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Well Done Is What I Wanna Him Say

03/04/2011 16:34:00 PM

Well done, is what i wanna hear Him say! Never give up on God for He see your hurt, and the trials you go through.He loves you and said that He wouldn't put more on you than you can bear.Be strong, hang on and never give up so that one day when ...

I Give Myself Away

03/03/2011 14:01:00 PM

These songs are powerful, and when heard should take you into worship where nothing else matters besides Jesus! If you truly want Life In Jesus then you MUST learn to worship Him!Life In The #1 rated website for women's ...

The Nine Biblical Covenants and What These Covenants Mean To You

02/17/2011 13:34:00 PM

The Nine Divine Covenants and what they mean to you! The first eight covenants were made by God with man: the ninth was made in eternity in the counsels of the eternal Godhead.All of the covenants are a progressive unfolding of this ninth ...

Sunday Christians: Are You One Of Them?

02/14/2011 02:47:00 AM

Sunday Christians, you know them. They are the ones who shout all over the church, give a long testimony, speak in tongues all service long, and tell everyone how blessed and highly favoured they are.But as soon as church is over and the preacher ...

Biblical Covenants: What Are Covenants and What They Mean To The Believer?

02/13/2011 00:36:00 AM

Biblical covenants, what are they, why are they and what is a Biblical covenant?First you should know that God's Word reveals that He is a covenant-making, covenant-keeping, and covenant-revealing God.Read more » The #1 rated ...

Myles Munroe Media Vault

02/10/2011 23:40:00 PM

Today in the world we live in we face many hard times. This is why we need every Christian resource and spirtiual weapon we can get. Myles Munroe Media VaultIt is also vital that we keep our minds on Jesus and the Kindom of God.Read more » ...

How Weaknesses and Trials Can Make You More Christ Like

12/12/2010 08:34:00 AM

Burdens and sufferings are not words we as Christians like to hear, and especially when one goes through trial after trial, burden after burden, agonies so heavy we say Lord why or how much longer Lord?!Read more » The #1 rated ...

Why God's Word Is Important To The Believer

12/06/2010 17:08:00 PM

The Word of God is vital for the Christian but for some reason they never pick it up to read it and it just sit's arounds the house never being used or even thought about until Sunday.This should not be!Read more » The #1 ...

One Simple Way To Have Life More Abundantly

12/04/2010 16:55:00 PM

There are many today who say that they want life more abundantly like Jesus said we could have.But yet not many really know what Jesus was saying when He said this, nor do they really know Jesus!Read more » The #1 rated website ...

Bishop Eddie Long Guilty, God Know's?!

12/02/2010 20:20:00 PM

Bishop Eddie Long, you know the name, and you know the face.Bishop Eddie Long is Senior Pastor at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.Read more » The #1 rated website for women's breathtaking church & special occasion suits and ...

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