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Limping Through Spring

05/03/2014 05:56:00 AM

I posted these photos some time ago, but never got around to writing anything. > read more

Sakura Day!

04/02/2014 21:02:00 PM

If there's one thing that most people associate with Japan, it must be cherry blossoms. > read more

Early Search-for-Spring Walk (and a few random thoughts)

03/25/2014 05:24:00 AM

Every little flower is a delight!Early spring flowers are the most beautiful - if for no other reason than the fact that we are just so eager for them.This Lent is flying by for us. > read more

For St. Paddy's Day

03/17/2014 10:02:00 AM

That's Paddy. > read more

Three Years

03/10/2014 22:39:00 PM

It was a day much like today - clear and cold - when the world changed forever for so many here in Japan. There are still so many who need our prayers. > read more

Winter Goings On

02/15/2014 01:57:00 AM

As we keep an eye on the crazy winter weather happening in the US, we are enjoying our own unusually white winter! > read more

Fun With Crayon Relief

01/25/2014 01:20:00 AM

When I begin planning an upcoming school year it's very easy to get wowed by all of the wonderful curriculum out there. > read more

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real - Turning Seven!

01/19/2014 03:27:00 AM

We wrapped up our family birthday "season" on January 15 with Spanky's long awaited birthday! {pretty}These photos don't do Miss M's artwork justice at all - they were too large this time to scan on our printer, but you can get an idea. > read more

Better Late Than Never?

01/07/2014 19:58:00 PM

As of Dec. 30 someone in this house is Sweet Sixteen!While the two of us were at the movies watching the latest Hunger Games flick, the guys decorated the place for her. > read more

Goodbye 2013!

12/31/2013 07:23:00 AM

I hope that 2013 holds many wonderful memories for your family, and pray that you will be blessed in the year to come!! > read more

A Very Merry Christmas!

12/28/2013 05:48:00 AM

Before writing anything about Christmas, I have to back up just a bit!Mr. Nutkin had a birthday on December 16, and I neglected to write a thing! > read more

Advent Update

12/14/2013 01:00:00 AM

Life speeds right on, and I find myself intending to update my blog while ending up posting far more on Facebook. > read more

A Very Lovely Giveaway!

11/07/2013 17:43:00 PM

Who can resist a lovely giveaway? Head over to Sarah's blog, > read more

All Hallows!

11/01/2013 10:18:00 AM

Here we are celebrating the Feast of All Saints, and Halloween has come and gone. We had beautiful weather for Trick-or-Treating after Mass on Sunday. > read more

Fall Get Away!

10/15/2013 08:07:00 AM

When the opportunity for a little refreshment presents itself we sometimes just have to jump! > read more


10/08/2013 09:10:00 AM

Dear, beloved cosmos. > read more

Sea Paradise

09/30/2013 19:19:00 PM

Hello, there!We're on Fall Break over here, which means we have a four day weekend. > read more

Learning Without "School"

09/17/2013 18:13:00 PM

This school year started out slowly, and has gradually gained speed. > read more

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