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Top features of SAS 9.2 for Mainframe projects ( 1 of 5)

08/30/2015 06:08:28 AM

How many ways you can invoke SAS in Mainframe: You can invoke SAS with any of the following methods: in interactive mode under TSO using the SAS CLIST in interactive mode under TSO using the SASRX exec in batch mode with the SAS cataloged procedure b > read more

Mainframe: How SORTWKxx datasets increases sort performance in JCL

08/29/2015 23:05:07 PM

The use of more work data sets increases the maximum amount of data DFSORT can process in a single sort application. Any valid ddname of the form SORTWKdd or SORTWKd can now be used for DASD work data sets (for example, SORTWK01, SORTWKC3, SORTWK2 > read more

Why to avoid SELECT COUNT(*) in your SQL query

08/29/2015 09:12:53 AM

Many queries in programs execute SQL Select Count(*) statements just to see if any rows exist for particular data. Many times it doesn’t matter whether there is one row or one million rows; it just matters if any rows exist. When this is the ca > read more

DB2 Error codes -204, -205, -206

08/27/2015 23:58:57 PM

The error code -204 says: The object name is undefined. Resolution is need to check if the DB2 object name is correct. The error code -205 says: Invalid column name. In other way, the column name is not defined on that table. Resolution is check if t > read more

How a record in a KSDS is randomly accessed by primary key

08/26/2015 07:39:41 AM

As you’ve already learned, a KSDS consists of a data component and an index component. The primary purpose of the index component is to locate the records in the data component by their key values. To increase the efficiency of this process, the in > read more

Hierarchical file system (HFS) in Mainframe UNIX (1 of 2)

08/26/2015 00:22:33 AM

Files in a UNIX environment are organized into a hierarchical structure, If this looks familiar to you, that’s because both the DOS and Windows operating systems use a hierarchical file organization too. As you can see, all files within a hierarchi > read more

ISPF basic editor commands for Software developers

08/25/2015 00:35:06 AM


5 Essential features of COBOL REDEFINES phrase

08/25/2015 00:30:41 AM

In COBOL REDEFINES is one of the frequently being used phrase. It has many advantages if you use it pproperly. REDEFINES is possible at two levels: At group level  (01 level) At field level The REDEFINES clause allows you to define the same data fie > read more

Mainframe tip- Resolution TSO session not allowing to do anything

08/24/2015 08:29:28 AM

If by mistake you try to browse the migrated dataset then your TSO session will not allow you to do anything and you will get below error. So to come out of this press  cntrl+shift+A  twice  then below message will appear- Press Y, then press any > read more

Mainframe COBOL Debugging mode ‘D’ in 7th Column

08/24/2015 01:22:52 AM

To get Display for each PARA instead of using 2-3 lines code we can do it by single line code. If you are writing a new code then it will be useful to use this tip. *SOURCE-COMPUTER.  IBM-370.   SOURCE COMPUTER IBM370.  WITH DEBUGGING MODE. And gi > read more

Informatica Interview Questions- Part( 1 of 2 )

08/23/2015 17:26:52 PM

The following are the interview questions asked at CGI for informatica developers. What type of testing will do in project? A). Unit testing, System testing, Integration testing How many ways we can do performance tuning in informatica? A) – Op > read more

Mainframe tip- Resolution for ‘Member in Use’ error

08/23/2015 08:18:48 AM

Sometimes while opening the member of PDS in edit mode we see the message ‘Member in Use’ in that if you want to know who else is using that member then you press F1 twice or you can type WHOHAS in front of that member then it will show y > read more

Mainframe tip to cut first 10 lines, last 10 lines from 10000 lines dataset

08/23/2015 01:14:25 AM

I have a dataset with 10,000 lines. I want to cut the first 10 lines and last 10 lines and paste into another dataset. When I cut the first 10 lines and then again the last 10 lines, only the last 10 lines are pasted into the new dataset. Is there an > read more

Mainframe tip editing IMS DB database with File Aid

08/22/2015 06:08:02 AM

In case you are not able to open File Aid in Edit mode, try doing this…………………….. Open your file Aid with option 2 for Edit, you will get below screen. Now in the bottom of the                              > read more

DB2 Date and Time formats for Software developers

08/21/2015 20:28:30 PM

5 Top Data warehousing Skills in the age of Big data and Analytics #datawarehousing — ApplyBigAnalytics (@applyanalytics) August 21, 2015 International Organization for Standardization (ISO) YYYY-MM-DD HH.MM.SS IBM USA St > read more

COBOL Different Error Handling Phrases

08/21/2015 13:15:49 PM


2 Top ideas to Copy or Load a Data set in Mainframe

08/21/2015 00:13:45 AM

You must load a VSAM data set by writing it sequentially. Entry-sequenced and linear- space data sets are in whatever sequence you want. Key-sequenced and relative- record data sets must be ordered on the record keys. Idea-1: You can load the data se > read more

DB2- MAX Column function- best example

08/20/2015 05:16:07 AM

The MAX function returns the largest value in the specified column or expression. The following SQL statement determines the project with the latest end date: SELECT MAX(ACENDATE) FROM DSN81010.PROJACT; The result of the MAX function is of the same d > read more

DB2- AVG Column function – Best example

08/20/2015 00:05:36 AM

The AVG function computes the average of the values for the column or expression specified as an argument. We should not give AVG function on CHAR arguments. This function operates only on numeric arguments. The following example calculates the avera > read more

5 Top ideas on JCL Checkpoint and Restart (1 of 2)

08/19/2015 00:23:23 AM

RD in JCL exec statement: There are two methods of restarting a job: restarting from a step (step restart) and restarting from a checkpoint (checkpoint restart). Step restart is simpler and doesn’t require the system to take a checkpoint. You s > read more

DB2 Questions on Primary Key, View , Static SQL and Dynamic SQL

08/18/2015 00:28:03 AM

What’s the advantage of using a view? By using views, you can set up different presentations of the same data. Each view is derived from the actual table data, but each user will see a subset of the data. The main benefit to using views is that > read more

DB2 Numeric, String, Date, Time Data types

08/17/2015 00:29:06 AM

Numeric Data types: SMALLINT: As the name suggests, the smallest numeric data type that DB2 supports. These values use 2 bytes of storage (16 bits) and are interpreted as 2s-complement signed numbers, providing a range between -32768 and 32767. INTEG > read more

Calling Stored Procedure in DB2- best example

08/16/2015 23:49:00 PM

What is the role of stored procedure in DB2 Workloads in a client/server environment can be moved from the client to the sever by creating one or more stored procedures. Once a stored procedure has been created and registered with a database (by exec > read more

Mainframe: DB2 Tutorial For Software Developers (5 of 5)

08/16/2015 04:33:12 AM

Read my Part-4 post on DB2 tutorial. Indexes: What is an Index ? ‘An index is an ordered set of pointers to rows of a base table’. Or ‘An Index is a balanced B-tree structure that orders the values of columns in a table’ Why an Index ? One > read more

All about Mainframe DB2 VARCHAR Field

08/15/2015 00:54:28 AM

VARCHAR(n): Varying-length character strings with a maximum length of n bytes. n must be greater than 0 and less than a number that depends on the page size of the table space. The maximum length is 32704. Handling additional data in VARCHAR fileds > read more

Mainframe JCL- DD Statements for Tape data sets

08/14/2015 00:19:23 AM

DD statement parameters that you can use for tape data sets. Here, the only parameters that are new are the RETPD, EXPDT, and LABEL parameters. RETPD and EXPDT let you set a time limit for how long a data set should be kept, and LABEL is the paramet > read more

Mainframe: DB2 Catalog tables in accessing Remote Data

08/12/2015 23:31:38 PM

The following system catalog  tables being updated while accessing data from remote systems: SYSIBM.LOCATIONS SYSIBM.LUNAMES SYSIBM.IPNAMES SYSIBM.MODESELECT SYSIBM.USERNAMES SYSIBM.LULIST SYSIBM.LUMODES Buffer pools in DB2 Buffer pools are database > read more

JCL- ICETOOL to Copy a data set to multiple data sets

08/12/2015 00:19:59 AM

Combining ICETOOL with DFSORT in Mainframe JCL. Best DFSORT examples so you can simplify your JCL code. Continue reading → > read more

ICETOOL in Job control Language (JCL) of Mainframe (1 of 4)

08/10/2015 23:59:58 PM

What is ICETOOL ICETOOL, a versatile data set processing and reporting utility, provides an easy-to-use batch front-end for DFSORT. How to use ICETOOL ICETOOL combines new features with previously available DFSORT features to perform complex sorting, > read more

DB2- Split Predicates to improve SQL Performance

08/10/2015 00:10:47 AM

Best rewriting SQL query methods to improve Query performance. First write Split predicates out if possible: SELECT DEPTNO, DEPTNAME FROM DEPT WHERE (ADMRDEPT = ‘E01′ AND DEPTNAME LIKE ‘BRANCH%’) OR (DEPTNO = ‘D01′ > read more

DB2- Different SQL Queries for Creating Index (1 of 2)

08/09/2015 00:32:44 AM

Provide a fast, efficient method for locating specific rows of data in very large tables. (In some cases, all the information needed to resolve a query may be found in the index itself, in which case the actual table data does not have to be accessed > read more

Best ways to handle unrecoverable errors in CICS programs

08/08/2015 00:13:17 AM

Method-1 Best one method is to call error program, by passing error parameters. WORKING-STORAGE SECTION. * COPY ERRPARM. C 01 ERROR-PARAMETERS. C * C 05 ERR-RESP PIC S9(8) COMP. C 05 ERR-RESP2 PIC S9(8) COMP. C 05 ERR-TRNID PIC X(4). C 05 ERR-RSRCE P > read more

COBOL- Alternative Key vs Alternative Index

08/07/2015 00:45:57 AM

The concept of Index, Primary key and Alternative key and Alternative index creates many questions, much confusion in the mind of COBOL programmers. There are many simple and powerful solutions for Alternative Key and Alternative index files. Alterna > read more

Mainframe: DB2 Tutorial For Software Developers (4 of 5)

08/06/2015 00:48:00 AM

Read my previous post(3 of 5). Functions Types are two : Column Function Scalar Function Column Functions Compute from a group of rows aggregate value for a specified column(s) AVG, COUNT, MAX, MIN, SUM Scalar Functions Are applied to a column or exp > read more

CICS- How XCTL,LINK and RETURN controls execution of programs

08/05/2015 01:06:23 AM

How programs executed in CICS When CICS initiates a task, it loads a program and transfers control to that program. That program, in turn, can invoke other programs. Those programs will return control to the invoking program when their processing is > read more

Mainframe: Batch JCL Conditon Code Confusing Question

08/04/2015 00:23:36 AM

Step return code (condition code) and System completion codes are confusing questions in batch jcl. I have given here differences between those. Continue reading → > read more

Top Data virtualization Techniques for BI projects (1 of 5)

08/01/2015 00:23:00 AM

The term data virtualization is based on the word virtualization. Virtualization is not a new concept in the IT industry. Probably the first application of virtualization was in the 1960s when IBM used this concept to split mainframes into separate v > read more

Mainframe: MQSeries for Senior Software Developers(1 of 3)

07/31/2015 01:06:09 AM

These posts specially for mainframe programmers, they can use these tips for development as well as for maintenance projects. Integrate your mainframe applications to different distributed applications using MQseries. A message queue, known simply as > read more

Mainframe: 10 Powerful Points for COBOL and SQL programs

07/30/2015 00:59:26 AM

In Mainframe it is possible to run a SQL query without writing a COBOL program. By using, SPUFI, QMF and IBM Studio SQL query must begin with EXEC SQL and end with END-EXEC. Second, your SQL query usually uses COBOL host variables. Host variables in > read more

CICS: CEMT, CECI, CEBR Commands Part(2 of 3)

07/29/2015 07:42:01 AM

#Cloud Computing Middleware an approach- Virtualization #biganalytics #bigdata — ApplyBigAnalytics (@applyanalytics) July 27, 2015 CEMT lets you display and change the status of resources, including programs, transactions > read more

Mainframe: Top IMS DC Interview Questions (2 of 2)

07/28/2015 07:41:27 AM

Different kinds of NoSQL Databases in the age of Big data | Apply Big Analytics — Srinimf (@srinimf) July 26, 2015 1) Which block MFS uses for input message? DIF- Device input format 2) What is second block it uses? MID- > read more

Mainframe:COBOL Strings, INSPECT,Concatenation, Splitting (2 of 2)

07/27/2015 00:23:53 AM

What is String concatenation in COBOL. Read my previous post on COBOL Strings-INSPECT VERB. String concatenation involves joining the contents of two or more source strings or partial source strings to create a single destination string. In COBOL, st > read more

Mainframe-COBOL Occurs, Indexed By,USAGE is Index (2 of 2)

07/23/2015 21:44:32 PM

Read my previous post-1. This post is an advanced topic for Tables/arrays. OCCURS depending ON. Best example to create variable array: 01 ORG-LIMIT PIC 99 COMP VALUE 50. 01 DIVISION-NAME-TABLE. 05 DIVISION-ENTRY OCCURS 1 TO 50 TIMES DEPENDING ON ORG > read more

Easytrieve Guide for Mainframe Programmers (6 of 20)

07/22/2015 06:18:48 AM

VARIOUS I/O COMMANDS: This section will cover a wide variety of commands that will be essential to the EZT+ programmer in organizing the logic that is necessary to construct an EZT+ program. The statements to be covered are . . . . .   PRINT     > read more

5 Key differences of INDEX and Subscript for COBOL programmers

07/21/2015 00:06:37 AM

You can refer my posts on INDEXED BY and KEY IS of a Table. Subscript: Subscript should be an integer. It should have working storage definition Subscript can be passed to a sub-program Subscript varies from 1 to size of OCCURS Subscript references > read more

Mainframe-COBOL Occurs, Indexed By,USAGE is Index (1 of 2)

07/20/2015 00:53:47 AM

I want to share very important points on COBOL index. First point is Index cannot passed into SUB-PROGRAM and why. Second, is Index is not an Integer. Most mainframe COBOL programmers confused much here of how to use OCCURS clause with KEY phrase > read more

Mainframe: Reduce your Coding lines using OUTPUT statement in JCL (1 of 2)

07/19/2015 07:39:40 AM

Tricky SYSOUT statement in JCL(Job control Language), and ignore it many times by programmers to understand it correctly. Why SYSOUT is coded in JCL SYSOUT data sets are output files that are designed to be printed rather than stored on DASD or tape. > read more

Mainframe: DB2 LOCATE Built-in Function-Best examples

07/17/2015 07:47:26 AM

You already enjoyed with my earlier post on built-in functions. LOCATE is a Scalar function. Syntax for LOCATE function is as follows: SELECT LOCATE(‘String to be searched’, Source string’, Start position) FROM SYSIBM.SYSDUMMY1; Key > read more

Mainframe: DB2 Tutorial For Software Developers (3 of 5)

07/17/2015 00:30:16 AM

Data Definition Language(DDL) CREATE: –This statement is used to create objects Syntax : For Creating a Table CREATE TABLE (Col Definitions) PRIMARY KEY(Columns) / FOREIGN KEY UNIQUE (Colname) (referential constraint) [LIKE Table name / View n > read more

Informatica: Top Data warehousing Interview Questions(Part 1 of 2)

07/16/2015 00:29:20 AM

I hope you enjoyed with my post informatica transformations. This is big post on interview questions. What is data warehouse? A data warehouse is a electronic storage of an Organization’s historical data for the purpose of analysis and reportin > read more

Mainframe: Simplify Your DB2 SQL Query with these Built-in Functions

07/15/2015 00:53:37 AM

DB2 built-in functions are great to use to simplify your SQL query. There are different functions available. Alternative functions improve the understanding of SQL query. Use Left side functions (alternative functions) instead of Right side function > read more

Mainframe: CICS ATI, START an Example

07/14/2015 07:32:51 AM

Life cycle of START Command: START command executes through ATI (Automatic time ordered transaction initiation) A user task issues a START command that’s processed by interval control. Interval control creates an ICE that indicates the trans-id > read more

Easytrieve Guide for Mainframe Programmers (5 of 20)

07/14/2015 00:30:16 AM

HEADING Report headings can be supplied in the field definition of a data item. When NOT coded with the data item, the actual field name is used as a heading. The heading can be specified by simply using the HEADING parameter of the field definition. > read more

Mainframe: DB2 Tutorial For Software Developers (2 of 5)

07/13/2015 01:01:42 AM

What is SQL? SQL – all data object manipulation, creation and use, involve SQL’s. DB2 objects – Database, Tablespaces & Indexspaces – creation & use, and other terminology’s associated with databases. SQL or Structured Query > read more

These IMS DB, IMS DC Error Codes asked in Many Mainframe Interviews

07/12/2015 11:30:01 AM

IMS DB, IMS DC error codes for mainframe interviews. How to prepare for IMS DB interviews is a big challenge. I made here simplified. AM – Proc option ‘P’ is not defined for command code VI – Variable segment size is crossing > read more

Mainframe : Advanced CICS for Senior Software Developers(1 of 5)

07/12/2015 06:24:44 AM

Many CICS-Mainframe programmers do not know exact difference between ATI and START. Understanding these concepts is little tricky. That is why I am posting these concepts for Senior software developers. Since CICS has multitasking capability, let us > read more

COBOL MOVE, Alphanumeric Move, Numeric Move, Decimal Move

07/10/2015 01:39:04 AM

MOVE is such a crucial COBOL reserved word. Simple syntax for MOVE is: MOVE {identifier-1 | literal-1} TO identifier-2 .. We can move smaller field to bigger field We cannot move bigger field to smaller field. If so, value will be truncated. Alphanum > read more

Mainframe: Top DB2 DBA Interview Questions (1 of 5)

07/08/2015 22:45:24 PM

1) What are the different address spaces used in DB2? System services address space (SSAS) Database services address space (DSAS) Internal resource lock manager (IRLM) Distributed Database Facility (DDF) Stored procedure address space (SPAS) Allied > read more

These DB2 SQL Errors asked in Many Mainframe Interviews

07/08/2015 04:31:53 AM

Below is the list of frequently asked DB2 SQL errors in Mainframe+job interviews. 000- Successful 100-Row not found -205-Column name is not a column of the table -305-Null value cannot be assigned to a host variable -313-Number of host variables dec > read more

DB2 DATE,UNPACK and TRIM Functions

07/07/2015 22:17:56 PM

TRIM TRIM is a scalar function in DB2. As of DB2 V11 we will see how this function will work. Example: Initial value in :HELLO1 = HELLO1 SELECT TRIM(:HELLO1), TRIM(TRAILING FROM :HELLO1) FROM SYSIBM.SYSDUMMY1 Result: HELLO1,HELLO1 – Both are sa > read more

Project Manager Responsibilities in Software Company (2 of 2)

07/07/2015 11:30:57 AM

Roles and responsibilities: The Project Manager has the authority to run the project on a day-to-day basis on behalf of the Project Board . Responsibility: The Project Manager’s prime responsibility is to ensure that the project produces the > read more

DB2 WITH HOLD Close and Open of Cursors in COMMIT or ROLLBACK

07/06/2015 21:34:12 PM

A cursor in an application programming plays crucial role. With cursor, we can retrieve bunch of rows matching to criteria of WHERE clause. Cursor life cycle: Declare => OPEN => Fetch => CLOSE Declare-It is nothing but declaration, like working stora > read more

Easytrieve Guide for Mainframe Programmers (4 of 20)

07/06/2015 11:30:44 AM

DECIMAL POSITIONS For numeric data items, you can indicate the number of decimal places  (0 – 18)      by adding the appropriate numeric value AFTER the data format value. The use of the DECIMAL indicator also informs EZT+ that this data i > read more

Mainframe: How to Debug CICS Abend Code

07/05/2015 11:28:05 AM

When CICS encounters an error it can’t recover from, it ends in an abnormal termination, or abend. There are many utilities we can use to trace out CICS abends.  Usually, in CICS, when running a transaction, due to logic problem in a program, > read more

Mainframe: Top IMS DC Interview Questions (1 of 2)

07/03/2015 21:52:38 PM

1) What is IMS DC? It is IBM IMS data communication 2)How IMS DC program works? It takes input from terminal, and IMS DC program, interacts with database/files, send back information to the terminal 3)What is a message? Message is a unit of data pass > read more

DB2 SQL Quiz for Mainframe Programmers

07/02/2015 01:05:19 AM

Check your SQL knowledge. SQL Quiz for mainframe programmers. 1)SQL was first developed: A)In the 1970s B)In 1982 C)By IBM D)By ANSI E)NONE 2)A SELECT without a WHERE clause: A) Always outputs results to a log file B) Results in an error message C) > read more

Mainframe: Top IDMS Interview Questions (1 of 5)

06/30/2015 11:30:05 AM

What is the difference between a schema and a sub schema? The schema is the physical arrangement of the data as it appears in the DBMS. The subschema is the logical view of the data as it appears to the application program. What is a region? Region > read more

Mainframe: JES2 and JES3 Control ‘/*’ Statements in Job Card

06/29/2015 12:11:02 PM

JES2,JES3 and JES statements: Under JES2 and JES3, a job stream can also include JES2 or JES3 control statements that influence the way the Job Entry Subsystem processes your job. In old projects, you may come across JES control statements in older j > read more

Mainframe: 3 Simple Ideas to Handle Cursor Position in CICS

06/28/2015 21:46:21 PM

These 3 techniques are so helpful for CICS-Mainframe programmers to implement handling cursor position. Using IC: First, if a map contains a single entry field, you can specify the IC option in the DFHMDF macro for that field. For maps with more than > read more

These COBOL File Status Codes Asked in Many Mainframe Interviews

06/25/2015 21:53:21 PM

The below COBOL errors frequently being asked in many interviews, and occurring in day to day development of COBOL programs. COBOL File Status Codes: 00- Successful 02-Duplicate alternate key 22-Duplicate Key 23-Record not found 24-Space not found to > read more

Project Manager Responsibilities in Software Company (1 of 2)

06/24/2015 21:31:17 PM

Project Manager-Software Project managers run the projects. Their role differs from that of technical managers, whose primary responsibility is maintaining the integrity of the systems. How project managers learn skills These managers have taken clas > read more

Easytrieve Guide for Mainframe Programmers(3 of 20)

06/23/2015 21:57:22 PM

EZT+ LIBRARY FILE STATEMENT All files and their associated fields (including any Working Storage items) used in your EZT+ program MUST be described in the library section BEFORE they are used in your program. The FILE STATEMENT is used to define the > read more

COBOL Data Division Clauses (1 of 3)

06/22/2015 21:09:59 PM

Many mainframe programmers not so clear about COBOL data division clauses. The below clauses extensively used in COBOL programmes. Also, the below are top COBOL interview questions. The Data Division clauses are used to describe elementary and group > read more

Sample COBOL DATE Program for Mainframe Projects

06/21/2015 22:25:27 PM


Endevor Presentation for Mainframe Programmers

06/20/2015 22:44:59 PM

Endevor is a source code management and release management tool for mainframe computers running z/OS .It is part of a family of administration tools by CA Technologies (formerly Computer Associates), which is used to maintain software applications an > read more

Easytrieve Guide for Mainframe Programmers (2 of 20)

06/19/2015 21:45:57 PM

EZT+ SYNTAX EZT+ and its free-form ENGLISH language structure make it easy for you to develop an efficient and flexible style of programming. To avoid fundamental programming errors you should follow these simple EZT+ syntax rules.  STATEMENT AREA > read more

DB2- Use of ‘COALESCE’ Function (2 of 2)

06/18/2015 21:25:39 PM

Usage of COALESCE function, and detailed explanation. SELECT bird_name, AVG(COALESCE(found_tally, 0)) FROM Samples AS SA LEFT OUTER JOIN SampleGroups AS SG ON SA.sample_id = SG.sample_id AND SA.bird_name = :my_bird_name AND group_id = :my_group GROUP > read more

Eazytrive+ Material for Mainframe Programmers (1of 20)

06/17/2015 23:54:51 PM

What is EZT+?  EZT+ is an information retrieval and data management system. It provides the NEW USER the tools to produce comprehensive reports. The experienced programmer is given the tools to create more complex reports.  EZT+ is an ENGLISH style > read more

TPPCB Structure in IMSDB/DC

06/15/2015 19:37:07 PM

TPPCB Structure: 01  TPPCB. 05  TP-LTERM                    PIC  X(08). 05  FILLER                      PIC S9(04)   COMP. 05  TP-STS-CODE                 PIC  X(02). 88  TP-BB-GOOD   > read more

PLI Presentation for Mainframe Programmers

06/14/2015 00:46:10 AM

Filed under: IMDB/DC, Mainframe, PL/I Tagged: Mainframe PLI, PLI > read more

QMF Commands for Senior Mainframe Programmers

06/13/2015 21:46:39 PM

QMF is an excellent tool for mainframe programmers to increase productivity. QMF for windows a solution,we can query on multiple data sources. Database management system implementations within a single company are no longer restricted to a single dat > read more

DB2 SQL Query to Find Salary Dept wise

06/11/2015 22:52:10 PM

Good SQL query example. It is asked in many interviews. Suppose, that you want to know how much salary is paid to employees for each of the department codes listed in the SAMPLE database’s employee table. Take a look at this table in the Contr > read more


06/10/2015 21:25:18 PM

DB2 V11 LOAD and UNLOAD Enhancements: LOAD SHRLEVEL NONE with PARALLEL option LOAD SHRLEVEL CHANGE with PARALLEL option The best way to LOAD is split your input data set into part and load individual data set into part of partition table space. Howev > read more

2 More things on Advanced COBOL Programming

06/10/2015 00:26:34 AM

A great opportunity for mainframe programmers to implement these advanced concepts into their development projects. As you gain experience you need to show some performance improvement in your day to day coding. These, you can tell, that you did in y > read more

Sorting Multiple Fields in DFSORT

06/08/2015 21:00:03 PM

Let us sort records in the bookstore data set by specifying multiple control fields. When you specify two or more control fields, you specify them in the order of greater to lesser priority. Note that control fields might overlap or be contained w > read more

DB2 NULLIF Scalar Function

06/08/2015 01:30:40 AM

NULLIF returns a null value if the two arguments of the function are equal. If the arguments are not equal, NULLIF returns the value of the first argument. DB2+Mainframe+CICS+Updated+JOBS [If your from INDIA please search here ] Example: NULLIF: Sup > read more

3 Thoughts on Modernization of Mainframe Online Applications

06/07/2015 22:12:36 PM

Mainframe modernization using Web services/SOA has, in recent years, become one of the most effective, efficient, and economical means to reach these goals. In manufacturing, telecommunications, energy, high tech, insurance, government, health care, > read more

How COBOL Sharing Data Between Main and Subprograms

06/06/2015 22:06:21 PM

These are interesting things on COBOL. Surely if you implement these in your development projects your productivity will increase. Within a main program and each of its contained subprograms, data and files are normally private, which means that they > read more

Sweet Spots of DB2 V11 with Hadoop

06/04/2015 21:00:00 PM

Big data and business analytics represent the new IT battleground. Here is some stats: IDC estimates the big data market will reach $16.9 billion by 2015, and that enterprises will invest more than $120 billion to capture IDC estimates the big data m > read more

SQL Tuning Refresher for Data warehousing Programmers

06/03/2015 21:38:52 PM

SQL tuning is very critical in the context of data ware housing. Before tuning, the following factors we need to consider to take decision. Isolating the Problem The first challenge is to isolate exactly where the performance problem lies. For exampl > read more

IMSDB Refresher for Mainframe Programmers

06/02/2015 21:25:32 PM

I am giving here IMSDB refresher for your super success in interviews. This tutorial contains all key points in IMSDB. Many interviewers follow or touch these questions in selecting IMSDB programmers. Few points on IMSDB: [You can read my other arti > read more

ROLLUP or Sub Total in DB2 V11 SQL

06/01/2015 22:37:40 PM

A ROLLUP grouping is an extension to the GROUP BY clause that produces a result set containing sub-total rows in addition to the “regular” grouped rows. Subtotal rows are “super-aggregate” rows that contain further aggregates > read more

Python the Most Powerful Language

05/31/2015 21:20:06 PM

According to 2014 statistics Python became one of the powerful language, after Java, C++ in series. Python is free downloadable language. You can start practice today. Tools for Python-Downloads: Anaconda Python Both eas > read more

Top UNIX Job Scheduling Interview Questions

05/30/2015 22:49:05 PM

 What is the difference between invoking a job serially and in parallel? A) In UNIX/Linux, the invocation of a program is also called a job or task. To distinguish between a job (task) and process, consider the invocation of a program as a single jo > read more

Highest Paying Jobs in USA

05/30/2015 08:22:18 AM

1. Software Architect Average base salary: $131,000 Number of job openings: 3,200 software+architect+jobs 2. Software Development Manager Average base salary: $124,000 Number of job openings: 2,200 software+development+manager+jobs 3. Solutions Arch > read more

ISPF-Commands For Senior Software Developers (5 Of 5)

05/29/2015 21:15:13 PM

How do I make columns 1-6 disappear from my ISPF editor screen? > read more

2 More Ideas on COBOL Debugging

05/29/2015 00:39:51 AM

COBOL debugging: is a concept used in COBOL programs. Let us go into details of this concept. Many COBOL programmers have a question, if debugging tools are there, why we need to go for COBOL debugging. Yes, it is true, but it has some advantages. H > read more

ISPF-Commands For Senior Software Developers (4 Of 5)

05/27/2015 20:39:54 PM

How do I find for any non-numeric character? A. Use picture string ‘-’. 32. How do I find for any alphabetic character? A. Use picture string ‘@’. 33. How do I find for any uppercase alphabetic character? A. Use picture string ‘>’. 3 > read more

Reduce SQL Complexity With Grouping Sets in DB2 V11

05/26/2015 21:38:25 PM

DB2V11,Grouping Sets-Mainframe. The GROUPING SETS option can be thought of as the union of two or more groups of rows into a single result set. It is logically equivalent to the union of multiple subselects with the group by clause in each subselect > read more

What is EIB Storage Area in CICS

05/25/2015 22:43:27 PM

Execute Interface Block (EIB) is a CICS area that contains information related to the current task. I’ll explain how to use some of the other fields. For a complete explanation of these fields and their possible values, you can refer to the IBM > read more

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