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7 Most Durable Computer Brands List in 2014

01/20/2014 09:05:00 AM

Hi guys, ever thought about what's the most durable laptop in the world so far? Many people feel so dizzy about why the laptops they've purchased quickly broken or very durable and reliable. Research anywhere about finding the most durable laptops, b > read more

Kindle Fire Root & Troubleshooting with Superuser

01/17/2014 22:55:00 PM

This weekend i have another challenge about kindle troubleshooting. There are many request from my readers about making kindle fire root tutorials. Actually already many tutorials on the internet about how to do the rooting , but i still wrote to res > read more

Create Your Own iPhone Ringtones from iTunes

01/17/2014 02:29:00 AM

Ringtone are sense of modern phones. Now we have another ticks and tutorials about making mobile phone ringtone. Ringtone itself is exciting, because we could choose a song to be made in Ringtones on the iPhone or iPad. iTunes actually has a feature > read more

Google Release Hummingbird Algorithm

01/17/2014 02:20:00 AM

Hummingbird algorithm, is the latest of Google algorithm. This new algorithm is to search Google's biggest change in 10 years. Let's get one thing straight right up front. Hummingbird is not up-date of new algorithms like Panda or Penguin. This is a > read more

How to Install & Activate Office Picture Manager in Office 2013

04/21/2013 07:10:00 AM

If you switch using Microsoft Office 2013, you've probably noticed that Office 2013 is not accompanied by the picture editing application, Microsoft Office Picture Manager. Ms Office Picture Manager is a perfect application which has the standard abi > read more

Check Software Compatibility for Windows 8

04/15/2013 15:37:00 PM

One of some disadvantage from using the OS Windows 8 (Windows 8 Consumer Preview) is still much that is not yet compatible software / support Windows 8. There are still many who have not the Developer software to fix their software to further provide > read more

Strong Signal Does Not Determine Bandwidth Access

04/15/2013 15:31:00 PM

As users Internet wireless i ever think that a good signal should speed internet is also good. Actually this is a wrong assumption. At present, the speed of the internet is no longer a good set of signals obtained, the signal strength is not strong, > read more

10 New Things In Microsoft Office 2013

04/15/2013 14:16:00 PM

Microsoft Office released every year for new products, ranging from Microsoft Office 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and has become a weapon of Microsoft to strengthen its position as the king of PC software. This year Microsoft is complete with a re-release > read more

What is Microsoft SkyDrive? See our Short Review

04/15/2013 13:35:00 PM

Today business demands a lot of changes in data processing and data storage. In recent years, we still use the offline data storage access through removable media like usb flashdisk or compact disk, now there is an easier way. By using a cloud servic > read more

Install .deb .rpm and tar.gz Linux Terminal Tutorial

01/04/2013 02:55:00 AM

If you're used to use linux operating system, you will know and realize that GNU/Linux software/programs are created in two different formats: source code and specific packages. If you want to see something about source code, you can see our Programm > read more

Skip Tutorial for Chrome and Firefox

01/04/2013 02:24:00 AM

Shortern and redirect URL are suckSometimes we feel disappointed before downloading something if we get the download link redirected to another URL. When we download link provided leads to and should wait to open the real download link. Not to > read more

Make Your Own Android Themes

11/05/2012 02:30:00 AM

Bored with the current android theme you use? You want to make the creation of android theme with its own icon. I have a trick. Before proceeding, first read the description below so that there is no misunderstanding: This trick is not how to create > read more

Download Online Flash Games for Offline Play

11/05/2012 02:16:00 AM

Play Online Flash Games OfflineThere are now many online flash games on the internet. In this trick, I will lay out how to download online flash game and play it offline. First, what we have to do to download the SWF file is you have to know the add > read more

Simple Way to Root Galaxy Young S5360

10/23/2012 01:24:00 AM

Samsung Galaxy Young S5360You are Android users? Have you ever find an application that cannot install on your Android Smartphone, sometimes some applications require SuperUser Permissions to do that, the most effective way to get the access right is > read more

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