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Garden City

08/02/2009 10:39:00 AM

Top Ten Garden City in Kuala LumpurDespite the growing number of skyscrapers and accelerated development, Kuala Lumpur is still a city filled with beautiful parks and gardens.1. Perdana Lake GardensThis is one of the premier green lungs of Kuala ...

Malaysian Stars

06/20/2009 06:49:00 AM

If you had to choose seven Malaysian icons, which would you vote for?There are lots of things and places that we think of as truly Malaysian. But if you had to choose just seven, which ones would you vote for? We take a look at 10 possibilities.1. ...

More To Muar Than Meets The Eye

04/29/2009 04:36:00 AM

More To Muar Than Meets The EyeSIM BAK HENG - writes about the colourful history and development of Muar, a town known for its well-crafted furniture and scrumptious food.It is always interesting to know how a place derives its name. Muar, often ...

Visit Malacca

03/30/2009 05:17:00 AM

Where history comes aliveTourists the world over visit Malacca largely for its antiquated charms.That it has been gazetted an United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) World Heritage site has also helped draw ...

Masjid India

03/30/2009 05:13:00 AM

Building on the charm of Masjid IndiaThe next time you are in the vicinity of Masjid India in Kuala Lumpur, do spend some time do explore the area as it has many hidden gems.Its uniqueness has not escaped the attention of the Tourism Ministry, ...

Malaysian Beaches

03/12/2009 05:57:00 AM

Malaysian BeachesWith a coastline running thousands of kilometers, Malaysia has plenty of beautiful beaches, some of which are reputed to be the best in the world. The islands are also home to equally magnificent and pristine beaches with white ...

Malacca Rich in History of Malaysia

01/16/2009 07:05:00 AM

1. Tranquerah MosqueThis is a historically important landmark as the tomb of Sultan Hussain of Johor, who gave Singapore to Sir Stamford Raffles in 1819, lies within its grounds. This mosque is also unique in its architecture which reflects ...

Night Out On Danga Bay

01/15/2009 16:29:00 PM

The sea sparkled, reflecting the light of a full moon hanging in a starless sky. The moon was so brightly round that it looked more like someone had pasted a paper moon on a pitch dark page.Fanned by the balmy sea breeze, I started to relax ...

Mersing's Own Charms

12/30/2008 05:00:00 AM

Stop thinking of Mersing as a gateway to islands in the South China Sea. The town has lots of attractions and adventures for the traveller.Mersing is more than just the gateway to Johor's exotic, beautiful islands like Rawa, Sibu, Besar, Aur, ...

Historical Spaces

08/18/2008 10:09:00 AM

Our nation’s history is chronicled in many museums around the country and it is important that we reflect upon the past to appreciate the present.1. National Museum, Kuala LumpurFormerly the Selangor Museum, the National Museum today showcases ...

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