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Hercules DJ Console RMX digital audio disco and club mixing

03/21/2011 13:35:00 PM

The amazing Hercules DJ Console Rmx is a digital audio disco and club mixing console table, designed for advanced also the pumping party night-life professional mobile entertainers.The Hercules controller is one of the most excellent doorways ...

50 Cent Disco Inferno Top Hip Hop Artists

07/10/2010 19:21:00 PM

First Released in November 2004 the 50 cent disco inferno music sound track is one of the all time Top Hip Hop classic beats pushing out an equally distinctive sound to revile some of the great Hip Hop Artists like Sean Kingston and the Black ...

Rhythm Of The Night Was The Music Of The Day Back In The 80’s

06/28/2010 06:06:00 AM

The new emerging disco electro beat sound of El Debarge way back in the late 1980’s was full-on dance floor filler for any club Dj. The track Rhythm of the Night would mix perfectly with Try me out and little red corvette by prince. The Rhythm ...

Best serving drinks club and wine bar system design ideas

06/23/2010 02:17:00 AM

A well laid out serving facilities can make a vast improvement to the overall Club and wine bar system output production and bolster up the end of the nights profits. There is the overall venue image aspect to consider you want to have that ...

Citronic mpcd s3 cd dj equipment

06/16/2010 00:05:00 AM

The Citronic mpcd s3 cd dj equipment disco CD and MP3 player unit puts forwards outstanding MP3 playability and numerous CD dj turntable Features at a low cost value price tag with no intention of a second mortgage also will not burn a gigantic ...

Nightclub fog machines the future is haze machines for theatrical lighting

04/27/2010 19:13:00 PM

Once upon a time in the land of vintage party decorations there was a cute little lamp called the Par36 it looked great in those spinning light helicopters and retro Kremesa cosmos ball disco effects . But something was missing. Another Woodbine ...

Peavey Deltafex Digital Stereo reverb Effects Processor

04/09/2010 06:50:00 AM

The vintage audio USA Peavey Deltafex reverb effects processor is blatantly brazen an opening-stage audio engineering multi-effects unit with not a hint of MIDI controls, that sets out to merge not expensive shop retailing price tag in the company ...

Mixtape maker Diggy Simmons

03/30/2010 21:45:00 PM

How old is Diggy Simmons you may ask, well this new comers is only 15 years old, one of the youngest get fresh entrains in the history of rap beats to play on the bread of rapper with freestyles covering R and B influences. Will this up and ...

Mobile fal disco lights

03/16/2010 04:18:00 AM

These dance retro blast form the past 1970 mobile fal disco lights made by Futuristic Aids Ltd were one of the original DJ vintage electronics lighting system. Normally you would have found them working there stage decor hand in hand with the ...

My dmx music flasher light controlling units

03/13/2010 10:02:00 AM

To open the stage curtains for my dmx USB interface show I would just like to say isn’t it great being in control? What is dmx channel to a renowned lighting designer OF concert lighting systems this explains the technical mysteries of my ...

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