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Long time for Alzheimer's blog.

11/05/2012 12:41:00 PM

Hello blog readers especially all of you in the UK that seem to be faithful readers! I realize I have not blogged since March I believe, much too long, I would like to say I have been busy, and I have, but that is not an excuse. I expect you will hea > read more

Cell Energy Dysfunction Is Present Early In Alzheimer's, Before Memory Loss

03/10/2012 14:31:00 PM

Cell Energy Dysfunction Is Present Early In Alzheimer's, Before Memory Loss: 'via Blog this'and the quest continues.God Bless,Joe > read more

25 years ago my mother died from Alzheimer's disease.

03/09/2012 22:36:00 PM

From my sister Madeline the other day on facebook_"Today is March 6th. 25 years ago today, my mother left this earth and moved into > read more

Lewy Body Dementia Treated by Donepezil | Dementia & Alzheimer's Weekly

02/27/2012 14:40:00 PM

Lewy Body Dementia Treated by Donepezil | Dementia & Alzheimer's Weekly:'via Blog this'this is for our family members that are dealing with Lewy Body Dementia.God Bless,joe > read more

Glenn Campbell and Alzheimer's Disease -Music as a Gift for AD

02/20/2012 10:15:00 AM

Was watching Fox News the other night (because I watch Fox News, and I am not ashamed) anyway they had an AD special on and were talking about Glenn Campbell. He of course has AD and is still touring. It was wonderful to see. Music is fantastic, it p > read more

Sign The National Alzheimer’s Plan Petition

01/31/2012 15:57:00 PM

Sign The National Alzheimer’s Plan Petition:'via Blog this'important.God Bless,joe > read more

Your Father is Dead. Grieving Children-Fathers and Sons.

01/28/2012 12:43:00 PM

It was 34 years ago today January 28, 1978, The residents of > read more

Forget the Politics...Sorry....Doctor vs Provider what is difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist??

01/03/2012 10:25:00 AM

"Uhm same thing?" psychiatrist or psychologist? Nope. "Uhm ( from the sophisticated smarty pants of society) a psychiatrist can prescribe meds and a psychologist can't. True but is that the only difference, is that the defining divergence?"As you pro > read more

Hello Old Friend

12/24/2011 12:06:00 PM

Since you are a world renowned author and authoring another book, I thikn. > read more

Physician Coders, Pearl Harbor Annniversary and other issue

12/07/2011 12:49:00 PM

Well I passed my Billing and Coding Exam for the AAPC, the American Association of Professional Coders. That is sort of the world that gets physicians and facilities sometimes paid. Every bill to a third party provider that is Medicare of a Private I > read more

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