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Mercury in Your Mouth [Free Infographic]

07/31/2014 13:53:47 PM

Mercury In Your Mouth [Free Infographic] Is your dentist putting mercury in your mouth? Most Americans are shocked to learn that dental amalgam (silver fillings) is mixed with upward of 50% liquid mercury. A known neuro-toxin, mercury causes severe h > read more

Is Baby Water with Fluoride Safe for Infants?

04/26/2014 07:52:15 AM

Fluoridated water is allegedly good for teeth. However, the US government has recently warned that fluoride levels might be too high for public water (source: Wall Street Journal). Backed by a strong fluoride-free grassroots lobby, holistic dentists > read more

Miami Dentist Ted Herrmann Raises Awareness for Children’s Dental Needs

01/30/2014 22:25:11 PM

In 2000, the U.S. Surgeon General produced a report that sounded alarms for parents nationwide. Titled the “Oral Health Care in America,” the report contained vital statistics on the oral health of children in the United States. Perhaps m > read more

The Connection Between Gum Health and Heart Health

01/23/2014 08:44:08 AM

Cardiovascular disease is known as the leading killer among men and women in the United States. As such, cardiovascular disease has taken the public spotlight as a serious health issue. What many do not know, however, is that cardiovascular health ca > read more

Misconceptions About Cosmetic Dentistry

01/22/2014 03:39:07 AM

Would you ever see a cosmetic dentist? Many Americans think of cosmetic dentistry along the same lines as plastic surgery, thinking it is expensive, unnecessary, and unnatural. This is a misconception, however. Most cosmetic dental procedures are qui > read more

Miami Dentist Ted Herrmann Shares Experience as Holistic Dental Professional

01/20/2014 01:23:03 AM

The holistic dental professional has risen in popularity as families begin to understand that the traditional “drill and fill” approach does not keep the family smiling for long. Holistic dentists provide a deeper level of care, helping p > read more

Holistic Family Dentistry

01/17/2014 02:00:12 AM

Holistic Family Dentistry is a great resource for in-depth information on integrated health and oral wellness. Upon visiting, be sure to read up on medical theories. The section provides a close look at interesting topics like healing, aging, osteopo > read more

More Research Shows Smiling Makes You Happy

01/15/2014 00:23:20 AM

Research continues to prove a very convenient truth: Smiling makes you happy, and in most cases it can improve your health. Most people think of smiling as a one-way street. If you feel happy, you smile. Scientist now believe it’s a two-way str > read more

All Natural Health Benefits of Smiling

01/13/2014 07:07:04 AM

In America, health and wellness supplements are a multi-million dollar industry. Each year, men and women spend sizable sums on pills that promise better looks, more energy, and longer lasting youth. According to new studies, Americans are smart to c > read more

10 Foods that Cause Cavities

01/11/2014 03:51:03 AM

What are the worst foods for your teeth? In this guide, learn to identify the 10 everyday food items that are most likely to cause tooth decay and cavities. Some are obvious, like sugary candies. Other cavity-causing foods are less obvious, like snac > read more

Historic Mercury Treaty Signed by World Leaders in November 2013

12/29/2013 21:22:09 PM

Holistic dentists, health professionals, and environmental advocates celebrated last November as leaders from around the world gathered in Japan to sign the Minamata Treaty on mercury. A known neurotoxin, mercury is a dangerous substance that threate > read more

Christmas Recipes that are Paleo Perfect

12/16/2013 22:33:03 PM

The Paleo Diet is perhaps the newest and most talked about nutrition trend of 2013. It’s easy to see why. As the name suggests, Paleo Diet has people eat like our caveman ancestors of the Paleolithic Era. Their primitive diets were free of over > read more

Caution: Green Tea is High in Fluoride

12/13/2013 22:41:04 PM

A new study has been released that has created a stir among holistic wellness gurus and those trying to lose weight. Now, it seems certain varieties of tea can contain more than twice the fluoride content recommended by the FDA for public water. Part > read more

Does Iodine Deficiency Cause Breast Cancer?

11/13/2013 18:09:03 PM

Could iodine deficit lead to the development of cancerous cells? Specifically, girls who lack iodine can develop breast cancer. In 2008, they believed that up to 3 in 4 adults may have low iodine concentrations in their bodies. One cause adults world > read more

Thyroid, Iodine and Cancer

11/12/2013 05:04:04 AM

How are thyroid, iodine, and breast cancer all connected? In this special report by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, you will learn exactly how important iodine is when improving holistic wellness. Particularly, iodine helps you to > read more

Biocompatible Dentistry: Now in Miami!

10/27/2013 21:34:08 PM

Assure A Smile family dentistry has served the South Florida community for over 25 years. In that time, they’ve developed a reputation for being among the most professional, pleasant, and healthy dental practices in Miami. Individuals embrace t > read more

Watch the Signing of the Minamata Convention on Mercury

10/25/2013 22:31:08 PM

For more than 50 years, mercury has been utilized in dental amalgam (silver fillings) to do many different dental procedures. Although the American Dental Association has not recognized that this is just a major health problem, other countries, compa > read more

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