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Huge USB Glitch Problems With Pioneer DJM S9 and Serato DJ

04/20/2016 16:04:00 PM

When I first noticed one of the glitches I thought it was perhaps that just that I had some bad needles or needed new control Vinyl. But after replacing both the needles and the DVS control records the issue resurfaced as did the alternate variation > read more

Hot St. Patrick's Day Flyer Designs

04/01/2016 01:39:00 AM

Get amazing St. Patrick's Day flyer designs and nightclub flyer designs at 303-995-0875St. Patrick's Day is one of those fun Holidays that originated in One country but now the entire world gets into. While it's roots are > read more

Its MILLER Time Broncos Win The Super Bowl

02/08/2016 00:32:00 AM

The Broncos won the Super Bowl! And Von Miller was a huge part of that win with two sacs on Panther's Quarterback Cam Newton that led to Two game winning fumbles that were recovered by the Broncos. One resulted in an immediate Touchdown as The Bronco > read more

Outstanding Valentine's Day Flyers

02/05/2016 00:24:00 AM

We specialize in designing flyers that stand out and get you noticed. It's not too late to get amazing Valentine's Day Flyer designs if you use our Rush Flyer option. We can quickly design an amazing flyer that will match your specific needs and them > read more

Valentine's Day Engagements Need a Great DJ for The Wedding

02/03/2016 01:42:00 AM

Valentine's day is quickly approaching, if you are married or in a relationship it's time to find that perfect Valentine's day gift. For many, it's a time to get engaged, a time to get down on one knee, profess your undying love and devotion for that > read more

Extreme Flyer Designs: Halloween Flyer Designs That Rock

10/05/2015 15:16:00 PM

Check out our amazing Halloween flyer designs and order your Halloween flyer design today > read more

Old School songs that pop into your head because of reminders around you

09/04/2015 14:58:00 PM

Sometimes I find myself singing a song from the 80's, 90's and early 2000's and wonder why the hell am I singing this? Then I look around and find the answer. For instance today I was singing Lisa Lisa and The Cult Jam's "Head To Toe" and was wonderi > read more

DJ Emir Tupac 2 of Americas Most Wanted Hit Em Up DJ Battle Routine

08/23/2015 20:07:00 PM

Another one of the infamous Practice sessions for the Tupac Americas Most Wanted DJ Battle Routine by DJ Emir Santana. Not quite as dialed in yet or as clean as the final version but still a good effort. > read more

Wedding DJ Video

08/12/2015 00:58:00 AM

From start to finish DJ Emir's professionalism and extreme party mixing will have your event rocking the whole night. Don't leave your entertainemnet to chance. Hire the best DJ to have the best time! Give DJ Emir a call at 303-995-0875 to book your > read more

DJ Emir vs DJ Staxx Battle Routine V2 Practice Session

08/11/2015 22:31:00 PM

Never got a chance to pull this one out because I lost round 4 to DJ Stretch by a Quarter point. This one is just one of the earlier practice sessions not the full dialed in version prior to the competition. It has a diss section and that is why I ha > read more

DJ Emir Drake DJ Battle Set Practice Session 2013

08/11/2015 20:58:00 PM

This was the practice session for my second Battle set for the 2013 DJ Tribute Battle. This one includes songs by Drake, Wiz Khalifa Featuring T-Pain Black & Yellow Remix, I need to find the newer version of it because I think I added another ending > read more

DJ Emir Santana Tupac Routine Practice Session for 2 Minute DJ Battle

08/11/2015 20:27:00 PM

This was one of my practice sessions for a 2 Minute DJ Battle set a few years back. Got it down a little better later on. I made it to the semi final round but my 4th set I didn't perform as strongly and lost out by a quarter point. Damn shame cause > read more

Pioneer DJ DJM-S9 Official Introduction

08/11/2015 17:09:00 PM

This is definitely one of the best mixers on the market today... The teasers Just came out and already the one to get! Pioneer DJ revealed its new mixer, the DJM-S9. The two-channel ‘battle ready’ unit is designed with scratch DJs as its primary > read more

Hire a Great Pool Party DJ for Your Summer Pool Parties

08/07/2015 01:24:00 AM

From Dawn til Dusk all summer long people are throwing huge pool parties from Apartment complex managers to private mansion and house pool parties everyone needs a agreat pool party DJ this summer and we are your Pool Party DJ Headquarters.Give us a > read more

St. Patrick's Day Flyer Designs That Are Pure Gold

02/17/2015 16:29:00 PM

Check out these amazing St. Patrick's Day flyers that are pure gold and sure to make your party a huge hit and make you feel extra lucky this St Patrick's Day. We have a good variety of hot St. Patrick's Day flyer designs from Green & White Get Lucky > read more

Denver's Best DJs: Denver Wedding Specialists

01/22/2015 15:47:00 PM

Denver's Best DJs: Denver Wedding Specialists: Weddings are a special day to celebrate a happy couple's decision to make a life long commitment to each other and to their family. It is one of the biggest days of every person's life and as such deserv > read more

Christmas Flyer Designs Still Rolling Out Even 2 Weeks Out From Xmas

12/14/2014 18:01:00 PM

Hot Christmas Flyer Designs and New Year's Eve Flyer designs still rolling out even though we are now down to just 2 Weeks away from Christmas Eve and 3 Weeks away from New Year's Eve. There is still time to order your Christmas Flyer designs if you > read more

Get Your New Year's Eve And Christmas Party Flyers Now

12/02/2014 15:32:00 PM

It's still not too late to order your Christmas Party Fliers, New Year's Eve Flyer designs, MLK Flyers, ski trip flyer designs and Valentine's Day Flyer designs. You can use our RUSH flyer design option to get your amazing flyers designed faster. Mak > read more

Book DJ Emir Santana For New Years Eve Now

11/21/2014 01:49:00 AM

Now is your last chance to book International DJ Emir Santana for Your New Years Eve Party.Give us a call immediately at 303-995-0875 or email your proposal toBook International DJ Emir Santana for Your New Years Eve PartyWhether you are in DJ Emir's > read more

2nd Annual Thanksgiving Eve All Black Attire Party

11/20/2014 18:18:00 PM

Before Thanksgiving, Before Black Friday... There is the 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Eve All Black Attire Party!Pleazure Entertainment LayLow Productions & ELG Promotions PresentsWEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 26th 2014 > read more

Get An Amazing DJ for Your Black Friday And Christmas Season Events and Parties

11/10/2014 01:22:00 AM

Thanksgiving is around the corner and that means so is Black Friday and Cyber Monday!Tis the season to find the best DJ in town for those great Holiday sales events. Hire DJ Emir Santana for amazing Black Friday, Christmas and New Years events partie > read more

Back Up Your Data Before Your Hard Drive Crashes

08/23/2014 03:52:00 AM

I sense a hard drive crash coming and have been busy backing up the drive onto a new 4TB USB 3.0 external Hard Drive. The problem is, it's taking forever. I figured it's probably crashing since it occasionally takes forever to write a Photoshop PSD f > read more

My Kids Suck! Trampoline Craigslist Post from Angry Dad

06/18/2014 11:29:00 AM

Kids are notorious for doing and saying everything and anything to get what they want because they are soulless creatures who use a lack of maturity as an excuse for immorality. I personally don't remember how good or bad I was with this particular t > read more

Amazing 4th of July Independence Day Flyer Designs

05/29/2014 13:45:00 PM

Get Amazing 4th of July / American Independence Flyer Designs at www.djemir.comYou can count on the flyer design professionals at to create your spectacular 4th of July Independence Day Weekend flyer designs. > read more

Outstanding Denver Wedding Photography and DJ Services

05/21/2014 14:43:00 PM

Outstanding Wedding DJ Services & Photography Services In Denver And Around The WorldInternational nightclub and mixtape DJ Emir Santana has provided outstanding DJ services, graphic designs and photography services for weddings, nightclubs and speci > read more

One Edition Chemistry of Life EDM Event Billings Montana

02/28/2014 16:48:00 PM

One Edition Chemistry of Life Rave & EDM Party Flyer Billings MontanaOne Edition Chemistry of Life Rave & EDM Party Flyer Billings MontanaONE Edition: Chemistry of Life EDM PartyFriday March 7th 2014At The Al Bedoo Shrine Auditorium1125 Broadwater Av > read more

Breathe Denver Broncos Superbowl Championship Song

01/25/2014 00:28:00 AM

Breathe a song by The Mad Fanatic that completely explains my own point of view about the Broncos... We Hail from the Mile High city so we train hard at high altitude, Just like the Shaolin Monks did in the past. Which means the horsemen have more st > read more

AFC Champions Denver Broncos Go To The Superbowl!

01/19/2014 18:55:00 PM

The 2014 AFC Champions, The Denver Broncos, played solidly throughout the 2013/2014 season. They finished strong two solid Peyton Manning Payback games against the San Diego Chargers and The New England Patriots clinching the AFC Championship and set > read more

Valentine's Day Flyer Designs You'll Love

01/17/2014 14:24:00 PM

This year get only the best Valentine's day flyer designs for your nightclub at sexy Valentine's day flyers to whimsical and playful valentine's day flyers we have you covered with all kinds of custom themed V > read more

The Mad Fanatic Sweet Revenge Broncos Vs Chargers Rematch Song

01/12/2014 16:49:00 PM

The Mad Fanatic Sweet Revenge! Great song talking about the Denver Bronco's Revenge vs The San Diego Chargers. With the expected revenge win in today's NFL Division game against the San Diego Chargers after their previous loss to them. The song is ve > read more

Denver Prom DJs That Move The Crowd

01/07/2014 03:29:00 AM

Denver Colorado's Premier DJ service, available throughout all of Colorado and surrounding areas (Wyoming, Las Vegas etc.) We also travel if you want us to, just add travel and lodging costs to final cost of events.This prom season don't settle for m > read more

Christmas Party Flyer Designs To Jingle Your Bells

12/24/2013 12:29:00 PM

Here are a few Christmas Party Flyer Designs To Jingle Your BellsEvery year we get requests to design a few amazing Christmas Party Flyer designs and winter party flyer designs. To order your winter Party Flyer Designs visit > read more

Black Friday Deals

11/19/2013 15:19:00 PM

On Black Friday There is a secret site that will feature a ton of great Black Friday Internet Deals from various companies including my own. Check them out at > read more

One Edition Chemistry of Life Rave Rushmore Plaza

11/15/2013 11:45:00 AM

ONE Edition: Chemistry of Life > read more

One Edition Chemistry of Life Rave Montana

11/15/2013 11:32:00 AM

ONE Edition: Chemistry of Life > read more

Get Amazing Halloween Flyer Designs Now

09/24/2013 19:03:00 PM

Get Amazing Halloween Flyer designs at sexy angel and devil parties, Halloween fetish balls, Costume socials, Masquerades, sexy nurse parties, sexy pirate parties and sexy vampire parties to freaky and scary Ha > read more

The Perfect Denver Wedding DJ for an Exciting Wedding Party

09/24/2013 17:30:00 PM

If you want people dancing well into the night DJ Emir Santana is your best bet to a successful event. Professional, dependable and most importantly, fun, and highly entertaining, Emir is a musical entertainment professional with years of experience > read more

North Dakota's First International Rave Flyer Design

09/04/2013 19:07:00 PM

Get your Tickets Now for North Dakota's First International RaveFriday September 27th 2013 8:30pm-12amat The Airport International Inn3601 2nd Ave W. Williston, ND 58801Just $25 in Advance or $40 at the doorFor Tickets Call 970-319-5841One of the Fac > read more

Freak Night 3 Halloween Flyer Design

08/28/2013 14:12:00 PM

Freak Night 3 Halloween Flyer design by Night 3 Halloween Flyer Design by Night 3 is one of the latest additions to our line up of amazing Halloween flyer designsIt fea > read more

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