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Give you a scolding

10/15/2013 00:12:00 AM

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U.S. can't solve everything for japan

10/13/2013 23:33:00 PM

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Reality by "Sung si kyung"

09/27/2013 00:45:00 AM

So~romantic. I like his voice so much. He has many fans not only women but men in Korea.He's also good at english so his english songs are not awkward. > read more

The demonstration for garbage disposal

09/27/2013 00:15:00 AM

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Kim jong un parody

09/26/2013 23:19:00 PM

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Japan's ridiculous recommendation to make the shipyard an world heritage

09/24/2013 02:52:00 AM

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Recent public execution is for Lee sul ju

09/24/2013 02:48:00 AM

Recently, the rumour about lee sul ju is being reported by international press. it came from the fact that 9 people who belong to NK representative art organizations made porn videos. They said lee sul ju led a disorderly too while NK police was tapp > read more

Poisonous spiders

09/16/2013 22:50:00 PM

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Empty eyes

09/16/2013 01:50:00 AM

My favorite song. so sweet. Whenever i listen to this song, i'm in mood to travel beautiful places.This song is composed by Kanno yoko, she is a famous > read more

Can u smell capitalism

09/16/2013 00:49:00 AM

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