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Podcast: Gone Girl, Whiplash, and Kathleen Turner Sightings

10/29/2014 22:30:37 PM

The Podcast is back! > read more

'Nightcrawler' and L.A. in the Digital Age

10/29/2014 19:58:05 PM

Glenn here to offer a rebuttal to my own work. > read more

Threads: "Know your place. Accept your place. Be a shoe"

10/29/2014 15:00:03 PM

Each Wednesday in "Threads" we'll be obsessing over a single costume we're fixated on that week. This one's an apology: how on earth did Snowpiercer get left out of those Halloween Costume Suggestions yesterday? Tilda Swinton spends the bulk of her > read more

A Year with Kate: The Corn is Green (1978)

10/29/2014 11:24:16 AM

> read more

Scream coming to TV

10/29/2014 08:10:38 AM

Manuel here bringing you an in-depth look at Marvel's upcoming slate is what I would write if I wanted Nat to never invite me to write for TFE ever again. > read more

The Three Phases of Link

10/28/2014 20:00:51 PM

Sight on Earth > read more

DreamWorks' 'BFG' lands its lead and a July 2016 Release

10/28/2014 17:00:44 PM

> read more

The Honoraries: Maureen O'Hara in "The Parent Trap" (1961)

10/28/2014 15:00:43 PM

Welcome to "The Honoraries". > read more

Top Ten: 2014 Movie Characters For Halloween Costumes

10/28/2014 10:32:53 AM

Halloween hits on Friday. Are you prepared to see Elsa & Annas & Olafs everywhere you look for our first post-Frozen dress-up holiday? That billion dollar 2013 smash will surely dominate. As for 2014 movies it goes without saying that you'll see a lo > read more

Curio: Jason D'Aquino's Matchbook Miniatures

10/28/2014 08:45:46 AM

Alexa here with your weekly film craftiness. Jason D'Aquino is an artist with a gothic sensibility who works in miniature. > read more

Does Eddie Redmayne in "Theory of Everything" = Daniel Day Lewis in "My Left Foot"?

10/27/2014 20:57:01 PM

A consistent yet elusive golden thrill: that moment in each year's Oscar race wherein everyone disagrees on who and what is the frontrunner in this or that category. There are a few different schools of thought out there about who might win Best Act > read more

Stage Door: A Hellavu "On the Town" Revival

10/27/2014 18:30:32 PM

New York, New York, a helluva town.The Bronx is up, but the Battery's down.The people ride in a hole in the groun'.New York, New York, it's a helluva town! ? ? On the Town, the 1944 stage musical by Betty Comden & Adolph Green, most famous in it > read more

Beauty vs Beast: The Babysitter's Club

10/27/2014 15:00:00 PM

JA from MNPP here with our final Final Girl match-up "Beauty vs Beast" style before All Hallows hits us on Friday! Over the course of October we've paired off A Nightmare on Elm Street's Nancy vs Freddy, Scream's Sidney vs the boys Billy & Stu, last > read more

The Honoraries: Maureen O'Hara in Black Swan (1942)

10/27/2014 14:30:27 PM

Drum roll please... Welcome to our miniseries "The Honoraries". From now until November 8th when the Governor's Awards are held, we'll be celebrating the careers of the three Honorary Oscar recipients of 2014 (Maureen O'Hara, Hayao Miyazaki, Claude > read more

Interstellar Mania in 3...2...1

10/27/2014 10:38:12 AM

If you've been on the internet at all in the last half hour you're likely to have seen a tidal wave of Interstellar reviews. The embargo broke on Christopher Nolan's first feature after his release from Batman prison today at 11 AM. The film makes it > read more

Rome & London Film Fest Winners

10/27/2014 09:11:28 AM

Manuel here to bring you some more film festival news. Toronto, Venice, Telluride and New York are behind us but that doesn’t mean we’re done with film festivals; across the pond, London and Rome have recently wrapped up which means: awar > read more

Box Office: Keanu & the Ouija Board

10/26/2014 16:52:56 PM

Amir here, reporting to box office duty. If there is one trend box office enthusiasts can always count on, it’s a double-figure, profitable opening for a mediocre horror film. Ouija didn’t disappoint its makers and despite the letters on > read more

Meet the Contenders: Sam Rockwell "Laggies"

10/25/2014 17:30:00 PM

Here's abstew with this weekend's profile of an outside Oscar contender. While this weekend's release is not quite as buzzy as other contenders, Rockwell is always worth celebrating. Sam Rockwell as Craig in Laggies Best Supporting Actor Born: > read more

Review: Fury

10/25/2014 14:01:00 PM

Michael C here wondering if we are ever going to get more films about 20th Century conflicts other than World War 2? How long has it been since we've had a solid Vietnam film? Did Three Kings > read more

Posterized: Best Documentary Winners of the Past 30 Years

10/24/2014 18:12:32 PM

THE TIME OF HARVEY MILK (1984), a true classic. Have you seen it?If there's anything that makes me feel unsophisticated when it comes to the cinema it's my general relationship to documentaries. Like your average movie consumer (non cinephile divisio > read more

The Wide Open Spaces of Best Supporting Actor

10/24/2014 12:54:51 PM

With only six presumed major contenders yet to be screened by these eyes (Unbroken, Big Eyes, Into the Woods, A Most Violent Year, Selma, American Sniper) it's awfully late in the year for there to be so little in the way of clues as to what the full > read more


10/24/2014 10:05:30 AM

> read more

Scandinavians in London: New Films From Those 'Royal Affair' Lovers

10/24/2014 07:01:00 AM

A couple more reports from London and Chicago festivals heading your way. Here's David on three new films starring either Alicia Vikander or Mads Mikkelsen, who formerly sizzled together in Denmark's recent Oscar nominee "A Royal Affair" - Editor Al > read more

AHS: Freakshow "Edward Mordrake Pt. 1"

10/23/2014 19:42:51 PM

AHS rips its own plotlines off for this new episode (guest starring Wes Bentley)How do you make an episode in which almost nothing happens almost half-again as long as episodes where lots of things happen? I know not but Hollywood is getting very goo > read more

CIFF Foreign Film Oscar Report, Vol. 1: Czech Republic, Finland, Georgia & Uruguay

10/23/2014 17:00:01 PM

Tim here. Now that the Chicago Film Festival is all over, I can offer the rest of my thoughts on the official submissions for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar that I was able to catch. CZECH REPUBLIC: FAIR PLAYA political drama about sports, or > read more

Things Johnny Depp's 'Into the Woods' Costume Makes Him Look Like

10/23/2014 13:53:48 PM

Margaret here, examining the first image released of Johnny Depp as The Wolf in Into the Woods. Take it in. There is a lot going on here. > read more

Gotham Nominees: Boyhood vs. Birdman vs. Budapest

10/23/2014 11:17:07 AM

The Gotham Awards juried nominations have recently surplanted the ancient NBR as the first real awards nomination/wins of the film year. That it happens in October is more than a little crazy, but what'cha gonna do? The New York centric film prizes, > read more

Yes No Maybe So: Avengers Age of Ultron

10/23/2014 10:20:06 AM

And by Yes No Maybe So I mean Yes Yes and Also YAAASSSS. Tony Stark modelling the signature look from Hulkbuster Summer Line 2015 Though the thought of 20 plus superhero movies in the next few years makes me psychologically ill (nothing is special > read more

Key & Peele Head to the Movies

10/23/2014 07:00:12 AM

> read more

Sandy Powell's Glorious Bluntness "I won for the wrong film!"

10/22/2014 21:00:27 PM

We've revelled in Sandy Powell's uncensored quotes before - like her dismissive "I already have two of these" speech for Young Victoria. She's at it again providing us with more choice Oscar quotes and I couldn't resist talking about this tonight sin > read more

'Running for your life from Shia Labeouf'

10/22/2014 19:30:57 PM

Love this so much. The world needs more certifiably looney celebrities because they inspire such great great pop culture moments. I can't even pick a favorite moment in this song because every word is awesome. > read more

A Year with Kate: Olly Olly Oxen Free (1978)

10/22/2014 16:00:21 PM

Episode 43 of 52: In which Katharine Hepburn proves she's not afraid of heights or bad scripts. Look, I’ll be honest with you. There is exactly one reason to see this movie. It happens around the last third of the film. No, it’s not anot > read more

Threads - New Series!

10/22/2014 13:31:44 PM

In order to indulge more of TFE's fetish for costume design, in this new Wednesday series "Threads" we'll discuss (briefly) whichever single costume we're most obsessed with that week, from anywhere in time and any filmed medium. Let's begin with a l > read more

Exodus: To Links and Blogs

10/22/2014 11:45:57 AM

Let my readers go... to other places. Here are a bunch of articles I enjoyed elsewhere or which are worthwhile for their informational newsiness. But come back soon, okay? Okay. ScreenDissolve > read more

Meryl Streep's Set to Sing Off-Key (& Other News)

10/22/2014 10:13:00 AM

Manuel here with some Streeptastic news. Meryl Streep has just signed on to play Florence Foster Jenkins in an upcoming Stephen Frears film. Florence will follow the eponymous protagonist, a New York heiress whose lack of musical talent didn’t > read more

Documentary Short Finalists: A Closer Look at This Oscar Crop

10/22/2014 09:51:41 AM

You can watch the Kehinde Wiley documentary here from PBSAs you may have heard, the finalist list for the Documentary Short Oscar has been announced. It is 8 films wide from which (presumably) 5 nominees will emerge though remember in the Aughts when > read more

Top Ten: Oscar at the Oscars

10/21/2014 21:00:00 PM

"Fashion is about dressing according to what's fashionable. Style is more about being yourself."- Oscar de la RentaJose here. Legendary designer Oscar de la Renta passed away yesterday at the age of 82. In a career that spanned decades, he became a c > read more

Top Ten Oscar Theater Movies Or (The Unexpected Hook of Birdman)

10/21/2014 18:00:58 PM

For the concerns in some quarters that Birdman might be too cerebral or idiosyncratic for Oscar, I offer thisfoolproof rebuttal: It's about the theater! Oscar has a long history of mad love for theater movies from early musicals which were often abo > read more

Top Ten Most Important Things About This Photo of The ZeƩeeee That Everyone Is Talking About Today

10/21/2014 15:17:11 PM

It's a special top ten day. List mania all day long... 10 Ren > read more

Lunchtime Poll: Multiple Acting Oscars

10/21/2014 12:43:29 PM

I was all prepared to list the most Oscar winning Actors for a quickie top ten list. Until I remembered there were only six with 3 or more Oscars (for acting) Four Leading Oscars01 Katharine HepburnThree Leading Oscars02 Daniel Day-LewisThree Oscars > read more

Top Ten: Best of The Boxtrolls

10/21/2014 09:25:43 AM

Because it was so much fun last week, another all top ten tuesday to celebrate our new season as the awards will soon come rushing at us... People aren't talking about The Boxtrolls enough. It's a true mark against the world's parents that numerous > read more

Ten Tweets o' the Week

10/21/2014 08:00:10 AM

> read more

Curio: My Fair Lady at 50

10/20/2014 22:00:46 PM

Alexa here to celebrate the 50th anniversary of My Fair Lady. Although not my favorite movie musical, unlike the Smackdowners this summer, > read more

The Year I Fell In Love with Kristen Stewart

10/20/2014 20:00:47 PM

Jose here. A couple of weeks ago, I went to the NYFF press screening of Clouds of Sils Maria. It was my second time seeing the film, and on that occasion I mostly showed up because I wanted to bask in the glory of its MVP ... Kristen Stewart. As I > read more

Beauty vs Beast: Writers Retreat

10/20/2014 13:46:08 PM

JA from MNPP here with our third week's worth of Halloween-flavored "Beauty vs Beast" treats - today we're swerving away from Wes Craven's cadre of high school students in distress to hit up a whole different kind of Final Girl fight club: jump in th > read more

Nic Cage and the Curios Case of the Non-Disparagement Agreement

10/20/2014 10:32:43 AM

Manuel here bringing you what’s surely the weirdest buzz surrounding an upcoming project you didn’t know existed. Paul Schrader’s (or rather, not-Schrader’s) new film Dying of the Light, set to open this December, is currently > read more

ICYMI October Pt. 1

10/20/2014 09:30:25 AM

For those of you who are haven't been keeping up, here is a list of ten October highlights (in no particular order) from the first half of the month that you really don't want to have missed! Consider it an announcement that tomorrow we're doing anot > read more

Review: Birdman, or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

10/19/2014 21:35:36 PM

An abridged version of this review was originally posted in Nathaniel's weekly column at Towleroad. It is reposted here, with their permission. > read more

Box Office: Fury Attacks with a Tank Full of Gas

10/19/2014 18:41:39 PM

Amir > read more

Podcast Leftover Pt. 2

10/19/2014 12:30:26 PM

Here's part two of our long delayed festival wrap in which we discuss favorites, celebrity run-ins and hilarious Q&A anecdotes. Enjoy the conversation with > read more

Podcast Leftover Chat Pt. 1

10/19/2014 11:59:54 AM

Better late than never. Our TIFF coverage, was meant to have this podcast attached shortly thereafter but then NYFF got in the way and before I knew it, NYFF was over. To get us back to your weekly in-the-moment podcasts (resuming next Sunday) here i > read more

Thoughts I Had... The "Big Eyes" Poster

10/19/2014 08:16:58 AM

We finally have a poster for Tim Burton's Big Eyes. Herewith some thoughts as they came to me. • "Visionary Director" would be so much more impressive as a description if it weren't so overused.• "Big Eyes" could well describe lots of cele > read more

Links: Monty, Misty, Michael, More...

10/18/2014 19:18:00 PM

Gurus of Gold The new charts. Yes, I need to update the Oscar charts. I'll get started tomorrow!The Black Maria for his 94th birthday - "Montgomery Clift: The Lost Poet of Omaha"Serpentine Magazine Pretty Boys & Pathos: The Men of Classic HollywoodTo > read more

Meet the Contenders: Emma Stone "Birdman"

10/18/2014 11:31:00 AM

Each weekend a profile on a just-opened Oscar contender. Here's > read more

Foreign Oscar Watch: White God

10/18/2014 09:16:40 AM

With London and Chicago Fests ongoing, a few reports from each to cover more Oscar Submissions for Best Foreign Language Film. Here's our London friend > read more

Birdman's Beating Heart: An Interview with Composer Antonio Sanchez

10/17/2014 19:30:19 PM

Birdman, the pitch-black comedy from > read more

How To Get Away With Turning Your Procedural TV Into Gay Porn.

10/17/2014 15:33:17 PM

I was going to quit How To Get Away With Murder with this fourth episode but I may have to keep watching from the sheer ridiculousness as well as the fascinating case study of Anything Goes in contemporary television. If you replace all the female ch > read more

Review: St. Vincent

10/17/2014 12:46:24 PM

> read more

Posterized: Naomi Watts

10/17/2014 10:00:27 AM

It's good to be Naomi Watts right now which is something of a surprise since last year it wasn't. But then the blonde Aussie's career has always been like that. Let's investigate. Naomi Watts photographed by Mark Abrahams for More magazine In the P > read more

What I have linked, I have linked.

10/17/2014 07:26:39 AM

Popwatch Julianne Moore tribute coming in January at the Museum of the Moving Image - let the coronation mark beginIn Contention > read more

CIFF Foreign Film Oscar Report, Vol. 1: Afghanistan, Italy & Switzerland

10/16/2014 20:27:39 PM

Tim here. A week ago today, two things happened: the Academy announced the complete list of submissions for the Best Foreign Language Film race, and the 50th Chicago International Film Festival opened. That's put me in a position to see a lot of thos > read more

AHS: Freakshow "Massacres & Matinees"

10/16/2014 16:45:30 PM

The freaks come out at night. The freaks come out at night. Well, except when there's a curfew in which case they'll do matinees. In Freakshow's second episode, the police have locked down the town at night. Apparently there's no CSI people around to > read more

Open Thread. Multiple Screenings?

10/16/2014 14:26:06 PM

Have you seen any movie, at home or in theaters, more than once this calendar year? I was looking over my Letterboxd account and realizing how useful it would be to track my viewing if I actually updated it daily. But I don't rewatch a lot of stuff. > read more

Interview: Jorge Gutierrez & Guillermo del Toro on "The Book of Life"

10/16/2014 11:00:28 AM

Jorge Gutierrez has won two Annie awards and an Emmy, but in order to get his passion project The Book Of Life > read more

To Inauspicious Debuts!

10/16/2014 09:10:23 AM

> read more

No More Movies for John Cleese

10/16/2014 07:00:56 AM

Margaret here to break it to you that > read more

Foreign Oscar Watch: Gett - The Trial of Viviane Amsalem

10/15/2014 21:00:57 PM

Though TIFF & NYFF are over, London and Chicago Fests are still raging. We will have a few reports from each to cover more Oscar Submissions for Best Foreign Language Film. Here's our London friend David on Israel's Oscar submission. It's your right > read more

Neil Patrick Harris Will Host the Oscars & Complete His Life

10/15/2014 16:57:47 PM


A Year with Kate: Rooster Cogburn (1975)

10/15/2014 14:30:16 PM

Episode 42 of 52: > read more

Thought I Had... While Staring at the American Sniper Poster

10/15/2014 13:40:22 PM

Careful where you point that thing, Bradley. > read more

Baz, Rocky, Sarandon and Me

10/15/2014 12:03:44 PM

Editor's Note: Faithful reader and frequent Best Shot participant > read more

Dinosaurs & Toys: New Posters!

10/15/2014 10:04:00 AM

Manuel here bringing you a double dose of dino-related posters. Jurassic Park and Toy Story, two seminal early 90s smashes continue to make waves in 2014. This shouldn't be so surprising seeing as they both function as perfect metaphors for Hollywood > read more

Link Link Link Went the Bloggie

10/15/2014 08:21:32 AM

A veritable cavalcade? avalanche? orgy? of links this morning from news stories we haven't covered through interesting film tidbits and showbiz articles we wanted to point out for various reasons. bigscreenVanity Fair looks back at the making of now > read more

Top 10 Things We Learned from the 52nd New York Film Festival

10/14/2014 21:18:05 PM

To close out our New York Film Festival coverage for the year, a quartet of takeaways from this annual highly curated celebration of international cinema. NYFF doesn't have a broad selection like a lot of festivals but there were goodies. I've asked > read more

Top Ten Unseen Hits

10/14/2014 19:27:13 PM

Is this "top ten day" annoying you yet? Every once in a while I like to look at the "yearly" charts to see which films are the most popular with the general public... i.e. that strange undulating shape-shifting mass of terror that inflicts so many te > read more

Top Ten: Most Deserving Oscar Wins of the Decade (thus far)

10/14/2014 14:56:30 PM

It's a special "top ten day" to kick off fall film season. Lists all day long. Enjoy! As we move into awards seasons it's a good time to think positively and hope for the best. Though AMPAS is too high profile to ever get an entirely fair shake (p > read more

Top Ten Tweets: from Death Becomes Her to Dracula Untold

10/14/2014 12:10:30 PM

No, I'm not desperate for material. I'm not! It's just that certain other more substantive articles are taking me longer than I expected because I over do it, don'cha know. In case you haven't noticed today, our season premiere, is a special "top te > read more

Top Ten Reasons I Should've Bought that "Baker Boys" Photograph When I Had The Chance

10/14/2014 09:34:20 AM

Today the new season of TFE begins! We're celebrating with an all top ten list day. Every few hours, a new and highly random top ten list to kick off the Fall Movie Season (our favorite time of year!). Let's start with something that's been haunting > read more

NYFF: A Conversation About "Inherent Vice"

10/13/2014 19:30:57 PM

Hello dear readers. Your host Nathaniel here for our penultimate article on this year's New York Film Festival. I hope you've enjoyed the reviews from Glenn, Michael, Jason and me. Several people have asked why none of us reviewed Inherent Vice or if > read more

75th: Absence of Melinda

10/13/2014 16:00:20 PM

Two time Oscar nominee Melinda Dillon turns 75 today. Since we don't like any major actresses to totally fade from public consciousness when they stop working, let's look back. Though her last working year was 2007 her most recent high profile gig go > read more

Beauty vs Beast: The First Scream Cuts The Deepest

10/13/2014 14:00:17 PM

JA from MNPP here, with our second week of Final Girl themed "Beauty vs Beast"'s leading up to Ye Olde All Hallows - I didn't intend for this to also become a Wes-Craven-a-thon but whatcha gonna do, the man scribbled his name all over the genre in pe > read more

NYFF: A Second Look At Foxcatcher

10/13/2014 11:48:56 AM

The NYFF concluded last night but we've got a couple more pieces for you. Nathaniel reviewed Foxcatcher briefly at TIFF and here's Michael's much more positive take on it... If it’s true that great storytelling unfolds in a way that is both > read more

Viola Davis, Vanquisher of the Unspeakable

10/13/2014 09:15:56 AM

Manuel here with your daily reminder that this is Viola Davis’s world and we’re just living in it. Remember Jessica Chastain (she, champion extraordinaire of actresses all around) telling us that "Viola Davis is one of the greatest actres > read more

A New Season Begins

10/13/2014 07:54:20 AM

Let's pretend we've been off air for a few month and TFE's fall season starts tomorrow, 8 AM EST with a special Tuesday Top Ten day, reviews as Lists, or Lists as Lists, or Picture Lists or whatever -- top tens all day. Throw some confetti (TFE has, > read more

Box Office: Gone Girl Keeps Her Money

10/12/2014 20:34:21 PM

Amir here, returning to box office duty. I had to discard my long, passionate obituary for every cinephile’s favorite math-themed website, Box Office Mojo, because thankfully it’s back on air. The scare is (seemingly) over. We can all fea > read more

Birdman Conference & Party: Egos, Creative Challenges and "A Critical Presence"

10/12/2014 14:02:49 PM

Choosing Birdman as the closing night film of the 52nd New York Film Festival was a smart move. Premiering in the slot right after it would have been a truly humbling experience for another film. Not that I wish to inflate Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu > read more

YNMS: Tomorrowland, American Sniper, Black Sea

10/11/2014 18:00:54 PM

Tonight is the "Closing Night" of the New York Film Festival (Birdman > read more

Meet the Contenders: J.K. Simmons "Whiplash"

10/11/2014 15:00:53 PM

Each weekend a profile on a just-opened Oscar contender. Here's abstew on this weekend's new release, a hit at Sundance that just played the New York Film Festival. J.K. Simmons as Fletcher in Whiplash Best Supporting Actor Born: > read more

Friendly Reminder: Good Weekend to See a Movie!

10/11/2014 08:00:54 AM

But, no, I'm not talking about Dracula Untold or The Judge... For Everyone: Paddy Considine humbly requests that you see Pride this weekend! It's no longer an exclusive joy for New Yorkers and California residents. It's moved into several more cities > read more


10/10/2014 21:46:15 PM

Empire The London Film Festival has commenced with Benedict Cumberbatch opening the festivitiesKenneth in the (212) > read more

This is the one...

10/10/2014 14:02:43 PM

This is the one I'll be remembered for. > read more

HTGAWM: "Smile, Or Go To Jail"

10/10/2014 12:00:33 PM

We're three episodes in to How To Get Away With Murder and three episodes is where I draw the line if a show isn't working for me. Time is too precious: one season of a network series is time enough for ten or eleven movies, you know? You could basic > read more

Tim's Toons: the Best of Isao Takahata

10/10/2014 09:40:49 AM

Tim here. The Tale of Princess Kaguya > read more

135 Days 'til Oscar: Remember the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion?

10/10/2014 07:00:52 AM

Occasionally while typing about the Oscars I accidentally type in the Shrine or the Kodak and especially "The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion" when I mean The Dolby Theater. It's an honest mistake since the Oscars are a bonafide institution and one tends t > read more

Everything You Wanted To Know About the Foreign Film Race*... (*but were afraid to ask Pt.1)

10/09/2014 20:40:59 PM

Tonight The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences released the official list of Best Foreign Language Film Submissions that have qualified for the big show. There are 83 competitors this year, breaking the record by 7 films and in January 11% of > read more

Westeros Comes to Hollywood: Casting News for Game of Thrones Actors

10/09/2014 17:06:00 PM

Margaret > read more

NYFF: Maria Dances on the Mountain-tops

10/09/2014 11:45:00 AM

Straight from the final week of The New York Film Festival here's Jason on Olivier Assayas' new film Clouds of Sils Maria, starring Juliette Binoche and Kristen Stewart. If I was going to make a sort of Cinematic Mad Libs where I filled-in-the-blank > read more

Stage Door: "You Can't Take It With You" & "From Here To Eternity"

10/09/2014 09:00:16 AM

The Best Picture winners of 1938 and 1953, which were based on hit plays and best selling novels respectively, have moved to the stage. Let's take a look... Annaleigh Ashford dances up a comic storm in "You Can't Take It With You" YOU CAN'T TAKE IT > read more

AHS: Freakshow "Monsters Among Us"

10/08/2014 22:34:35 PM

The shadows that had sheltered me were banished by the blinding light of scrutiny. I knew I was about to enter the gates of hell but like the inescapable pull of gravity there was nothing I could do about it. Sarah Paulson's opening monologue to t > read more

A Year with Kate: Love Among The Ruins (1975)

10/08/2014 14:00:52 PM

Episode 41 of 52: In which Katharine Hepburn does a TV movie with Laurence Olivier and George Cukor, which might have been disappointing if it wasn't so good. Whew! What a nice change of pace this breezy little comedy is after so many dramas. Don't > read more

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