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Fiddler on the Roof is 50

09/22/2014 19:00:41 PM

Fifty years ago today, Fiddler on the Roof opened on Broadway and was an instant success with audiences and also won 9 Tony Awards including the big kahuna Best Musical. It would become the longest running musical in Broadway history until it was sur > read more

Unlikely Oscar Chances for Brazil and Venezuela with 'The Way He Looks' and 'The Liberator'

09/22/2014 15:30:06 PM

Glenn here to take a look at two of this year’s official foreign language film selections from South America. They couldn’t be more different if they tried: from Venezuela we have The Liberator, a historic epic, while Brazil has submitted > read more

Beauty vs Beast: There Will Be Beasts

09/22/2014 13:16:26 PM

JA from MNPP here welcoming you to another week's "Beauty vs Beast" showdown - this time around we're going good and bad and ugly and everything in between, heading out West to the oil fields of California at the turn of the previous century. Over th > read more


09/22/2014 10:15:27 AM

Manuel here with some Spectacular Spectacular news! This one goes out to those Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin fanatics out there (there’s still a number of us, right?). Since releasing The Great Gatsby ...sorry, two-time Academy Award winne > read more

Box Office: The Lost Cause of September

09/22/2014 07:46:36 AM

Amir here, back to weekly box office reporting duty. Coming back from TIFF, I tried to catch up a bit today with all the sales numbers I’d missed since August. It turns out the biggest bit of news was... the release of Forrest Gump IMAX??? Real > read more

Review: The Maze Runner

09/20/2014 21:00:45 PM

This review originally appeared in an abridged version in Nathaniel's column at Towleroad. It is reprinted here with their permission for your reading pleasure... or displeasure depending on how you feel about The Maze Runner. > read more

Tim's Toons: The CGI spectacle and unrealism of Sky Captain

09/20/2014 12:30:12 PM

Tim here. This week marks the ten-year anniversary of one of the most important milestones in modern feature animation, though it’s a form of animation that tends to make itself invisible. But when most of the sets, and several of the major cha > read more

Review: Tracks

09/20/2014 08:30:00 AM

Michael Cusumano here to talk about a quality title before the similar > read more

Yes, No, Maybe So: Big Eyes

09/19/2014 21:00:18 PM

abstew here. Well, it must be Oscar-movie season because no sooner did we receive a teaser trailer and release date for A > read more

Foreign Film Oscar Watch: 43 Submissions and Counting!

09/19/2014 13:00:55 PM

With the expected announcements today from Belgium (Two Days One Night) and Canada (Mommy), forty-three countries have already announced their Oscar submissions which means we have 2/3rds of the list already (It's usually around 65-70 films). Okay, t > read more

Lukewarm Off Presses: Ben-Hur, Bourne-Again, Baz Junior?

09/19/2014 10:30:12 AM

Catching up with some stories we've missed of late. BEN-HURMorgan Freeman was the first cast member announced > read more

Advice on Life and Movies - The Best of RuPaul's Reddit AMA

09/19/2014 07:25:46 AM

> read more

First look at the potential new Popeye feature

09/18/2014 19:30:01 PM

Tim here. A couple of months ago, you may recall, I shared my crabby old man thoughts on the current wave of making new CG animated films based on old-school cartoons, among them being Sony Animations still-not-actually-official new Popeye movie to b > read more

It's New Year's Eve for "A Most Violent Year"

09/18/2014 12:40:52 PM

It's the dread December 31st just-barely-Oscar-qualifying release for JC Chandor's curiosity A Most Violent Year. We had seen virtually nothing until today but now the poster, the teaser, a new website > read more

"If she thought anybody would take after her..."

09/18/2014 09:00:59 AM

..she'd walk down the street naked." [continues sewing...] > read more

157 days 'til Oscar

09/17/2014 22:46:59 PM

We're still five months and a few days away from Oscar night so is it possible that things are starting to lock up? Ehhhh yes but mostly no. Every year all over the web casual movie fans and awards nuts like to start shouting LOCK as early as May for > read more

A Year with Kate: The Trojan Women (1971)

09/17/2014 17:00:06 PM

Episode 38 of 52: > read more

TIFF Jury of One: Nathaniel

09/17/2014 13:00:49 PM

Channing & Chastain hit TIFFAnd now, a superfluous but fun-to-write "awards" wrap of the 25 films I saw at TIFF to close out the coverage. I did a little wrap post for Towleroad as well, focused on the LGBT content and the celebs, but if you're a TFE > read more

Top Ten: Movie Stars Coming to TV

09/17/2014 10:41:18 AM

Margaret > read more

The Link Graze

09/17/2014 08:30:56 AM

okay, more like The Link Gorge because there's so much of it. But how long has it been since we did a link roundup? whoopsie daisy. Chew away on these blog cuds today good readsNew York Times amazing thinkpiece on the death of adulthood in American > read more

Thoughts I Had... While Looking at Posters for Three New Musicals

09/16/2014 21:30:01 PM

You know how this works. Thoughts as they come to me without self censorship to speed up the blogging... > read more

Lesbian Request Accepted

09/16/2014 19:00:04 PM

Manuel here to share a rather beautiful coming out story from the Orange is the New Black set that has been spanning salacious headlines for the past twenty-four hours. The short version: Lauren Morelli, a writer on the hit Netflix series has come ou > read more

Review: The Guest

09/16/2014 16:00:00 PM

Hey, folks. Michael Cusumano here to give some love to one of the under-the-radar gems of 2014. Watching Adam Wingard’s The Guest lets the viewer experience what it would be like to fish an unexpected masterwork out of a bargain bin full of tr > read more

An Evening With Patty! (Also "Maze Runner," Something Something?)

09/16/2014 13:00:51 PM

Patty Clarkson last night in NYCLast night I attended Teen Vogue's Maze Runner screening and though I'll be writing it up for my gig at Towleroad later this week, I must share with you, my devout fellow actressexuals and the only ones who will unders > read more

Amir Sat on a Branch Reflecting on TIFF

09/16/2014 10:10:41 AM

Amir here, looking back at the Toronto Film Festival that recently wrapped up. "Girlhood," superior to Boyhood and one of the best of TIFF 14 You may have noticed that after a few years of covering the festival to various degrees for The Film Exper > read more

Curio: Actorly Outerwear

09/16/2014 08:29:32 AM

Alexa here. > read more

Thoughts I Had...While Admiring the Beauty of Brangelina in "By the Sea"

09/15/2014 22:38:24 PM

abstew here with some random thoughts on the just released new stills from the newest directorial effort of Oscar winner Angelina Jolie. EW received the exclusive pics (hence the magazine's watermark on the photos) and a mini-interview with the write > read more

Beauty vs Beast: American Beauty vs American Beast

09/15/2014 15:25:00 PM

JA from MNPP here - it's that "Beauty vs Beast" time again! Over the past few months a lot's been written about the wonderful movie year that was 1999 now that we're a solid fifteen years away from it (Nathaniel touched upon this back in July) but se > read more

Open Thread. What did I miss?

09/15/2014 13:00:34 PM

THE LEFTOVERS just gets better and better. how phenomenal is Ann Dowd any way?It occurred to me yesterday while making an exceedingly poor attempt to fully recuperate from TIFF madness (I should have been resting my strained eyeballs but instead I wa > read more

Back to School with, um, Back to School

09/15/2014 11:31:00 AM

Andrew here with the late and last back to school entry, which makes sense because the 1986 mega-hit Back to School is all about heading back to school late. Those first few back at school are always a hassle for students, sure. But, they’re p > read more

Box Office Report - No Good Dolphin Tale

09/15/2014 09:00:00 AM

Margaret > read more

TIFF: "Still Alice," or Adjust Your Best Actress Charts

09/14/2014 21:00:52 PM

The final TIFF feature review. Whew, 25 films screened and written up. And all by closing night! Please give me a round of applause in the comments. I've never been this successful at managing a festival and comments are the only way I know you're ap > read more

TIFF Awards Brunch, Or 'But I Saw So Many Movies!'

09/14/2014 17:54:45 PM

Little known factoid: I actually don't like hearing about festival awards IF I attended said festival. Unless I'm on a jury of course. Invariably it makes you feel like a lightweight no matter how many movies you sat through because it's impossible t > read more

Yes No Maybe So: Serena

09/14/2014 15:24:13 PM

Manuel here to walk us through the recently released trailer for a film many of us had surely written off, Susanne Bier’s Serena. The 2012 film will finally see the light of day when it premiere next month at the London Film Festival. It kept m > read more

TIFF: Miss Julie or, Acting: The Movie!

09/14/2014 10:08:54 AM

The 2014 edition of TIFF ends tonight and so will Nathaniel's review coverage with Still Alice. Wrap-ups and Oscar updates coming shortly thereafter. Now Liv Ullman's Miss Julie... > read more

TIFF: The New Girlfriend

09/13/2014 19:01:22 PM

Nathaniel's adventures at TIFF continued > read more

TIFF: A Little Chaos

09/13/2014 09:40:30 AM

TIFF 14 doesn't actually wrap until tomorrow night but my adventure in Toronto has come to an end. There are still a few writeups to come but here, for you, is my take on the Closing Night Film as I zip up the suitcase and head to the airport. How t > read more

TIFF Quickies: Behavior, Cub, The Gate, and The Farewell Party

09/12/2014 22:10:30 PM

Nathaniel's adventures in Toronto, the last leg. I came out of my last screening a few hours ago and a plane awaits me tomorrow which is a good thing since I'm running on fumes. Four more films need writeups and we'll probably do a podcast. But we'll > read more

Stage Door: This is Our Youth

09/12/2014 19:00:20 PM

Here's Matthew Eng on a theatrical revival in NYC of interest to movie fans... There’s always a bit of wariness involved when approaching our favorite artists’ earliest works, a back-of-the-brain hesitancy that carefully warns us to temp > read more

Is There a Right Way to Watch "The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby"?

09/12/2014 14:40:26 PM

abstew in the house to ask a Burning Question... Almost a year ago today, director Ned Benson premiered his film debut, an ambitious two part film about the breakdown of a modern relationship called The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, at the Toront > read more

TIFF: Wild, Or How Witherspoon Got Her Groove Back

09/12/2014 11:25:01 AM

Nathaniel's adventures in Toronto. Running on fumes... > read more

"The Women" turns 75

09/12/2014 08:35:46 AM

Anne Marie here to celebrate a personal favorite. There are two ways to enjoy George Cukor’s sparkling comedy, The Women. The most obvious is to thrill in the delights of the best that a 1930s MGM comedy had to offer: an A-List, all-lady cast i > read more

Tim's Toons: Some voice actors you should know

09/11/2014 22:00:50 PM

Tim here. Earlier today, we posted our Team Top 10 for the best voice performances in the movies, focusing on ten individual performances that impressed us the most. But as good as those vocal performances all are, I wanted to follow that post up by > read more

Team Top Ten: All Time Greatest Voice Performances

09/11/2014 18:13:00 PM

Amir here, with this month’s edition of team top ten. As the art of acting and our interpretation of it evolve, definitions of what we consider a good performance change. It’s become an annual tradition to discuss whether a motion capture > read more

X(avier) Marks the Spot for Jessica Chastain

09/11/2014 15:00:00 PM

Glenn here to talk about two of my favourite people, Xavier Dolan and Jessica Chastain. We don't usually discuss casting here at The Film Experience, especially this early into a film's existence, because they can so easily fluctuate and change witho > read more

TIFF Quickies: 1001 Grams, Sand Dollars, Labyrinth of Lies

09/11/2014 09:00:14 AM

Nathaniel's adventures in Toronto. Day whichever. Three more quick takes on Norway's Oscar submission, a LGBT romance of sorts in the Dominican Republic and a surprisingly intense film from Germany that I hadn't heard of before arriving. Bent Hamer > read more

TIFF: Benedict vs. Redmayne, Round 1

09/10/2014 21:09:19 PM

Nathaniel's adventure in Toronto. Days 4 & 5 > read more

A Year with Kate: The Madwoman of Chaillot (1969)

09/10/2014 16:30:34 PM

Episode 37 of 52: > read more

Robert Wise Centenary: Audrey Rose (1977)

09/10/2014 14:00:00 PM

We've been celebrating 100 years of director Robert Wise all week by looking at some of his lesser known efforts. Previously: Tim on "Curse of the Cat People", Nathaniel on "Somebody Up There...", David on "I Want To Live!", and Manuel on "Star!" -- > read more

New Posters (Now With Less Floating Heads)

09/10/2014 08:44:19 AM

Manuel here to whet everyone's appetites with some recently released posters. Fall movie season can sometimes feel much more thrilling for the way it builds anticipation than for what it actually delivers. Every year we can count on plenty of films t > read more

TIFF: Two to see again in "Foxcatcher" & "Song of the Sea"

09/09/2014 22:07:56 PM

Nathaniel's adventures at TIFF. Days Whichever. Here are a two films that I feel I should see again, primarily because they're ambitious works and I wonder if my response would change if I had more familiarity with their visual language. You know how > read more

Stage Door: 'As One' by Kimberly Reed

09/09/2014 17:00:00 PM

Glenn here to discuss the latest excursion to the live stage. It can be easy to bemoan the fate that befalls many female filmmakers. Lord knows I have often found myself lamenting the post breakthrough careers of the likes of Patty Jenkins, Courtn > read more

Robert Wise Centenary: Star! (1968)

09/09/2014 12:00:05 PM

For Robert Wise's centennial, > read more

Learning the Power of Knowledge from "Pleasantville"

09/09/2014 09:00:41 AM

Back to school week continues with Abstew on Pleasantville... Let's face it, sometimes school can be a real drag. When you're not trying to find your place among the social circles (which is just as much work as any assignment a teacher could give), > read more

TIFF: The Last Five Years

09/08/2014 20:29:19 PM

Nathaniel's adventures in Toronto. Day 3 The first thing you see in The Last Five Years is a white brownstone. It looks almost like a ghost in the middle of a New York City block. As the notes begin to play, the camera drifts upwards to peer into wi > read more

Robert Wise Centenary: I Want to Live! (1958)

09/08/2014 17:30:11 PM

We're celebrating the centennial of director Robert Wise this week. Previously: Tim on "Curse of the Cat People" (1944) > read more

Curio: Movies By Color

09/08/2014 16:00:40 PM

Alexa here with your weekly fix of film art. I've always thought color impacts the mood of a film greatly: the pops of red in Pulp Fiction, the moody blue noir of Blade Runner, the dominant earth tones in The Big Lebowski. > read more

Beauty vs Beast: Crime Is Beauty

09/08/2014 10:27:14 AM

JA from MNPP here with another round of "Beauty vs Beast" for us to sink our teeth into - every Monday we ask y'all to choose sides between an appointed movie's "good" guy and "bad" guy, wherein we acknowledge that such distinctions are liquid (eyeli > read more

Robert Wise Centenary: Somebody Up There Likes Me (1956)

09/08/2014 10:00:16 AM

For Robert Wise's centennial, > read more

Dress for the part, Clueless-style

09/08/2014 08:01:01 AM

Continuing our Back to School week... Hey all, > read more

TIFF: Vignettes with Mike Leigh

09/07/2014 22:40:34 PM

Nathaniel's adventures at TIFF. Day 2 Day 2 was just magical from start to finish with 3 great movies and 1 solid one. Two of the films you've already read about here in Sweden's stellar Oscar submission Force Majeure and Norway's Out of Nature about > read more

The Identical Guardians of the Top Box Office Spot

09/07/2014 21:21:15 PM

Margaret > read more

Venice Film Festival Winners

09/07/2014 11:28:43 AM

Manuel here to catch us up on the winners of the 71st Venice Film Festival. The big story (as far as US-based coverage goes) is the "shutout" of Alejandro Gonz > read more

TIFF Scandinavian Quickies: Force Majeure, Life in a Fishbowl, Out of Nature

09/07/2014 01:15:53 AM

Nathaniel's adventures in Toronto. Day 2... Part of Day 3's adventure was losing the internet and not being able to recover an entire review I'd written. With time so short that feels more disastrous than it actually is. But since Day 2 was just gr > read more

TIFF: Hayao Miyazaki's Swan Song

09/06/2014 09:02:29 AM

Nathaniel's adventures at TIFF. Day 1 Are documentaries about filmmakers that are at least in part documentaries about the making of particular films, just giant infomercials? Can they ever > read more

TIFF: Mommy = Xavier Dolan's Best

09/05/2014 22:06:02 PM

Nathaniel's adventures at TIFF. Day 1 Technically speaking day 2 has just ended and it was an incredible day with consistently great films and memorable offscreen moments. But one day at a time. Day 1's highlight was the Cannes holdover Mommy from X > read more

Review: The Two Faces of January

09/05/2014 18:23:20 PM

Michael Cusumano here to review the latest stylistic throwback based on the writing of Patricia Highsmith. When people gripe “They don’t make ‘em like they used to” films like Hossein Amini’s The Two Faces of January ar > read more

Robert Wise Centenary: The Curse of the Cat People (1944)

09/05/2014 14:01:14 PM

It's Tim. September marks the centennial of famed director Robert Wise, winner of Oscars for the musicals West Side Story and The Sound of Music among several other classic films, and the members of Team Experience are going to spend the next several > read more

170 Days until Oscars: Brody & Dreyfuss

09/05/2014 12:30:17 PM

170 is the amount of days by which Adrien Brody (The Pianist) narrowly defeated Richard Dreyfuss (The Goodbye Girl) to become the Youngest Best Actor winner ever. Do you think both of them deserved their wins? Adrien Brody (29) and Richard Dreyfus (3 > read more

TIFF: Charlie's Country

09/05/2014 10:12:44 AM

Nathaniel's Adventures at TIFF. Day 1 There's nothing like the fresh smell of na > read more

Finding Nemo('s back to school excitement)

09/05/2014 07:00:06 AM

Hello all, Manuel here finding ways of getting pumped for my 25th year as a student this fall (please don’t do the math); and what better way to do so than to see it through the clown-fish colored eyes of Nemo, whose excitement for his first da > read more

R.I.P. Joan Rivers

09/04/2014 23:35:27 PM

By now, I imagine most of you have heard that Joan Rivers passed away today, at 81 years old, following complications from throat surgery. The loss is doubly shocking - not just because it came about so abruptly, without any history of health problem > read more

"Happy now and happy hence and happy ever after"?

09/04/2014 21:55:45 PM

Manuel here, to discuss some news that got lost in the shuffle last week -in an interview with EW last week, Rob Marshall confirmed that that new Stephen Sondheim-penned number for Into The Woods was cut. [Gay gasp!] Yes, that song which Meryl was so > read more

'Best Shot' Awards - Season 5 Wraps

09/04/2014 13:15:52 PM

I wanted to do a little something extra special as wrap party for our very enjoyable and well attended 20 episode fifth season of Hit Me With Your Best Shot. > read more

The Three R's with Cameron Diaz in 'Bad Teacher'

09/04/2014 08:00:13 AM

Rudeness. Raciness. No Respect. Glenn here to help you guys ease back into the school year with the help of Cameron Diaz as Miss Halsey in Bad Teacher. Lord know we could have all used a teacher like her in those first few days, watching movies and n > read more

A Year with Kate: The Lion in Winter (1968)

09/03/2014 17:00:00 PM

Episode 36 of 52: In which if there’s only one Katharine Hepburn film you see, make it this one. When you take Screenwriting 101, your first lesson is the Three Act Story Structure. Act 1: Introduction. Act 2: Conflict. Act 3: Climax (and hope > read more

Off to TIFF: Nathaniel's Journey Begins

09/03/2014 13:00:13 PM

For the curious among you this is my very tentative list of films on my very jam-packed schedule at TIFF. This will be the 10th anniversary of my very first trip to TIFF from which my fondest memory was sitting behind Gael Garc > read more

Podcast Pt 2: Steel Magnolias, Parenthood, and Movie Memories

09/03/2014 10:55:40 AM

Did you listen to part one > read more

Podcast Pt 1: Smackdown Companions & Left Feet: A Love Story

09/03/2014 10:15:59 AM

As a companion piece to the Supporting Actress Smackdown, we recorded a companion podcast. In the first half we talk misleading movie posters, Oscar campaigns, the outcome of the smackdown, Jim Sheridan's > read more

Back to School. Tips from "Matilda"

09/03/2014 08:00:28 AM

Hello all, Margaret here celebrating another day of "back to school" week. I'm sure there are plenty mourning the > read more

Best Shot Season Finale: The Matrix (1999)

09/02/2014 22:55:39 PM

I'm not proud to say so but I'd probably take the blue pill. > read more

Iceland, Norway, and Foreign Chart Updates

09/02/2014 18:15:35 PM

We travel now overseas to two of my all-time favorite places on Earth. I lived in Norway many years ago (and went back for the first time just last summer for my birthday). And Iceland is just about my favorite vacation spot > read more

50 Appropriate Ways to Celebrate Keanu Reeves Birthday!

09/02/2014 13:35:27 PM

In honor of Keanu Reeves' half-century mark today, 50 appropriate ways to celebrate the day. Please report back with the number you plan to accomplish today. Party on dudes! 01 Become a "cool breeze over the mountains" like his name (consider it a > read more

A Brief Celebration of Lily Tomlin in "Nashville"

09/02/2014 12:01:50 PM

Here's Andrew with one more Lily Tomlin tribute. Yes, yes, we got a little carried away for her 75th what with polls and memorabilia and now this. But that's because there's just so much to love and there's one exciting brand new project on the horiz > read more

Summer (lovin') happened so fast

09/02/2014 07:00:09 AM

Hello all, Manuel here wishing you all a great “back to school!” week with some choice words from your favorite singing and dancing adults-playing-teens. I've had the best summer of my life and now I have to go away. It isn't fair." To > read more

Curio: Lily Tomlin, Movie Fan

09/01/2014 13:00:44 PM

Alexa here. To celebrate Lily Tomlin's 75th birthday I dug up this 1983 issue of the ill-fated "The Movies" magazine from my collection. In it, Tomlin shares her film memories, especially those during her time as a teen usherette. The lengthy diary-l > read more

Beauty vs Beast: Sister City, Sister Bumpkin

09/01/2014 09:38:55 AM

JA from MNPP here with today's very special Labor Day edition of our "Beauty vs Beast" series. Whether you're employed crunching numbers and dodging bitchy CEOs in the big city offices of Moramax or you've opted for the more laidback homey halls of t > read more

Smackdown 1989: Anjelica, Brenda, Dianne, Lena, and Julia Roberts

08/31/2014 17:00:04 PM

Presenting the Nominated Supporting Actresses of 1989. Motherhood was the loose theme of the shortlist with a determined mom (Brenda Fricker) facing off against a determined-to-be-a-mom bride (Julia Roberts). Add in 1986's Oscar winner in this catego > read more

Yes No Maybe So: "The Rewrite"

08/31/2014 12:30:30 PM

Hugh Grant returns to the romantic comedy genre in "The Rewrite". Here's Matthew Eng to break it down for us in our Yes No Maybe So way YES • Marisa Tomei• Marisa Tomei• Marisa Tomei• Let me say it again. Marisa. Tomei. I&rsqu > read more

Beauty Break: Stars in Chains

08/31/2014 10:00:52 AM

I was all prepared to write a short and snappy post about Historical Inaccuracies via Hot Bodies when I saw Adrien Brody buffed and chained for Houdini. Only then I looked at photos of the actual Houdini and it wasn't such a stretch after all. He mus > read more

Yes, No, Maybe So: Jon Stewart's Rosewater

08/31/2014 06:10:06 AM

Amir here, anxiously over-analyzing the trailer for Jon Stewart’s directorial debut. Rosewater tells the story of Maziar Bahari, an Iranian-Canadian journalist who was arrested following the Green Revolution riots, when Iranians protested again > read more

Review: Robin Wright at "The Congress"

08/30/2014 16:00:48 PM

Amir > read more

UHF (1989) - Let's Get Weird

08/30/2014 12:00:47 PM

Hello all, > read more

Game of Links

08/30/2014 08:30:20 AM

Catching up on news & noteworthy we didn't cover the past couple of days... BrangelinaVanity Fair > read more

Review: The Zero Theorem

08/29/2014 20:44:02 PM

Michael Cusumano here with the latest dispatch from the bizarre world of Terry Gilliam. Terry Gilliam is an artist one can’t help but root for. The image of Gilliam that comes most readily to mind is one from the great behind-the-scenes disast > read more

When Harry Met Sally... (1989) Food for Thought

08/29/2014 16:15:31 PM

Anne Marie here on the 25th anniversary of a genre classic. It is a truth universally acknowledged, that any romcom made after 1989 owes large thematic debts to When Harry Met Sally… From the Meet Cute to the Bickering Couple to the Final Roma > read more

'Common Threads', and Oscar's History with LGBT Documentaries

08/29/2014 13:26:38 PM

Today is Wear It Purple Day, which asks people to simply wear the color purple in support of LGBT equality. It's appropriate then that we continue our celebration of 1989 today with a look at that year's Oscar winner for Best Documentary. Glenn is jo > read more

Political Filmmakers & Cute Dogs: A Conversation with Nick Davis

08/29/2014 10:35:21 AM

Amir here, to share with you a podcast conversation about my favorite film of 2014. I first watched Jafar Panahi’s Closed Curtain at the Toronto Film Festival almost a full year ago. It was my last film of the festival and I debated long and ha > read more

Thoughts I Had... on a bunch of new posters

08/29/2014 08:47:00 AM

We've neglected to share new posters so, let's do. A few brief thoughts, in the order they came, after each poster: Starred Up, Whiplash, The Seventh Son, Theory of Everything and American Horror Story: Freakshow. Discuss! > read more

Tim's Toons: In praise of the long-dead Osamu Tezuka

08/29/2014 06:08:00 AM

Tim here. Bear with me for a moment: we’re just about done with our month-long look at 1989 in cinema, about which I already had my say. But one of the other things that happened in animation that year was that the great Japanese animator and i > read more

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