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Will you pay the $500 Basement Apartment Fee?

12/09/2013 21:51:17 PM

The City of Mississauga has finally made a response to Bill 140 and the affordable Housing Act. > read more

How Lazy is your Agent?

11/12/2013 17:01:58 PM

You want your home sold.You want Buyers to see the value of your home. > read more

What views would you like?

11/12/2013 13:31:57 PM

Let's make a few assumptionsWe are agingWe are considering retirement.One of you may have already retired.We [will] need single storey living.We [will] require the services of Health Care Professionals and Hospitals.We want the community of living in > read more

Islington Village - Ruby Lang and Cormier Heights

11/09/2013 00:13:49 AM

Islington Village by Dunpar Homes is located > read more

Canada's Housing Market Bust

11/05/2013 17:49:14 PM

Why is the Canadian [Toronto] real estate Market so > read more

Toronto Home Prices Hit Glass Ceiling

10/27/2013 19:41:10 PM

There seems to be no ceiling at all to the Home Prices.Yet condo sales have actually declined since 2009; > read more

You Can't hit a home run every time!

08/02/2013 08:42:48 AM

Roberto Alomar Photo Cred > read more

Self Represented House Purchase

07/26/2013 09:37:08 AM

I go to Sobey's and select my grocery purchase. > read more

If you lived Here - What do you see?

07/17/2013 19:53:41 PM

33 St Charles St East, Toronto ONCASA Condominiums ARRAY > read more

Why do you expect me to present your offer?

07/14/2013 10:19:25 AM

Why am I presenting your offer to my Sellers?They expected an offer presentation where we would negotiate. You sent me an email or faxed the offer.I don't know your clients capacity, intent, top price, ability or wherewithal to conclude the transacti > read more

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