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Mandatory Minimums and Harper’s Corporate Prison Plan

11/16/2010 16:52:21 PM

The Canadian Conservatives have lied and used every trick they have to pass Bill S-10.  This law imposes mandatory minimum sentences for drug crimes in Canada.  The United States induced mandatory minimum sentences in the 1980′s at the heig > read more

Stoners Against Prop 19

11/05/2010 13:55:46 PM

We were betrayed by our fellow stoners who voted no on Proposition 19.  These selfish, ignorant assholes turned their back on decades of activism because this law wasn’t good enough for them.  Prop 19 wasn?’t perfect but you can’ > read more

Alcohol Corporations Pay to Keep Marijuana Illegal

09/16/2010 12:21:56 PM

California campaign finance reports disclose that The California Beer & Beverage Distributors Association is one of the primary financial backers of Public Safety First, sponsors of the ‘No on Prop. 19? campaign. Booze Lobby Funding the No on 19 > read more

Police Murder Father in Marijuana Raid

06/21/2010 00:49:57 AM

Las Vegas Police broke into Trevon Cole’s house on June 11th executing a marijuana warrant.  He was soon shot in the face in his bathroom while his pregnant fiancée watched from another room.  Cole was unarmed, non-violent and had no crimin > read more

Alcohol and Drugs

06/01/2010 14:56:36 PM

You hear it all the time in the news, magazines and word of mouth, “alcohol and drugs”.  Why is there a distinction between alcohol and all other drugs?  You never hear “tobacco and drugs” or “marijuana and drugs̶ > read more

Harper’s YouTube Marijuana Question

03/17/2010 00:06:34 AM

The prime minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, had a Youtube just like Obama did a few months ago. Questions were added and voted on by the public on With nearly 170,000 votes on over 6000 questions marijuana legalization took > read more

How to Spot a Drug Myth

02/16/2010 13:44:10 PM

Urban legends and myths about drugs run rampant in our society.  Largely due to the underground networks surrounding the drug culture and the lack of formal education about drugs.  It is hard to tell what is and isn’t a myth.  Usually a frie > read more

CIA Cover Up – Family Murdered in War on Drugs

02/09/2010 15:40:26 PM

CIA agents called in a hit on a small plane that was suspected to be smuggling drugs.  They could not have been more wrong.  Jim and Veronica Bowers were American missionaries working in the jungle in Northern Peru. They were flying back to camp wi > read more

Friend of Marijuana – Rick Simpson

02/06/2010 00:11:59 AM

Rick Simpson is the Mother Teresa of the marijuana movement.  He has made and distributed his cure for cancer for years.  It is hard to believe that marijuana is actually the cure for cancer but the evidence is undeniable.  Rick’s cure is he > read more

iGrow – The Home Depot of Marijuana

02/01/2010 02:49:49 AM

A new hydroponics store opened in Oakland California on January 28.  The thing that sets this store apart from all the other hydroponics stores is that it is huge.  This store is in a 15,000-square-foot warehouse.  iGrow is based their store desig > read more

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