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2 More Ideas on COBOL Debugging

05/29/2015 00:39:51 AM

COBOL debugging: is a concept used in COBOL programs. Let us go into details of this concept. Many COBOL programmers have a question, if debugging tools are there, why we need to go for COBOL debugging. Yes, it is true, but it has some advantages. H > read more

ISPF-Commands For Senior Software Developers (4 Of 5)

05/27/2015 20:39:54 PM

How do I find for any non-numeric character? A. Use picture string ‘-’. 32. How do I find for any alphabetic character? A. Use picture string ‘@’. 33. How do I find for any uppercase alphabetic character? A. Use picture string ‘>’. 3 > read more

Reduce SQL Complexity With Grouping Sets in DB2 V11

05/26/2015 21:38:25 PM

DB2V11,Grouping Sets-Mainframe. The GROUPING SETS option can be thought of as the union of two or more groups of rows into a single result set. It is logically equivalent to the union of multiple subselects with the group by clause in each subselect > read more

What is EIB Storage Area in CICS

05/25/2015 22:43:27 PM

Execute Interface Block (EIB) is a CICS area that contains information related to the current task. I’ll explain how to use some of the other fields. For a complete explanation of these fields and their possible values, you can refer to the IBM > read more

Writing Transaction File to Master File in COBOL- 8 Tips

05/23/2015 23:07:39 PM

COBOL-Master file-Transaction file. Many interviews these questions are asked in COBOL,transaction file and master file. Easy ideas I have given for your sure success in your interviews. Master files contain the entire data of a particular applicatio > read more

ALTER TABLE table_name DROP COLUMN column_name

05/23/2015 03:32:49 AM

ALTER statement we can use in DB2 SQL query to drop a column. ALTER TABLE table_name DROP COLUMN column_name But, there are lot other conditions involved, which column we can drop or not. The containing table space is not a universal table space. The > read more

1 More Addition Of Global Variables in DB2 V11

05/21/2015 23:43:39 PM

Traditionally within a relational database system, most interactions between an application and the DBMS are in the form of SQL statements within a connection. To share information between SQL statements within the same application context, the appli > read more

Cashback In Credit Or Debit Cards

05/20/2015 22:27:41 PM

A Cashback reward program is an incentive program operated by credit card companies where a percentage of the amount spent is paid back to the card holder. Many credit card issuers, particularly those in the United Kingdom and United States, run prog > read more

Start Tuning Your DB2 SQL Query (Part-1)

05/19/2015 21:41:04 PM

Check the predicates. Whether it is one query or multiple queries in a program, check every predicate in every query to ensure that they are indexable, stage 1, and as simple and straightforward as possible. If there is a Distinct or Group By in the > read more

1 More Addition to Improve DB2 Insert Performance

05/18/2015 23:26:04 PM

1 More Addition in DB2 V11 to improve insert performance: Having to index every data row affects performance and the size of the index. When creating an index, it is useful to exclude one or more values from being indexed, such as values that will n > read more

DB2-New Built-in Functions In Version 11

05/17/2015 22:14:39 PM

ARRAY_AGG The ARRAY_AGG function returns an array in which each value of the input set is assigned to an element of the array. ARRAY_AGG can be invoked in the following situations: Select list of a SELECT INTO statement Select list of a fullselect in > read more

ISPF-Commands For Senior Software Developers (3 Of 5)

05/16/2015 20:55:56 PM

21) I am not able to delete a dataset that resides on a tape. A. Yes. You cannot delete/rename a tape dataset. Only you can uncatalog it. ISPF Editor 22) How do I see only those lines that contain a particular string? A. Type ‘X all’ then ‘F > read more

IMSDB Interview Questions ( Part-2 )

05/15/2015 20:55:55 PM

1) How CICS access IMS DB database? A. Access through CICS command level interface 2) How REXX Exec access IMS DB? A. REXX EXECs can invoke IMS functions by using the IMS adapter for REXX 3) What is ICAL call in IMSDB? A. The IMS Call (ICAL) call i > read more

5 More Frequently Asked DB2 SQL Queries

05/14/2015 21:02:01 PM

I collected from my friends, for DB2 interviews these SQL queries you need to practice more times. Query#1 1) What are the different SELECT statements? A. select clause: Enumerates the column names and related constructs from clause: Describes the ta > read more

ISPF-Commands For Senior Software Developers (2 Of 5)

05/13/2015 21:03:20 PM

In my series of posts, I am giving best ISPF tips to improve productivity. Across the companies following these tips.Mainframe+cobol+db2+jobs+USA+India+UK+ . Read my part-1 tips, if you missed. 11) How do I find out which base cluster does an altern > read more

Top 15 Bangalore IT Jobs

05/13/2015 01:27:28 AM

Daily updated jobs. Experience level: 0 to 10 years. Access all your dream jobs from your Android/Windows/IOS/Blackberry mobile phone. Bangalore+IT+Jobs > SAP+HANA Jobs > Mainframe+DB2+CICS+Jobs > Hadoop+Jobs > ControlM+Mainframe+Jobs > Teradata > read more

IMSDC Interview Questions(Part-1)

05/12/2015 21:07:53 PM

I am giving here some of the top IMSDC interview questions asked in Altimetric, HCL, Tech Mahindra and IBM. 1) What is IMS TM region? A. The IMS TM control region is a z/OS address space that can be initiated as a z/OS started task or as a job by sub > read more

JCL- INCLUDE And OMIT With Examples

05/12/2015 12:45:21 PM

The best way to improve the efficiency of a sort or a merge is to reduce the number of records that are sorted or merged. To do that, you can use the INCLUDE and OMIT statements to identify the records that should be included or omitted from the sort > read more

ISPF-Commands For Senior Software Developers (Part 1 Of 5)

05/10/2015 21:49:33 PM

Advanced ISPF commands. Many mainframe developers do not use these. So I categorized these for Senior Mainframe developers. How do I create multiple instances of ISPF sessions? A. Use PDF command from the TSO panel, which will initiate a new ISPF s > read more

Top DB2 Frequently Asked Questions-Part1

05/09/2015 20:39:04 PM

1) How would you find out the total number of rows in a table? A. Use SELECT COUNT(*) … Allstate uses DB2v6. and QMF V3.3. 2) How do you eliminate duplicate values in SELECT? A. Use SELECT DISTINCT … 3) How do you select a row using i > read more

7 Strategies Of Batch Modernization In ZOS

05/08/2015 21:20:20 PM

The following 7 strategies improve batch performance, that in turn reduce cycle time. Ensuring the system is properly configured Ensuring a properly configured system means making sure there are generally adequate system resources, so work flow is no > read more

DB2-Optimizer Interview Questions

05/08/2015 11:56:44 AM

I want to share some interview questions that were asked in big companies like Dell, HCL, Infosys, CTS etc.. 1) What is optimizer? A. The DB2 optimizer, is the brain of DB2. The optimizer is a sophisticated and complex set of algorithms whose main o > read more

IMSDB-Database Manager Interview Questions

05/07/2015 21:01:57 PM

1) What is database management system(DBMS)? A. Allow access to the data for multiple users from a single instance of the data. Control concurrent access to the data to maintain integrity for all updates. Minimize hardware device and operating system > read more

IMSDB- Application Calls And System Service Calls

05/06/2015 21:51:06 PM

Application Calls get unique (GU) The GU (get unique) call retrieves a specific segment or path of segments from a database. At the same time, the GU call establishes a position in a database from which additional segments can be processed in a forwa > read more

DB2-Concurrency And Locking Interview Questions

05/05/2015 22:49:21 PM

I am giving here some challenging interview questions in concurrency and Locking. These questions are asked in many big companies like IBM, Dell, L&T, Allstate, Infosys, Wipro etc. 1). What is concurrency in database environment? A.  Database syste > read more

Credit Cards Tokenization

05/03/2015 20:32:36 PM

As you whip out your credit card this holiday season, you may wonder how secure your data are at the stores where you’re shopping. After all, it’s almost the one-year anniversary of the massive Target credit card breach, and high-profile > read more

Difference Between Multi-tired Application And Stored Procedures

05/02/2015 22:18:18 PM

Tired Applications: The concept of tiered applications presents a solution to design architects that uses distributed resources dynamically with the ability to insert software and hardware when and where they are needed. Two-tiered client/server appl > read more

CICS-Performance Interview Questions

05/01/2015 21:49:43 PM

Filed under: CICS, COBOL, Mainframe Tagged: CICS, CICS Performance, Top CICS Interview Questions > read more

ZOS-How DFSORT Works In Simple Way

04/30/2015 21:34:23 PM

DFSORT has very sophisticated record selection capabilities, whether before any sort (INCLUDE / OMIT) or after the sort (OUTFIL INCLUDE / OMIT). With OUTFIL INCLUDE / OMIT, you can use different criteria to send records to multiple output destinati > read more

PL/SQL-Syntax Rules

04/29/2015 23:48:58 PM

PL/SQL is a case-independent language, unless you specifically set up Oracle to be case-sensitive or explicitly define object names within the “” marks. In our careers, we have seen the use of camelBack, all_lower_case, crammedupvariabl > read more

JCL-Conditional Include In OUTFIL Statement

04/29/2015 08:39:55 AM

The below JCL Sort example best tells conditional include in OUTFIL of OUT1 outfile: //MATCH EXEC PGM=SORT //SYSOUT DD SYSOUT=* //IN1 DD DSN=… input File1 (FB/10) //IN2 DD DSN=… input File2 (FB/10) //OUT12 DD SYSOUT=* keys in File > read more

JCL-Sort Interview Questions

04/28/2015 22:32:57 PM

Filed under: JCL, Mainframe Tagged: JCL, JCL Sort Interview Questions > read more

Oracle-Shared Pool Concept

04/26/2015 21:36:23 PM

Oracle interview question on shared pool: The shared pool is one of the most critical memory components particularly when it comes to how SQL executes. The way you write SQL doesn’t just effect the individual SQL statement itself. The combina > read more

Stratus- Architecture Of Fault Tolerant System

04/24/2015 10:13:10 AM

Modularity- The hardware and software are constructed of modules of fine granularity. These modules constitute units of failure, diagnosis, service, and repair. Keeping the modules as decoupled as possible reduces the probability that a fault in one > read more

PL/SQL Interview Questions – Part-1

04/22/2015 09:02:23 AM

Filed under: Oracle, PL/SQL Tagged: Oracle, PL/SQL Interview Questions > read more

COBOL Features Not Allowed In CICS

04/21/2015 08:08:28 AM

Many features of command level features not allowed in CICS program. Under CICS, all terminal I/O is handled by the terminal control module, whose services are typically requested by issuing SEND MAP and RECEIVE MAP commands. Because of that, COBOL > read more

Ultra Basic Unix Commands – Part-1

04/20/2015 21:30:05 PM

Below are basic UNIX commands: cat – display or concatenate files cd – change directory chmod – change the permissions on a file or directory compress – compress a file cp – copy a file date – display the current d > read more

PL/SQL Architecture

04/20/2015 10:32:53 AM

When a PL/SQL program unit is passed to Oracle, it gets processed through a compiler. The compiler creates a syntax tree, passes it through an optimizer, and generates machine code that’s stored in the database for execution at a later time. Or > read more

UNIX- Sed And AWK Commands

04/19/2015 07:11:43 AM

Sed Command: The sed command does much the same thing as ed. The main difference is that sed performs these actions in a noninteractive way. Sed is a stream editor (thus the name), and it is designed to work on a specified stream of text according to > read more

PL/I- Compile JCL And Run JCL

04/18/2015 21:05:08 PM


CICS – DATE And TIME Command

04/16/2015 21:17:11 PM

When we are working on CICS, we need to obtain Date and Time from CICS terminals. When a task is started, CICS will store these values in exec interface block fields like EIBDATE and EIBTIME. When a task is started these fields will be updated with T > read more

CICS – Multithreading And Working Storage

04/15/2015 20:36:46 PM

When you code a command-level CICS program in COBOL, you can use the Working-Storage Section just as you do in any other COBOL program: for program variables and switches, as well as for data areas for terminal and file I/O. When CICS loads your prog > read more

DB2 Tough Interview Questions

04/13/2015 09:57:42 AM

Q1.  What is a DB2 bind? A1.  A DB2 bind is a process that builds an access path to DB2 tables. Q2. What is a DB2 access path? A2.  An access path is the method used to access data specified in DB2 sql statements. Q3.  What is a DB2 plan? A3.  > read more

ISPF-Primary Commands

04/13/2015 08:58:49 AM

The primary commands listed here summarize the primary commands you use to display and change your edit profile. Notice that many of these command settings are displayed in the user profile PROFILE This displays the current setting of each mode in th > read more

Stratus Server Commands – Download

04/12/2015 22:20:34 PM

VOS provides compilers for PL/I, COBOL, Pascal, FORTRAN, VOS C, BASIC, and C++. Each of these programming languages can make VOS system calls (e.g. s$seq_read to read a record from a file), and has extensions to support varying-length strings in PL/I > read more

JCL-Include Statement

04/12/2015 06:20:18 AM

In addition to or in conjunction with a JCL procedure, you can use an INCLUDE statement to copy text directly into your job stream. Then, when the job is submitted, the INCLUDE group replaces the INCLUDE statement, and the system processes the embed > read more

IBM Z13 Mainframe – New Series

04/11/2015 21:16:09 PM

IBM claims the z13 mainframe is the first system able to process 2.5 billion transactions a day (or the equivalent of 100 Cyber Mondays every day, according to the company). It can encrypt mobile transactions in real-time and provide on-the-fly ins > read more

CICS Tough Interview Questions

04/09/2015 09:18:13 AM

Question: what is difference between call and link ? Answer: In case of call , whenever you do changes to the called program you need to compile the calling program also. In case of link , it is not needed . Question: what are the differences between > read more

Updating Segments in IMSDB

04/08/2015 08:33:55 AM

Segments can be updated by application programs and returned to IMS to be restored in the database with the Replace call, function code REPL. Two conditions must be met to successfully update a segment: The segment must first be retrieved with a Get > read more

COBOL 2000- Change In Perform

04/07/2015 21:34:53 PM

A new concept introduced in COBOL 2000. That is EXIT PERFORM. EXIT [TO TEST OF] PERFORM This statement can be used in the body of an in-line PERFORM statement either to exit the statement completely or go to the next iteration. For example, you migh > read more

VSAM-Relation Between Alternate Index, Path And Base

04/06/2015 21:12:27 PM

In VSAM, Alternate index is little confusing concept for many mainframe programmers. Since VSAM is a legacy concept and many people are not using it. Now a days people are using DB2. Why we need to go for [Mainframe+VSAM+JOBS] alternate index. Let me > read more

Sample CICS Pseudo Conversational Program

04/05/2015 22:30:46 PM

CICS-Customer information control system. It is a transaction server, run especially on mainframe under ZO/S or ZOS/E. The processing in CICS is interactive. CICS has its highest profile among financial institutions such as banks and insurance compa > read more

IBM InfoSphere DataStage

04/05/2015 01:23:11 AM

InfoSphere DataStage is a powerful data integration tool. It was acquired by IBM in 2005 and has become a part of IBM Information Server Platform. It uses a client/server design where jobs are created and administered via a Windows client against cen > read more

Stratus COBOL Material

04/01/2015 21:41:51 PM

What is Stratus COBOL? Stratus COBOL also called VOS COBOL. COBOL, a widely used high-level language, provides for the internal processing of data within the structure of the four divisions of a program. Programs written in COBOL can access three typ > read more

JCL Sort Example For IFTHEN

03/31/2015 20:40:43 PM

The below example says how to use IFTHEN in sort card. IFTHEN will be used reformatting INREC or OUTREC. Using IFTHEN clauses, you reformat different records in different ways by specifying how BUILD or OVERLAY items are applied to records that m > read more

DB2 V11- Copy Data From One Table to Another

03/30/2015 20:04:19 PM

The below are the steps we need to follow. First, we need t create a new table. CREATE TABLE DA31.TELE (NAME2 VARCHAR(15) NOT NULL, NAME1 VARCHAR(12) NOT NULL, PHONE CHAR(4)) Now new Table TELE is created. I want to copy  some old data into this new > read more

SORT-Overlay Command In JCL

03/30/2015 09:11:45 AM

I came from office during rush hour to home, and decided to write something on SORT Overlay. In recent interviews, I found some guys confused to tell about overlay. Below details are an excellent examples to understand OVERLAY. //SYSIN DD * * Skip th > read more

DB2-JOINS Interview Questions

03/26/2015 11:27:03 AM

In interviews you will be asked definitely a question on Joins. I am giving one of the basic question here. What is join? When you want to see information from multiple tables, you can use a SELECT statement. SELECT statements can retrieve and join c > read more

15 Rapidly Growing IT JOBS

03/24/2015 21:32:36 PM

Open+Source+jobs  [Open Source Jobs] Open source experience and contributions continue to rate highly with IT employers, especially those with significant big data and cloud initiatives on the books. Think along the lines of the aforementioned Hado > read more

COBOL-Use Of Key Phrase In Occurs Clause

03/23/2015 21:22:26 PM

In COBOL, internal arrays play prominent role. How to define an array is very important. We can define single dimension array, multi-dimension array, also can define, variable records in an array. There is no limitation on size of an array (Occurs li > read more

Tough COBOL Interview Questions

03/23/2015 11:44:16 AM

Recently I conducted some interviews, I asked many experienced mainframe programmers on the below file handling questions. Many people confused to tell answers. But, these are very basic questions, everyone has to remember always. After years of prog > read more

Domain Knowledge-Credit Card Processing

03/21/2015 23:29:21 PM

This domain also called PCI – Payment Card Industry. It denotes debit, credit, prepaid, e-purse, ATM, and POS cards and associated businesses. Overview: The payment card industry consists of all the organizations which store, process and transm > read more

Domain Knowledge in Segregated Fund

03/21/2015 23:20:06 PM

A Segregated Fund or Seg Fund is a type of investment fund administered by Canadian insurance companies in the form of individual, variable life insurance contracts offering certain guarantees to the policyholder such as reimbursement of capital upo > read more

Latest Mainframe Interview Questions

03/21/2015 07:59:27 AM

COBOL: - Difference between COMP and COMP-3? COMP- Is binary variable. It is more efficient at boundaries. Comp-3 is packed decimal, it is more efficient in computations. - Redefines advantages? Redefines is possible at same level. And, Since redefi > read more

DB2 Four Isolation Levels-RR,RS,CS,UR

03/16/2015 21:32:48 PM

DB2 offers four locking isolation levels: Repeatable Read (RR), Read Stability (RS), Cursor Stability (CS), and Uncommitted Read (UR). Each of these isolation levels allows the user and application to control the number and duration of read (Share) l > read more

JCL-20 Rules of Instream and Cataloged Procedures

03/13/2015 21:26:05 PM

Instream Procedures: Instream procedures are identical to cataloged procedures except that you place them right along with the job in the input stream, immediately following the JOB statement, rather than as members of partitioned data sets. You migh > read more

Top Mainframe Interview Questions (Part-3)

03/11/2015 22:57:03 PM

COBOL: How to write ‘SRINI’ as ‘INIRS’ Use function “REVERSE” String and Unstring in COBOL? String – To concatenate multiple data fields into a single string Unstring- To split main string, to get only partic > read more

25 Hottest Skills in India By Linkedin

03/09/2015 10:00:04 AM

> read more

Am I Too Old To Become A Computer Programmer

03/08/2015 11:04:39 AM

I tried to read answer to the question “How Do You Learn Programming Fast Or Get A Software Developer Job Easily?” But couldn’t. I am right now a 50yrs old housewife who was working once. I am pretty confident about my “quick& > read more

Resolution For CICS APCT Abend

03/07/2015 02:47:49 AM

The very first reason getting this abend in CICS is Load module of program or Map is not loaded at the time of CICS transaction execution. Solution: I have compiled a new program, but i have not defined that program with PPT entry. So we can expect A > read more

How To Prepare For Mainframe Interview

03/05/2015 09:37:53 AM

Interview preparation need to be done in 3 stages: Stage-1: Decide which job you want to go. Either Contract or permanent job. Permanent jobs need full preparation of all the skills that you put in Resume is Required. You need to be in a position to > read more

JCL-My JOB Submitted But Not Running

03/04/2015 08:50:32 AM

Question: I submitted a job for execution, which was stuck in processing for a long time. Although it completed later, but I was wondering if there is any way I can look for the reason for the delay. I had a look at the JESMSGLG but nothing was there > read more

JCL-Tough Questions For Interviews

03/03/2015 19:44:09 PM

Why we need to use Tape datasets? We need to use tape datasets to back up the data. Tape datasets we can delete by IDCAMS utility. There are special REXX tools are there to browse Tape datasets What is PRTY? It denotes priority for Output datasets Ho > read more

Best Approaches Mainframe to UNIX

02/26/2015 20:04:45 PM

Based on this legacy, a significant portion of today’s transactions is still processed by mainframes. Yet, unlike in the beginning of the computer era, big businesses no longer require mainframes to handle large volumes of data quickly and accurat > read more

5 New Things On DB2 Cursors

02/24/2015 11:17:38 AM

Cursors plays prominent role in application programming development. When to use Cursor is most important decision. If we use Cursors un-necessarily, it causes to take more CPU time. Program requires a SELECT statement that returns more than one r > read more

Nested Cursor – DB2

02/22/2015 05:48:29 AM

In DB2 we can use nested cursor. A cursor within the cursor is called nested cursor. DECLARE Cursor: We can declare all cursor definitions in working storage section. OPEN CURSOR FETCH CURSOR      When Source=10                OPEN CURSOR- > read more

Driverless Cars -Role of IT Professionals

02/21/2015 01:13:14 AM

What could have prevented the accident? The obvious answer is that you could have -- by paying attention. But that answer isn't so simple. Driver error is the most common cause of traffic accidents, and with cell phones, in-car entertainment systems, > read more

CICS-ABEND Command and Rules

02/20/2015 21:37:40 PM

The ABEND command forces the current task to terminate abnormally. If a HANDLE ABEND command is in effect, control will be transferred to the routine it specifies. Otherwise, control is returned to CICS. An optional storage dump can be produced. Synt > read more

Mainframe Ques and Messages

02/19/2015 20:37:34 PM

Message queues, and the software that manages them, such as IBM WebSphere MQ for z/OS, enable program-to-program communication. Messaging means that programs communicate by sending each other messages (data), rather than by calling each other directl > read more

DB2 Columnar Functions- CAST and DECIMAL

02/19/2015 10:23:32 AM

CAST can be used to change the data type of an expression to a different data type or the same data type with a different length, precision, or scale. SELECT EMPNO, CAST(SALARY AS INTEGER) FROM   Samples.EMP; The specified data type if DB2 not sup > read more

Hyperion Report Generating Tool

02/17/2015 19:43:25 PM

Filed under: Analytics, Big Data, CICS, Cloud, Data Warehousing & Tools, Easytrive, Hadoop, IMDB/DC, Mainframe, Mobile Apps, Quiz, Self-development, Srinimf Jobs, Teradata Tagged: Hyperion Tool > read more

Passing Data From JCL to COBOL

02/16/2015 23:02:02 PM

From JCL we can pass data into COBOL program many ways. One is through PARM (maximum limit is 100 bytes), second through Input file, third through SYSIN card. The data that we passed from PARM and SYSIN are passed to LINKAGE SECTION. In LINKAGE secti > read more

Simple Way to Write DML SQL in DB2

02/15/2015 22:47:08 PM

DML – Data manipulation language commands. S-I-D-U (The way we can remember as Cricketer name) SELECT All queries begin with the SELECT SQL statement, which is an extremely powerful statement that is used to construct a wide variety of queries > read more

5 More DB2 SQL Performance Tips

02/13/2015 20:57:54 PM

SELECT from INSERT, UPDATE whenever possible.  This feature is great for getting the values associated with identity, sequence, and any other database column keys while doing an INSERT or UPDATE SQL operation. This capability provides for the captur > read more

DB2-Aggregate Functions|No Row Found

02/11/2015 20:21:06 PM

DB2 Aggregate functions also called Column functions. Example: SELECT MAX(VALUE_1) FROM SAMPLES.TABLE_1; Rules: All aggregate functions, we need to use only in SELECT statement If no row found, we will not get +100 sqlcode, instead we will get NULL v > read more

DB2- Avoid Select Column Before do UPDATE

02/09/2015 19:40:28 PM

We do not have to retrieve data first and manipulate it before executing the SQL UPDATE. Avoiding that work requires an extra call to DB2. Below example dynamically retrieve a row, and update the Column value. suppose an employee is to be given a 1 > read more

DB2 SQL- Rules for Creating Index

02/09/2015 04:56:02 AM

Indexes will speed-up the performance. Before creating Indexs, the following rules can be considered. Consider indexing on columns used in WHERE, GROUP BY, and ORDER BY clauses, as well as for UNION, INTERSECT, and EXCEPT statements. Limit the indexi > read more

CICS – Pseudo Conversational Program

02/08/2015 00:45:36 AM

CICS- is also called Customer information control system. The term pseudo conversation program refers effective utilization of resources, and the conversation terminates itself. Traditional program has both presentation logic and business logic in s > read more

VSAM- File Reading in COBOL Program

02/06/2015 20:44:58 PM

The below example shows how we can write code in COBOL program to read VSAM file. I am giving here the best method how we can give. Simple Read just like sequential files: OPEN INPUT sample-file. READ sample-file INTO identifier. AT END statement. > read more

DB2- How to write Best SQL Queries

02/05/2015 10:31:48 AM

The following SQL checklist will help to review SQL Queries. Check for by mistake any inner join is coded as outer-join Check all union statements, is it really needed, or we can go with UNION ALL Check for NULLABLE columns, if NULL value comes, we n > read more

DB2-SQL Error -204 and Resolution

02/04/2015 20:52:26 PM

-204 name IS AN UNDEFINED NAME. Suggestion: Correct DB2 CREATOR or OBJECT NAMEs located in SQL statements. This is possible, the Table name that you have given in the SQL query is not available. Probably incorrect name given. DB2 Objects: Database is > read more

COBOL-Tough Interview Questions on VB Files

02/03/2015 20:01:29 PM

VB files can have data varying in length. The length we can control by depending on clause Table with OCCURS either VB  or FB, can have maximum 7 dimensions The key value specified in any Array mus not exceed 256 bytes The EXIT PROGRAM statement sho > read more

DB2-SQL Part-2

02/02/2015 19:39:20 PM

Filed under: Analytics, Big Data, CICS, Cloud, Data Warehousing & Tools, Easytrive, Hadoop, IMDB/DC, Mainframe, Mobile Apps, Quiz, Self-development, Srinimf Jobs, Teradata Tagged: db2 sql > read more

DB2- SET Operators

02/02/2015 10:59:47 AM

Set operators allow you to combine one are more queries. EXCEPT -All duplicate rows found in each result data set produced are eliminated from the result data set of the first query and this modified result data set is returned. EXCEPT ALL - All > read more

CICS- NODYNAM Compiler Option

02/01/2015 20:48:24 PM

When we are working with CICS, we need to mention NODYNAM compiler option. The reason is NODYNAM allows, to give both STATIC and DYNAMIC calls. We give DYNAM option, when we want to use dynamic DLLs in CICS program. Must use Compiler options in CICS > read more

VSAM-Tough Interview Questions

01/30/2015 10:22:56 AM

How many ways VSAM will identify records? Three ways. Key, RBA, RRN What is the size of primary key? Min 1 byte to Max 255 bytes What is RBA ? Starts from 0 to first record LERCL. Second records starts from length of first record. What is RRN? Relat > read more

CICS-Invoke Web service Error-Response 13 and 14

01/29/2015 09:43:07 AM

Our workshop is using CICS web services. We have a scenario need to invoke a web service to get third party service. Just after triggering service, we are getting error. INVOKE-SERVICE(data-value) CHANNEL(data-value) OPERATION(data-value) URI(data > read more

DB2 SQL Error Codes -104 and -199

01/28/2015 10:21:51 AM

In our workshop DB2 is a Database. The below errors I have got many times. The reasons are I found incorrect host variables. Example, missing codes for CHAR, using ” (double codes) instead of ‘ (Single codes) etc.. -104 ILLEGAL SYMBOL  > read more

SQL – Eliminating Duplicates in a Table

01/27/2015 10:47:07 AM

 Good thoughts on SQL: Often times there are multiple ways of getting the same answer in programming. This pertains to SQL also. Everyone needs to be stronger in SQL. Strong SQL skills greatly enhance one’s ability to do performance tuning of quer > read more


01/26/2015 08:31:19 AM

The are four Sysdummy tables in DB2. One is SYSDUMMY1, SYSDUMMYA, SYSDUMMYE and SYSDUMMYU. SYSDUMMY1- The SYSIBM.SYSDUMMY1 table contains one row. The table is used for SQL statements in which a table reference is required, but the contents of th > read more

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