Germany's 1st Restaurant for DOGS Serves Dishes Fit for Humans!

Dogs chow down on dishes fit for humans at Pets Deli in Berlin, Germany | Pets Deli via FacebookDining out these days can be be a ..

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Germany's 1st Restaurant for DOGS Serves Dishes Fit for Humans!

01/15/2014 07:30:01 AM

Dogs chow down on dishes fit for humans at Pets Deli in Berlin, Germany | Pets Deli via FacebookDining out these days can be be a harrowing task. You never know how the food is at a new restaurant or how the service can be. But what happens when this

Calendar Pin-Up DOGS that Look Smashingly Cute in Hats!

01/10/2014 07:00:11 AM

August pin-up Chihuahua pup sports a straw hat and sunglasses | themaverickshop.comWhile many of us are dressed up in winter wear this month, don't let the chill factor put you under the weather. Why not warm up to a calendar that features a who

Supermodel CHIHUAHUAS Strike a Pose in High Fashion Couture!

01/06/2014 07:00:06 AM

High fashion meets the Pet World | photo: Sophie GamandThe world of high fashion is a fierce industry where style is defined by those who wield the power of influence. From Prêt-à-Porter (ready to wear) garments to Haute Couture (custom fitted) to

DOG Reenacts Romantic Scene from Iconic Films with Man!

01/05/2014 19:34:56 PM

Left: The Graduate reenactment | Chirs Naka/AP, right: Ghost the movie reenactment | Chris Naka/Paramount PicturesSome of the most iconic films of Hollywood have made their mark in history with scenes that we will never forget. Whether it is Dustin H

SHOCKINGLY FUNNY: 2 DOGS Who Stole Christmas!

12/23/2013 07:30:00 AM

Is this the new holiday classic?: How 2 dogs stole Christmas? | YouTube via MaymoHoliday classics are always fun to watch during this time of year. Remember your favorite holiday icons featuring reindeers, snowmen, the Peanuts and the “Grinch”? T

8 DOGS Lip Sync to the Tune of “Silent Night”

12/20/2013 07:30:02 AM

Can these pooches pull off the Christmas carol of the season? | YouTube via OrapupWith Christmas just around the corner, you can feel the holiday cheer and spirit among us. With festivities that will no doubt keep us busy for the next few weeks; food

INFOGRAPHIC: For Moms Deciding on Getting a Puppy this Xmas

12/18/2013 07:30:01 AM

 Are you ready to bring a puppy home for X-mas?| The Uncommon DogThe holidays are a wonderful time of year. Thinking of that special gift to give is often a daunting task, but if you're a mom who's even considering bringing home a new member

PRECIOUS MOMENTS: How to Argue with a Canine

12/16/2013 07:30:01 AM

This owner shows how to argue with his canine  | YouTube via CrazyFunnyStuffCFSWhether you find these conversations intriguing or just plain silly, some owners will tell you that it's not always easy to see eye-to-eye with our family members.

Legends of Hollywood Pose with Lovable Canines!

12/11/2013 10:28:24 AM

Hollywood icon Barbara Stanwyck poses with Pal, known as the 1st dog to star as Lassie, 1944 | John Kobal FoundationThe silver screen was once enamored with legends that appeared in the 1920's, 30s, 40s and 50s - better known today as icons who r

See the Extraordinary Pitbull Balancing Act!

12/09/2013 07:30:00 AM

Scout a 9-year old Pitbull takes the world by storm via his extraordinary balancing skills | StuffonscoutsheadLooking to add a few tricks to your dog's repertoire? The Internet today has created a multitude of online pet celebrities that has dazz

FUNNY VIDEO: 2 Mischievous DOGS Give a Sneaky Surprise!

12/06/2013 07:30:00 AM

Two Border Collies give new meaning to sneaking up | YouTube via asheepdogdiaryBorder Collies are considered to be the smartest dogs in the Pet World. With reportedly over 1,000 words learned, these livestock-herding canines are among the top list o

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