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A Response to the 'Consultaiton Draft Platform' of the ALP - Chapter 2 'A Strong Economy for all Australians'

05/11/2015 22:11:00 PM

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Wasted Opportunity on Superannuation Concessions needs to be ‘Put Right’ at ALP National Conference in July!

04/26/2015 01:25:00 AM

Above: Where to for Labor in July?Wasted Opportunity on Superannuation Concessions needs to be 'Put Right' at ALP National Conference in July! > read more

Treasury ‘White Paper on Tax’ seized upon by an Abbott Government Considering Regressive ‘Reforms’

03/30/2015 18:59:00 PM

The Abbott Government's 'White Paper' on Tax could see big changes to superannuation and the overall > read more

Will Labor Stand Up against Small Government and Austerity? And Reflections on Greece, Anti-Semitism and more

03/02/2015 20:12:00 PM

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Crumbling Pillars of Global Capitalist Political Economy - Reflections from Eric Aarons

02/22/2015 22:53:00 PM

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Debate on Tax and Small Government Flares Yet Again

01/25/2015 02:40:00 AM

Recent Claims by Joe Hockey that Australians pay about > read more

Andrew Bolt on ‘Charlie Hedbo’ and Free Speech: A Response

01/11/2015 01:58:00 AM

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Andrews Labor Win in Victoria means Challenges and Opportunities for Change

11/30/2014 02:19:00 AM

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A Compelling yet Neglected Book – The Sixth Extinction

11/15/2014 17:27:00 PM

The publisher of this blog (Tristan Ewins) is busy right now completing his PhD; > read more

Kissinger’s ‘WORLD ORDER’

10/11/2014 18:25:00 PM

above: Henry Kissinger's new book is titled 'World Order'In this his latest article former Australian communist leader Eric Aarons dissects former US Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger's latest book, 'World Order'. > read more

The Social State in Australia - An analysis by Eric Aarons

09/14/2014 20:09:00 PM

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For an Equal and Democratic Australia - A Program for the ALP

08/13/2014 01:51:00 AM

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What is 'Financialisation' and Where is it Taking us?

07/05/2014 19:04:00 PM

In this submission from former Communist Party of Australia leader, Eric Aarons, the financial sector is put under scrutiny for its amoral pursuit of profit - but at the cost of society at large. > read more

Joe Hockey shows how “Class Warfare against the Vulnerable” is done

06/13/2014 04:09:00 AM

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Budget Cuts spell Disaster for the Vulnerable

05/15/2014 02:03:00 AM

above: > read more

Abbott in a ‘Breach of Trust’ on the Budget

05/04/2014 03:26:00 AM

But is Shorten ‘backing Labor into a corner’ on future tax and social welfare reform? > read more

Things to Think About as the Federal Budget Approaches

04/14/2014 21:22:00 PM

above: > read more

Instrument of Change, ‘Barometer’ of Class Struggle, or ‘Parliamentary Talking Shop’?

03/26/2014 21:02:00 PM

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Reflections on Marxism, totalitarianism, education, Left history and more

02/17/2014 17:20:00 PM

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It’s T?me for Social-Democracy to Exit the Twentieth Century

01/31/2014 16:54:00 PM

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Reform of Public Health can Ensure a Much Fairer Deal for Low Income Australians

01/13/2014 17:28:00 PM

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Abbott Government in Crisis as the End of Year approaches

12/19/2013 19:49:00 PM

Above: Jo Hockey's Ideological fiscal agenda will hurt workers, and the most vulnerable AustraliansTristan EwinsAs the year draws to an end the new Abbott Conservative government is in something of a crisis, perhaps ameliorated only by the favourable > read more

The Abbott Agenda: Is this what Australians voted for?

11/13/2013 23:49:00 PM

Above: > read more

What is the 'Democratic Mixed Economy'?

10/30/2013 01:41:00 AM

above: newly published by Connor Court - 'Turning Left or Right'The essay that follows was an original draft of an essay on 'The Democratic Mixed Economy' - written for “Turning Left or Right – Values in Modern Politics”: a book edited by Carlo > read more

Responses to the ALP Leadership Election Result

10/13/2013 01:46:00 AM

above: The winner of the Opposition Leader election - Bill ShortenWith a 'mixed mandate' from the ALP's first experiment with a rank and file component in electing the parliamentary leader, Bill Shorten needs to move straight away to implement the re > read more

ALP Leadership Update: Candidates Commit to Organisational Reform

10/06/2013 18:55:00 PM

Just to let readers know we have been made aware of statements by Anthony Albanese and Bill Shorten – both claiming they will work to implement organisational reform if elected as Labor Leader. > read more

What are the Strengths and Weaknesses of both the Candidates for the ALP leadership?

10/03/2013 21:32:00 PM

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Candidate Questions for the ALP Leadership Contest

09/22/2013 20:05:00 PM

above: the contenders for the ALP Leadership > read more

To Revive Labor's Fortunes we Need to put 'Small Government' Behind us

09/12/2013 05:21:00 AM

In the commentary that follows Tristan Ewins emphasises a disciplined united front; And a rethink on the ALP's effective policy of 'small government'. > read more

Karl Marx - A Nineteenth Century Life - Review by Eric Aarons

08/17/2013 19:00:00 PM

above: A photograph of a young Karl MarxIn this article former National Secretary of the Communist Party of Australia Eric Aarons reviews a new book on the life and work of Karl Marx. > read more

Rudd versus Abbott: Observations on a Lacklustre First Election Debate

08/12/2013 02:34:00 AM

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