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Review: My Father’s Country By Saima Wahab

05/08/2014 16:49:32 PM

With the movement recently for more diverse books I decided I should pick up something complexly different from what I typically read and review. As cultural experiences go I don’t think I could get a lot more different from Siama Wahab the aut > read more

Arc Review: Skin Game by Jim Butcher (A Dresden Files Book)

05/01/2014 12:54:02 PM

After reading the first fourteen books in the Dresden Files series there seemed little doubt that I was going to love Skin Game by Jim Butcher. The only real question was whether I was going to like it more or less than other books in the series. For > read more

Hugo Nomination Review: Selkie Stories are for Losers by Sofie Samatar

04/26/2014 11:41:35 AM

I clearly don't get it. That is all I can really say about "Selkie Stories are for Losers". Perhaps if I read or knew anything about Selkie stories I would be a bit more connected to this, and I know I'm not the target audiance but even with that I u > read more

Hugo Nominee Review: The Water That Falls on You from Nowhere by John Chu

04/23/2014 22:18:07 PM

ugo awards have been announced and since I’ve been wanting to read some above average science fiction I decided to read the short story nominations. The first of these is “The Water That Falls On You from Nowhere.” By John Chu, whic > read more

Captain America: Winter Soldier Questions

04/06/2014 03:08:53 AM

There are roughly a million reviews of Captain America: Winter Soldier already on the internet and so it seems pointless to write a straight review. The movie was good, the action was a bit hard to see at points, but unless you hated the first Captai > read more

Review: Bow Shock by Gregory Benford

03/26/2014 19:05:01 PM

Writers have a lot of ways of reminding themselves to remove excess words. Some of my favorite are kill your darlings, brevity is the soul of whit, start as close to the stories end as possible and try to leave out the parts that people skip. The rea > read more

Review: The Girl with the Killer Eyes by B. B. Kristopher

03/21/2014 20:07:06 PM

I like stories about superheros. Of course like most people I generally read them in comic form, but while comics do lend themselves to the action of super heroes there is no reason they need to be in comic form and there are things you can do with a > read more

Review: Dog Soldier by Garth Nix

03/20/2014 17:58:34 PM

I don’t know if there is a generally accepted way to organize an anthology. Do you put the story that you think is best at the front or at the end, and if the first story isn’t your favorite do you pick one that is the best representation > read more

Nora's Song by Cecelia Holland (Dangerous Women Anthology)

12/19/2013 02:52:59 AM

Some people say that it is easier to write reviews of things you don’t care for. Perhaps that is true if it’s something that is clearly bad, but when I read a story that falls flat I tend to assume it was mostly my fault as a reader. I wa > read more

A Few Scene Notes on The Desolation of Smaug

12/17/2013 02:37:06 AM

I watched The Desolation of Smaug today and overall I really enjoyed it, but rather than a review I decided to give a few quite notes on how to improve a one of the scenes, just in case there is still room in the extended version. For the first impro > read more

My Heart is Either Broken, by Megan Abbott (From Dangerous Women)

12/16/2013 02:10:40 AM

There are only a handful of stories I have ever read which I dislike because of how well written they are. But “My Heart is Either Broken” by Megan Abbott is one of them. I will reiterate before going on that this was a very well written > read more

Review: Some Desperado from Joe Abercrombie (From Dangerous Women)

12/10/2013 10:31:21 AM

I don’t read westerns. I have nothing against them, but I’ve never really cared, and beyond that I’ve never read anything by Joe Abercrombie, so when I picked up Some Desperado it was at a considerable disadvantage. One which was in > read more

Is Castle Now a Science Fiction Series?

10/22/2013 03:36:30 AM

Castle is one of my favorite shows currently on the air, but it rarely fits onto a science fiction blog as it is a reasonably traditional detective show, albeit with a well known science fiction actor as the titular character. This week in, Time will > read more

Superman: Man of Steel and Superman Vs. The Elite

07/05/2013 23:29:32 PM

I generally liked Man of Steel, though I saw some of its flaws and question a few decisions that may or may not have been flaws. That said, there has been a lot of discussion about a point at the end. That is Superman’s decision to (SPOILERS) k > read more

Star Trek: Deep Space 9: Avatar Part 1 and 2 (books)

05/16/2013 01:07:16 AM

Deep Space 9 is my favorite Star Trek series, and yet while I do occasionally read a Star Trek book I had never read any of the Deep Space 9 books. This is because the series actually had an ending which ended things, but while it might be a bit hard > read more

Iron Man 3: On The Mandarin

05/10/2013 01:02:56 AM

There are more than enough reviews of Iron Man 3 out there already so I won’t be > read more

TV Show Review: Revolution

05/01/2013 03:08:14 AM

I wasn’t completely convinced when Revolution came on the air. I’m not a huge fan of the post apocalyptic vision of the future. But I want more science fiction on TV so I gave revolution a chance and it has grown on me over the season and > read more

Video Game: The Binding of Isaac

04/29/2013 07:50:01 AM

Independent video games can be a bit hit or miss, but in large part this happens because they can take risks it theme and game play in a way that a game that takes years and costs millions to make cant. The Binding of Isaac mixes some of the things t > read more

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