, noting he had not been in contact with anyone carrying the disease (USA Today), showed systems when > read more

The Plague – Ebola in the US – Panic Mode or Mere Concern? - Personal Reflection

10/01/2014 06:22:53 AM

When news broke yesterday that the first confirmed case of Ebola in the U.S. was in Dallas, the initial knee-jerk reaction was one of deep concern, as well as some issues (to say the least) regarding our extremely lax border control and the ineptitud > read more

Massachusetts Turns – President Polls Under Water – Governors Race – Baker Slight Lead – Boston Globe Poll - MA Governors Debate

09/30/2014 06:00:15 AM

The Boston Globereleased a new graphic poll here which, for the first time, shows the President with a less than 50% approval in one of the ten states that consistently has given him 50 plus over the past 6 years.The numbers: Foreign Policy -56% disa > read more

016-The pre-GOP candidates – value voters summit significance

09/29/2014 06:18:12 AM

Focusing on two particular pre-GOP candidates, Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Rand Paul (R-KY), one finds a contrast of sorts, the biggest being that both men are not either Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush and or Chris Christie. Enter the Value Voters Summit , otherwi > read more

The Most Interesting – Rand Paul – Dr. vs. GOP and DNC Machine – What this means for 2016

09/26/2014 06:17:51 AM

According to Dan Pfeiffer, the top communications adviser to President Obama, Rand Paul is the Republican he finds the most “interesting”. This is due to his outreach to demographics currently believed to be “owned” by Democrats, and his sta > read more

3 Afghan Soldiers Grabbed by ICE at Canadian Border – Terror Seeking or Seeking Asylum?

09/24/2014 06:25:19 AM

The three Afghan Soldiers who skipped out on the Bay State National Guard we’re stopped at the Canadian border.(Boston Heralds) They were detained by the Canadian Border Patrol(VOA News), and are now in the custody of I.C.E. (Worcester Telegram). > read more

Rand in San Fran – the Buzz – the Audacity!

09/23/2014 06:39:51 AM

The “Wire” asks can Rand Paul’s Brand play in San Fran?” in an article suggesting that he is stepping into territory not normally claimed by any GOP candidate – therefore, it’s about money. The Washington Post suggests much the same thin > read more

2014 NH-MA Update – Brown Gains on Shaheen, Baker-Coakley Tied - New -Obamacare at Tax Time

09/22/2014 06:31:01 AM

The Boston Globe is reporting that Scott Brown’s gain’s against incumbent Democrat Shaheen is due to the “anti-Obamacare” sentiment in the Live Free or Die state (Boston Globe). Given the fact that USA Today announced those who did buy Obama > read more

Scott Brown Leads Shaheen in new Polling – Significant Jump – Rove rants about Funding and potential Senate Loss

09/19/2014 06:25:59 AM

Two for one that are somewhat connected. A vox populi polling released a new poll showing Scott Brown besting the incumbent by favorable numbers Although the polling firm is a Republican grounded firm (as in employees), they have a fairly decent tr > read more

Washington Post “Poll” Dems’ at 51% of Senate Control – Wishful Thinking

09/17/2014 06:24:58 AM

From The Washington Post, Fix Blog, reveals that there is a slight chance that the Democrats may retain control of the Senate, however, the poll, such as it is, relies on data sets from the Post’s Internal Lab. The Washington Posts Election Lab sug > read more

2016 Update: Rand Paul – Washington Post “Profiles”, Politico Rand Leads Pack – but..Paul, the Current Threat to the Status Quo

09/16/2014 06:17:32 AM

The Washington Post article: Shifting his views Rand Paul Seeks Broader Appeal but May Risk his outsider Image” is an interesting piece, in so much that it relies on articles, his legislation, and of course, those surrounding him, in order to come > read more

Rand Paul – to New Hampshire –Quasi Endorsement from Bill Mahar - Not His Father’s Clone

09/12/2014 06:18:10 AM

Rand Paul has taken criticism from the right (most notably standard Republican’s of the “also-ran” stripe) for being an isolationist, and “Ron Paul’s son”, while on the left, it’s about hiring someone who was racist, and staff who plag > read more

Remembrances of September 11, 2001 – Personal Reflections

09/11/2014 06:35:40 AM

On that sunny, September morning, I was on my way to a history period, when I glanced at the Television in the hallway at college, and noted a second plane going into the World Trade Center – I called my husband, who was at a nearby AFRB, and asked > read more

2014 MA Primary - NH Primary – Results - As anticipated with a few interesting exceptions – 2016 starting to Loom Larger

09/10/2014 06:15:33 AM

The last state primaries for 2014 were held yesterday, with elections to follow this November. In Massachusetts the results were somewhat as expected: WWLP, Springfield reports that Baker won the Republican Governors race handily, while on the Democ > read more

Ted Cruz (R-TX) Campaigns in New Hampshire for 2nd Congressional District Candidate, Melinda Garcia Tuesday Primary Results May Show Cruz Direction

09/08/2014 05:57:14 AM

Senator Ted Cruz was up in New Hampshire this past weekend, campaigning hard for Hispanic 2nd congressional district hopeful Melinda Garcia, a NH State representative from Salem. (WMUR). There are two things to take away from this particular primary > read more

Rand Paul – Political Press Beat-Down – Taking Remarks Out of Context Out of Party Partisanship

09/05/2014 06:15:54 AM

" Kentucky Senator, Rand Paul, a 2016 formidable candidate’s Time Magazine Op-Ed, (Time) has the political right and left in feeding frenzy. Jennifer Rubin, at the Washington Post has opined that Paul has undergone “a remarkable metamorphosis > read more

Changes at the Washington Post – Hope for Growth versus Partisanship

09/03/2014 06:12:41 AM

Yesterday, the Washington Post announced that they had named Frederick J. Ryan as the new publisher, replacing Katherine Wymouth. The gist: Politico’s first chief executive, Frederick J. Ryan Jr., a former Reagan administration official now charge > read more

Report on the Texas Border National Guards – Washington Post – Apparently – Perry’s Plan Works

09/02/2014 06:06:58 AM

Pre Troop Deployment - Border Crossings in Texas - image from The first of the National Guard deployed by Governor Rick Perry (TX) - are a bit bored, according to the Washington Post article. The fact that they are watching one of the most h > read more

Beating Up on Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) –What if a Politician has a mind of their own?

09/01/2014 06:11:42 AM

Elizabeth Warren, Senator (D-MA) image from Elizabeth Elizabeth Warren, known as the darling of the left, apparently has a mind of her own – shame on her. Warren recently suggested that Israel has the right to defend itself, even if t > read more

ISIS and the American Politician – As the World Dithers – the Times Lays Blame on – Republicans

09/01/2014 05:50:34 AM

ISIS, the rapid Islamic group that has established a caliphate in parts of Syria and Iraq, killing anyone whom they please in the most barbaric manners, including children has taken front and center stage in the American Political area. The question > read more

Scott Brown Closes in NH Senate Race Polling – The summer-fall of America’s discontent

08/25/2014 06:27:54 AM

Former MA Senator Scott Brown, was lagging in polling with incumbent, Democrat, Jean Sheheen in NH up until this past week, when The Boston Globe reports, that a new poll reveals they are in a statistical dead heat.. The Globe goes on to suggest tha > read more

ISIS beheads U.S. Journalist – similar to Mexican Beheadings of Journalist - Theory - Is it Possible ISIS is Operating on the US Border?

08/20/2014 06:34:31 AM

In a graphic video released by the terrorist organization ISIS, American journalist, James Wright Foley, was beheaded after being held captive for two years. (New York Daily News). The organization, middle eastern, Radicalized Muslim, uses the pract > read more

Rand Paul strikes a chord with Essay on Ferguson – Reaching Across the Demographic Divide.

08/19/2014 06:39:25 AM

Dubbed a “very different Republican” by the Los Angeles Times, Kentucky Governor, Rand Paul has managed the unthinkable – an acknowledgement that perhaps, just perhaps, not all Republican’s might be painted with the same media tar brush.(LA T > read more

2016 Looking forward - GOP and DNC options

08/18/2014 06:31:55 AM

2016 Looking forward - GOP and DNC options The New York Times article: “Taking Account of the Republican Presidential Contenders”, reminds that fortunes wax and wane years in advance of the general election. They cite Rand Paul and Ted Cruz as > read more

ISIS – extremist bent on Jihad coming to a border year you?

08/12/2014 06:19:59 AM

A recent report from Dallas CBS local, notes that Iraqi Extremist, (ISIS) who have vowed to bring their barbaric form of jihad and forced conversions to the United States, would slip into the U.S. through the Mexican border (Dallas CBS Local). Addin > read more

Madeline Albright, Condoleezza Rice and Robert Gates – Russia, Putin, and the Constant Threat of a Megalomaniac

08/11/2014 06:29:05 AM

During a panel discussion at Aspen, CO – former Secretaries of State, Rice and Albright, joined by former Defense Gates, and moderated by former Undersecretary of State, Burns, one thing was made extremely clear – the greatest threat in their com > read more

Major Political Parties, the Diversity Within, a Stranglehold on the Political Process – Purists vs. the Individualist

08/08/2014 06:32:47 AM

An article in the New York Times asking if the Libertarian moment finally arrived (worth the read), brought forward the question of the diversity within the political parties, and how purists is the two major parties, appear to be the undoing of the > read more

Lost Dog – New Facial Recognition APP May Be the Answer

08/07/2014 06:08:23 AM

The latest use of technology used in order to reunite owners with a lost dog is a facial recognition app wich is being used successfully to reunite owners with their lost dogs in San Diego. (myfoxny) The app is available at, whe > read more

Rand Paul – In Iowa – The Media drumbeat – Rand Paul on Israel – much ado about nothing – intentionally

08/05/2014 06:26:16 AM

CNN reporting on Rand Paul in Iowa states the obvious – that the Senator from Kentucky is “barnstorming” across Iowa in a campaign style. It is obvious that Paul makes the media, Democrats and standard Republican’s a tad nervous – he’s p > read more

Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) – 2016 – Will She or Won’t She Enter the Race

08/04/2014 06:29:10 AM

There’s an uptick in news lately regarding the first term Senator from MA, Elizabeth Warren. Most of this is centered on Warren’s popularity with the Progressive base of the Democrat party, and her potential run in 2016. Many insist she is runn > read more

Rick Perry moves Troops to Border – Without Firing a Shot – Illegal Immigrants reported to Reroute through New Mexico due to National Guard – When will NM’s Martinez Do the Same?

07/31/2014 06:08:05 AM

Rick Perry has been criticized by the right and the left for moving Texas National guard to the border, the left, for obvious reasons, and the right, for political reasons (upcoming 2016 Presidential election and inability to understand strategy). P > read more

A Recipe for Electoral Disaster – American’s go deeper in debt, while Illegal Immigration and giveaways are front and center.

07/29/2014 06:02:23 AM

Photographs of children entered illegally and housed in the U.S - Houston Chronicle, Breitbart TX It would be easy enough for individuals in the United States, fully employed with a robust middle-class and actual opportunities for all current U.S. ci > read more

Massachusetts Protests Illegal Immigration – Rallies around the Commonwealth. Nationwide the situation does not bode well for the Democrats in 2014 and 2016

07/28/2014 06:16:58 AM

This weekend there were several rallies around the Commonwealth in opposition to the Governors’ acceptance of housing illegal immigrant children from Central America. On large protest was in Boston, at the capital, the video is available below or > read more

2016 Polling – What It Implies – Paul, Clinton and the Rest of the Pack - Analysis

07/18/2014 06:10:43 AM

The Los Angeles Times article on the latest 2016 polling is somewhat interesting in that the headline suggests that Clinton is sweeping a tightly packed field of Republicans. Once one gets into the breakdown of the latest polling, it is Biden, not t > read more

Rank Paul to San Francisco!

07/17/2014 06:34:58 AM

From SF Gate: Kentucky Senator and, as of yet, unannounced 2016 Presidential Candidate, will be attending a “conservatarian” conference as the “star speaker”. Paul, who also was received with open arms at Berkley of all places, will be in Na > read more

Rand Paul Vs. Rick Perry – Who Cares?

07/15/2014 05:51:32 AM

The last few days saw dueling headlines - the first salvo from Rick Perry, Governor of Texas and, as it happens, a 2016 possible GOP presidential candidate – Perry wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post, blasting Paul for being an isolationist. > read more

Why Rand Paul and Cory Booker Collaboration Should be the Rule not the Exception

07/11/2014 06:23:41 AM

Rand Paul and Cory Booker - working together for the common good - photo From Politico Sentaors Rand Paul (R-KY) and Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) have apparently become fast friends over a collaboration on the REDEEM Act, which would change t > read more

Rand Paul pulls Away in Polling – Tops GOP Charts – Hillary Trumps Lackluster Dem Field.

07/10/2014 06:23:58 AM

Forbesreporting on the last Zogby Poll, shows Rand Paul (R-KY), pulling away from the establishment candidates (Bush, Christie) by a larger margin than previously seen. Paul received 20%, while the next 2016 potentials placed at 13%. (Forbes) Obviou > read more

The U.S. Border – continues to hold headlines – Democrats support Open Borders – their constituents – not so much – Getting past the realities of a Government in Chaos.

07/09/2014 07:08:58 AM

As the U.S. border situation intensifies, Governor Rick Perry will, indeed meet with President Obama today to discuss the problem that is facing our nation (CBS News). Perry is seeking aid from the Federal Government to control the border by any mea > read more

U.S. Border Crisis – Rick Perry and President Obama - the Good, the Bad & the Ugly when dealing with Sealing U.S. Borders and Immigration

07/08/2014 06:09:05 AM

When the U.S. – Mexican border became a Mecca of sorts, for all of humanity to pour into the nation, unchecked and then abated by our government, one had to have been living under the proverbial rock for the past twenty years, not to have seen this > read more

Elizabeth Warren 2016 – NY Post Headlines – Done Deal?

07/07/2014 05:41:04 AM

The New York Post blazed the story regarding President Obama’s choice of Elizabeth Warren for 2016 over Hillary Clinton, suggesting that sources insist that the President’s advisor, Valerie Jarrett is actively pursuing the coronation of the newly > read more

2016 Early Polling Continues to pit Clinton only against GOP potential candidates, Paul on Iraq – Yes his opinion can be stunning!

06/30/2014 06:25:05 AM

It appears that all pollsters continue to compare Hillary Clinton, and no other Dem candidate against the pack of 2016 potential candidates. In a situation where not one has officially announced a candidacy - but may have hinted – the best of thos > read more

Springfield MA Mayor Pleads for Help in Relocating Refugees Away from Springfield - Good for Him. < br> The Mayor of Springfield, Dominic Sarno, has come under fire for trying to stop the importation of thousands of refugees from Iraq and Somali

06/24/2014 06:45:17 AM

< br>The Mayor of Springfield, Dominic Sarno, has come under fire for trying to stop the importation of thousands of refugees from Iraq and Somalia into a City, already struggling with housing, and financial woes due to a tornado that had ripped t > read more

Three for 2016 - Rand Paul – Pragmatic Approach to the Middle East, the Borders and Voting Rights, Chris Matthews on Elizabeth Warren, and the Left on Rick Perry

06/23/2014 06:00:24 AM

Senator Rand Paul (K), on Meet the Press with David Gregory (link here to full video interview at NBC), (synopsis) was asked and answered a few topical questions regarding his stance on the issues of the day. He suggested that we stay out of the M > read more

WSJ/NBC Poll – Obama Confidence Low - Approval Sinks – Nation Rejects Both Major Political Entities

06/18/2014 06:21:49 AM

Most American's having difficulty telling DC Democrats or Republicans apart - image The latest WSJ poll is out and according to NBC News the nation is no longer divided on President Obama’s capabilities; they are disapproving by th > read more

Paul Rand (KY) – No to Troops in Iraq – the Right Direction

06/17/2014 06:09:41 AM

Taking the higher road, Rand Paul, Senator from Kentucky and potential 2016 Presidential Candidate, suggested it would be a mistake for the US to send troops, once again, into Iraq. US News carried the report this morning (available here) on Paul’ > read more

The New Yorker on David Brat – and the 99% comparison to Elizabeth Warren

06/16/2014 05:48:57 AM

Oddly enough, the New Yorker’s take on David Brat (R) upset over Eric Cantor (R) in the VA primary, is spot on, while missing a greater point. They compare the economics professors abhorrence of crony capitalism to the Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) 99% > read more

David versus Goliath – how Cantor Lost to the College Professor – David Brat

06/11/2014 06:21:35 AM

As Washington insides and pundits left and right are thawing out educated guesses as to why David Brat, a little known economics professor, bested, on no budget, a well funded, Congressional Majority Leader, the truth is rather simple – perhaps too > read more

Scott Brown as the”Carpetbagger”, Politico Asks – “So What?” – Valid – Are you listening New Hampshire?

06/10/2014 06:27:08 AM

Politico’s article on Scott Brown, Republican running for Senate in New Hampshire, offers some valid points as to his “residency” in the state, and the moniker of “carpetbagger” that some have attempted to attach to Brown. The article sta > read more

ABC Previews Campaign 2016 – the GOP – and the one Democrat – Hillary Clinton

06/09/2014 06:09:26 AM

ABC News had current 2016 previews of candidates for the GOP Presidential nomination – from Governor Rick Perry the checklist includes his pro’s and con’s – the con – in brief, he was accused of withholding funding for a state rep (who hap > read more

Elizabeth Warren – 2016 – Stock Rising

06/03/2014 05:57:18 AM

The question has been asked and answered of the Junior Senator from Massachusetts, Democrat Elizabeth Warren – “Will you run for President in 2016?” All prior answers were no – except, the latest interview with the Huffington Post here, wher > read more

Walking School buses – used in fighting childhood obesity – Taking 50 steps back to go forward again.

05/28/2014 06:19:17 AM

When one is of a certain age, one recalls walking to school, in all types of weather, regardless of the cold, rain, sleet or hail, it was a privilege to be able to learn, play and grow. This privilege extended and still extends to all students. Of > read more

The Perfect Presidential Candidate (or any Federal, State or Local Candidate)

05/22/2014 06:39:17 AM

Is there truly a perfect candidate for any office, no matter how low or how high? No, in truth, there is not, and the reason has less to do with any given candidate than it does with the massive political parties, the money brokers, and the “frin > read more

A Dog Named Dillon - Personal Reflections

05/20/2014 20:57:35 PM

A family photo - three sisters with Dillon There are times when we mere mortals meet the love of our life – oddly shaped, with wagging tail, pleasing smiles, and begging for more attention than one might feel capable of giving. The perfect comple > read more

Rand Paul best Hillary Clinton in 2016 Hypothetical match-up - Elizabeth Warren, Republican Turned Progressive, responds being credited with the Occupy Movement.

05/19/2014 06:07:31 AM

From the Lexington Herald Leader: Rand Paul has “narrowly” bested Hillary Clinton in a 2016 Hypothetical matchup – the Leader called it a “home court advantage”. The final advantage 48 (Paul) to 44 (Clinton) –which is the spread that se > read more

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