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Review: All of You by Christina Lee

01/16/2014 09:53:19 AM

Avery has no desire to have a relationship, preferring to keep the men in her life as casual sexual encounters. Her troubling childhood are the main reason for her poor attitude towards love and relationships.   Bennett is the hot guy who ...

Gabriel's Inferno Series Reviewed by Mammagoddess

01/10/2014 19:26:03 PM

As I have mentioned in a few other posts in the past I have found a love, a kinship if you will, with romantic novels. Not just any novels mind you, I will admit, I like them spicy, racy perhaps even taboo, not unlike 50 Shades of Gray which ...

Addicted to Reading

01/09/2014 12:10:25 PM

I have always been an avid reader, I recall loving books from an early age. Of course how frequently I read depended on how busy I was at the time. Sometimes I had very little time to read a book for pleasure while I was in college and again ...

David Gandy is Dandy and my choice for Christian Grey

11/08/2012 09:54:38 AM

I have been a busy girl lately, I am going to hesitantly admit that I succumbed to pressure to read 50 Shades Of Grey. That's right! This self professed anti-romance novel reader has fallen in love with the story of Christian Grey and Anastasia ...

Bad Attitude

08/21/2012 10:20:03 AM

Well hello readers, it has been a while. I come to you today with a confession, not an apology. I am lazy, and if I recall I may have wrote another blog entry at one point stating the same fact! I took an unplanned leave from the world of blogging ...

Why Some People Should Not Be Parents

12/07/2011 09:49:58 AM

It is no secret  that parenting is a tough job. I would like to think that many of us who chose to become parents did not go into it blindly and expect it to be a cake walk, to smell like a bed of roses. Quite frankly it is often like walking ...

My Crush on Dave Grohl....Is this normal at my age?

09/02/2011 11:47:24 AM

When I was a teenager I had so many "crushes" on boys at school or Hollywood celebs it was nauseating. The walls of my bedroom were plastered with posters of Johnny Depp, River Phoenix and Michael Hutchins (INXS). For hours I would day dream ...

10 Secrets of Super Happy Couples......Really?

08/26/2011 08:08:54 AM

I have a subscription to Women's Health magazine. Every month I like to torture myself with useless information about losing weight, eating healthy and having great sex. Seriously, every single article is the same over every issue, just worded ...

I made Limoncello!

08/22/2011 11:41:40 AM

I made Limoncello!, originally uploaded by leelicini.The first time I had Limoncello I swear I heard the angels sing. I am a lover of all things lemon so naturally this is a spirit that speaks volumes to me. I did much research and decided on ...

Braless In Public....Would You?

08/16/2011 16:45:55 PM

A few weeks ago I was watching The Talk a show that I have grown rather fond of over the summer. One of the topics was Would You Go Braless in Public. Not a topic that I would give to much thought to in general. I have been out and about many ...

Wishing Summer Would End

08/09/2011 16:16:53 PM

I wish summer would end! I know what you are thinking, is this woman nuts? Well, yes, yes I am! Having my two cute but tiresome kids at home all to myself all summer is exhausting! Oh and the heat....holy cannoli! Living here in Canada, where ...

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