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TRUE BLOOD, 7.10 – 'Thank You' – father of the vampire bride

08/28/2014 08:02:00 AM

JASON: It's been a long fuckin' week, and it's been a weird fuckin' week.Just go with it. That's a phrase you often have to repeat to yourself when watching TRUE BLOOD, but thankfully only once during its series finale. The idea that Hoyt (Jim Parrac > read more

TWIN PEAKS, 1.3 – 'Rest in Pain'

08/28/2014 05:30:00 AM

TRUMAN: There's a sort of evil out there. Something very, very strange in these old woods. Call it what you want. A darkness, a presence. It takes many forms but... its been out there for as long as anyone can remember, and we've always been here to > read more

Video: Fan-made LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN opening titles

08/26/2014 05:00:00 AM

As a big fan of Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill's LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN comics (particularly the original ones set in Victorian times), it has always pained me that the 2003 movie was such a resounding disaster (creatively and commercially). > read more

Intermission: late-summer

08/25/2014 07:00:00 AM

I'm taking another week's break (25-31 August), so DMD updates may not be as regular. Luckily, I've planned ahead with some posts queued ready to 'auto-publish' over the next 7 days, but I'm not sure when I'll have time to watch and review the True B > read more

TV Picks: 25-31 August 2014 (Big School, Gadget Man, Hand of God, Hysteria, Through the Keyhole, Under the Dome, X Factor, etc.)

08/25/2014 04:00:00 AM

Below are my picks of the most notable new shows, returning or premiering on UK screens over the next 7 days...BANK HOLIDAY MONDAYScotland Decides: Salmon vs Darling (BBC2, 8.30pm) Live debate on Scottish Independence, between the SNP's Alex Salmond > read more

Stuff You (Probably) Didn't Know About... Eva Green

08/24/2014 08:00:00 AM

Eva Green's one of my favourite actress's working today, because you can never take your eyes off her when she's around, she always gives the material 100% (no matter the objective quality), and tends to elevate weak projects through sheer force of w > read more

Review: DOCTOR WHO, 8.1 – 'Deep Breath' - the same, but different

08/23/2014 16:14:00 PM

THE DOCTOR: Look at the eyebrows! These are 'attack-eyebrows'. You could take bottle tops off with these!The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) now prefers a buttoned-up collar with a conspicuous lack of a bow-tie (famously worn by his immediate predecessor, Mat > read more


08/23/2014 05:00:00 AM

?? (out of five)Nick Frost without Simon Pegg is a bit like watching Oliver Hardy without Stan Laurel. It doesn't quite work. Pegg's enough of a quirky leading man not to suffer the same analogy, although both seem to struggle when not directed b > read more

BBC America order THE LIVING AND THE DEAD from co-creators of LIFE ON MARS

08/22/2014 12:37:00 PM

Writers Ashley Pharoah and Matthew Graham, who co-created Life on Mars and were responsible for its spin-off Ashes to Ashes, have had a paranormal drama picked up by BBC America. THE LIVING AND THE DEAD will concern Nathan Appleby; a "gentleman farme > read more

Which HEROES should return?

08/22/2014 05:30:00 AM

Has a television show ever soared so high, only to fall so hard? NBC superhero drama HEROES had a phenomenal first season (spoiled by a fudged finale people disliked), before a creatively disastrous second season alienated the mainstream. Only die-ha > read more

Short Film: DUST with Alan Rickman

08/22/2014 05:00:00 AM

Here's a great short film, written and directed by Ben Ockrent and Jack Russell. It stars Alan Rickman (Die Hard, Harry Potter) as a strange man who follows a little girl and her mother home one day, but takes a very unexpected turn. DUST is definite > read more

Have a BLACK MIRROR Christmas

08/21/2014 10:53:00 AM

After two series, Charlie Brooker's satirical anthology drama BLACK MIRROR has been given a Christmas special by Channel 4. The show is usually comprised of three separate weekly tales, but the festive edition will weave three storylines into one fea > read more

This week, I'm loving... OUTLANDER's Opening Titles

08/21/2014 05:00:00 AM

Isn't it beautiful? Totally captures the mystery and romance of the Highlands of Scotland, while cleverly mixing together The Skye Boat Song's melody with lyrics paraphrasing Robert Louis Stevenson's poem Sing Me a Song of a Lad That is Gone (with la > read more

TWIN PEAKS, 1.2 - 'Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer'

08/21/2014 05:00:00 AM

THE ONE-ARMED MAN: Through the darkness of future past / the magician longs to see / one chance out between two worlds / Fire walk with me.Until now, Twin Peaks hasn't really been as off the wall as its reputation would have you expect. Cooper (Kyle > read more

AMC aren't letting HALT AND CATCH FIRE halt or catch fire

08/20/2014 11:13:00 AM

AMC are sticking by niche drama HALT & CATCH FIRE, about 1980s computer programming, having now renewed the show for a second season. I wasn't a huge fan of the first year, which had some problems, but I like the female characters and the final handf > read more

Stuff You (Probably) Didnae Know About... DOCTOR WHO's Peter Capaldi

08/20/2014 05:30:00 AM

Scottish actor PETER CAPALDI is best-known for playing foul-mouthed politician Malcolm Tucker in The Thick of It and its spin-off movie In the Loop, but he'll soon become a family favourite when he takes up residence in the TARDIS as the twelfth acto > read more

THE WRONG MANS returning as two specials instead of full series

08/20/2014 04:30:00 AM

It always felt weird BBC2 recommissioned THE WRONG MANS for a second series, considering the story concluded, so I'm glad creators James Corden and Mathew Baynton have instead opted to make two hour-long specials. Although that's equal to four half-h > read more

Sony are casting their POWERS pilot for the Playstation Network

08/19/2014 06:30:00 AM

FX made a pilot based on the comic-book POWERS starring Jason Patric, but it wasn't ordered to series. But now Sony Pictures Television is giving an adaptation a go, with a series heading to the Playstation Network. The comic is about two detectives, > read more

TRUE BLOOD, 7.9 – 'Love is to Die' – relationship counselling

08/19/2014 04:30:00 AM

SOOKIE (to Bill): Whatever this is, whatever you're doin', you don't get to hide behind the word "fate".Oh, TRUE BLOOD. Did you really just spend 40-minutes of your final season's penultimate hour on pairing up Hoyt (Jim Parrack)-Jessica (Deborah Ann > read more

Keanu Reeves accepts lead role in planned TV action drama RAIN

08/18/2014 16:15:00 PM

It seems Keanu Reeves has sensed a change in the air, regarding his box-office standing. He hasn't had a major critical and commercial success since The Matrix trilogy ended in 2003, and last year's dismal > read more

OUTLANDER, 1.2 – 'Castle Leoch' - the lies of a spy

08/18/2014 05:00:00 AM

JAMIE (to Claire): You're a kind woman... with a good touch... and your husband is a lucky man.The disdain many men feel toward romantic fiction is perhaps a belief the love story will be too gooey, but I'm not getting that impression from OUTLANDER. > read more

TV Picks: 18-24 August 2014 (Celebrity Big Brother, Doctor Who, New Tricks, Ramsay's Hotel Hell, Resurrection, Suspects, etc.)

08/18/2014 03:30:00 AM

Below are my picks of the most notable new shows, returning or premiering on UK screens over the next 7 days...MONDAY 18thPhil Spencer: Secret Agent (Channel 4, 2.20pm) Series 2 of the property series. (1/20)Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (BBC1, > read more

Does HBO's WESTWORLD have the most exciting mix of talent on TV?

08/17/2014 08:00:00 AM

When I heard HBO were making a TV drama based on 1973's sci-fi classic WESTWORLD, adapted from the Michael Crichton novel about a futuristic Wild West theme park full of killer robots, I wasn't terribly enthusiastic. But that's all changed now they'v > read more

Review: Cinemax's THE KNICK, 1.1 & 1.2 - 'Method and Madness' & 'Mr. Paris Shoes'

08/17/2014 04:30:00 AM

There have been many turn-of-the-century dramas recently, with some likewise focused on medical professions, but Cinemax's THE KNICK is far and away the best. Set in the New York City of 1900, this period piece concerns Dr John W. Thackery (Clive Owe > read more

Digital Spy: 12 Fantasy Television Crossovers

08/16/2014 09:02:00 AM

Over at Digital Spy today, it's my latest article. This one fantasises about 12 "crossover" episodes of past and present TV shows, that would be extremely unlikely but incredibly fun to watch. Dexter meets Hannibal? Sherlock travels to Fargo? Justifi > read more

What pilots do Amazon have in store for us this year?

08/16/2014 05:00:00 AM

I know what you're thinking: what happened to the Amazon pilots from last time? Transparent, Bosch, The After and Mozart in the Jungle? One assumes they'll be available to stream soon, but we already have the next batch of pilots for subscribers to w > read more

Trailer: Yahoo's COMMUNITY - launching soon

08/15/2014 10:37:00 AM

NBC cancelled geek-favourite comedy COMMUNITY in May, but it was brought back from the dead by online giant Yahoo! And they've just released a nice announcement trailer, that's basically a lot of clips from the past five seasons, structured around NA > read more

Review: TNT's LEGENDS - the many minds of Mr Bean

08/15/2014 05:30:00 AM

LEGENDS is a new procedural from U.S cable's TNT, developed by Howard Gordon (24, Homeland), Jeffrey Nachmanoff (The Day After Tomorrow), and Mark Bomback (Die Hard 4.0), adapting a novel by Robert Littell called Legends: A Novel of Dissimulation. It > read more

CUCKOO, 2.2 – 'Potato Party' - throwing up a fresh approach...

08/15/2014 04:00:00 AM

I had no intention to review more CUCKOO after covering series 2's premiere last week (assessing the fallout caused by Andy Samberg's departure, and the damage limitation of Taylor Lautner's entrance), but felt compelled to write about episode 2, "Po > read more

TWIN PEAKS, 1.2 – 'Traces to Nowhere'

08/14/2014 05:30:00 AM

written by Mark Frost & David Lynch | directed by Duwayne Dunham | 12 April 1990COOPER: You know, this is, excuse me, a damn fine cup of coffee. I've had I can't tell you how many cups of coffee in my life and this, this is one of the best. Now I'd l > read more

HBO renew THE LEFTOVERS, but will the audience soon depart?

08/14/2014 04:30:00 AM

It's no surprise that THE LEFTOVERS has been given a second season by HBO, as it's been holding strong in terms of ratings. An average of 1.5 million people are watching every week, which isn't much of a dip on the premiere's high of 1.77m. The numbe > read more

Following bizarre blockbusters GoTG and TMNT, what other retro weirdness should Hollywood adapt?

08/13/2014 05:30:00 AM

Guardians of the Galaxy and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles both over-performed to become enormous hits at the August U.S box-office, so sequels were hastily ordered. Their success could also mean other studios take notice, and begin to order similar pr > read more

Are you ready for new DOCTOR WHO? Take a 'Deep Breath'...

08/13/2014 04:30:00 AM

There's only a few weeks to go until 23 August, so the BBC have released a thirty-second DOCTOR WHO trailer that specifically teases the Series 8 premiere "Deep Breath". There's lots of new footage to enjoy, and I'm really excited to meet Peter Capal > read more

RIP Robin Williams (1951-2014)

08/12/2014 10:46:00 AM

Another comedy great has left the stage, and this one hurts deep because Robin Williams was still bringing a lot of fun and entertainment to the world at the age of 63, and it appears he chose to commit suicide after an intense period of depression ( > read more

TRUE BLOOD, 7.8 – 'Almost Home' - the price of salvation

08/12/2014 04:30:00 AM

HOYT: When a good thing gets destroyed, that's the definition of unfair to me.The end of True Blood's really sneaking up on us, as there are just two hours left! "Almost Home" was easily the best-acted episode this season, granting Jessica (Deborah A > read more

Review: ALMOST ROYAL - sub-BORAT japes in the United States, what?

08/11/2014 05:30:00 AM

E4 have begun airing BBC America's > read more

TV Picks: 11-17 August 2014 (Ade at Sea, Boomers, Executed, The Wonder of Animals, etc.)

08/11/2014 03:30:00 AM

Below are my picks of the most notable new shows, returning or premiering on UK screens over the next 7 days...MONDAY 11thFootball Fight Club (BBC3, 9pm) Documentary about prominent football hooligan gangs over the 2013/14 season.? Kate Adie's Wome > read more

Review: A TOUCH OF CLOTH III – 'Too Cloth for Comfort'

08/10/2014 16:07:00 PM

Charlie Brooker's hilarious spoof crime thriller A TOUCH OF CLOTH debuted three years ago, and yet these are only the fifth and sixth episodes. That's slow-going even by usual British standards, but the "less is more" adage rings truer for spoofs tha > read more

Review: BBC1's WALTER - a loose charm, but zero laughs

08/09/2014 09:04:00 AM

Fresh from playing a cop in Line of Duty and a dead cop in Ashes to Ashes, Adrian Dunbar's back as cop Walter Gambon in the one-off comedy-drama WALTER, written by Ruby Solomon. The most interesting thing about Walter is that Solomon's actually the p > read more

BBC3's Thursday night comedy double whammy: CUCKOO and SIBLINGS

08/09/2014 05:30:00 AM

Almost two years after it began, BBC Three's CUCKOO is back for a second series. Trouble is, the two actors who formed the central romance of the show are gone; U.S comedian Andy Samberg as spaced-out hippy Dale "Cuckoo" Ashbrick, and Tamla Kari as t > read more

Did THE SINGER TAKES IT ALL find its voice in week two?

08/08/2014 16:19:00 PM

Last week's premiere of THE SINGER TAKES IT ALL was mired by an embarrassing failure of its app, which meant the first three singers were actually being voted on by 100 back-stage helpers as a contingency plan. Hardly a promising start, although I qu > read more

Are you beginning to feel THE STRAIN?

08/08/2014 05:30:00 AM

EPH: A whole new set of organs has generated to propel this stinger.We're four episodes into FX's new horror drama THE STRAIN, based on the novels by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan. (No, seriously, they definitely exist.) Are you enjoying it? I k > read more

TWIN PEAKS, 1.1 - 'Original Pilot' (aka 'Northern Passage')

08/07/2014 14:00:00 PM

written by Mark Frost & David Lynch | directed by David Lynch | 8 April 1990PETE: She's dead. Wrapped in plastic.Twin Peaks, Washington, "five miles south of the Canadian border and twelve miles west of the state line"; population 51,201. On 24 Febru > read more


08/07/2014 05:30:00 AM

?? (out of five)RICHARDS: I'll be backKILLIAN: Only in a rerun.Nestled around Arnold Schwarzenegger's more enduring 1980s hits, THE TERMINATOR and PREDATOR, is this adaptation of a 1982 novel by Richard Bachman (later revealed to be Stephen King' > read more

Review: Starz's OUTLANDER - loch to the future

08/06/2014 05:30:00 AM

Beyond producing a handful of projects since his Battlestar Galactica remake ended, writer Ronald D. Moore has been struggling to develop another big hit. Things look set to change in the near-future, following a development deal with Sony Pictures T > read more

WRONG MANS producers making BBC 'comedy whodunit?' STAG

08/06/2014 04:30:00 AM

BBC2 have commissioned a three-part comedy-drama called STAG, from the producers of their surprise hit The Wrong Mans. The series will revolve around a stag night in Scotland, where the men involved are being murdered one by one.George Kay and Jim Fi > read more

TRUE BLOOD, 7.7 – 'May Be the Last Time' – familiar faces

08/05/2014 05:30:00 AM

SOOKIE: How can you not believe in miracles and magic when they're happening all around us every single day? There's a miracle out there, just waiting for Bill. I just have to go out there and find it.After last week's rise in quality, "May Be the La > read more

Trailer: E4's GLUE – a rural SKINS meets BROADCHURCH?

08/05/2014 04:00:00 AM

Jack Thorne (Skins, This is England, The Fades) has a new six-part drama coming to E4 this autumn, called GLUE. It concerns a small village in the English countryside, where farming and race horses are the lifeblood of the local community, and the un > read more

TV Picks: 4-10 August 2014 (Cuckoo, In the Club, Masters of Sex, Siblings, Touch of Cloth III, The Village, Walter, Who Do You Think You Are?, etc.)

08/04/2014 04:00:00 AM

Below are my picks of the most notable new shows, returning or premiering on UK screens over the next 7 days...MONDAY 4thThe 21st Question (ITV, 5pm) New gameshow. Hosted by Gethin Jones. (1/10)Railways of the Great War (BBC2, 6pm) New series looking > read more

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA to Z NATION; has Syfy sacrificed quality for cheap fun and notoriety?

08/03/2014 04:30:00 AM

Has it really been five years since Syfy's superb Battlestar Galactica remake ended? Since then, the network's fumbled with lame attempts to find anything close to equaling BSG's quality (even attempting two prequels few cared about), so their best s > read more

Who should star in a female-orientated GHOSTBUSTERS reboot?

08/02/2014 18:08:00 PM

It's strongly rumoured that director Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, The Heat) has become Sony's top choice to direct their eternally gestating GHOSTBUSTERS III.Unfortunately, everyone's grown so tired of rewriting that script to work as a direct sequel (tha > read more

Channel 4's THE SINGER TAKES IT ALL; average karaoke with an innovative twist

08/02/2014 05:10:00 AM

Channel 4's thrown its hat into the ring of reality singing contests, taking on ITV's X Factor and BBC1's The Voice, with THE SINGER TAKES IT ALL. As befits Channel 4's remit for innovation in the field, the key difference with this series is how it > read more

ITV spent £1 million on X FACTOR trailer, but only uploaded it in 480P

08/01/2014 14:45:00 PM

Things are about to get loud.THE X FACTOR is returning on 30 August, with Simon Cowell back as head judge, joined by returning pop star Cheryl Cole Fernandez Versini, new judge Mel B, and old hand Louis Walsh. ITV spent £1 million on this Game of Th > read more


08/01/2014 04:30:00 AM

It's August! Summer's still here, but there's lots of good reasons to stay indoors with the television on. Below are my prime picks of shows hitting US and UK screens over the next four weeks, so read on if you need to plan your TV month...The Killin > read more

State of the Blog: New template and reader engagement

07/31/2014 05:00:00 AM

I didn't get much feedback about DMD's new look from people here. This seems to be part of an ongoing change in visitor habits, as Twitter seems to be the preferred choice. Are comment areas doomed because they feel so isolated from the wider world? > read more

TWIN PEAKS - is it time to resume television's weirdest mystery?

07/30/2014 10:28:00 AM

Oh God, I've just taken a photo of a mass-produced inanimate object! #TwinPeaks— Dan Owen (@danowen79) July 30, 2014Longtime readers will know that I reviewed the first season of TWIN PEAKS five years ago, but didn't cont > read more

From AMERICAN HORROR STORY to FARGO, will U.S cable's sudden love of 'anthology series' last?

07/30/2014 04:30:00 AM

There's an emerging trend in U.S TV for cable dramas to have seasons that deviate from the preceding one, becoming anthologies. FX's American Horror Story started the ball rolling, when creator Ryan Murphy announced its second year wouldn't continue > read more


07/29/2014 05:30:00 AM

This Lord of the Rings prequel trilogy hasn't achieved the same highs as its predecessor, but it's technically superior and I actually prefer Martin Freeman to Elijah Wood. The Hobbit trilogy has been dogged by complains each instalment's too long (w > read more

TRUE BLOOD, 7.6 – 'Karma' - in sickness and in health

07/29/2014 04:30:00 AM

JASON: Bill Compton is one tough motherfucker. He's gonna beat this thing. I mean, hell, he was like a bonafide vampire God about six months ago!After five disheartening episodes, True Blood makes headway with the sixth, "Karma". Suddenly the thrust > read more


07/28/2014 05:00:00 AM

Mr Grey will see you now...It's the trailer to the movie adaptation of the book your female co-workers and—OH GOD, NO!—your mum, raved about two summers ago. It was a good litmus test of people's literary taste, actually, because 50 SHADES OF GRE > read more

TV Picks: 28 July – 3 August 2014 (Last Leg, Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy, Scandal, The Singer Takes it All, etc.)

07/28/2014 04:00:00 AM

Below are my picks of the most notable new shows, returning or premiering on UK screens over the next 7 days...MONDAY 28thPembrokeshire: Coastal Lives (BBC2, 7pm) New documentary series about people living and working on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path > read more


07/27/2014 13:57:00 PM

Yesterday was the third day of San Diego Comic-Con, and below are fan-filmed videos of four panels for AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D, THE SIMPSONS, TRUE BLOOD, and (as a late bonus from Friday) BATES MOTEL.Agents of S.H.I.E.L.DThe SimpsonsTrue BloodBates Mot > read more

Trailer: TRUE BLOOD – Season 7 Part 2 (SDCC 2014)

07/27/2014 09:12:00 AM

Due to when it's scheduled by HBO every summer, TRUE BLOOD has always been able to debut a trailer at San Diego Comic-Con covering the latter half of its current season. This has tended to be a very good thing, as it's helped get audiences stoked for > read more

Has Channel 4's THE MIMIC lost its voice?

07/27/2014 05:30:00 AM

THE MIMIC returned a few weeks ago, continuing the hapless non-adventures of maintenance man Martin Hurdle (Terry Mynott), who's now lost his low-paid job and chance of fame and fortune after bottling a TV appearance in series 1's finale. Martin has > read more

Trailer: NBC's CONSTANTINE (SDCC 2014)

07/27/2014 04:44:00 AM

NBC revealed a fresh trailer for their upcoming supernatural drama CONSTANTINE at San Diego Comic-Con yesterday, and it's a big improvement on the others (which were already pretty cool). Of course, I've already seen the pilot, and thought it was dis > read more


07/26/2014 12:19:00 PM

Yesterday was the second day of San Diego Comic-Con, and below are fan-filmed videos of three panels for ARROW, GAME OF THRONES and THE WALKING DEAD. Friday also contained panels for Sleepy Hollow and BBC America's new sci-fi drama > read more

Trailer: ARROW – Season 3 (SDCC 2014)

07/26/2014 05:18:00 AM

ARROW debuted its third season trailer at San Diego Comic-Con yesterday, which gave fans their first look at new guest stars like Brandon Routh (Superman Returns) as Roy Palmer/The Atom, Karl Yune as Maseo Yamashiro, and Peter Stormare as Count Verti > read more

Trailer: THE WALKING DEAD – Season 5 (SDCC 2014)

07/26/2014 04:46:00 AM

AMC's first trailer for the fifth season of survival horror hit THE WALKING DEAD was unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con yesterday, during the cast and crew's panel. If you're a fan of rotting zombies being stabbed in the head through chain-link fences, > read more

Video: GAME OF THRONES – Season 4 Gag Reel

07/26/2014 03:30:00 AM

Debuting at San Diego Comic-Con, here's a two-minute gag reel for GAME OF THRONES season 4, which primarily consists of the cast fluffing their lines and some set dressing failures. > read more

DOCTOR WHO returning to cinemas for Series 8's premiere

07/25/2014 18:17:00 PM

Last year's 50th anniversary 3D special of DOCTOR WHO, "The Day of The Doctor" was an unprecedented success, partly because it was shown simultaneously in 1,500 cinemas and actually broke into the UK box-office top 10 for that weekend. While the star > read more


07/25/2014 10:17:00 AM

This year's San Diego Comic-Con is in full flow until Sunday, but chances are you're not there to enjoy it. But hey, the internet is your salvation! A lot of fans upload 'shaky-cam' videos of entire hour-long panels, so below are my pick of Thursday' > read more

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, 5.22 - 'The Gift' & ANGEL, 2.22 - 'There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb'

07/25/2014 04:30:00 AM

BUFFY: Dawn, listen to me. Listen. I love you. I will always love you. But this is the work that I have to do. Tell Giles... tell Giles I figured it out. And, and I'm okay. And give my love to my friends. You have to take care of them now. You have t > read more

Television: Escapism or Realism?

07/24/2014 05:00:00 AM

Is television drama an escape from reality, or a mirror on the world?To immediately answer that question, it can be both. But which do you prefer? Why do YOU watch scripted television drama? Is it because it offers stories that simply can't happen in > read more

The panels I would attend at San Diego Comic-Con this year...

07/23/2014 10:45:00 AM

The geek mecca of San Diego Comic-Con opens its doors tomorrow morning, and I... won't be going. This will be the 35th SDCC I've missed in 35 years. I know, it's shameful. I just find it hard to justify the cost of international flights from the UK, > read more

24: Will Jack Be Back Another Day?

07/23/2014 05:00:00 AM

Fox cancelled 24 in summer 2010, but it was revived this year for twelve-part "event series" 24: Live Another Day. It was set in London (for real) and halved the episode order, which kept the storyline much tighter. They even included a twelve-hour " > read more

TRUE BLOOD, 7.5 – 'Lost Cause' – party animals

07/22/2014 05:30:00 AM

PAM: Oh. My. God. I'm a Republicunt.It helps when a show references its own ridiculousness, but it doesn't always remove the stench of a bad idea. In the aptly-named "Lost Cause", Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) organised a party round Sookie's (Anna Paquin > read more

Trailer: BBC America's sci-fi drama THE INTRUDERS

07/22/2014 04:00:00 AM

The success of Orphan Black for BBC America has perhaps given the channel a taste for intellectual sci-fi, so here comes THE INTRUDERS from Glen Morgan (X Files, Millennium). It's based on a book series by Michael Marshall Smith and concerns a "secre > read more

FX will return to FARGO

07/21/2014 11:38:00 AM

Having secured 18 Emmy nominations, it was almost unthinkable FX wouldn't commission a second season of their hit crime drama FARGO. Unusually for U.S television, it will concern a completely different story, with new characters, in a different time > read more

Review: MONTY PYTHON LIVE (MOSTLY) - flogging a dead parrot?

07/21/2014 04:30:00 AM

The last performance of Monty Python's reunion/farewell show at London's O2 stadium was broadcast on GOLD last night, and simulcast around the world. It was a historic moment, as it officially drew a curtain on Monty Python as a comedy entity. Their > read more

TV Picks: 21-27 July 2014 (Alan Carr – Chatty Man, Commonwealth Games, Kevin Bridges Live, Virtually Famous, etc.)

07/21/2014 04:00:00 AM

Below are my picks of the most notable new shows, returning or premiering on UK screens over the next 7 days...MONDAY 21stThis World: Clothes to Die For (BBC2, 9pm) Documentary about the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh last ye > read more

Are you plugged into HALT AND CATCH FIRE, or have you hit Escape?

07/20/2014 04:30:00 AM

You've probably hit the Esc button, if AMC's ratings are any indication (having dropped from 1.19m to around 0.7m by mid-season). I can't see this new drama being renewed, as its quality reflects the disappointing ratings. Created by Christopher Cant > read more

Review: HBO's THE LEFTOVERS – 'Pilot', 'Penguin One, Us Zero' & 'Two Boats and a Helicopter'

07/19/2014 06:00:00 AM

WAYNE: All the people who stayed here and pretended it never happened; they're asleep, and they need to wake up now.Another television series with a "big concept", this one from a showrunner behind the show that began the ongoing trend for such thing > read more

Trailer: HOMELAND – Season 4

07/19/2014 04:30:00 AM

Showtime have released a "first look" at the fourth season of their acclaimed drama HOMELAND. This year promises to deliver a big revamp of the show, in the wake of the Nicholas Brody narrative being brought to an end in season 3.Indeed, at the Telev > read more

EXTANT, 1.2 – 'Extinct' - survival of the fittest

07/18/2014 11:15:00 AM

I enjoyed Extant's pilot (more than most people), but the second episode was distinctly average. I was hoping Extant could become a fun summer show to review weekly, but now I'm not so sure. Halle Berry's performance felt much flatter as Molly, and t > read more

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, 5.20 & 5.21 – 'Spiral' & 'The Weight of the World'

07/18/2014 05:00:00 AM

BEN: You know why I wanted to become a doctor?GRONX: Flattering drawstring pants?Approaching the finale, SPIRAL was an action-packed episode that also demystified almost everything about the situation with goddess Glory (Clare Kramer) and Dawn (Miche > read more

TRUE BLOOD beauty Deborah Ann Woll joins Netflix's DAREDEVIL

07/17/2014 11:04:00 AM

Marvel's Daredevil TV series on Netflix is filling out very nicely. We have Charlie Cox (Boardwalk Empire) as The Man With No Fear himself, joined by Rosario Dawson (Sin City) in unspecified role, Elden Hensen (Hunger Games) as best-friend Franklin ' > read more

24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY, episode 12 – '10:00PM – 11:00AM'

07/17/2014 04:30:00 AM

written by Manny Coto & Evan Katz | directed by Jon CassarAround this time in any prior season of 24, the show would be scrambling to keep the plot going by introducing fresh villains and a twist in the narrative, but 24: Live Another Day's wrapping > read more

Review: FX's THE STRAIN, 1.1 - 'Night Zero' - vampires go viral

07/16/2014 04:30:00 AM

EICHORST: Love is going to guide them all back. To their homes. To their loved ones.A passenger jet from Berlin lands at JFK International Airport with no signs of life and all the doors sealed shut, prompting CDC expert Dr Ephraim Goodweather (Corey > read more

TRUE BLOOD, 7.4 – 'Death is Not the End' - be kind, rewind

07/15/2014 04:30:00 AM

GINGER: Eric Northman is nothing if he is not pure fucking sex on a throne.It wasn't as tedious as the previous three episodes, so "Death is Not the End" at least has that distinction, but this was still a below-average episode, only enlivened by a d > read more

Pilot preview: ABC's GALAVANT - fairy tale musical hits bum note

07/14/2014 04:30:00 AM

I've reviewed the pilot of ABC's new medieval musical comedy GALAVANT, months ahead of its US premiere...What's the background?GALAVANT is a medieval musical comedy with a fairy tale vibe, created by Dan Fogelman (The Neighbors), featuring songs comp > read more

TV Picks: 14-20 July 2014 (Being Human USA, Foyle's War, The Mimic, Ray Donovan, Utopia, Veep, etc.)

07/14/2014 04:00:00 AM

Below are my picks of the most notable new shows, returning or premiering on UK screens over the next 7 days...MONDAY 14thUniversity Challenge (BBC2, 8pm) Series 21 of the student quiz show. Hosted by Jeremy Paxman. (1/37)Food Unwrapped (Channel 4, 8 > read more

Trailer: DOCTOR WHO – Series 8

07/13/2014 15:04:00 PM

I'm The Doctor. I've lived for over 2000 years. I've made many mistakes. It's about time that I did something about that.The BBC have released the full Series 8 trailer for DOCTOR WHO, during half-time of the World Cup final. It offers our first good > read more


07/13/2014 04:30:00 AM

½? (out of five)... me, boredUNDERWORLD remade, only with gargoyles and demons replacing vampires and werewolves, with a bastardised version of Mary Shelly's titular creation stuck in the middle. I, FRANKENSTEIN is based on an idea—best-suited t > read more

BETTER CALL SAUL: more details released at TV Critics Association

07/12/2014 11:21:00 AM

The producers of Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul (Vince Gilligan, Peter Gould) have been fielding questions during the Television Critics Association press tour in Beverly Hills, so we now have fresh information on this eagerly-anticipated AMC > read more

Review: CBS's EXTANT - beautiful, alluring space-baby mystery

07/12/2014 07:03:00 AM

Television shows executive produced by Steven Spielberg usually fail to excite me, because beyond interesting concepts and fantastic production values, they rarely succeed when it comes to delivering a story you can invest in over months and years. F > read more

CONSTANTINE loses a co-star: Lucy Griffiths dropped after pilot

07/11/2014 10:24:00 AM

Well, I did say Lucy Griffiths' performance in Constantine wasn't great in my recent pilot preview. It seems someone at NBC agrees, because the network's announced that Griffith's character, psychic Liv Aberdine, won't return for the full season of t > read more

Pilot preview: ABC's FOREVER - an entertaining, unoriginal assemblage

07/11/2014 05:30:00 AM

It's hard to criticise FOREVER too harshly, because it does everything a good pilot should do. The premise is outlined succinctly, there are big dramatic moments, a 'message' is imparted over the course of the hour, the performances are charming, the > read more

Primetime Emmy Nominations 2014

07/11/2014 04:30:00 AM

This year's Primetime Emmy nominations were announced yesterday, but none of it really matters. The Emmy's just draw more eyeballs than most other awards ceremonies of their ilk, as the "Oscars of U.S TV". But if it keeps a few good-but-struggling sh > read more

24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY, episode 11 – '9:00PM – 10:00PM'

07/10/2014 05:30:00 AM

written by Robert Cochran & David Fury | directed by Jon CassarOwing to the 50% reduction of episodes for 24: Live Another Day, the storyline's benefited from giving us a concentrated blast of Jack Bauer (Keifer Sutherland) chaos, and I'm enjoying th > read more

ANGEL, 2.20 & 2.21 - 'Over the Rainbow' & 'Through the Looking Glass'

07/10/2014 04:30:00 AM

CORDELIA: I wanna go home. I wanna be in my bed. I wanna order some Thai food. I wanna read the latest issue of 'Marie Claire'. I wanna be doing anything but shovelling demon horse poo!OVER THE RAINBOW offered something very different for an episode > read more

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