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The State of Digital Marketing 2014

02/04/2014 13:43:45 PM

Thanks to the folks over at  Web Marketing 123 for this Infographic. > read more

The Reality of Social Currency

11/20/2013 14:20:10 PM

One of the tougher jobs on any given days in the digital space is the curation and or the creation of good content. It’s everywhere and sometimes it doesn’t matter what RSS feeds ot Flip Boards or whatever you use to find it, it can slip > read more

The Biggest Social Media Story of 2013

11/14/2013 14:10:47 PM

Remember this? It’s one of the classic lines of all times in a movie. Greed is Good. Remember this? It was one of the biggest acquisitions in 2013. > read more

Children and Social Media Project

11/14/2013 13:40:26 PM

I’m starting a new project. I have no time to really be doing this but it means that much to me; and I know it will have an impact, so I’m doing it. First the backstory. It started with an email I sent to the superintendant of our school > read more

The Attention Economy is Distracting Me

09/26/2013 12:01:52 PM

Twitter has the RT button and the favorite button. Linkedin has an endorse button, Facebook has a like button and G+ has the plus.  I know you “get” what they all do, at least you should, but I have a question for you.  Aren’t all > read more

Google Plus versus Facebook? Really…

09/03/2013 16:29:37 PM

It’s hard to actually write that in the title. Is it possible that G+ could actually compete with Facebook? Check out this infographic from Social Annex, what do you think? > read more

What’s Next for Tumblr?

05/21/2013 07:08:29 AM

Yahoo’s recent announcement of its intent to purchase Tumblr has brought out the virtual fangs. Lets take a look at some of the more creative responses. Tumblr users are passionate and are worried about what will happen to their platform. Is th > read more

Yelp is Broken and Social Flashmobs Apparently Rule

05/17/2013 13:03:40 PM

I was just reading about the social media meltdown of Amy’s Baking Company in Scottsdale, if you’re not familiar with it, the restaurant was featured on Chef Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares production that airs on the FOX Network. To give yo > read more

When content turns into an ad

05/14/2013 12:12:55 PM

It can’t be good… I was going to go off on a rant, but the fact of the matter is…it can’t be good. You feel duped and cheated and misled. > read more

The Way Social Media Used To Be

04/02/2013 10:20:24 AM

From the cartoonery of John Atkinson and WrongHands we give you… Vintage social networking. > read more

Is Social Currency Counterfeit?

03/21/2013 10:58:44 AM

Check out this image.   Now I’m pulling this next blurb from Vivaldi Partners via wikipedia but pay attention to it: Vivaldi Partners defined social currency as the extent to which people share the brand or information about the brand as part > read more

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