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Why I switched to Social Triggers Skin for Thesis 2.1

03/11/2014 02:29:25 AM

I wanted to explain to you, my readers, why I changed my ‘theme’ and layout for this site. Prior to the existing theme and layout (that you are looking at right now), I was using the Thesis 1.8.5 framework and a skin I had purchased from > read more

What Exactly is a WordPress Plugin? What is Software?

09/29/2013 13:14:45 PM

Here’s the definition on WordPress Plugins allow easy modification, customization, and enhancement to a WordPress blog. Instead of changing the core programming of WordPress, you can add functionality with WordPress Plugins. Here > read more

How to Add SEO Optimized Images to WordPress 3.6.1 Blog Posts and Pages

09/21/2013 06:11:32 AM

How to Optimize the Images Please watch the WordPress Video Tutorial below to get more details than what you will find in this short checklist on the best way and easiest way to optimize your images for WordPress blog posts and pages. Here’s th > read more

WordPress 3.6 is Here — Features and Installation Video.

08/03/2013 02:14:22 AM

What are the new Features? Kimberly Castleberry just wrote a great blog post summarizing about 6 new features included in WordPress 3.6.   Check out her blog post here:   Introducing WordPress 3.6 – New Features Announcement! The 2-minute video b > read more

Don’t Get Hacked! WordPress Security Infographic

07/16/2013 23:33:26 PM

WordPress Security is an issue for all WordPress users.  It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re a good person or whether or not your site has high volume or whether or not your site is controversial. The point is that any site can get h > read more

How to Install TubePress Video Gallery Plugin in WordPress

06/26/2013 07:31:09 AM

In this WordPress Video Tutorial, I show you how to install, activate and configure the TubePress plugin. You can find the plugin by searching for the term “tubepress” on the plugins sections of or you can download the TubePress plu > read more

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