Sweating like a pig

Actually, I’m not.

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Sweating like a pig

07/25/2014 11:46:00 AM

Actually, I’m not.

Have Payday Loan Companies Pushed the Law Too Far?

07/22/2014 15:22:00 PM

Guest Post Wonga has been receiving bad press recently, after it transpired that it had sent threatening letters to customers from fictitious law firms. As a result, it has paid out £2.6 million in compensation fees and has allegedly fired everyone

Some thoughts on Sky’s F1 coverage

07/22/2014 13:46:00 PM

Sky’s F1 presenters are a mixed bag.

Words and phrases to make you vomit

07/20/2014 16:38:00 PM

There’s been an interesting discussion going on over at Roll on Friday’s forums – “Words that irrationally irritate you”. They’re not necessarily peculiar to the legal profession, but there are certainly some lawyers who are guilty of utt

I’ve never been in an Apple store

07/11/2014 16:54:00 PM

No, really – it’s true. Not once. Of course, I’ve glanced in whilst walking past, but I’ve never been inclined to venture over the threshold.

Let’s not get hung-up on commercial awareness

07/07/2014 15:59:00 PM

A group of people who clearly have commercial awareness.

How the changes to the Scottish Trust Deed could be beneficial for you

07/01/2014 16:19:00 PM

Guest PostThe Scottish Government recently revealed major changes to the system for Scottish Trust Deeds, focussing on getting more value for money both for the people in debt, and for their creditors. The current system had issues with trustees cha

Are Social Media Companies Left Open to Litigation By a Lack of Legal Safeguards?

06/27/2014 14:59:00 PM

Guest Post Although social media is less than ten years old, its influence on not just the online world, but all forms of communication, has been immense. The influence of social media has spread beyond the online world to affect a great amount of cu

A couple of thoughts on England

06/26/2014 16:51:00 PM

That is – the England football team. The England squad: excelling at failure since oooh – at least the 1990s Quite unsurprisingly, over the last few days, there’s been a ridonkulous amount of supposed analysis over England

Why Touchscreen Tech isn’t all that

06/22/2014 11:03:00 AM

New tech really doesn’t grab meI’ve been musing over the world’s obsession with small-form-factor technology recently - particularly touchscreen devices - and struggling to understand why I haven’t been swept along with it. The simple fact is

Overriding Objections

06/13/2014 16:54:00 PM

From PI Brief Update email sent 12/06/14: Last month's practitioner's section reported the case of Kaneria v Kaneria [2014] EWHC 1165 (Ch), in which it was held that Mitchell principles do not apply to in time applications for an extension of tim

Your rights if you’re injured in a public place

06/05/2014 01:39:00 AM

Guest PostThe owner, manager or proprietor of a public place is legally obliged to ensure that the place, when it is accessible by the public, is safe and free from risk. This duty of care requires there to be a certain level of cleanliness, tidiness

Car tax – is it an offence to fail to display a valid tax disc?

06/01/2014 17:25:00 PM

(As distinct from paying the relevant rate of tax for the vehicle in question.) Judging from my site stats, there seem to be a lot of drivers out there who are curious on this subject. So I thought a specific post might be in order. I’m helpful li

How Can You Protect Your Intellectual Property?

05/27/2014 16:28:00 PM

Guest PostAre you designing a new product? Have you written a book or produced a musical album? Without protection, your intellectual property could be used by others and exploited for commercial gain. The experts at Vannin Capital spoke to us recent

Law Society Practice Note: Consumer Contracts Regulations

05/17/2014 16:20:00 PM

The Law Society have published a practice note relating to the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 (the “Regulations”) which come into force on 13 June 2014. As the practice note succinctly puts

Hyper-sensitivities and sensibilities: the real damage done by the Beeb’s handling of the Clarkson and Lowe incidents

05/13/2014 17:10:00 PM

From the London Evening Standard 12/05/14 | Sam Leith | "Hang the DJ? It’s panic time at the BBC" [Would you expect to be sacked] if you thoughtlessly played an old record that contained th[e] [n] word on local radio? You’d think not. But that

Remote working versus office hell

05/09/2014 15:28:00 PM

From the Guardian 30/04/14 | Donna Ferguson | "Whatever happened to remote working?": Squashed, squeezed and stressed: if you've struggled into work today and are reading this in a crowded office, surrounded by distracting noises, machines, smells a

Fracking and the Legal Challenges: what the UK can learn from US precedents and practices

05/06/2014 13:15:00 PM

Guest PostFracking ventures in the UK are several years behind such developments in the USA. As every country of the world struggles to produce energy resources that are both ethical and at the same time efficient, today is a salutary moment to consi

Using Trusts To Protect Your Estate: An Easy Guide

05/02/2014 04:48:00 AM

Guest PostUnfortunately, many people consider trusts a rich person’s domain. It’s actually easy for anyone to benefit from a tax-saving trust (and avoid probate). How Trusts WorkAn owner of an estate can protect their assets in a trust by handing

Above The Law: How The Rich Can Buy Themselves Out Of Trouble

05/02/2014 04:46:00 AM

Guest PostImage from: http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8110/8496877807_4089b9864e_o.jpg

‘Holiday head’ and legal practice

04/23/2014 16:44:00 PM

From the London Evening Standard 22/04/14: It starts with bewilderment. Then sadness sets in, followed by waves of fear. Sound familiar? I’m afraid you are suffering from a case of “holiday head”. After a gloriously long Easter weekend away

Easter eggs ‘destroyed’ by overzealous airport staff

04/17/2014 16:43:00 PM

From BBC News 16/04/14: Children were left "devastated" after staff at Bristol Airport destroyed their Easter eggs in a security check. I think ‘destroyed’ is a bit strong. But a broken egg, is a broken egg – however you, erm, slice it.

Court stenographer apes Jack Torrance from The Shining

04/04/2014 17:29:00 PM

Well, in some respects. From the New York Post 03/04/14: An alcoholic Manhattan court stenographer went rogue, channeling his inner “Shining” during a high-profile criminal trial and repeatedly typing, “I hate my job, I hate my job” instea

How to Protect Yourself from Money Laundering

04/02/2014 17:03:00 PM

Guest Post Graphic from: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/4f/Credit-cards.jpg Purely by providing your bank account to facilitate money laundering, you’re acting illegally. Unfortunately, ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of

The Money Laundering Scammers, Legal Action Will Find You

04/01/2014 17:19:00 PM

Guest Post Graphic from: http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3232/5857331527_2b68c7fbca_o.jpg According to Financial Fraud Action UK, 15% of adults have been contacted by criminal money laundering organisations. Every year, hundreds of thousands of

Slippery slope for Bristol law students

03/31/2014 17:04:00 PM

The University of Bristol’s law school is housed in the Wills Memorial Building which is the large castle-like building at the top of the hill in the picture.

Maternity Employment Rights

03/24/2014 17:55:00 PM

Guest Post It’s not uncommon for a new mother to take up to several months off work after childbirth. However, prior to even considering this leave, it’s important to know the law and your legal rights as a working mother. Maternity leave right

Drunk woman nearly killed stone dead

03/23/2014 18:07:00 PM

(As distinct from being killed stone alive.) From BBC News 20/03/14: A Londonderry woman, who was captured on camera being left in a bus lay-by by two police officers while incapacitated, has called for the officers to be sacked. Bridget Mong

Australian Grand Prix organisers considering possible claim for breach of contract

03/18/2014 18:01:00 PM

When I first heard an audio clip of the new Mercedes F1 powertrain running last summer, I knew trouble was coming. This year’s pre-season testing only reinforced that for me. Now that the first race of the season in Australia is behind us, there c

What Should the Public Know About the Jackson Reforms?

03/17/2014 17:46:00 PM

Have you heard of the Jackson Reforms? Although these reforms make a number of important changes to the way civil litigation occurs in the UK, most members of the public have never heard of them. Our own informal surveys have found that very few peop

Annoying office habits (some of which are committed by lawyers)

03/12/2014 17:49:00 PM

TV Channel Dave recently commissioned research into office workers’ most irksome habits. Here are some of my favourites (with their catchy names): Social Notworking – playing around on Facebook and Twitter to avoid doing work. Déjà Brew –

Should I use a claims management company to make a PPI claim?

03/08/2014 06:09:00 AM

No. No you shouldn’t. It’s as simple as that. PPI claims companies add no value whatsoever and the sooner they’re hunted to extinction, the better. Making a PPI claim is incredibly simple and any layperson who can fill in a simple form can do i

Solicitors and continuing professional development

03/05/2014 17:08:00 PM

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) have recently published a consultation seeking stakeholder views on reforming the continuing professional development (CPD) obligations on solicitors. You can have a butchers at the consultation entitled “

Flood damage – what can I do?

03/02/2014 15:40:00 PM

The UK is slowly emerging from its wettest winter since records began. Many people have had their homes and lives ruined by flood the unprecedented flood waters. Damage from flooding can be devastating, with the financial loss representing just a fr

Why hello there, lovely legal readers

03/01/2014 09:44:00 AM

You’re all looking radiant and delightful today. Apparently, it’s World Compliment Day, so thought I’d embrace it.

Lousy Legislation and Miller’s Malapropism

02/26/2014 17:26:00 PM

Maria Miller MP’s speech on the rights and responsibilities of the internet age was published online earlier today. Having a mooch through it, I spotted a bit of a howler.

All’s well at blogging basecamp

02/24/2014 17:10:00 PM

Since the demise of Google Reader last summer, I’ve been pondering the best way to keep up to date with the online content I like to follow. I’ve tried a bunch of online RSS feed services and standalone applications. One of these was Digg Reader

Motoring law – Speeding and New Drivers

02/24/2014 16:46:00 PM

Guest PostDoes a speeding fine matter if I’ve a clean licence? Well, apart from the fine it can have a bigger effect than you thought if you only passed your test in the last 2 years. If you’re still on a provisional licence courts may take an ev

School closures during snow

02/23/2014 16:42:00 PM

From Popsci.com 22/01/14: When a storm is brewing and the streets are soon to be rendered useless by mounds of snow, there's really only one thing running through every student's mind: please let tomorrow be a snow day. Now there's science to bac

Law Actually – 7 today

02/19/2014 17:30:00 PM

Today marks the 7th birthday of LA. Where the heck has the time gone? The blawgosphere has changed considerably over the past 7 years with a large number of the student/graduate law blogs that used to be so plentiful almost dying away completely.

Connubial Chaos – it started with a kiss

02/18/2014 16:48:00 PM

Actually, it started with a water pistol and a pork pie. Like all true love stories, right? From the Telegraph 17/02/14: A couple's wedding celebrations were interrupted by a brawl that is thought to have started over a pork pie. O

Reducing Stress Whilst Studying Law

02/17/2014 16:51:00 PM

From Lawstudent.tv 15/02/14: It’s true, your first-year of law school will be stressful, very stressful.

Are Human Rights Improving or Regressing?

02/10/2014 16:53:00 PM

Guest Post Around the world, human rights remain an important topic. Over the last 50 years, they have evolved from an abstract goal into a concrete set of rights that remain a major topic of activists, political leaders, and global journalists. Toda

Car Window Policeman Pay-Out Demonstrates Legal Right over Emotional Reaction

02/07/2014 16:50:00 PM

Guest Post The newspaper headlines this week that have bemoaned and cried in shock at the decision to award ex-police officer Mike Baillon £430,000 in damages demonstrate that media outrage and emotional reaction account for little compared to

What are clients’ favourite flavour of crisps?

02/03/2014 16:52:00 PM

From the Solicitors Journal 21/01/14: Legal Choices, the legal regulators' consumer-friendly website, went live [recently] with a variety of polls and quizzes, including one which asked consumers about their favourite crisp flavour. The sugges

Dawn Raids by Competition Authorities most likely on Tuesdays

01/31/2014 16:36:00 PM

From Mondaq 27/01/14:The rules governing dawn raids by competition authorities in the EU are complex. Powers vary depending on whether the raiding authority is the European Commission or a national competition authority; the suspected infringement; a

Conveyancing 101 – What Your Conveyancer Does and How to Choose One

01/28/2014 17:01:00 PM

Guest Post For the uninitiated, conveyancing is the legal process that deals with the transference of property from one person to the other. With house-buying being one of the most stressful things a person can go through, choosing the right co

Driver faces court after splashing schoolchildren with puddle

01/27/2014 16:35:00 PM

From the Telegraph 22/01/14: A motorist is facing prosecution after he allegedly drenched children walking to their primary school by driving through a puddle. He has been summonsed to appear before magistrates for driving without reasonable c

The JACKSON REFORMS – are judges being too harsh?

01/24/2014 08:32:00 AM

Guest Post As early as 2009 in his final report on reform of costs and civil procedure rules, Lord Justice Jackson made it very clear that his recommendations would herald radical and seismic changes to the conduct of civil litigation in the United

Email sins revisited

01/22/2014 17:07:00 PM

Over time, it seems that email is abused more and more.

Movie Therapy for Law Students – Book Review

01/21/2014 17:31:00 PM

Movie Therapy for Law Students by Sonia Buck is, how shall I put it, one of the more niche titles that you’re likely to come across. Its chief aim is simple: to bridge the gap between legal study and the watching of legally-themed films. Confuse

Laura the Lawyer and Denise the Dentist: What’s in a Name?

01/16/2014 16:50:00 PM

From News Republic 08/01/14: Research suggests that people choose—or are unconsciously drawn to—careers that resemble their own names. In a 2002 paper in the journal Attitudes and Social Cognition, psychologists from the State University

An employee's guide on how to give notice effectively

01/15/2014 16:39:00 PM

Guest PostThinking of leaving your job? Amongst the many things for you to think about is how and when to give notice to your employer. Here are some common questions answered by employment lawyer Jon Curtis, managing director of myhrtoolkit. What'

Police station representation: what to do if you get arrested

01/13/2014 16:26:00 PM

Guest Post Many of us don’t know our rights when it comes to interacting with the police, whether it’s being stopped and searched in the street or something more serious like being arrested. Even those who have been on the wrong side of the law

UK Labour Laws – Could things have been different for the family of John Wilson?

01/09/2014 16:31:00 PM

Guest Post What on the surface seems a rather standard case of negligence has proven to show that the cogs of liturgy become more convoluted the larger the case tends to grow. Therefore, following a criminal hearing against the management, the family

Oh Cakes… Oh My!

01/08/2014 16:54:00 PM

From the Metro 06/01/14: A woman was sent a cake that resembled human faeces with the words ‘eat s**t’ written on it after a dispute with the baker. Charming.

Are personal injury claimants vulnerable to “fickle” insurers?

01/07/2014 16:51:00 PM

Guest PostA recent case in which an insurer attempted to make changes to a claim for a road traffic accident based on a change of heart on admission of liability has highlighted how vulnerable claimants can be to the whims of insurers. In many cases

The festive season draws to an end

01/04/2014 15:11:00 PM

Our Christmas decorations were taken down today and stuffed in a large plastic tub dutifully packed away all ready for next year. As has become something of an end-of-yuletide tradition for me, I spent a good hour or so chopping up the Christmas tree

It’ll be deadly this Christmas…

01/03/2014 15:40:00 PM

From This Week 24/12/13: True fact: You are more likely to die on Christmas, the day after Christmas [commonly known as Boxing Day in good ol’ Blighty], or New Year's Day than pretty much any other day of the year. Like ugly sweaters and bizarre

12 days of Christmas updated for modern times

12/25/2013 16:10:00 PM

From Mashable 24/12/13:It was all going so well until “1 creepy elf on a shelf”.

Personal Injury Compensation Claims – be aware of the time limits or risk losing out

12/20/2013 14:16:00 PM

Guest PostIn the UK, there is a general time limit of three years in which a personal injury claim for compensation must be made. If proceedings are not started in a court within this time frame, then the case becomes statute-barred and cannot be pur

How to Budget for a Court Case

12/20/2013 07:29:00 AM

Guest Post On the 1st of August 2013, High Court judge Master McCloud cut to the root of the issue regarding budgeting for civil litigation with these words. “Budgeting is something which all solicitors by now ought to know is intended to be inte

Goodwill to all: charity volunteer assaulted over Christmas greeting

12/19/2013 16:21:00 PM

From Las Vegas CBS Central 17/12/13: A Salvation Army bell ringer claims she was assaulted by a woman for saying “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” outside of a Walmart. Kristina Vindiola was ringing a bell outside of a Phoenix-

Festive Makeovers and Choosing Christmas Trees

12/15/2013 17:00:00 PM

Law Actually has been given its annual festive makeover today. I made a conscious decision to try and keep the design at the minimalist end of the spectrum, steering well clear of my usual tendency to use a hotchpotch of ill-suited colours and elemen

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