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What These NBA Free Agents Should Do

06/03/2014 14:49:03 PM

Miami Heat We all know the ‘Big 3′ of Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh can opt out after this season if they wish. But did you know that there are 10 more Heat players that will be free agents after the season ends? Me either. The > read more

The Week in Sports

06/02/2014 14:33:57 PM

Heat vs. Spurs in NBA Finals: Last week, both the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs advanced to reach the NBA Finals for the second consecutive year despite challenges from their opponents along the way. The Indiana Pacers won Game 1 against the Heat > read more

2014 Breakout Fantasy Football Stars

05/29/2014 14:50:08 PM

Fantasy football doesn’t sleep. The calendar may only read the end of May but now is the time to begin plotting your 2014 course. Not wanting to get stuck in the doldrums and left for dead by Week 4 it’s time to develop a strategy. Carefully craf > read more

10 MLB Teams That Will Miss The Playoffs

05/28/2014 14:03:48 PM

Is the MLB season a third of the way done already? By the time you read this it will be. How’d that happen so fast? With more than 100 games to go, obviously nobody has locked up a playoff spot yet. But there are some teams that have fallen int > read more

The Week in Sports

05/27/2014 14:46:39 PM

Cleveland Cavaliers win Lottery … Again: The Cleveland Cavaliers hit the lottery again – literally. In last week’s NBA Lottery drawing to determine the order of the top picks in the league’s Draft, Cleveland won yet again for the third time i > read more

All Eyes on Cleveland

05/23/2014 14:08:23 PM

We can’t stop thinking about it. Now on the brink of full-blown summer the city of Cleveland has suddenly become the focal point of all sports. Within the past two weeks there has been a seismic shift upon the sports landscape that can’t be ignor > read more

Early MLB Observations

05/20/2014 16:15:34 PM

Don’t look now but the MLB regular season is already a quarter of the way over. Several superstars are struggling (Chris Davis and Prince Fielder lead that group), some teams have already played themselves out of playoff contention (I’m talki > read more

The Week in Sports

05/19/2014 14:19:58 PM

NBA Conference Finals Set: After weeks of NBA playoff action, the Conference Finals are now set. In the East, there’s a rematch between the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers. Out in the west, the San Antonio Spurs return and will again face the Oklahom > read more

2014 NFL Draft Winners

05/16/2014 15:54:37 PM

With the 2014 NFL Draft in the books, we can now look back and determine the real winners. Now that the wry emotions of the Draft have passed we can hand out grades with a clear head. Some winners are evident and some may surprise. The following team > read more

2011 NFL Draft Winners

05/13/2014 14:17:01 PM

One of the more entertaining NFL drafts in recent years has come and gone. In the couple of days since the last pick was announced, I’ve gone through all the picks, analyzed all the rosters, read the coaches minds, simulated the next several se > read more

The Week in Sports

05/12/2014 13:35:10 PM

NFL Draft: The NFL Draft went down last week, and as always, there were some surprises. A running back wasn’t taken until the second round and no players from the Texas Longhorns were drafted. However, none was bigger, perhaps, than the epic slide > read more

Bold Predictions for Round 1 of the 2014 NFL Draft

05/07/2014 13:38:52 PM

NFL Draft eve is the most exciting day of the year for NFL fans. It’s the beginning of something new—it signifies a new hope for many franchises. Most importantly, it gives football diehards some content to base predictions on until the preseason > read more

NFL Mock Draft

05/06/2014 16:11:46 PM

1. Houston Texans – Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A&M The Texans‘ owner recently said that Jadeveon Clowney is “obviously the best player in the draft.” Is that a sign that Clowney is the pick or are they trying to keep their true > read more

The Week in Sports

05/05/2014 13:11:06 PM

Donald Sterling Banned for Life: Los Angeles Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling was banned for life by new NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, following his racist comments made during a phone call. The league is also attempting to force Sterling to sell t > read more

MLB Lessons from April

04/30/2014 10:46:36 AM

The 2014 MLB calendar may still be young, but we have learned a few key lessons through the first month. If one thing is certain it’s that there are many unknowns.  The magic 8-ball would read, “Ask again later” when inquired upon in regards t > read more

10 NFL Draft Predictions

04/29/2014 15:20:02 PM

The NFL Draft normally would have happened already and we’d be talking about who won and who lost and what teams are set up for a Super Bowl run. But the NFL moved the draft back this year so we’ve still got time to embarrass ourselves by > read more

The Week in Sports

04/28/2014 12:12:56 PM

Top Seeds Struggling in NBA Playoffs: The NBA playoffs are here, but some of the best teams may be gone before you know it. The top-seeded Indiana Pacers in the Eastern Conference are tied 2-2 with the Atlanta Hawks. The biggest issue for the team ha > read more

Why the Miami Marlins are Must-See TV

04/24/2014 12:41:31 PM

The Miami Marlins are the most underrated team in Major League Baseball. It’s hard to find a more entertaining team. On the surface they’re the punch-line of many jokes. Their orange uniforms only rival the sun. Their stadium is a certain shade o > read more

NBA Playoff Observations

04/22/2014 19:03:53 PM

The NBA Playoffs have just begun, yet already so much is evident. We have compiled our findings on the young postseason below. Nobody thinks the Mavericks can beat the Spurs. After Game 1’s collapse, the Mavericks probably don’t even thin > read more

The Week in Sports

04/21/2014 12:49:30 PM

Jabari Parker to the NBA: Duke lost another talented underclassman to the NBA – this time, it’s Jabari Parker. The freshman forward seemed like a lock to leave early, but didn’t make the decision immediately casting some doubt as to if he would > read more

Bold NHL Playoff Predictions

04/16/2014 13:54:07 PM

The 2014 NHL playoffs bring a jolt of energy to the league that it’s been looking for. Along with revamped divisions this season is a new-look playoff format. Gone are the days of reseeding and here are the days of the NHL bracket. Matchups are det > read more

Breaking Down Bubba Watson’s Win At The Masters

04/15/2014 13:50:30 PM

The 2014 Masters began with 98 players in the field. One by one they dropped out of contention until there was one man left on Sunday afternoon. Bubba Watson won his second green jacket in the last three years. In case you missed it, here’s how > read more

The Week in Sports

04/14/2014 16:13:01 PM

UConn wins … again: The Connecticut men’s and women’s basketball teams both took home NCAA championships last week with their respective wins over Kentucky and Notre Dame. While the women were heavy favorites coming into the tournament, the men > read more

Sizing up Kevin Durant’s MVP Season

04/10/2014 10:27:53 AM

Kevin Durant is the best basketball player on the planet. Right now this statement can’t be argued. This is fact. What he’s doing this season is nothing short of genius. On a nightly basis his pure dominance emulates the greatest players in histo > read more

8 Players To Watch At The Masters

04/08/2014 14:58:08 PM

Finally, Masters week is here. Golf fans have been waiting for about eight months since the last major tournament finished. Sadly, there is no Tiger Woods in the field this week, but there are still some interesting storylines to watch. Here’s > read more

The Week in Sports

04/07/2014 14:03:38 PM

NCAA Men’s Title Game Set: The Final Four got underway on Saturday with UConn knocking off overall No. 1 seed Florida while Kentucky topped Wisconsin. Both games were considered upsets and those outcomes ensured that a low seed will win the NCAA Ti > read more

Interview with NFL Prospect Allen Robinson

04/03/2014 15:03:39 PM

The 2014 NFL draft is May 8 and Penn State wide receiver Allen Robinson is a prime prospect. Robinson recently entered the NFL draft after three seasons at Penn State. He burst onto the scene his final two seasons in Happy Valley with 174 catches, 2, > read more

NBA Playoff Match-ups We Want

04/02/2014 12:24:00 PM

Finally, the playoffs are almost here. With only about seven games left for each team, we can start to see who will face off when the championship run begins. A lot can change between now and then, but here’s what I hope to see come playoff tim > read more

The Week in Sports

04/01/2014 16:15:06 PM

An Unlikely Final Four: After another crazy weekend of college basketball, an unlikely Final Four is finally set. Florida, the No. 1 overall seed, is there and the lone non-surprise. But Kentucky topped higher seeds Louisville and Michigan, UConn ups > read more

Bold Predictions for MLB Awards

03/26/2014 13:03:52 PM

On March 31 Major League Baseball will officially put old man winter to bed as Opening Day kicks off summer. This will soon become a National Holiday and for good reason. The baseball season signifies the start of something fresh. For many around the > read more

Sweet 16 Preview

03/25/2014 15:34:11 PM

What a weekend that was! The first couple rounds of the NCAA Tournament had it all….upsets, overtimes, controversy….it was everything we hope for. Sadly, the tournament is already 75 percent over, but at least we’ll have some really > read more

The Week in Sports

03/24/2014 10:52:03 AM

NCAA Tournament upsets galore: The NCAA Tournament continued to produce upsets and last week saw quite a few of them. The biggest was No. 14 seed Mercer topping Duke in their first game, but plenty of others were surprises, too. A Kentucky team that > read more

2014 NCAA Tournament Cinderellas

03/19/2014 14:45:28 PM

The table for the 2014 NCAA Men’s Basketball Division I Championship is now set. March Madness is ubiquitous. The greatest annual sporting event in the world has finally arrived and Fathead can help you do your homework in regards to selecting Cind > read more

Let The Madness Begin

03/18/2014 16:56:56 PM

We are just minutes away from the opening tip of the NCAA Turnament (although, to me it still doesn’t start until Thursday). I’ve already filled out my bracket – thrown it away – filled out a new one – used white out to make some ch > read more

The Week in Sports

03/17/2014 13:54:58 PM

NCAA Tournament Teams Announced: It’s that time of year again. With March Madness here, entire companies will again be dealing with productivity issues in the earlier part of the week with employees scrambling to complete a bracket. That will conti > read more

My Perfect MLB Fantasy Team

03/14/2014 15:33:31 PM

We’re about to have the draft in my fantasy baseball league. I already know I’m not going to get all the guys I want and I may even get stuck with a couple jabronies that I don’t want. That’s how these things go. And I probabl > read more

2014 MLB Fantasy Baseball: 5 Ways to Win Your League

03/13/2014 13:39:55 PM

With the 2014 MLB season on the horizon now is the time to plan for your MLB fantasy draft. While it may not be as hyped as NFL fantasy football it gives players daily gratification throughout the summer. With a team to tend to on a regular basis the > read more

The Week in Sports

03/10/2014 11:56:34 AM

Lakers Suffer Worst Loss in Franchise History: The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the NBA’s most storied franchises, but with a slew of injuries, the team is sinking to new lows this year. Another ‘benchmark’ was set as the team suffered a demor > read more

5 Big Winners at the NHL Trade Deadline

03/06/2014 12:41:36 PM

With the Olympics put to bed, the NHL season is once again traveling at warp speed. March 5 marked this year’s trade deadline and there are roughly 20 games left before the playoffs begin. With little time to spare teams were feverously jockeying f > read more

2014 MLB Division Winners

03/04/2014 15:21:20 PM

MLB Opening Day is just a couple weeks away which means it’s time for my yearly ritual of predicting the six division winners and ensuring that those teams don’t have the season they are hoping for. What can I say? It’s a gift. (I don’t t > read more

The Week in Sports

03/03/2014 15:54:27 PM

Masahiro Tanaka debuts with Yankees: The New York Yankees’ Masahiro Tanaka had a strong debut for the team in Spring Training. Pitching two scoreless innings against the Philadelphia Phillies, Tanaka struck out three batters allowing only two singl > read more

5 Burning Questions Heading into the 2014 MLB Season

02/27/2014 11:57:22 AM

With MLB Spring Training underway, Opening Day can’t come soon enough. Excitement is building as fans ponder a variety of scenarios as the 2014 MLB season approaches. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest questions that can only be answered by > read more

5 MLB Stars I’m Avoiding For My Fantasy Team

02/25/2014 13:14:39 PM

A new MLB season is just about a month away. That means your fantasy drat is even closer than that. Are you ready? Me either. But I do know that you can’t win you fantasy league on draft day. That takes much more than one day of investment. But > read more

The Week in Sports

02/24/2014 11:17:44 AM

Olympics: The Winter Olympics in Sochi concluded last week with the U.S. finishing second overall in the medal count with 28. Host country Russia topped all countries with 33, including 13 gold medals. There were a myriad of disappointments for Ameri > read more

5 NFL Teams Who Need to Make a Splash in Round 1

02/20/2014 08:43:42 AM

With the 2014 NFL Combine happening February 22-25 in Indianapolis the NFL hits full throttle once again. The Combine signifies that the 2014 NFL Draft is right around the corner. This is the time that all 32 NFL GMs begin to sweat. Critical decision > read more

NBA Second Half Predictions

02/19/2014 10:42:16 AM

The NBA’s All Star break is officially in the rear view mirror and the trade deadline is just a couple days away. So now seems like a good time to take a look at what lies ahead this season. Once again, the trade deadline will be a lot of talk > read more

This Week in Sports

02/17/2014 14:45:29 PM

Winter Olympics – The Winter Olympics continued last week and the United States is holding its own in the overall medal count. As of Sunday, the Americans were in a tie for second place with Russia with 16 total medals. The Netherlands led the way > read more

3 MLB Teams Set to Surprise in 2014

02/13/2014 12:49:16 PM

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and think of spring. If you’re thinking of freshly cut grass, roasted peanuts and grilled hot dogs then you’re ready for the 2014 MLB season. Trust us, you’re not alone. The majority of pitchers and catching > read more

NBA Fantasy Trades You Should Make

02/11/2014 12:24:22 PM

The NBA trade deadline is just a few days away. The trade deadline in your fantasy league is probably pretty close too. Now is the time to look over your roster and make the deal that will get you into the playoffs and hopefully make a run to the tit > read more

The Week in Sports

02/10/2014 15:32:56 PM

Winter Olympics open for business: The Winter Olympics began in Sochi last and while the talk in the early part of the week was focused on hotel rooms and some negative talk of the host city, that was quickly forgotten once the games started. The U.S > read more

2014 Sochi Olympics Men’s Ice Hockey Power Rankings

02/07/2014 11:59:15 AM

Before we begin let’s get one thing straight—nothing is better than the Olympics. The 2014 Sochi Olympics in no exception. Perfectly sandwiched between the end of the 2013 NFL season and the beginning of the 2014 MLB season the Sochi Olympics is > read more

Who Will Be Champions of Super Bowl XLIX

02/04/2014 14:51:21 PM

One year ago today, I predicted that the Denver Broncos would be Super Bowl XLVIII champions. They almost proved me right. Congratulations to Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks for becoming world champions in New York on Sunday. But enough about > read more

The Week in Sports

02/03/2014 14:57:06 PM

Seahawks Crush Broncos in Super Bowl: Quick, raise your hand if you saw that coming. Seattle winning the game wasn’t a huge surprise, but their 43-8 dominant performance over Denver was a shocker. The Broncos bumbled their way to a loss with four f > read more

Bold Super Bowl XLVIII Predictions

01/29/2014 13:49:30 PM

Super Bowl XLVIII promises to be historic. Take your pick, offense or defense. If you’re an old-soul and firmly believe that defense wins championships then you’re in the neon green corner with the Seattle Seahawks. If you’re a fan of the explo > read more

NBA All-Star Reserve Picks

01/28/2014 14:57:43 PM

I’m taking a day off from the Super Bowl mania so I don’t suffer an overload before the big game. So instead, here’s who I think should be in New Orleans for the NBA All-Star Game on Feb. 16. In the West, the starters are Kevin Dura > read more

The Week in Sports

01/27/2014 16:10:21 PM

Yanks get Tanaka: The New York Yankees were back to their free-spending ways, landing Japanese superstar pitcher Masahiro Tanaka. Last week, the club signed to a seven-year $155 million deal. Tanaka was an absolute gem in Japan, going 24-0 (as in, un > read more

Hat Tip to the New York Yankees

01/24/2014 15:16:14 PM

The New York Yankees are back to their old ways. Never mind that Super Bowl Sunday has yet to happen and we’re in the heart of a bitter winter, the Yanks are making a splash this MLB offseason. Just when fans may have thought the franchise was goin > read more

10 predictions for Super Bowl XLVIII

01/22/2014 14:43:13 PM

330 NFL games are in the books. There’s just one game left (I’m not counting the Pro Bowl) and its the biggest of them all. In the two weeks we have to wait for the Super Bowl, we’ll learn more than we ever wanted to know about the > read more

The Week in Sports

01/21/2014 16:01:39 PM

Super Bowl set: The Super Bowl matchup has been decided with the Denver Broncos topping the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks defeating the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. Both teams were the best ones in their conferences all season and h > read more

What’s not to like about Colin Kaepernick?

01/15/2014 13:17:25 PM

NFL Championship Sunday is inching closer and a trip to Super Bowl XLVIII is on the line. One player being written-off at the moment is San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Why? He’s taken an unjustified bashing through the media recen > read more

10 Players That’ll Decide Who Goes To The Super Bowl

01/14/2014 13:45:57 PM

The good news is that the NFL’s championship weekend is upon us and we’ve got what we wanted. Brady vs. Manning. Kaepernick vs. Wilson. The best coach in the league against the best offense in history. The best rivalry going today and the > read more

The Week in Sports

01/13/2014 11:44:10 AM

NFL Conference Championship Games Set: The NFL Playoffs continued this weekend and the conference championship games are now set. In the AFC, the New England Patriots will travel to Denver to play the Broncos. In the NFC, the Seattle Seahawks will ho > read more

Bold Predictions for 2014

01/09/2014 15:32:39 PM

In the NFL, 2013-2014 will be the season of redemption for Peyton Manning. He’s already set the NFL record for touchdown passes and passing yards (barely) in a single season. He’s going to win another MVP award and over the next month he > read more

Ranking the 2014 NFL Divisional Playoff Games

01/08/2014 14:55:50 PM

The 2014 NFL Divisional Playoff Games are set to make fans out of all of us beginning January 11. Now down to just eight teams, this round of playoffs is something special. Arguably the league’s top eight quarterbacks from 2013 will be on display a > read more

The Week in Sports

01/06/2014 15:30:42 PM

NFL Playoff thrillers: Fans were hoping for some watchable playoff games this weekend in the NFL and the league didn’t disappoint. Outside of the San Diego Chargers thrashing the Cincinnati Bengals, 27-10, pro football’s postseason games were all > read more

Remembering 2013

01/02/2014 14:35:12 PM

Another year has come to and end. The final BCS Championship Game is a few days away, the NFL playoffs are about to begin and 2014 predictions are on the way. But first let’s take one last look at the good, the bad and the ugly from the year th > read more

The Week in Sports

12/30/2013 11:58:40 AM

NFL Playoffs: The NFL Playoffs will begin next weekend and the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos have both clinched home field advantage throughout in their respective conferences. Both teams are the likely favorites but neither can really be consi > read more

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