Mellow Bday Celebrations in San Pedro

All I needed for a good birthday was a beach day, a pool day, good food, and a few good friends...Beach day up north:Pool day at R..

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Mellow Bday Celebrations in San Pedro

04/09/2014 20:43:00 PM

All I needed for a good birthday was a beach day, a pool day, good food, and a few good friends...Beach day up north:Pool day at Rojo Lounge:Thanks to everyone who made it special :)

A frequent question about living on the #1 Island in the World is...

03/14/2014 16:39:00 PM

"How's the dating scene in Belize/San Pedro?"Yeah.... that's what all the single people itching to move down here want to know, and all I can tell you is.... it's rough. Even if you're open to dating outside of your own race and are willing to consid

The past few weeks, in pictures

02/14/2014 15:53:00 PM

I've been working a lot for the past few weeks (Yay!!) and taking lots of pictures while I do it....

Back to the Boat

01/26/2014 13:00:00 PM

Finally, after way too much time off, I'm on my way back to work...Just in time, too - I'm out of money and things to do (which was clear, I think, from my last post)My journey to work starts with a 15 minute walk into town to catch the water taxi ov

Blog? What blog?

01/17/2014 17:51:00 PM

Once again, I've been ignoring my blog - and do you want to know why?It's because I'm bored.Don't get me wrong, I still love Belize and the thought to move back "home" never crosses my mind, but I do, most days, find living on an island kind of borin

San Lucas Island - San Lucas Prison (Costa Rica)

12/28/2013 21:23:00 PM

Ok, last post about Costa Rica (until I go back)Soooo....while we were staying at La Carolina Lodge, we asked the other guests (expats living in Playa Langosta) if there was anything that they recommended we check out while we were in the country, an

I work on a boat ..

12/23/2013 10:06:00 AM

I've been awake since 5:45am, out of bed since 6:15.

October, 2013... Costa Rica - Part 2

12/19/2013 12:29:00 PM

Ok, so the last time I talked to you, Eric, Ben, Shane and I were leaving La Carolina Lodge

October, 2013... Costa Rica - Part 1

12/12/2013 14:58:00 PM

So I left Belize on September 30th, went to Mexico (twice) North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and then came back to Belize on October 18th... home to San Pedro on the 19th.My plan, when I got back, was to just work as much as possible for about a month at

October, 2013... Philly, Tulum, Corozal

12/06/2013 01:22:00 AM

For my very last night back in PA, I got hooked up with a room at the Holiday Inn in South Philly that had this sweet view of the Ben Franklin Bridge.(Thanks Ron)I feel like I've finally arrived "home" every time I see the sports arenas and this brin

The Stomach Bug meets Nice People

12/02/2013 10:03:00 AM

I got really sick while at work on Friday morning- like, reeeeally sick. I don't want to share the graffic details- but if you know the symptoms if a stomach flu then you can imagine what I was going through.

October, 2013... Sullivan County, PA

11/30/2013 13:52:00 PM

I'm so happy that my sister, Lisa, made me commit to spending a weekend up at my dads mountain house in

October 2013... Bucks County, PA!

11/25/2013 14:37:00 PM

I finally made it back "home" to Bucks County, PA

October 2013.... Durham, NC & Washington, DC

11/19/2013 18:48:00 PM

Moving right along (hehe) - I flew out if Cancun after my three nights in Playa del Carmen and went to Durham, North Carolina to see my two BEST friends, ever- Heather and Kathy.(Heather lives in Durham, and Kathy drove down from PA to come hang out

October 2013....Starting with: Mexico

11/06/2013 16:02:00 PM

Ok, I got "yelled at" twice yesterday- once in person and once on my blog's Facebook page- for slacking off on the blog updates.... so now I'm going to try my best to remember everything that I've done for the past month or so.Heads up, though, it's

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