Reado’s Audio Books Concept

Did you ever heard of books that can speak, yes Reado has made it possible through their concept of audio books. Reado, an emergin..

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Reado’s Audio Books Concept

10/27/2013 06:53:17 AM

Did you ever heard of books that can speak, yes Reado has made it possible through their concept of audio books. Reado, an emerging brand launches something special & new in the market. i.e; Audio Books. Currently they are having more than 150 books

Apple’s iPhone 5 most anticipated tech product of 2012

04/08/2012 00:15:16 AM

the well known brand in market is coming with its all new Apple iPhone 5, Apple’s iphone 5 is most anticipated tech gadget of the year 2012. Initially it is decided to launch in September but now the date has been delayed to October. Apple iPh

Every Weekend Ends with a Bike Ride…!!

04/07/2012 07:44:01 AM

Bike, Bike & only Bike, I think this statement best describe my passion for bikes. I’m a software developer at gurgaon. I am a resident of Nilokheri a small town near Karnal. My hometown is about 150 km from Gurgaon. On every weekend I went hom

Meri Atma Amar Thi…

03/31/2012 02:50:59 AM

Kab se tanha tha mai, sab se anjana tha mai par fir bhi bhatakta raha, jane kahan tha mai fir wo dikhi ek din, laga ab tanha nahi hoon mai tab se wo dil mai thi, meri atma amar thi…. Baat shuru hone ko thi, tanhai khatam hone ko thi aachanak wo

Mozilla Concept Series: Seabird, A New Mobile Phone Concept

03/25/2012 02:31:06 AM

Mozilla has done a community-driven exploration in mobile phone technology called “Seabird”. The Seabird introduced new technologies like motion capture and projector driven from which user can experience a new way to interact with the mo

Ericsson’s Spider Computer concept

03/18/2012 02:31:39 AM

Ericsson’s new concept is a working Spider Computer. Initially meant as a computer for third world countries, but was changed to become something more of a portable computer during the study.Spider Computer, a portable device that relies on a p

Nokia announces 808 PureView:41 Megapixel camera…!!

03/10/2012 04:07:19 AM

Nokia added a one another weapon in to his armory, this time its for the cameraphone market. Nokia announced its 808 PureView phone. It’s just not a phone its a bomb & the quality that makes it so is the camera quality it has 41 yes 41 Megapixe

Elephants of BSP Covered, Is that a mind Game ?

02/05/2012 00:08:10 AM


02/05/2012 00:03:01 AM

A R Rahman, A Composer Extraordinaire..!!

01/31/2012 01:13:23 AM

                                       Date of Birth: 6 January 1966, Madras, Tamil Nadu, India (now Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India) Birth Name:    A.S. Dileep Kumar Nickname:      The Mozart of Madras Trade Mark:   His mu

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