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Online Hadoop Training

12/05/2014 07:55:34 AM

Big Data and Hadoop An online course designed by Hadoop Experts to provide the knowledge and skills in the field of Big Data and Hadoop and train you to become a successful Hadoop Developer. Some of the course contents: 1. Master the concepts of H > read more

Plain English – Free Guide

08/29/2014 22:09:19 PM

This guide has been produced to help you make sure your writing is clear and easily understandable, whether you are writing a report, a letter to a resident or information for a website or leaflet. You can provide a five-star service but if your leaf > read more

Simple and Powerful English – Tutorial

08/05/2014 23:48:32 PM

English is one of the leading communication language in the WORLD. We’ll start by dispelling a common misconception about plain English writing. It does not mean deleting complex information to make the document easier to understand. For investors > read more

Teradata Training Online

07/18/2014 21:25:09 PM


India | USA jobs –

06/17/2014 22:45:16 PM

> read more

15 Tips For Job Hunting

05/07/2014 00:56:38 AM

Networking – Use Facebook and LInkedin Networking in person – Go and network yourself Standout – Write special skills in your resume Be Discreet – Do not disclose it to your employee Best resume without silly mistakes Be ready > read more

Register Domain – GODADDY

05/06/2014 10:36:38 AM

Hosting – Web – Deluxe – Windows Plesk – EU Region – 3 years (recurring) Hosting – Web – Deluxe – Windows Plesk – EU Region – 4 years (recurring) Hosting – Web – Deluxe – W > read more

3 Ways to Fill Gaps in Resume

01/01/2014 22:10:36 PM

> read more

Resume Writing Tips -Freshers and Experienced

12/25/2013 04:15:04 AM

First Impression:  you don’t have a second chance. Invest time in your resume to write it well. Your Resume is your marketing tool. Why people are spending million dollars on ads. Show your abilities with Resume: Employers do not have the  > read more

2012 - Will Mark the Beginning of the Decade of the IBM Mainframe Skill Set Shortage

04/14/2012 10:40:55 AM

Reblogged from Information Technology Infrastructure Logistics: US and EU companies are struggling to fill IBM Mainframe skill set shortages as existing staff retire and IT students discouraged from pursuing what appears to be an expensive and out-d > read more

What is e-learning? in new way

04/10/2012 08:50:38 AM

We are now in information age. Inflation is going high, prices are going high. The concept of e-learning is new option, and it is cheaper. Virtual class room - is one kind of method being used to deliver classes. It is … Continue reading ͛ > read more

Learn CICS – Low Cost Way

03/19/2012 22:36:05 PM

CICS online course - for all mainframe guys this is a boon. This course has all the key features, that one needs to learn to work on CICS effectively. Time is precious, money is matter. Then, you want to succeed you need to learn. There is no > read more

Stop Career Anxiety

02/26/2012 20:37:14 PM

If you’re unhappy in your job, you are not alone. Plenty of people—many with stable, high-paying, interesting jobs—feel lost in their careers. If you experience this anxiety, try these three things: (Source: HBR) •Forget money. Money matt > read more

Don't Make These Mistakes at Your New JOB

02/22/2012 07:35:04 AM

Reblogged from Srinimf: Taking on a new assignment is exciting. But it's not easy. Here are three common mistakes people make when moving to a new job and how to avoid them: Forgetting about the people. Most people start a … Continue reading &# > read more

Software Developers Boot Camp, How does it work?

02/19/2012 00:02:38 AM

Software development is a skill. It is not an art. Now a days many young software engineers like to enter into Developer roles… Software Developer Boot Camp Training-Sign up It is a good decision, but how?. This question taunting in the minds > read more

Looking for Software Developer Internship Job!

02/10/2012 23:13:02 PM

I have completed BCA/MCA/BTech. I want to enter into Software developer field..Then How? It is a BIG question for all fresher who completed their Degrees recently. This Blog helps you. I recommended many good websites/trainings/E-Learnings/Books in > read more

Communicating with Power

02/03/2012 07:50:58 AM

Most people’s jobs include working with a lot of people who are coworkers from across the company (or even from other companies). Many times, doing your job properly depends upon other people doing the things or having the information you ̷ > read more

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