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Outdoor Inspiration: 7 Awesome Backyard and Patio!

03/31/2014 20:24:05 PM

Spring is here and it's time to enjoy the outdoors! If you have a charming backyard or a gorgeous garden, make sure it has comfortable seating so that you can enjoy the most of the lovely weather.Relax in your very own oasis of bright flowers and lus > read more

Valentine Crafts: Easy Paper Craft Ideas on a Budget!!

02/05/2014 00:49:06 AM

Here are some awesome PAPER craft ideas for Valentine's! It's raining hearts..these ideas are themed on heart and color red, a range of ideas for kids, teen and fun loving adults too! Something to make this day extra special for your friends and love > read more

Holiday Decor: Cushions with a touch of romance!!

01/25/2014 12:51:00 PM

Valentine's is almost here! If you have been looking for a reason to refresh your room decor, add some beautiful 'LOVE' themed throw cushions and pillows for a quick change.Celebrate Valentine's by adding a touch of luxury to your living room, gift c > read more

Valentine's Special: Romantic decor ideas!

01/15/2014 00:07:52 AM

Beautiful quirky bedroom in vibrant colors! The colorful bed is the focal center, a lovely bohemian style. Cuteness and comfort :)A simple, uncluttered bedroom in beige and purple! The addition of floral painting gives it a soft romantic touch. Styli > read more

Christmas Decoration: 10 Green Ideas with Pine Cones!

12/08/2013 15:46:03 PM

Its December already and Christmas decorations are everywhere! If you have been looking for some eco-friendly, nature inspired ideas and inspiration to get ready for this holiday, its all happening here :)Pine cones are found in abundance, and picked > read more

Christmas Craft : Creative Pasta Ornaments and More!

11/18/2013 01:43:48 AM

Christmas is fast approaching!!We have a whole series of posts centered around Christmas coming up just for you lovely readers :)Crafting and decorating is a fun part of Christmas. You must have checked our post on 'Christmas Craft ideas for Kids'..i > read more

8 Halloween Craft Ideas: Decorate on a Budget!!

10/11/2013 21:40:08 PM

Lots of diy craft ideas dear readers! Make your Halloween holiday special with these budget craft inspirations!These are simple, make at home,add little special touches to your Halloween decor. Keep kids and teen busy with variety of stamping, felt, > read more

11 Ideas for a fun Ghostly Halloween..Boo!!

10/11/2013 21:32:16 PM

Lots of awesome ideas for making this Halloween a little more ghostly!! These include some really cool ways of including the ghost theme in to your Halloween spread, treats and punch as well as desserts and snacks :)Since Halloween does get busy and > read more

10 Interesting Halloween treats to inspire!!

09/19/2013 14:03:51 PM

Halloween is just about a month away and there are so many ideas floating around. If you have not yet checked some of the most popular posts on Halloween in our blog, check them out!20 Last minute pumpkin ideas25 Halloween decoration and displayHome > read more

Theme Design: Chinese Garden stools!

08/23/2013 23:34:58 PM

Versatile furniture is always a good buy and a great addition to any style of decor. Ceramic garden stools are available in a wide range of colors and stunning metallic too. Available in lots of lovely Asian pattern and designs. Use them to refresh y > read more

Theme Design: Same room, different colors!

07/24/2013 21:32:02 PM

Colors add a lot of character to a room. It can enliven, brighten or have a soothing calm effect. There is a lot of psychology behind the spectrum of colors. Knowing its attributes will help create the right ambiance for your lovely home. Check out o > read more

Theme Design: Interesting bookshelves and storage ideas!

07/12/2013 17:56:29 PM

Storage is a big concern and to have interesting as well as functional solutions is the way to take away the boredom. Think of fun and innovative designs. A great conversation starter and your expression of creativity.Books, dvds and music albums hav > read more

Theme Design: Decorating ideas in White!

04/11/2013 04:23:14 AM

The color White brightens up any space, it clean, fresh and has oodles of elegance. It is perfect way to perk up decor for airy summer. Beach cottage decor also has lots of shades of white. White color is also perfect for smaller spaces, it created a > read more

Holiday Decor: 10 Easter craft ideas!

03/17/2013 02:09:35 AM

Easter is just weeks away and kids love a good Easter egg hunt!! There are so many kids friendly ideas floating around, today we have a round up of craft ideas we specially liked. These are easy to make, quick and just cool fun ways to decorate for t > read more

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