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Hello world!

09/26/2014 02:03:23 AM

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! > read more

Rick Reilly Interviews Bretty Favre (Not Really)

07/29/2011 23:03:46 PM

Hey you guys. So I’ve been happily rolling along for a few months. Just doin what I do. You know how it is. Hadn’t read a Rick Reilly column since April. It was refreshing. But still it was kinda like in Alias when Sidney Bristow and the gang had > read more

So This is Goodbye (Probably)

04/29/2011 20:45:45 PM

I’ve wrestled with this for awhile, but I think it’s time to stop the blog. It’s been a month since I’ve posted, and while I’ve gone through extended hiatuses before, those were largely due to laziness. My life has gotte > read more

Matt Howard and Jimmer Fredette Revisited

04/05/2011 13:01:01 PM

Remember when Reilly ripped into the Jimmer because he didn’t win the game against Florida? And because he shot 3-15 form the field? (He still scored 32 points.) And because he didn’t play defense, and was aloof? You do? Okay good. Rememb > read more

Rick Reilly is Persona non Grata in Orem, Utah

04/01/2011 22:47:54 PM

A reader sends along this photo, which I think is a fitting way to wrap up the great Rick Reilly-Jimmer Fredette controversy of 2011.Filed under: Sports (Non-Baseball Category) Tagged: BYU, Jimmer, Jimmer Fredette, Rick Reilly > read more

Rick Reilly’s Piece on Matt Howard Strangely Similar to Someone Else’s Piece on Matt Howard

03/29/2011 13:43:23 PM

Hey look! Rick Reilly wrote a column about Matt Howard that’s basically the same as a column written by someone else about Matt Howard two weeks ago, except it’s worse…but the same. And yet worse. Fantastic. Fresh off a controversial week a > read more

The One Where a BYU Fan Confronts Rick Reilly about Jimmer

03/29/2011 10:24:12 AM

A reader, and BYU fan, relayed a story to me about how he was at the games in New Orleans (yes, he left his hotel room), and confronted Reilly on press row after BYU’s loss and Reilly’s take-down piece on Jimmer. I thought it was interest > read more

The Internet Hates Rick Reilly: The Jimmer Edition

03/26/2011 10:54:21 AM

In the wake of Reilly’s terrible column on Jimmer Fredette, which we dealt with extensively yesterday, let’s take to the internets for more. Links after the jump. From the Provo Daily Herald and, Jason Franchuk has some quo > read more

Rick Reilly’s Jimmer Fredette Hatchet Piece

03/25/2011 21:14:24 PM

Get ready for Reilly to irrationally bash Jimmer Fredette for about 800 words. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. NEW ORLEANS — So that’s the end of Jimmermania. Saw it for myself. Caught the closing act. Not impressed. Really? N > read more

NFL Lockout: Rick Reilly Rallies Around Oppressed Rich People

03/03/2011 21:18:37 PM

I wasn’t planning on writing for a little bit more, what with my new addition, but Reilly’s latest is particularly bad. Are you the kind of person who loves hearing the bug zapper? Yes, because it means that bugs are dying. Any other ques > read more

The Reason for Lack of Posting

02/28/2011 19:56:57 PM

Mrs. Tapps gave birth to another Baby Tapps last week. (That makes two.) He’s scowling a bit because Reilly’s mailbag was on the computer at the time. So…there might not be some posts for a bit. Hopefully Rick doesn’t get too > read more

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