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Home for the Holidays

11/11/2014 06:47:03 AM

My children mock me because it’s October and I already have the holiday music station already playing. But I say the season is too short. I’ve been reflecting on the why. I think it’s about that sense of home. And … Continue r > read more

Hard and Fast

06/02/2014 22:30:24 PM

Writing 101 challenge day 1 – Just write. 20 minutes…go! Sadly, when I write a stream of consciousness, it always ends as a rant. But maybe it will help expel my brick breaking demons. Because even as I reread the post … Continue r > read more

Stats and Sentiment

06/01/2014 11:40:15 AM

I’ve been reflecting on my first day at our Martial Arts academy, mostly because I celebrated the anniversary this past week. To everyone else, it is merely an interesting statistic. My instructors have been practicing their whole lives and my > read more

The Lilac Bush

05/26/2014 15:07:09 PM

The Lilac Bush  Flash fiction by mfptkd written as a birthday gift. Now in a cottage built of lilacs and laughter I know the meaning of the words “Ever after” from Polka Dots and Moonbeams, Rick Zelle and Jay Hungerford … Continue > read more


04/13/2014 23:43:15 PM

Thus was my performance in a recent class described. And although affronted, I couldn’t argue as it was accurate for the portion witnessed. When working on my own stuff, my attitude is poor. It’s not limited to class. My writing … C > read more


03/15/2014 22:24:14 PM

Sometimes the only way to get around an obstacle is to change directions. Tired of waiting for the snow to melt. Working on a new routine to address training challenges and writing blocks. > read more


02/26/2014 11:53:07 AM

We have a color belt promotion testing this week.  Many parents will inquire as to their child’s readiness because, in their words, they don’t want their son or daughter to FAIL. We reassure and explain.  We would not invite them … > read more

You are too a poet.

02/25/2014 10:37:01 AM

> read more

A Mental Exercise

02/20/2014 11:15:39 AM

I count out loud but say the moves in my head. 18 Low X block 19 Knee strike 20 … 20 … 20 … It’s gone. So I start over. Again, stall at 19. Take it once more from the beginning but … Continue reading → > read more

The Silent Storm

02/18/2014 00:01:44 AM

It’s beautiful this winter, but also isolating. Sometimes our silence is the same. Find your Martial Art (your outlet).  Be sure your spring comes. Written in response to the DP Challenge.     The Silent Storm A season’s shunning Cold > read more

Running in Circles

02/17/2014 10:45:59 AM

My great-uncle Joe, teasing my mother and aunt who were staying at the farm for a few weeks in the summer, cut the head off a chicken which ran around blind, until it realized it was dead. I’ve been contemplating goals … Continue reading > read more


02/08/2014 06:22:44 AM

It began well. I started 2014 with a positive sense of urgency.  But it’s been cold.  The finger numbing, bone chilling, thought freezing, don’t want to come out from under the covers, cold. And when you don’t get out of … C > read more

In Defense of Fairy Tales (on censorship)

01/06/2014 23:59:36 PM

I sometimes have concerns about sharing my blog due to content. How much do you let friends or acquaintances or co-workers or your mother see?  I self censor myself rather harshly but even the hint of someone else telling me what I … Continu > read more

Kicks to the Head

01/05/2014 23:12:42 PM

I still don’t take criticism well. It’s one of those things that we learn to deal with as a Martial Artist through competition and testings, but as a writer, it all seems terribly subjective.- more of a personal attack than … Contin > read more

Spiritual Core Strength (Sabonim Says Revisited)

01/04/2014 21:39:06 PM

Today’s Zero to Hero assignment from the Word Press inspiration bank was to write a post about what were your thoughts when you started blogging.  The post below was published in 2010. When I started this blog, I was thinking about … Co > read more

Wonhyo’s Understanding

01/03/2014 22:10:34 PM

It is interesting looking back, but then, I’ve always been fond of history. Today’s Zero to Hero WP assignment was to look at our About page. I still feel Wonhyo’s journey reflects how I feel about Martial Arts and writing. … > read more

Breathing Out

01/03/2014 00:09:00 AM

“Too late now.” I told myself. “Way to start off the challenge – no post.” But I found I couldn’t sleep. “What difference does it make – tonight or tomorrow? You’re tired, get some rest, get up ea > read more

Glance Back but Keep Looking Forward II.

01/01/2014 20:42:09 PM

Happy New Year! This is primarily a re-post from my early days of blogging, which I usually frown upon, but again, it is interesting to look back. I haven’t viewed this list for over a year and am surprised to … Continue reading → > read more


12/29/2013 21:50:04 PM

When you lost your voice I tried to find it. A selfish search, so you could sing to me. Afraid, unaccustomed to the quiet, I looked in vain for might hold the key. Our cluttered correspondence from years past, Culled … Continue reading → > read more

Martial Arts Meets the Grinch

12/15/2013 07:41:58 AM

I am writing – just not here.  Always striving to find balance. Below is a poem I altered slightly for our academy to perform at the annual holiday party! With apologies and thanks to Dr. Seuss. (Note: Pilsung is a … Continue reading  > read more

My Higher Self

11/22/2013 08:50:23 AM

I caught sight of a better me And asked for the secret to success But as our thoughts were aligned I already knew the answer. > read more

Watching Where I’m Going

11/20/2013 23:48:38 PM

I veer slightly to the left when I’m walking.  And if I’m not paying attention, I will crash into the person walking with me. I turn dramatically toward the negative when I am thinking.  And if I’m not paying attention, … Co > read more

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