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Release Date Jockeying: Hey Studios, Keep Spreading the Wealth!

03/04/2015 19:04:24 PM

The conversation about the 87th Oscars had barely died down yet when you could hear rumblings about the 88th Academy Awards. It's not just the "will they go back to five" question but the sudden jockeying for release dates for the oncoming battle. To > read more

Stop daydreaming. What's on your cinematic mind?

03/04/2015 14:13:28 PM

> read more

Back to Five? Back to Reality. (On the Best Picture Problem)

03/04/2015 13:13:00 PM

Back from a fantasy, yes... By now you have read the rumor that the Academy is considering going back to only five Best Picture nominees per year. I've been amused by the headlines about this as they're extremely telling before you even get to the e > read more

RPDR: Thou Shalt Not Take The Name of Thy Tilda in Vain

03/04/2015 13:00:03 PM

Katya, an actual original!Did you catch the premiere of RuPaul's Drag Race > read more

MTV Movie Awards Nominations

03/04/2015 11:07:07 AM

Manuel here pretending not to be baffled and utterly fascinated with the just-announced MTV Movie Awards nominations. As much as I’d like to bemoan their crass youth pandering, their lineup for Movie of the Year (a "category that honors the mos > read more

Visual Index ~ The Sound of Music (1965) "Best Shots"

03/03/2015 20:15:36 PM

Each Tuesday night we ask anyone with a pinterest, blog, tumblr or what have you to post their favorite shot from a preselected movie. To kick off Season Six: The Sound of Music > read more

Introducing... Fraulein Maria

03/03/2015 15:42:58 PM

Season 6 of "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" Begins! The original premise of the Best Shot series was a short essay on ONE screen capture from a film, "best" being in the eye of the beholder, and thus the fascination since movies are communal but we see > read more

Top Ten: Horny For Horned Creatures

03/03/2015 10:30:29 AM

This top ten list is devoted to Madonna & her minotaurs since "Rebel Heart," the Queen of Pop's 13th studio album arrives in full this Friday. The minotaurs in particular serve as horny inspiration for this week's top ten. What are the best horned v > read more

Curio: Introduction to Pinocchio

03/03/2015 08:38:19 AM

Alexa here with your weekly film curios. After I read Tim's post celebrating Pinocchio on its 75th anniversary, I wondered how I'd ever missed it, and more importantly, how I'd missed showing it to my 5-year-old, now a budding film buff. After all, w > read more

Tweets o' th --Whew... That Week Is Over!

03/03/2015 07:00:33 AM

That was... a week, wasn't it? I mean to post this yesterday oops. > read more

Double the Looking: Looking for Gordon Freeman & Looking for a Plot

03/02/2015 22:00:39 PM

Hello everyone, Manuel here to recap Looking's newest episodes. We took a little break last weekend since it was the Holy Night of Awards (may this be your daily reminder that Julianne Moore has an Oscar!) and so we’re back this week with two b > read more


03/02/2015 17:04:40 PM

Yay! It's the return of the long departed much requested Q&A column. Readers ask questions. I pick a handful or two to answer on Mondays. Hopefully it'll be rejuvenating. Every March I feel more like the banner up top. It's the collapsing period post > read more

Beauty vs Beast: All About Actresses

03/02/2015 14:17:53 PM

Howdy folks it's Jason from MNPP here with this week's round of "Beauty vs Beast," wherein we ask you to take sides between infamous cinematic t > read more

That's a Wrap ~ All the 87th Academy Awards Coverage

03/02/2015 13:02:32 PM

Thanks for reading & listening. You should sign up for the forthcoming weekly newsletter so you don't miss important events like a new Actress Psychic contest, the April Foolish Predictions and films to watch before big articles hit. It'll take you 5 > read more

...and we'll sing once more.

03/02/2015 11:42:00 AM

> read more

Ripley is Forever

03/02/2015 10:01:22 AM

There are few movie characters as iconic as Lt. Ellen Ripley, the accidental but determined warrior so superbly played by Sigourney Weaver four times over in the five film > read more

The Witches of Huntsman?

03/02/2015 07:00:47 AM

Manuel > read more

Podcast Finale: The Team Reflects on the 87th Academy Awards

03/01/2015 17:00:43 PM

Nick, Katey, Joe and Nathaniel > read more

Box Office: You Must "Focus"

03/01/2015 12:35:16 PM

I kept thinking of Agent Carter's Russian villain whenever I saw the trailer to Focus, because he said "you must focus" every other line in that series while he performed his instant super-hypnosis. Which was ridiculous but the show is really fun. An > read more

...and we'll sing once more.

03/01/2015 08:42:00 AM

> read more

For Hattie...

02/28/2015 21:00:25 PM

Hattie receiving her Oscar from the awesome Fay Bainter, the previous Supporting Actress winnerWe hope you enjoyed The Film Experience's Black History Month miniseries. I asked team members to pick one Oscar nomination or win to talk about hence the > read more

The New Oscar Actress Hierarchy - 33 Most Beloved Women

02/28/2015 12:26:46 PM

This is your daily reminder that Julianne Moore is now an Oscar winner! > read more

Birdman Post-Mortem

02/27/2015 23:30:08 PM

BEST PICTURE | BEST DIRECTOR | BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY | BEST CINEMATOGRAPHYWe're nearly a week out from Birdman's big win and as we close out 2014 coverage (I'm hurrying backstage with our awards > read more

Black History Month: Monster's Ball and Representation

02/27/2015 21:10:48 PM

We were just wrapping up Black History Month when I heard from longtime reader/commenter > read more

Your Daily Reminder

02/27/2015 18:00:38 PM

Julianne in 2013 getting her star Remember that time when Julianne was winning TV prizes for her turn pretending to be Sarah Palin in Game Change and we thought "this is all we'll ever get to see her accepting prizes for -- but at least we get to see > read more

Black History Month: Spike Lee's '4 Little Girls'

02/27/2015 15:21:56 PM

Our black history month coverage continues with Margaret on Spike Lee's 1997 nominee for Best Documentary Feature... Spike Lee is famously an Oscar loser. With every passing year--25 of them now behind us--it makes less and less sense that Do the Ri > read more

Link Overload: Busy Actors, Deleted Scenes, Movie Spoofs

02/27/2015 09:30:28 AM

AV Club there's finally a Whiplash spoof starring The Muppets' Animal. "Animalllll!"Boy Culture remembering a great poem "Lana Turner Has Collapsed"EW > read more

The Likeliest Culprits in The Pearl Dress Thievery

02/27/2015 07:30:06 AM

Previously in Oscar Fashion Discussions- Reader Poll Supporting > read more

'Duplicity' or Con Artists in Love

02/26/2015 22:54:43 PM

Tim here. Tomorrow sees the release of Focus, a romantic drama about two con artists, played by Will Smith and Margot Robbie. Time will tell if it finds its audience – the critics are steadfastly ambivalent – but I would at least argue on > read more

Eddie is a Danish Girl

02/26/2015 19:28:17 PM

Straight from the Oscar stage to the hair and makeup room... In case you've forgotten The Danish Girl, which had a difficult development period going through different stars and directors (it went through, I kid you not, FIVE Oscar winning actresses > read more

Black History Month: The Rise of Taraji

02/26/2015 15:03:45 PM

Our Oscary spotlight on Black History Month continues with Matthew Eng on the currently very hot Taraji P. Henson It’s one thing to nab yourself a lead role on a juicy, mega-hit network drama with a mind-blowing, week-to-week ratings surge. Bu > read more

Red Carpet Lineup: Lead Actresses & The Aussie Invasion

02/26/2015 11:00:27 AM

It's the final poll of the 87th Oscars and our last red carpet lineup for awhile *sniffle*. In addition to those things this is your daily reminder that Julianne Moore won an Oscar. Because it needs to be repeated often as healing balm for our beleag > read more

Women's Pictures - Vote For Your Favorite Female Filmmakers!

02/26/2015 08:00:59 AM

Hello, it's Anne Marie. Since the first month of "Women's Pictures" went so well (and because I have an extra week in February to fill), today I would like to hear from all of you > read more

Black History Month: Morgan Freeman Enters The Conversation

02/25/2015 21:28:26 PM

Our celebration of Black History Month is, naturally, also an Oscar History Celebration. Today Nathaniel looks at Morgan Freeman's original claim to fame. When you think of Morgan Freeman what's the first thing that comes up? Given his revered statu > read more

Red Carpet: Supporting Actresses & Stray Beauties

02/25/2015 16:13:02 PM

Red Carpet Lineup Time as we struggle to wrap up Oscar night! It's time to say goodbye to the Supporting Actress Class of 2014 and it occurs to me that though I know you favored Arquette to a very wide margin in the race, I have no idea who y'all thi > read more

Links. And Not *Just* Oscar Post-Mortems

02/25/2015 13:05:48 PM

The Playlist Jessica Chastain joins the increasingly star-studded cast of The Huntsman > read more

Oscar Stages Through the Years

02/25/2015 10:49:25 AM

Ask and you shall receive. Manuel here to take up Joel V's suggestion in the comments (for this post on the gorgeous graphics we saw on Sunday) and give us a look at past Oscar stages. I will hand it to Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, while NPH was only > read more

From the Vaults: Nathaniel's Audience with Julianne

02/25/2015 06:01:04 AM

It's your daily reminder that Julianne Moore is now an Oscar winner! I spoke to Julianne very briefly this season at a party for Still Alice. We laughed about her line reading of "Anne Hathaway. How does that work?" in Maps to the Stars (OPENING THIS > read more

Ask Nathaniel

02/24/2015 23:09:36 PM

Got a question you'd like answered? Here's an open thread to ask it. Perhaps your questions will inspire podcast discussions or future posts.If you don't have a question, how about healing words? (Note: Do not get sick! This is a nasty one, whatever > read more

Beauty Break: Random Oscar Night Gowns You Might Not Have Seen

02/24/2015 19:18:43 PM

Because they weren't on the stage but at after parties. Many beauties after the jump... > read more

Thoughts I Had... While Looking at 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' Poster

02/24/2015 18:02:26 PM

Thoughts I had while looking at the Age of Ultron Poster as they come to me... Wow, that's ugly! And since this movie would make a billion dollars even if they advertised with a giant stinky turd as the poster, you'd think they could be a little mor > read more

Black History Month: Pulp Fiction (1994)

02/24/2015 15:38:58 PM

Our Black History Month through the lens of Oscar continues with Jason on Samuel L. Jackson... If you'd like a master class in screen-acting (not to mention a Minor in Pronouncing Vulgarity in New & Unique Ways) then you couldn't do much better than > read more

"I'm gonna ask you, okay? And you say yes, okay? Are you my mom?" / "Yes, sweetie"

02/24/2015 11:44:51 AM

This is your daily reminder that Julianne Moore won an Oscar* > read more

New Oscar Trivia. Courtesy of the 87th Academy Awards

02/24/2015 09:00:52 AM

What does a fresh list of winners bring? Why... New TRIVIA of course! > read more

Curio: Oscar Snacks 2015

02/24/2015 07:00:37 AM

Alexa here. I knew early on that my annual Oscar pig-out this year would feature the pastry at the center of Wes Anderson's latest. Not only because it was probably my favorite film this year, but because Wes kindly supplied detailed instructions for > read more

Team Experience: Oscar's Best & Worst Moments

02/23/2015 21:02:00 PM

Neil Patrick Harris' big musical opening had fun shadow effectsAre most of you over your Oscar party hangovers now? I polled Team Experience (and myself) on their very favorite moment and their "Agony!" bit alike from last night's show of shows and > read more

Beauty vs Beast: Break On Through To The Other Mother

02/23/2015 16:31:26 PM

JA from MNPP here, with our Oscar Hangover edition of "Beauty vs Beast." I actually intended for this week's edition to have nothing to do with the Oscars at all, but I can't help trace its footsteps back to this year's Awards in a sorta roundabout w > read more

22 Oscar Tweets

02/23/2015 15:00:54 PM

Though liveblogging and livetweeting has its drawbacks -- I always miss something when i"m typing, Social Media has kept "events" in event status so we welcome it. Here are some tweets that had me screaming or thinking or nodding or LOLing on Oscar n > read more

Oscar Style: Henry Hobson & Those Gorgeous Graphic Sequences

02/23/2015 13:30:10 PM

Manuel > read more

Lady Gaga Isn't the Only One Who Loves "The Sound of Music"

02/23/2015 12:29:06 PM

Be here a week from tomorrow for the season premiere of Hit Me With Your Best Shot when we look at the classic Julie Andrews... or, rather, the classic Julie Andrews in between her other classics. the one where she spins on a mountain top (though hop > read more

Your Reminder That Julianne Moore is Now An Oscar Winner

02/23/2015 10:26:49 AM

We should start every morning this beautifully in 2015 a moment 20+ years in the making It was "the foxiest bitch in the world" Amber Waves that first won Julianne Moore her legion of obsessed fans and should have won her the Oscar back when Boogie N > read more

The 87th Academy Awards. Live Blog

02/22/2015 19:31:06 PM

08:29 3...2...1... 08:36 We began with a big musical number "Moving Pictures" with Neil Patrick Harris, Anna Kendrick, and Jack Black. Some of the audience likes it more than others.Keira Knightley and her date look at each other and laugh. Some of > read more

Oscar Night. Arrivals

02/22/2015 17:09:44 PM

Hollywood's High Holy Night has arrived! Ms Musical. Anna Kendrick looks amazing tonight. 06:05 > read more

Black History Month: "Schwarzfahrer," an Oscar Night Memoir

02/22/2015 14:47:21 PM

For this Oscar day special episode of Black History Month, we asked devoted reader Paul Outlaw, who you'll know from the comments, to share his Oscar memoir from the 1993/1994 ceremony. We're happy to call Paul a friend after our last few trips to Lo > read more

Box Office: 50 Shades of Oscar Green

02/22/2015 13:03:39 PM

This weeks box office is nearly identical to last week's only less cash to go round. The top three films still reign holding off newcomers and outside the top five people are still checking out the Oscar nominees for some last minute looksies before > read more

Review: 'Kingsman' is a Toxic Stew of Tone Deaf Mayhem

02/22/2015 10:00:30 AM

Michael C here with a question: When did it stop mattering if the hero saves the day? Recently, it seems as long as the protagonist gives it the old college try that’s good enough to get rounded up to a victory. If a few thousand innocents die > read more

Readers Poll Results: Who *Should* Win?

02/22/2015 07:16:39 AM

With the Oscars arriving in 12 hours and your host (er, Nathaniel -- your host here at TFE-- not NPH) still sick as a dog, I turn the time over to you. Your votes have been tallied from the polls we ran on the individual Oscar Chart pages over the pa > read more

Last Pre-Oscar Link Roundup!

02/21/2015 23:47:35 PM

Best Picture & Oscar ManiaSalon on the Birdman vs Boyhood battle for Hollywood's soulGuardian on Ida and Leviathan's troubles at home as they head to the Foreign Film Oscar decisionNY Post goes out on a clickbait limb and predicts American Sniper for > read more

"Spirit Awards" Live Blog!

02/21/2015 16:09:03 PM

A great and gracious good evening everyone! Anne Marie here, slightly late and very winded. While the Spirit Awards may not suffer TV delays, the LA Metro system is not nearly as reliable, so I sprinted three blocks trying to get here on time. The S > read more

100th Birthday: Ann Sheridan

02/21/2015 15:52:42 PM

Tim here. Today would have been the 100th birthday of Ann Sheridan, a star at Warner Bros. in the '30s and '40s who died at the age of 51. She's not as well-known today as some other actresses from that era: with no Oscar nominations to her name, the > read more

Black History Month: Whoopi Goldberg in "Ghost" (1990)

02/21/2015 14:11:00 PM

Our Black History Month through the lens of Oscar continues with abstew on Whoopi... It took fifty-one years after Hattie McDaniel's historic win for Gone With the Wind (1939) for another black actress to hear her name called as the winner > read more

C├ęsar Winners: Kristen Stewart (!!!), Timbuktu, and More

02/21/2015 12:25:14 PM

Can Timbuktu upset IDA for foreign film at the Oscars? The big winner of the 40th annual C > read more

'Unite the Seven' What?

02/21/2015 11:06:56 AM

The first image of Jason Momoa as Aquaman Given that it's still 1252 days until this movie comes out (July 2018) Aquaman is a real preemie. Since I have no emotional connection whatsoever to this character (as I do some heroes from childhood) and I > read more

Tweets o' The Week Victory Lap

02/21/2015 09:32:18 AM

This week's Tweet Collection is short and completely random. I haven't been goofing around online as much what with the countdown to Oscar on. The finish line is upon us. And, just my luck, I got super sick yesterday so there goes a few more treats I > read more

Black History Month: Do The Right Thing (1989)

02/20/2015 20:34:23 PM

Our Black History Month celebration (through an Oscar lens) continues with Matthew Eng on Do The Right Thing's Screenplay Whenever I think about Spike Lee’s > read more

Emmy's New Rulings Are Game-Changers

02/20/2015 16:00:43 PM

After years of gripes about tv shows "gaming" the system to get more nominations - like Downton Abbey pretending it was a miniseries before it was a series and True Detective pretending it was a regular series instead of a miniseries or Joan Cusack p > read more

Post Predictions Oscar Jitters

02/20/2015 12:00:31 PM

Do you think Oscar wishes he had more of a bubble butt? Have you voted on our Oscar charts? It's your last day to vote for your > read more

John Boorman on His Oscar Experience

02/20/2015 09:15:16 AM

Jose > read more


02/20/2015 07:45:36 AM

I've never seen purple underwear before, Calvin." Great Moments in Screen Come-Ons #201Lea Thompson in Back to the Future (1985) > read more

Tim's Toons: Animated also-rans

02/19/2015 20:42:24 PM

Tim here. In his official Oscar predictions today, Nathaniel left out Best Animated Feature, but no matter. By this point, you'd have to hunt a while to find anybody predicting a winner other than How to Train Your Dragon 2, with a few Big Hero 6 hol > read more

Long Day's Journey Into Link

02/19/2015 16:00:36 PM

All Oscars All The TimeBig Group they've taken that 'Oscar Dresses infographic' that was so successful a year ago and updated and expanded it with interactivityAV Club wants the Oscars to add these 11 categories. I say Nay! to most of these. The Acad > read more

Have You Seen "The Fall"?

02/19/2015 14:00:32 PM

A wee break from Oscar talk since a few of you will surely need it. I bingewatched The Fall this weekend > read more

Awards Season Dichotomy: Easy Calls & Tough Choices

02/19/2015 11:00:20 AM

With time rapidly running out until we get to Oscar - we're just 3 days away - I'm afraid there's no time left for obsessive predictive postings and chart updates. So as a final predictive wrap up, we illustrate one of the conundrums of awards season > read more

Women's Pictures - Ava DuVernay's Selma

02/19/2015 07:40:27 AM

Nothing about Ava DuVernay’s career up to 2014 suggested the epic sweep of Selma. I Will Follow and Middle of Nowhere are both quiet dramas, focusing on one central character and a handful of supporting players as they navigate a major, life-al > read more

Black History Month: Endless Love (1981)

02/18/2015 22:00:49 PM

I know what you're thinking. You're working out some variation of "how perverse to feature a lily white teenage romance for a Black History Month feature!"... and I get it. But let's travel back to 1981 together anyway and I'll explain. The Italian > read more

Podcast Pt 2: Oscar Predix Finale

02/18/2015 17:18:00 PM

In case you missed part one of this finale, that's here. Let's wrap up our final pre-Oscar prediction discussions: Joe pretends he's not an Inherent Vice fan, Nick sadistically hopes Imitation Game "gets Up in the Aired", and Nathaniel goes full blur > read more

Best Actress. An Oscar Thrill & Personal Ballot

02/18/2015 14:30:08 PM

It's just four days until Oscar and I remain stunned and overjoyed that god* will be taking home her first Oscar. I can scarcely believe it. I thought it would be a nail biter given that this never happens. It's true we're about to get our first fift > read more

In Two Weeks: "Best Shot" Returns!

02/18/2015 00:06:10 AM

Hit Me With Your Best Shot, our series celebrating our relationship to the image and the brilliant ways directors and cinematographers capture it to tell the story, returns in March. We hope you'll join us and spread the word to other cinephile frien > read more

Black History Month: Sounder (1972)

02/17/2015 18:01:01 PM

Andrew here, to continue The Film Experience’s celebration of Black History Month through the lens of the Oscars. Next up comes 1972's Sounder. It did not win any Oscars, and yet it is groundbreaking, of its own accord, and as an Oscar vehicl > read more

Best Documentary Short: Sad, Sadder, Saddest...

02/17/2015 16:00:58 PM

Glenn here to discuss the Oscar-nominated documentary shorts. Much gets made year in year old about how the short categories are typically the hardest to predict. It’s a sentiment that bodes true for many reasons, although with the recent boost > read more

Podcast Pt 1: Joe, Nick and Nathaniel's Oscar Predictions

02/17/2015 14:00:52 PM

Nick, Nathaniel and Joe get together -- no Katey this week, sorry kids -- to make our final predictions and let our conversations wander (as we do). Joe reveals a very messy ballot, Nick brings up The Judge goddamn it (!), and Nathaniel watches Matth > read more

An Interview with Hans Zimmer

02/17/2015 11:30:17 AM

Anne Marie here with an observation: Hans Zimmer's studio is incredible. The ten-time Academy Award nominated composer > read more

So Nice, She's Been Nominated Twice: Liv Ullmann

02/17/2015 09:34:01 AM

abstew here. With her second nomination for Two Days, One Night, Marion Cotillard joins a small but prestigious group of actresses that received both their Best Actress nominations for foreign language performances. The first actress to achieve it wa > read more

Curio: Alternative Oscar Art

02/17/2015 08:00:15 AM

Alexa here. It's that time of year, where artists and designers take a crack at creating alternative posters for the Oscar nominated films. As they do every year the BAFTAs commissioned > read more

Review: 50 Shades of Grey

02/16/2015 20:33:16 PM

This review originally appeared in Nathaniel's column at Towleroad. It is reprinted here with a couple of minor adjustments. SPOILER ALERT: Nothing happens in > read more

Looking For Truth: Out of the City

02/16/2015 18:30:11 PM

Manuel here to offer this week's Looking recap filtered through a decidedly ranty diatribe on LGBT representation. I was looking for glimpses of the city that had formed me. I didn’t hold out hope that a Hollywood product would show me anyth > read more

Beauty vs Beast: Little Drummer Bot

02/16/2015 15:30:10 PM

Howdy folks it's Jason from MNPP here, pulling myself out of the snow-heap I was buried under last week to drum up a new round of our "Beauty vs Beast" series, in which we ask you to pick sides between good and evil, movie-style. By this time next we > read more

Box Office: Grey Whips His Competition

02/16/2015 13:00:41 PM

Amir here, apologetic about the terrible pun in the headline, and bringing you the weekend’s numbers with a glass of wine and a pair of handcuffs. Valentine’s Day just passed on by and more than any other year, it felt like a zenith for C > read more

YES NO MAYBE SO: Trainwreck

02/16/2015 11:00:34 AM

Manuel here to discuss one of last week’s hottest trailers by one of my favorite funny ladies. After the success of Bridesmaids ($288 million worldwide gross and 2 Oscar nominations), it’s not surprising seeing Judd Apatow partnering up w > read more

Interview: Ronit and Shlomi Elkabetz on 'Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem'

02/16/2015 09:39:01 AM

Jose here. In Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem, Israeli goddess Ronit Elkabetz returns to play a part she’s lived with for more than a decade. In 2004, Ronit and her brother Shlomi teamed up as writers and co-directors of a film trilogy that > read more

A Foreign Language Actress So Nice, She's Been Nominated Twice: Sophia Loren

02/15/2015 12:00:43 PM

abstew here. Only 15 women in the 87 year history of the Academy have scored a Best Actress nomination for a foreign language performance. In contrast, British actresses have won Best Actress 14 times. While the Academy has always warmed to Brits, th > read more

Best Cinematography: Can Chivo Do a Back-to-Back?

02/14/2015 15:23:57 PM

If Oscar were a beauty pageant (we know it feels like that sometimes but it's not) the previous winner in each category would have to hand over their tiara > read more

Bad Movie-thon

02/14/2015 11:00:33 AM

Jose here. Ah, it’s Oscar season and all movie lovers can talk about is who was snubbed or who will and should win. While basking in the glow of acclaimed movies and conversations about the merits of sound editing and screenwriting is nothing t > read more

"a kiss can be even deadlier if you mean it"

02/14/2015 07:13:37 AM

> read more

Best Visual Effects: "Will it be Apes or Aliens, Murph?"

02/13/2015 21:00:59 PM

It's not my imagination. I swear it's not. This year's Oscar competition is unusually tough to predict in quite a few categories . That's a refreshing change of pace. You might think this one is easy "Best Visual Effects" since it usually is (well, a > read more

Stage Door: Bradley Cooper in 'The Elephant Man'

02/13/2015 17:00:54 PM

Jose here for a special weekend edition of Stage Door, starring one of our Best Actor nominees... The stage directions for Bernard Pomerance’s > read more

Interview: Tomm Moore on "Song of the Sea" and the Oscar Race

02/13/2015 12:31:20 PM

Tomm Moore, 38, is enjoying his second Oscar nomination for Animated FeatureOne of the semi-unexpected joys of the birth of the Animated Feature Oscar category in 2001 has been the steady stream of international cartoons that the Oscars have spotligh > read more

Best Make-Up & Hairstyling: Freaks, Schnozz, or Old Lady?

02/13/2015 10:00:41 AM

They use to disqualify movies from this Oscar if they used too much computer enhancement (see The Hours) and always wanted their makeup effects practical (like American Werewolf in London). But nowadays computer enhancements seem to be a non-issue (s > read more

Best Film Editing: Drums, Guns, or Twelve Years of "Boyhood"?

02/13/2015 07:28:41 AM

They call Editing the "invisible art" but when it comes to Oscar Watching each year, the prize is highly visible. Most pundits, armchair and professional, think of it as a bellwether. Everyone knows this one key stat: No movie has won Best Picture wi > read more

Tim's Toons: Sex and Animation

02/12/2015 21:33:38 PM

Tim here. Two things are happening this weekend: one is Valentine's Day, when one's mind naturally turns to talk of romantic movies. The other, infinitely more exciting thing is the release of Fifty Shades of Grey, a movie about sex. Not a movie that > read more

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