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2Leaf Press is finally live . . .

01/28/2012 11:42:41 AM

I’ve been wanting to do 2Leaf Press for over ten years, and now, I’ve finally announced it! Papo is going to be our first author, and check it out, we’re doing a bilingual edition of his work, which is really exciting! What’s > read more

Promoting phati’tude

12/13/2011 15:44:21 PM

Now that things are winding down, and I am no longer crushed with producing phati’tude Literary Magazine (our next deadline is January 6 for the Latino issue).  I am trying to catch-up with the usual stuff:  filing, combing through and answer > read more

Stayin on track, turning over a new leaf

11/20/2011 00:32:10 AM

These last two months have been harrowing, what with publishing issues on top of each other. I’m now down to the final wire, back-tracking and doing major clean up (answering emails, updating Facebook and LinkedIn, promoting the magazines, catc > read more

I’m in danger of losing my mind . . .

09/24/2011 01:18:46 AM

I’m really trying to keep it all together, the summer started out very promising, but when the service provider for the websites threatened to kill our websites or pay out more money (from $99 per year to $200 per month, I think we can call thi > read more

Look what I’m reading on Kindle!

08/25/2011 00:17:04 AM

I am reading quite a bit on my Kindle.  I am actually buying hardcover books that I wouldn’t normally buy, for a fraction of the cost.  Here is what I’ve read in the past month: The Thirty-first of March: An Intimate Portrait of Lyndon > read more

I Gotta Kindle, I Gotta Kindle!

07/11/2011 23:37:28 PM

I finally broke down and bought it. It came ready to go, with my name already on it, my account totally hooked up to it and everything. I was never anti-reading tablets, just . . . well cautious. I mean, I am a woman that pwns several thousand books, > read more

Amtrak is the way to go

04/11/2011 23:39:20 PM

Well, I am taking as trip to Georgia to visit some friends.  Ain’t got a pot to piss in, but I need to hit the road.  When I contacted the arilines for a roundtrip ticket to Atalnta, they wanted my first born almost $800!  And then, of cours > read more

Launching the first African American Festival

02/27/2011 22:55:27 PM

Well, we finally launched phati’tude Literary Magazine’s first African American Festival on February 26 at the Langston Hughes Library.  Attendance was not as great as I would have liked it (which would mean thousands of people banging o > read more

Look what I’m reading . . .

08/22/2010 17:28:44 PM

I Am Not a Cop!: A Novel by Richard Belzer Really enjoying this book. Belzer writes in his voice, you can actually hear him talking as you read it. I am reading it slowly, as a way to unwind before I go to bed, and I have to tell you, it’s a gr > read more

Hello world! Here I go again!

02/16/2010 23:49:46 PM

I’m scratching my head, thinking, “why the hell am I doing this”?  I have four websites to attend to, numerous social networking accounts, I’m a member of a number of blog groups, I’m having such a hard time keeping up > read more

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