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Anime Studio Pro Free Trial Available for Download Again

04/05/2012 02:13:09 AM

How To Make A Cartoon CharacterTweetGood news, everyone!* The Pro version of Anime Studio 8 is available for download as a free trial at Smith Micro Store again! Until recently they only offered the trial for Debut. The procedure stays the same, ...

Webinar (1 hour): Physics in Animation – How to Apply Physics in Anime Studio

04/03/2012 08:13:48 AM

How To Make A Cartoon CharacterTweetJason Cozy from Smith Micro explains physics in the latest official Anime Studio Webinar (hold on March 23, 2012, see here) with lots of examples. Great introduction, a must-see for beginners with the Anime ...

How to Make an Animated Cartoon

03/12/2012 06:10:18 AM

How To Make A Cartoon CharacterTweetHow is a cartoon made? Can anyone make one? Is it expensive? These are questions that many people who grew up with animation have asked themselves at some point. And, for a long time, the answers to the latter ...

Tutorial: Point Level Animation in Anime Studio Pro

03/09/2012 09:36:41 AM

How To Make A Cartoon CharacterTweetJoey Gates shows how he animated facial expressions for a ten second cartoon. He explains how to animate shapes using points and how he used this to create a complex mouth animation. In this method there are ...

Tutorial: How to make Arms and Legs in Anime Studio Cartoons

03/05/2012 06:41:47 AM

How To Make A Cartoon CharacterTweet A quickie: This five minute tutorial video shows an amazing technique for simple but human looking arms and legs in Anime Studio without using the free hand drawing tool or model. Tweetvia fabcartoon (Original ...

How to Make Animated Cartoons on the Computer

02/21/2012 03:39:31 AM

How To Make A Cartoon CharacterTweetAlmost anyone who grew up watching cartoons has wanted to make a cartoon themselves at some point. In the modern age, people growing up around computers and other digital devices tend to retain their childlike ...

Tutorial: How to Draw and Animate an Arm in Anime Studio

02/15/2012 03:30:06 AM

How To Make A Cartoon CharacterTweetIn the short “Arm Animation Bone Rig” Tutorial, caddysnap demonstrates how to create cartoon arms for your character in Anime Studio Debut 7 just with your mouse. He uses the line tool to outline the ...

Tutorial: How to Draw Eyes in Anime Studio

02/13/2012 03:38:58 AM

How To Make A Cartoon CharacterTweet Your cartoon characters always have points and circles for eyes? Here is a nice step by step tutorial for detailed cartoon eyes with eyelashes, irides, pupils, the whole package, in a easy to adapt way. It ...

How to Make a Cartoon Movie on the Computer

02/10/2012 04:08:17 AM

How To Make A Cartoon CharacterTweetThe digital millennium has brought many empowering changes to the way we live our lives, and how we experience creativity as well. With the advent of computers, and software for them to replace bulky equipment ...

Webinar (1 hour) Anime Studio vs. Flash: The Benefits

02/07/2012 06:51:41 AM

How To Make A Cartoon CharacterTweetChad Troftgruben, an expert on both products, compares Flash to Anime Studio when it comes to character animation. This webinar addresses Flash users and encourages them to try out Anime Studio as alternative. ...

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