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Sundance: Redford and Nolte go on a breezy "Walk in the Woods"

01/28/2015 16:00:57 PM

Based on the best seller by Bill BrysonMichael C reporting from Sundance to review a film starring the Sundance Kid himself. Ken Kwapis's A Walk in the Woods has the misfortune of following not one, but two movies about the restorative spiritual pow > read more

Best Supporting Actress: The Poll & My Ballot.

01/28/2015 13:00:45 PM

Think of our newscast as a screaming woman running down the street with her throat cut." Rene Russo is so hardshell intoxicating in Nightcrawler. > read more

From Sils Maria to Timbuktu, France Celebrates the C├ęsar Awards

01/28/2015 11:45:00 AM

Glenn here while Nathaniel is travelling back from the wonders of Sundance. I do so enjoy looking at national awards since they paint such a gloriously global view of the film world that most of the American award bodies simply do not even attempt. T > read more

Sundance: Strangerland, an Incoherent Sexual Mirage

01/28/2015 10:00:20 AM

Nathaniel reporting from Park City Weaving, Fiennes, and Kidman on the set of "Strangerland"There are a lot of things that are unclear in Strangerland, secrets covered as they are in beautifully dangerous sandstorms, the warped image shimmer brough > read more

Pretty Oscar Artwork & Ceremony News

01/28/2015 07:00:55 AM

Manuel > read more

Sundance Quickies: Dope, Last Days in the Desert, Nasty Baby

01/27/2015 21:00:27 PM

Nathaniel reporting from Sundance with three quick takes DOPEThe biggest sale at Sundance was this no-stars comedy about three geeky high school seniors who are obsessed with 90s hip hops (that's a character detail and joke factory -- not the plot). > read more

Sundance: "It Follows" is Brilliant High Octane Nightmare Fuel

01/27/2015 18:30:56 PM

Michael C here in Sundance to report on a horror film that already feels like a cult classic even though it doesn't even come out until March. Put into words, the plot of David Robert Mithchell's It Follows sounds almost comical in its simplicity. T > read more

Red Carpet Lineup: The 21st Annual SAG Awards

01/27/2015 12:00:55 PM

Greetings, fashion followers and actress admirers! Anne Marie and Margaret here with > read more

Sundance: "The Diary of a Teenage Girl" Doesn't Flinch at Teenage Sexuality

01/27/2015 09:33:49 AM

Michael C. here with a fresh dispatch from Park City. With coming-of-age films one often gets the sense they are holding back. That they are only hinting at their raunchier elements or skipping any bits where the hero might lose the audience's sympa > read more

Curio: Rubber Stamp World

01/27/2015 07:01:00 AM

Alexa here with your weekly arts and crafts. I have to admit that I have an oddball addiction to rubber stamps. Not your run-of-the-mill, country-crafty variety, but those of the pop-culture-obsessy variety. I spend a bit too much of my monthly budge > read more

Oscar Acting Races: 5 Box Office Musings

01/26/2015 22:42:00 PM

Manuel here to offer some random box office facts about the acting races. The big Oscar box office story continues to be American Sniper’s unprecedented success, so much so that Bradley Cooper garnered a shoutout last night at the SAG Awards de > read more

Looking Top to Bottom: How to Get Fucked

01/26/2015 22:00:00 PM

Manuel, here learning more about how rugby is the filthiest, sexiest sport ever with the Looking boys. Between getting tested last week (learning we don't test for HIV but for its effects on our bodies) and braving his self-consciousness to buy an e > read more

Sundance: "Tangerine" The Best Trans Hooker Christmas Comedy You Might Ever See!

01/26/2015 14:30:04 PM

This review was originally published in Nathaniel's column at Towleroad Indie writer/director Sean Baker (and recently his co-writer Chris Berloch) specialize in portraits of characters on the margins of society. Baker's previous slice-of-life film > read more

Beauty vs Beast: Legend In Blue Jeans

01/26/2015 10:34:45 AM

Jason from MNPP here, eyeing the white-out weather outside the window of my office as I write this to you from New York City - everybody stay safe on the East Coast over the next couple of days! It's apparantly gonna be a biggun, this storm. I know, > read more

Sundance: 'Entertainment' is a Twisted Misfire

01/25/2015 23:14:52 PM

Michael C here reporting from Park City > read more

SAG Open Thread

01/25/2015 21:01:37 PM

I wish I had the energy and window of time to live-blog the SAG Awards but I'm not really catching the full thing, peeking at them inbetween Sundance stuff. I apologize for not planning properly to get you live blogged coverage in my absence but did > read more

SAG Predictions. Got any crazy ones?

01/25/2015 16:32:08 PM

I'm betting it continues to be a big weekend for Birdman on account of actors playing actors in a movie about acting (not to mention that the ensemble IS truly worthy) but I could be wrong. The temptation to wield your guild's top award as a defacto > read more

The Linking Point

01/25/2015 15:35:11 PM

Write Out of LA on underappreciated directors of 2014's awards seasonPlaybill Into the Woods cast members sang to Rob Marshall at the Artios Awardsxkcd The Star Wars tipping pointScript Notes talks about the "default male" problem in screenwritingEmp > read more

Good Morning! "Teen Girl" & Sales Notes from Sundance

01/25/2015 09:58:30 AM

Sundance is keeping me mighty occupied though I promise that more reviews are coming. Yesterday I caught Glassland (reviewed), and two gay films, one of which I loved (Tangerine - not to be confused with the Estonian picture nominated for an Oscar ri > read more

Birdman Surprises at PGA. Is it a Three Way Best Picture Race?

01/25/2015 01:02:58 AM

The Film Experience has never loved the complacency of locked up Oscar races, so it is with great pleasure that I share the news (though you probably didn't miss it) that Birdman won the Producers Guild Award tonight. Do we have an actual race for Be > read more

Sundance: "Glassland", a Compassionate But Bleak Mother/Son Drama

01/24/2015 20:00:56 PM

Breaking News: Someone finally gave Toni Collette something to act onscreen again. She has lines and emotions and everything. (Tammy and Hitchcock -- never forget!). But I'm jumping too far ahead since Glassland takes some time to come around to her > read more

Anne Hathaway's Producing Debut "Song One" Is a Labor of Love

01/24/2015 15:52:49 PM

She's an actress, a singer, an Academy Award winner, and now Anne Hathaway can add producer to her growing list of credits. Her producing debut (a family affair as husband Adam Schulman is a co-producer) Song One is a heartfelt, indie drama about fam > read more

Sundance Begins: The Bronze, Dark Horse & Nicole Kidman

01/24/2015 06:00:38 AM

Sebastian Stan from his InstagramNathaniel, reporting from the snowy mountains of Park City Utah for the annual Sundance Film Festival. Michael, currently en route, will also be covering though we both missed opening night (I was still visiting fami > read more

Thoughts I Had...From Leo On the Set of "The Revenant"

01/23/2015 22:15:40 PM

abstew here. We might be in the midst of the current Oscar season, but it's never too early to start thinking year already. Now, I can hear you all saying, "Good god, man! The ceremony is still a month away! Can't we at least hand out th > read more

A Quick Chat with Marisa Tomei

01/23/2015 12:00:00 PM

Marisa Tomei with Tracy Letts in "The Realistic Joneses" (L) and John Lithgow in "Love is Strange" (R)Jose here. Last week I had the opportunity to chat with the lovely Marisa Tomei about her new film Loitering with Intent (out in theaters and VOD) > read more

A Few Unsung Supporting Actors & Force Majeure's Man Cries

01/22/2015 22:19:36 PM

I dive headfirst into 2015 cinema tomorrow at Sundance but tonight I did some finalizing of my Supporting Actor ballot for 2014. I really should do these things earlier for advocacy purposes. For while the Oscar race was curiously composed of just fi > read more

A Few Unsung Supporting Actors

01/22/2015 22:19:36 PM

I dive headfirst into 2015 cinema tomorrow at Sundance but tonight I did some finalizing of my Supporting Actor ballot for 2014. I really should do these things earlier for advocacy purposes. For while the Oscar race was curiously composed of just fi > read more

Tim's Toons: World of Hertzfeldt

01/22/2015 17:30:39 PM

Tim here. It's such a beautiful day to be animator Don Hertzfeldt, whose newest short, World of Tomorrow, premieres at the Sundance Film Festival tonight - his seventh film to play there, a record. It's an even better day to be a fan of Don Hertzfeld > read more

Poster Madness! The Best of 2014

01/22/2015 15:30:34 PM

Glenn here with my now annual list of the best movie posters of the year. I should apologize for being so tardy with this, but I've been working on a big non-movie-related project that took precedent. Never mind that though because we're back. Last y > read more

The only movie theater within 45 minutes of my mom's house

01/22/2015 13:15:12 PM

Nathaniel's annual adventure in Utah begins. We hit Sundance tomorrow. Sundance (which begins tonight) gives me a good excuse to visit my mom each year. She lives in the middle of nowhere about two hours from the festival. Her town is so small that > read more

...And the 3rd Annual Team Experience Award Goes To:

01/21/2015 22:34:50 PM

Amir here, to welcome you to the third edition of Team Experience Awards, one of the most prestigious critics’ prizes around the world, bestowed on the best in cinema by members of this website sans Nathaniel. We previously honoured Leos Carax& > read more

We Are the Link

01/21/2015 17:35:47 PM

Fistful of Film > read more

Costume Designers to Fete Naomi Watts

01/21/2015 09:00:47 AM

Manuel here. The Costume Design Guild has announced that they’ll be celebrating Naomi Watts with the Lacoste Spotlight Award when they announce winners for their film, TV and commercial awards on February 17th. While they bill the award as hono > read more

Far from Skid Row. I dream we'll go...

01/20/2015 23:46:01 PM

> read more

GALECA Loves Transparent (and a little of everything else!)

01/20/2015 20:03:18 PM

The Gay & Lesbian Entertainment Journalists Association have chosen their winners from the film year and, like so many other awards bodies they've opted for a Savage Grace mother/son reunion with Julianne Moore & Eddie Redmayne taking Actress & Actor > read more

Bradley, Benedict, Eddie, Michael and Steve. OR...

01/20/2015 11:57:51 AM

The Best Actor chart is revised for your perusal with our usual game of 'how'd they get nominated' -- especially relevant in this stacked category (sniffle > read more

Top Ten Best Julianne Moore Performances

01/20/2015 07:00:16 AM

abstew here for a Tuesday Top Ten. Julianne Moore is known simply as 'God' at The Film Experience. That was Nathaniel's nickname for her even before the site was launched. It's winking hyperbole, sure, but if there's any other actress working today d > read more

Review: Blackhat

01/19/2015 20:00:23 PM

Michael Cusumano here > read more

Looking for Returns: In Search of Gay Intimacy

01/19/2015 17:00:16 PM

Manuel > read more

Beauty vs Beast: Blue Beauty On Velvet Beast

01/19/2015 14:00:12 PM

Jason from MNPP here wishing everyone a blue blue Blue Monday. When I tell you that it feels as if I've been having an awfully Lynchian series of months, I'm sure your first reaction is to 1) shudder and 2) to call the police on my behalf. But this i > read more

Box Office: American Sniper Towers Above Oscar Nominees

01/19/2015 12:30:00 PM

Amir here, back from my very long vacation to hit you with some box office news. > read more

Fairy Tales, Witches, and Oscars. An 87 Year History

01/18/2015 23:34:50 PM

Over on Twitter Alex posed an interesting question to me and I thought I'd share it with you. Is Meryl Streep the first actor to be Oscar-nominated for playing a witch, or anyone in a fairy tale for that matter? As far as I can tell the answer is "in > read more

Curio: The Babadook Book

01/18/2015 18:32:45 PM

Alexa > read more

If you fused two Hulks together could they smash J.K. Simmons?

01/17/2015 13:40:00 PM

That's the question I keep asking myself about Best Supporting Actor. My Oscar-clogged brain works like that, taking flights of fancy when it finds true facts too boring to contemplate any further. J.K. Simmons could only lose the Oscar if he suddenl > read more

The Links

01/17/2015 10:50:07 AM

The Wrap Emily Blunt is joining Charlize Theron to double the evil sorceress perfection that terrorizes Chris Hemsworth in The Huntsman. Now I suddenly want to see it.MNPP Whatever happened to Sean Maher (Firefly). Jason has the answer > read more

Punk In The Suburbs

01/16/2015 22:40:55 PM

JA from MNPP here taking a look at some very exciting breaking news for those of us who've worn out our copies of Beginners -- director Mike Mills has finally announced his next project! I guess he couldn't let his wife Miranda July hog all the press > read more

Supporting Actress: The Chart, The Poll, The Stats

01/16/2015 18:25:39 PM

It's funny how little news coverage there is now each time Meryl Streep breaks her own Oscar records. With her 19th nomination she's just 5 more away from DOUBLING the previous record holders (Jack Nicholson & Katharine Hepburn) whose record of 12 no > read more

David Fincher and Gillian Flynn Team Up for 'Strangers On a Train' Remake

01/16/2015 14:07:14 PM

Margaret > read more

Up Close at the 20th Annual "Critics Choice" Awards

01/16/2015 10:44:37 AM

Goddess with regular person. But at least he's in a brand new expensive suit.Did you want the Critics Choice Movie Awards last night? That accounts for my radio silence. I had the extreme good fortune of sitting at Jessica Chastain's table. No, I cou > read more

Tim's Toons: The newly wide-open animation race

01/15/2015 20:30:32 PM

Tim here. As you’ve probably heard, unless this is literally the first thing you’ve read on the internet all day, the Best Animated Feature category at the Oscars got thrown for a loop when the prohibitive frontrunner, The Lego Movie, was > read more

Interesting Stats About The 87th Oscars

01/15/2015 18:12:09 PM

DuPont has something in common with those other sociopaths Lisbeth Salander and James BondDid you know... • The tiny grossing > read more

Best (Male) Directors - The Chart!

01/15/2015 14:45:36 PM

I wish I had time to sketch Wes Anderson riding to the Oscars on a bicycle made of antique tuba parts (thanks Tina & Amy) but alas. It's nomination day. No time for goofing around. Manly men and the men who love them and direct them and vote for them > read more

Why Wes, Why Now?

01/15/2015 12:13:00 PM

Michael C here. Wes Anderson’s films haven’t been ignored by awards season in the past, so much as they have been relegated to flitting around the edges. His films have received three total Oscar nods, two for Original Screenplay for Roya > read more

The Five Stages of Grief via Oscar Nominations

01/15/2015 10:25:04 AM

Though Oscar nomination morning is my Christmas -- the day I anticipate so heavily each year when all the prezzies are ripped open -- it's not all happiness. Oscar also gives out lumps of coal on this day each year. Let us celebrate five big snubs (o > read more

The 87th Academy Awards. Nominations Are Here!

01/15/2015 08:05:23 AM

Straight off the bat the happy shockers are Marion Cotillard for Two Days One Night (edging out Jennifer Aniston), Laura Dern for Wild (where many assumed Jessica Chastain would be), the weird surprise is Bennett Miller in Director for Foxcatcher, ou > read more

10 years later: Elektra, the last female superhero

01/14/2015 22:34:39 PM

Tim here, with a palate cleanser. We’re all in hardcore Nominations Eve mode, of course, but the world of movies is broader than the couple dozen films that are about to be granted the right to put the words "Academy Award Nominated" on their D > read more

Final Oscar Nomination Predictions

01/14/2015 18:48:51 PM

Best Picture1-5The big kahuna, the best picture category holds the key to all the other categories essentially. If you guess wrong here there's a domino effect since contributing to one of the 800 lb gorillas will always give you an advantage -- you > read more

BFCA "Critics Choice" Predictions

01/14/2015 17:42:39 PM

We'll do this quickly because the Oscar nominations are the important thing. I have arrived safely in Los Angeles and love my fake new apartment for the time being (thanks AirBnB). I was surprised to realize the big budget of the CCMA's when I hit JF > read more

VES Nominees. Fun and Weird They Are.

01/14/2015 14:41:37 PM

I'm typing up my final predictions article so while I'm doing that why not peruse my final predictions in the Screenplay categories (my big risk is Ida there) and something completely different: the Visual Effects Society nominations. They > read more

Remains of the Globes: 9 Questions and Carrying On

01/14/2015 07:00:50 AM

It's all over... for this year. As you read this and if you happen to live in the States, Nathaniel (c'est moi) might well be flying over you en route to Los Angeles. There we leave the Globes behind and move on to the next awards show: the Broadcast > read more

The Teachings of Juli

01/13/2015 23:00:00 PM

Jose here. Why do I keep forgetting how funny Julianne Moore is? Perhaps because not counting 30 Rock and Maps to the Stars (yes, that is a funny performance) the movies always give us tragic, sad Juli. Photo credit: Jose Solis She is the one actre > read more

The Golden Gyllenhaals. And Final Best Actor Predictions

01/13/2015 16:17:54 PM

In the cascade of perfect smiles, smh laughter at outre jokes, and general 'oh god the camera is on me now and I don't have a script' that is awards show reaction shows you may have missed the Jake Gyllenhaal and Maggie Gyllenhaal had pride of place > read more

DGA Nominations: Eastwood is Fashionably Late Yet Again

01/13/2015 13:34:08 PM

The Directors Guild of America have spoken and raised the Eastwood flag yet again. The 84 year old director cruised to a nomination for his conservative military drama American Sniper. > read more

Top Five Golden Globes Speeches

01/13/2015 11:30:00 AM

Margaret with more on Sunday's Golden Globes... Awards show speeches are weird and wonderful things. They’re awkward and rushed, they hold the weight of hundreds of peoples’ expectations, and they are bound to disappoint or offend somebod > read more

2015: First Quarter Calendar. What U Waiting For?

01/13/2015 09:17:35 AM

January13th DGA Nominations ~ Today15th Merry Christmas ~ It's Oscar Nomination Morning!15th BFCA "Critics Choice Awards"btw 16th-28th Oscar qualifiers that have been in hiding start their platform journeys including Still Alice, Cake, Mommy. Other O > read more

Curio: Patricia Arquette, Freddy Krueger, and Seventeen Magazine

01/13/2015 07:00:11 AM

Alexa here with some time travel for your Tuesday. I was thrilled to see self-professed nerd Patricia Arquette take the stage on Sunday night for her Globe win. > read more

Looking for the Promised Land: A Midsummer Night's Queers

01/12/2015 22:30:35 PM

If the comments on last week's recap of Season 1 of Looking > read more

Beauty vs Beast: Bombing The Globes

01/12/2015 19:00:05 PM

JA from MNPP here again, keeping the Golden Globes afterglow going with this week's double-edition of our weekly "Beauty vs Beast" poll. Looking for a communal villain at an awards show can be rough - one person's beastly Matthew McConaughey or night > read more

GALECA Nominations: Pride, Birdman, Transparent, and Mommy

01/12/2015 17:16:15 PM

The Gay & Lesbian Entertainment Critics Assocation, which has over 100 members nationwide, and first joined the year end awards jamboree in 2009, have announced their nominations for the year in a slew of categories, not all of them for movies. Full > read more

14 Favorite Golden Globe Tweets

01/12/2015 15:57:57 PM

In no particular order after the jump... > read more

Which Golden Globe Reaction Best Describes Your Feelings About Prince?

01/12/2015 14:33:31 PM

> read more

J.K. ("Just Keep-On") Simmons Still Leading. Final Predictions!

01/12/2015 12:49:42 PM

Last night's Golden Globes did nothing to change the long since frozen Best Supporting Actor race. It's so frozen that I think everyone even agrees on the order or support for each player (which is fairly unheard of). So get your place in line for th > read more

Would You Rather, With Tina and Amy

01/12/2015 10:37:26 AM

JA from MNPP here, taking the bait since Tina and Amy were nice enough to ask and there's not much we enjoy more than playing silly games involving good-looking celebrity fellows. First off, the Colins... > read more

Big Eyes Surprise? Final Best Actress Predictions

01/12/2015 09:08:39 AM

One of last night's most unnerving moments may well have been hearing Big Eyes mentioned multiple times. It's easy to forget that the movie is out in theaters now, since it didn't make big Christmas waves in the media or the box office (it's likely t > read more

The 72nd Golden Globes

01/11/2015 19:25:00 PM

We'll discuss in greater detail tomorrow but for tonight a skeletal live blog to remind us of what happened when 8:00 An opening monologue to intimidate all future Globe hosts. Amy & Tina are on fire. Jessica reacting to a particularly daring Bill Co > read more

Golden Globe Arrivals

01/11/2015 17:25:35 PM

Our favorite movie/tv party night has arrived. Rosamund Pike had a baby five weeks ago and arrives looking like this. I love her but I'm not actually convinced that she's human. > read more

Golden Globe Foreign Film Panel

01/11/2015 16:40:49 PM

It's Golden Globes night. We'll start covering the red carpet arrivals in a half hour or so. If you missed our predictions those were here on the podcast. > read more

Jack, Finn, Gugu, and More are All Starred Up

01/11/2015 15:16:25 PM

Year in Review: The Breakthroughs & Debuts Though pop culture could probably stand a little less emphasis on the NEW in that endless meat grinder of fame, it happens for a reason: new stars are intoxicatingly shiny things, fresh of face, full of spi > read more

"Excuuuuuuuze me, will ya, I'm talking to him!"

01/11/2015 12:17:26 PM

Walter: Now, look Bruce. You persuade Hildy to do the story and you can write out a nice fat insurance policy for me. > read more

Awards, Recent Miscellania

01/11/2015 09:35:00 AM

It's Golden Globes Night. > read more

Who you gonna call? Linkbusters

01/10/2015 20:59:04 PM

Vanity Fair Melissa McCarthy and other funny ladies in talks for Ghostbusters reboot. I'm rooting for Jillian Bell myself who is mentioned. Yay.Buzzfeed a definitive ranking of Disney Prince butts - as great as it sounds though I'd place Prince Phill > read more

Meet the Contenders: David Oyelowo "Selma"

01/10/2015 16:22:27 PM

Abstew > read more

...and we'll sing once more.

01/10/2015 12:42:49 PM

> read more

2014's Interview Index

01/10/2015 11:01:01 AM

There are a handful more interviews (at least) on the way given that the film year doesn't end until the Oscars are handed out and other films are still playing -- so we'll keep updating this particular page as we did in previous years (linked below) > read more

A Short Detour: Best Actress 1977 Anyone ?

01/09/2015 20:31:44 PM

With Oscar ballots in and BAFTA nominations announced we'll shortly proceed to final predictions and finish the > read more

Podcast: Golden Globe Predictions

01/09/2015 17:00:05 PM

HOORAY! It's Golden Globes weekend. Inbetween rushing to the movie theaters to catch up on any nominees you missed, listen in as Nathaniel, Nick, Katey and Joe reveal their "will wins" and "should wins" as they travel up the Globe ballot toward Best > read more

Binoche Has Gone Full Zhivago (65th Berlinale)

01/09/2015 13:17:12 PM

Berlinale cometh. Not until February but Juliette Binoche is starting early since she's arriving by sled. But seriously that's the first image from the Opening Night film Isabel Croixet's Nobody Wants the Night. The film co-stars Oscar nominee Rinko > read more

Jessica Chastain is Everything. And Other Links

01/09/2015 13:01:00 PM

Let's start with this super cute pic of Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac which she labelled Feeling the power of the NBR Remember the other day when we linked to that article using old Streep quotes to attack Russell Crowe's ageist comments about > read more

Animated Feature Contenders: Henry & Me

01/09/2015 11:22:16 AM

Tim here. With the Oscar nominations coming in just under a week, this is our last chance to look at the little odds and ends on the list of 20 films submitted in the Best Animated Feature category, and pretend that the race isn’t down to The L > read more

Centennial Beauties: Anita & Fernando

01/09/2015 10:00:46 AM

Today marks the 100th birthday of two extremely beautiful screen stars of yore, Anita Louise and Fernando Lamas. Anita, born in New York City in 1915 played Titania, Queen of the Fairies in > read more

BAFTA Nominations: "Grand Budapest" is "...Everything"

01/09/2015 06:11:27 AM

Despite having an industry filled to the brim with talent, the British Academy of Film and Television Awards regularly prefers American films these days and this year would be no exception but for the two behemoth Brit biopics that have been doing sp > read more

Everybody Freeze! Oscar Nomination Ballots Are Due

01/08/2015 21:00:42 PM

Everybody make like Prince Charming and freeze 'On the Steps of the Palace.' At 5:00 PM PST / 8:00 PM EST this evening Oscar nominating ballots were officially due. Full stop. No really, STOP. May all your favorites be nominated on January 15th. Unl > read more

A Quick Chat with Jenny Slate Who Will Love Her Future No Matter What!

01/08/2015 18:14:56 PM

Jenny Slate, one of last year's biggest breakthroughs, started 2014 on a career high and still hasn't come down. Obvious Child was so buzzy at the 2014 festival that you can be reasonably sure that comedies from the forthcoming 2015 festival will see > read more

27th USC Scripter Nominees Turn the Page

01/08/2015 14:56:04 PM

Books, books, nothing but books. Pages, letters, paragraphs and sentences, Adjectives and syllables andConsonants and adverbs-! I said alright,But it wasn't quite,Cause he wasn't nominatedFor a Scripter last night. Glenn here, and while Into the Woo > read more

Interview: Chadwick Boseman Gets On Up to a Big Movie Career

01/08/2015 13:55:24 PM

With the Get On Up DVD just out this week, let's take a look at the fast rise of Chadwick Boseman. He'd already headlined one surprise hit (42) when he delivered his first huge performance as Godfather of Soul James Brown. > read more


01/08/2015 12:07:36 PM

THR People's Choice Winners which are always hilarious ugh: Robert Downey Jr as Favorite Dramatic Actor. For what, The Judge?Tom & Lorenzo judge the People's Choice red carpet quite harshlyRotten Tomatoes Golden Tomatoes (limited release): Best revie > read more

Brilliant Subliminal FYC for "Unbroken"

01/08/2015 08:48:47 AM

During awards season the mail stacks up like crazy. Check out this FYC ad cover of The Hollywood Reporter. > read more

Imitation Game vs. Whiplash. All in Good Fun

01/07/2015 22:04:02 PM

Tonight's Oscar event, another ritzy event with movers and shakers and Oscar winners present, was in celebration of The Imitation Game. But we'll backtrack to that in a moment. Just before heading out, I spotted Damien Chazelle the young/writer direc > read more

Soderbergh's Viewing List Includes "Magic Mike XXL" Three Times!

01/07/2015 16:00:55 PM

By now you've probably heard mention that Steven Soderbergh, he who is officially retired but not really because nobody totally believes it and he still works in various capacities, just posted his list of everything he watched and read this past yea > read more

The Cinematography Guild's Nominees

01/07/2015 14:00:52 PM

The American Society of Cinematographers chose the following five films as the best shot of the year. According to Twitter The Imitation Game is the odd man out. It was shot by Oscar Faura who is definitely talented (see The Orphanage and The Impossi > read more

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