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5 Rules for Writing a Headline Without Clickbait Gimmicks

06/16/2016 08:00:53 AM

There are plenty of ways to write a catchy headline—one that will make it almost impossible for users to resist clicking—but not all of these methods are sound or respectable. Thanks to the phenomenon known as “clickbait,” online users have b > read more

How Narrowing Your Niche Can Get You Great Results

06/14/2016 08:00:43 AM

When I started out blogging I really had no idea what I was doing. I chose what I thought was “a niche”, and just hit my keyboard like a madman producing random content as fast as possible. You have to blog as much as possible, right? Wro > read more

Organic links. Is there any way how you can affect the amount of them? The answer is yes!

06/09/2016 08:00:30 AM

We all know the importance of link building to our SEO strategies and, as a consequence, to our sales figures. More links are pointing to our website or blog, better the chances are that we will rank higher on Google Search, just to mention something > read more

Is a Great Blog in the Eyes of the Beholder?

06/07/2016 08:00:04 AM

If you’re anything like me, you’ve put tons of heart (time and work) in your quest to create a great blog to showcase your work or business. In fact, you give your absolute best effort in producing each and every single thing you do in bl > read more

Which of Your Link Building Strategies are Working? Here’s What You Need to Know

06/02/2016 08:00:23 AM

About 32% of your Google ranking is based upon backlinks to your site. That’s just about a third! The reason Google considers these so important is this: When you have other quality sources linking back to you, you gain authority in Google’s eyes > read more

10 Outreach Tools Every Marketer Needs

05/31/2016 08:00:08 AM

The front and center of outreach marketing is the process of creating meaningful connections with other people, instead of just trying to make a sale. Today, users dwell on multiple digital channels and spend a whole lot of time there. They do not on > read more

SMS Marketing: a Grossly Underrated Marketing Tactic

05/26/2016 08:00:43 AM

Text message or SMS marketing delivers insanely higher ROIs and ridiculously higher sales than any other digital or conventional media. No convinced? Take a moment to let these figures sink in: Papa John’s SMS marketing campaign boosted sales b > read more

11 Deadly Mistakes Everyone Makes That Kill SEO and Conversion

05/24/2016 08:00:28 AM

When looking to set up a website, most of us are rather linear in our approach. We pick a platform, put together a color scheme, figure out some fonts that fit into our brand’s style, slap a logo on the website and call it good. However, after you > read more

12 Best Comments Plugins To Consider For Your WordPress Website

05/19/2016 08:00:58 AM

WordPress has emerged as the best blogging platform-cum-CMS that has empowered various online businesses to turn their name into a brand. Utilizing the exemplary features of this platform, WordPress developers have created the most remarkable website > read more

6 Ways to Bring More Traffic to Your Social Media

05/17/2016 08:00:47 AM

The competition is getting fiercer out there. Everybody and your Uncle Tom who runs the deli down the street now think they can boost their popularity or their business by running a blog, pushing a newsletter and getting a followers. To stick out in > read more

Why Podcasting Is The New Marketing For 2016 (And Beyond)?

05/12/2016 08:00:23 AM

Why Podcasting Is The New Marketing For 2016 (And Beyond)? Want to increase your marketing power? Not sure how to do this? In the business world there are many different areas of marketing that can be used to help increase overall profits and revenue > read more

7 Ideas for Seriously Growing Your Subscribers

05/10/2016 08:00:33 AM

Your blog may look great and offer a variety of rich original content, but without a significant subscriber base, there’s only potential and not results. Fortunately, there are a number of proven tactics for getting more subscribers for your bl > read more

6 Surprisingly Relevant Reasons Why You Need To Link Build Your Content

05/05/2016 08:00:20 AM

As more and more businesses battle it out in the cyberworld to capture the hearts and minds of netizens, the importance of link building and content marketing is more pertinent than ever. However, a lot of marketers are getting confused on the comple > read more

Top 10 Content Marketing Tools for Serious Marketers

05/03/2016 08:00:20 AM

As recently as decade ago, “content marketing” was an unknown term to the average marketing executive.  Today, virtually no company, large or small, can deny the importance of content marketing or the need for a strong web presence. The > read more

Best Responsive Web Design To Boost Your Online Business

04/28/2016 08:00:47 AM

Best responsive web design (BRWD) involves a collection of sophisticated techniques, which allows your website to adapt to any screen size by rendering the content in an easily readable and navigable form. Today, if your website is not responsive, yo > read more

10 Keys to the Kingdom of Content Marketing

04/26/2016 08:00:36 AM

Content marketing is hard work. You have to be a bit of everything to do it well – a marketing pro, a psychologist, an excellent writer, a solid researcher, an expert on all social media platforms, a creative, and a quick study, in order to keep up > read more

Turning Your Blog into a Lead Magnet – 5 No-Fail Tactics

04/21/2016 08:00:17 AM

Every blog post you write should be adding to your email list. If not, you are probably stewing over why not. Your content is solid; your headlines are great; you try to follow all marketing trends and your analytics are telling you that readers are > read more

The Ultimate Toolkit for the Professional Content Marketer

04/19/2016 08:00:03 AM

Content marketers have to wear many “hats.” They have to come up with great topics for posts; they have to create catchy and compelling headlines; they have to actually write the posts; they have to find engaging graphics and media; they have to > read more

7 Steps to Take When Your Audience Stops Growing

04/14/2016 08:00:19 AM

It happens to even the best marketers. No matter how good your content is, how wide your audience has grown, or how many best practices you’ve followed, eventually you’ll get to a point where your audience seems to stop growing. You aren’t gett > read more

5 Strategies to Capture Readers That You Might Not Have Tried

04/12/2016 08:00:51 AM

Right now is the perfect time to reflect on the progress you’ve made this year, re-evaluate your plans as needed, and to explore new possibilities. Lately, I’ve been experimenting with different methods of attracting more readers to my blog. If y > read more

5 Things To Completely Revamp And Improve Your Digital Marketing

04/07/2016 08:00:46 AM

Everything changes in this world. Some things change for good and others not for good. However, you have to keep changing and improving your digital marketing strategies because this will only be for your good. You don’t want to keep sticking to th > read more

7 Things to Look For When Hiring an Illustrator for Your Blog

04/05/2016 08:00:36 AM

This may sound a bit obvious, but the world of illustration is much bigger than you probably think. The first thing that usually comes to most people’s minds when someone says the word “illustrator” is a person who draws the pictures for books > read more

9 Hacks to Get Your Resume Going Viral on Social Media

03/31/2016 12:00:25 PM

Job seeking can be a tiresome process, but it is something we all need to do if we want to gain employment. Many people try to walk before they can jump when it comes to looking for work and rather than dedicating time and effort into creating a grea > read more

7 Technical Needs to Succeed in Online Marketing

03/29/2016 12:00:02 PM

Online marketing is not a small time industry. This is a type of industry that has always room for improvement and requires online marketers to keep learning and improvement. Also, businesses and individuals can get higher return on investment if the > read more

How to ‘Humanize’ Your Blog to Drive Engagement

03/24/2016 12:00:39 PM

You want people to comment on your blog, to subscribe to your newsletter, and to connect with you. After all, it’s why you started a blog in the first place. But it can be downright maddening when you’re churning out high-quality content > read more

How to Stay Safe While Marketing Your Blog Online

03/22/2016 12:00:16 PM

Kikolani it one of the most professional and instructive websites I’ve found related to online marketing and improving my blog. It’s sent me on a path of growth, and with posts such as this one on gaps in your blog to fix this year, other readers > read more

5 Killer Video Editing Apps To Improve Your Content Marketing

03/17/2016 12:00:09 PM

Everyone loves videos. From the toddler dancing along with Barney to the technology officer looking to understand and compare various business apps via explainer videos. On the marketing side of things, it’s worth noting that: If you have video con > read more

15 Most Stunning Free Responsive and Fullscreen WordPress Themes

03/15/2016 12:00:19 PM

Fullscreen WordPress theme is a modern way of creating alluring and visually-appealing blogs, sites and portfolio. In fact, many creative bloggers and artistic website owners are using the fully responsive and Fullscreen theme to make their site look > read more

7 Ways to Spice Up Your Blog Posts for Better Engagement

03/10/2016 12:00:32 PM

How amazing is your blog content, really? You might be writing those most stunning prose, with the most relevant topics, but are your readers singing your praises from the rooftops? Are they constantly coming back for more? There are countless ways t > read more

Live-Streaming Tools – Which is the Best for Marketers?

03/08/2016 12:00:36 PM

When live-streaming first entered our Internet world back in the early-to-mid 2000’s, it was really a tool for individuals’ personal use. Today, live-streaming is a very different tool – one that can be used by marketers in engaging and very ef > read more

Search Engine Optimization Guide for Better Business Online

03/03/2016 12:00:39 PM

Do you know how many websites are published each day? Any ideas? Well, it is over a million. That means 46 people have pressed ‘publish’ by the time you read these four sentences. This makes it tough to stand out. However, you have to, if you wan > read more

The Hidden Insights of SEO

03/01/2016 12:00:32 PM

The web world is no longer a ‘web-like-quest’. Long back Search Engine Optimization(SEO) used to be a discipline governed by blackhat marketers. The intention was clear to drive traffic and improve online ranking. However the boulevard turned to > read more

Tested Ways on Pushing and Maximizing Your Content Reach

02/25/2016 12:00:25 PM

It’s extremely hard to think about digital marketing without considering content production. If you have any experience in online marketing, you should know that the power of marketing communication is shifting away from businesses and more towards > read more

How to Get a 62.5% Email Opt-In Rate From Facebook Ads With Custom Audiences

02/23/2016 12:00:39 PM

Another buck down the drain. You keep blowing through hard earned cash on Facebook Ads with the hope of building your email list. Experts like Rick Mulready and Amy Porterfield make it look easy to get conversions at $1 each. Yet you keep struggling > read more

Social Distraction (AKA Media) Adventures

02/18/2016 12:00:47 PM

Diving into the Social Media pool was like taking a dip in shadowy shark infested waters to me. For the sake of business (and after much contemplation), I decided to get brave and dipped in just one toe. I’m not sure I’m swimming yet, but > read more

Top 10 SEO Ebooks for Beginner and Intermediate Online Marketers

02/16/2016 12:00:59 PM

We’ve looked through 50+ related online e-books and created this top 10 selection just for you. You will find all sorts of SEO e-books made by top notch companies like Searchmetrics, HubSpot, Hobo and successful entrepreneurs like Neil Patel. These > read more

10 Best Marketing Books Written By Marketers

02/11/2016 12:00:33 PM

Marketing in the digital age does not come from theory. In fact, marketing theory is in a state of transition. The old “rules” do not apply any longer, and developing marketing campaigns that work takes a lot of trial and error, a lot of assessme > read more

How to Do an SEO-Friendly Blogging

02/09/2016 12:00:33 PM

In the present era of content marketing peak, it is not enough to be simply an excellent writer and an expert in the field. Whether you want it or not, you must enquire essential search engine optimization knowledge to succeed. Your blog might become > read more

The Digital Marketing First Timer’s Guide to Generating Leads

02/04/2016 12:00:22 PM

Whether you’re starting your career in a firm or working on building your blog, digital marketing is a marketing aspect you will encounter. If the concept is unfamiliar it can be an anxiety-inducing, stress-creating task when the time comes to begi > read more

12 Tips To Become The Perfect Technical Writer

02/02/2016 12:00:28 PM

The last decade has witnessed a paradigm shift in the way technical writers are dealt with in the software industry. There is a clear recognition of the fact that writers should play an integral role in projects. It’s no secret that a well-docu > read more

The Right Time is Now: 16 Gaps to Fix in Your Blog This Year

01/28/2016 12:00:51 PM

Now that 2016 is almost into its second month you may be starting to get frantic if you have not seen an increase in your following through your blog. It is not too late to do something about it and fix some of the things that you must be doing wrong > read more

How to Create More Conversions From Your Content Through Call To Action

01/26/2016 12:00:42 PM

“Download Free E-book. Sign Up Today. Claim Free Coupon. I’ve tried them all. But nothing seems to be working!” Is this you? Don’t feel disheartened. You have to understand that viewers today are more knowledgeable than ever. They > read more

15 Tips for Effectively Managing YOUR Precious Time

12/31/2015 08:00:05 AM

Time. It’s one of our most precious commodities. There never seems to be enough of it (especially for bloggers and writers), and yet, sometimes time seems to stand still. There’s a ton of information on the web that claims to provide “helpful > read more

5 Tips to Land Quality Press Links Using HARO

12/29/2015 08:00:15 AM

A great way of getting quality links is by using the HARO platform. This is short for “Help a Reporter Out” and it has been around for years now, but some experts don’t know what it is or how it works. Even if they do, they may not be using the > read more

19 productivity and time management apps for 2016

12/24/2015 08:00:45 AM

You know what they say, ‘time is money’. And, rightly so! Productivity and time management go hand in hand. While you cannot buy time, you sure can buy tools to better manage it and use it in the most productive manner. The fact that technology h > read more

The Down and Dirty Guide for Beginner Content Marketers

12/22/2015 08:00:57 AM

You cannot hope to be a premier content marketer when you first begin. You will grow into this status slowly, over time. And especially if you are a small business entrepreneur with a tight budget, you will be doing the bulk of your content marketing > read more

Why and How Creativity is an Everyday Job in Business

12/17/2015 08:00:17 AM

Working for the last 25+ years in the event industry, I’ve appreciated the privilege of collaborating with businesses of every shape, style, kind, and size. The most important business driver I’ve discovered transcends all industries, eve > read more

How to Develop Your Blog while Stealing Content from Others

12/15/2015 08:00:26 AM

Don’t know what about you but I am sick and tired of this statement: The best way of growing your blog traffic is content marketing. Thank you, Captain Obvious, we ALL know about it! But: If it was that easy we all would be top bloggers with ri > read more

How to Get More Traffic From Google From Stuff You’re Already Doing

12/10/2015 08:00:50 AM

I get it. SEO can seem like a loooot of work. I mean when you’re already spending so much time doing the actual business part of your business in addition to running your website, social media…. Who has the time to figure out SEO? The truth is… > read more

A Step by Step Guide to Fixing Any Google Penalty

12/08/2015 08:00:24 AM

If your website is receiving reduced web traffic or the present strategy in place is not working as efficiently as it once did then you probably have been penalized by Google. We faced a similar situation when at one point the number of users started > read more

This is Marketing On the Cheap

12/03/2015 08:00:47 AM

I started my company on a shoestring and by instituting the simplest, cheapest and most effective marketing campaign in the world. My “Thank You Marketing Campaign” as I have since named it, faithfully served—and still serves me—in the most a > read more

Want To Double Your Productivity? – 10 Marketing Tasks You NEED To Outsource (And How You Do It)

12/01/2015 11:00:15 AM

You wake up, clean your teeth, open your laptop and get to work… Today is a BIG day you have the following CRUCIAL tasks to complete to move your business to the next level: Finish that KILLER 4k word blog post Finish that training course that > read more

2015 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Specials for Marketers and Bloggers

11/24/2015 12:33:35 PM

Are you looking to add to your business and online marketing toolkit or learn something new? If so, here are my top recommended Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for online marketing education, web hosting, WordPress themes and plugins, opt-in form > read more

How to Double your Income and Turn your Website into an Evergreen Automated Business While Working Less

11/24/2015 08:00:47 AM

Hey guys! This is Hernan and first off I want to say a big THANK YOU to Kristi for the opportunity of letting me being part of this blog and adding value to this awesome community. Today I wanted to share some of my experience when it comes to doubli > read more

Unique Keyword Research Technique to Spot Hidden Market Opportunities

11/19/2015 08:00:27 AM

There is only so much time in a day and if you want to use your work time most effectively, you constantly have to make decisions about how to spend it. In the online business, that’s probably truer than in any other business. Information gets so q > read more

Turning You Social Media Profiles into Sales Machines

11/17/2015 08:00:28 AM

Nothing happens until someone clicks something. Whether it’s a click to comment, to share, to take a quiz or survey, or to link back to a blog post or landing page, your social media content has to compel readers to do it. When readers do click, th > read more

4 Ways to Improve Your Visual Content For Social Media Right Away

11/12/2015 08:00:36 AM

In 1983, Steve Jobs famously lured Pepsi’s youngest CEO, John Sculley, over to the then-nascent Apple with a single question: “Do you want to sell sugared water for the rest of your life, or do you want to come with me and change the world?” Th > read more

How to turn leads into customers using marketing automation

11/10/2015 08:00:52 AM

I want to talk about marketing automation. It’s a subject that gets a lot of attention but not enough specificity. What I mean is that while we see all sorts of mentions regarding automation, there is still only a 3% adoption rate across all bu > read more

Now I Ask You, Is 10 Inches Just a Trim?

11/05/2015 08:00:06 AM

So here’s the deal. I’m a wordy girl. I just am. Maybe for, let’s see, always! I can’t help it; I get excited about things and also, I truly like words I think. Expression. I’m a big reader…are you? If you are, may > read more

5 Powerful And Stimulating Ways To Improve Your Blog Writing

11/03/2015 08:00:25 AM

Are you struggling to improve your blog writing? Want to captivate more readers to your blog? With hundreds of thousands of blogs out there in the online space, it can be difficult for your blogging voice to be heard. To encourage an audience towards > read more

Why content writers are becoming the most desirable people in marketing?

10/27/2015 08:00:02 AM

Content writing is becoming a necessity in marketing and SEO. It is usually and normally undertaken by content writers, whose main aim is to objectively and carefully write organized content that suits their client’s needs in marketing and SEO. > read more

Why My Blog is a Hog & Tips for YOU

10/22/2015 08:00:11 AM

Bloggity, blog, blog Sloggity, slog, slog What I’ve learned Is a blog is a hog! It hogs my time It hogs my thoughts But I also think I like it a lot. I’m here to tell you some of what I’ve learned. And what I’m still learning, as > read more

The Complete (Mini) Guide to eCommerce SEO

10/20/2015 08:00:26 AM

Good SEO can be a major financial asset for eCommerce sites. According to an Optify study, the first result in a Google search averages a 34.6% click through rate. The second result gets 12.5%. The third result gets 9.6%. If you can move from No. 3 t > read more

Tips for Using Keywords When Writing Blog Post

10/15/2015 08:00:30 AM

Search engine optimization is easy. All you need to do is use automated software that launches popular keywords, so you can includes those words and phrases into your content, right? Wait; it’s not that easy! You need a strategic approach that comb > read more

10 Online Tools to Make Content Like a Pro

10/13/2015 08:00:24 AM

What’s a blog without great content? There are plenty of examples all over the Internet: blog posts with luring titles, but boring content that makes you sorry you ever clicked the link. If you want to be different, you have to think about every si > read more

10 Things Google will Love About Your Website you Probably Don’t Have

10/08/2015 08:00:58 AM

If you learn anything about SEO, the first thing you probably will hear about is keywords. Keywords are the terms Google picks out in queries and runs through their algorithm to find sites that relate to those words. Choosing the right keywords is th > read more

4 Internet Marketing Trends That Every Marketer Should Know

10/06/2015 08:00:17 AM

Traditional forms of advertising are burning money with “invisible banners” or sponsored stories that no one wants to read and believe in. Internet Marketing has to look for new, more engaging tools like quizzes to deal with Banner a > read more

Can You Sell Your Blog for Millions?

10/01/2015 08:00:16 AM

If you’re considering selling your blog, then you’re probably well past the point of just blogging for the fun of it. You’ve heard plenty of blogging success stories, and now it’s your turn to succeed! But selling your blog is more than just > read more

3 Ways for Becoming a More Productive Writer

09/29/2015 08:00:36 AM

Does a blank screen intimidate you? Does the thought of writing 2000 words seem like a tough task? Do you have an indescribable fear of not being a “good enough” writer? If so, relax. Most people do! That’s why I’m writing thi > read more

How To Become An Ethical Blogger

09/24/2015 08:00:21 AM

Blogging is growing at an unprecedented rate. As this happens, the chances of corrupt blogging practices increase too. Therefore, bloggers should be made aware of the do’s and don’ts of blogging, both, the new and seasoned ones. Fulfilling th > read more

Top 15 Editing Tools for Bloggers

09/22/2015 08:00:41 AM

There are many talented bloggers worthy of admiration, but no one has ever written an absolutely perfect first draft. You have to spend hours of researching through facts and figures, considering the opposing arguments, organizing your notes and reso > read more

7 Ways to Generate Leads from Social Media

09/17/2015 08:00:16 AM

> read more

8 Ways To Build Backlinks In Boring Niches

09/15/2015 08:00:19 AM

Link building in boring niches makes SEO more challenging. There are less active blogs, the sharing culture is not common, webmasters take advantage and ask money for links or they rarely respond to emails. If you are in a boring industry, don’t ge > read more

What Do the Best Bloggers Have in Common?

09/10/2015 08:00:45 AM

If you haven’t read about that many blog success stories, you may or may not know that it is in fact, the blogger’s attitude which plays a major role in the success of any given blog. As a blogger, your mindset defines your attitude. Source: ProB > read more

How to Crush Writer’s Block and Rise Up Yet Again

09/08/2015 08:00:15 AM

Writing is habit before an art. It’s hard to create something that’s artful without first building the muscle.” – Ann Handly. Almost every writer has gone through this one phase when he can no longer write. The creativity in the head of the w > read more

Guest Blogging Evolution: Why Top Blogs Did Not Accept Your Content

09/03/2015 08:00:57 AM

Here comes the ugly truth about guest blogging: All those sugary speeches about guest posting being a part of something bigger than banal link building don’t work (and they never worked) for top blogs editors. Let’s face it: what does gue > read more

How to Benefit From A/B Testing If You Have Low Website Traffic

09/01/2015 08:00:04 AM

A/B testing. You have probably began to hear more about this popular newer technique for quickly increasing website sales, leads or subscribers from your existing visitors, and there are now tons of A/B testing case studies highlighting outstanding r > read more

9 Productivity-Boosting Gmail Tools (That Are Actually Useful)

08/27/2015 08:00:42 AM

Imagine you’re composing an email and you have to explain to someone what website to go to, what to click on, and what to look at before they can give you feedback. You also have to attach a file – but wait – the you get an error saying > read more

Why Blogging can be a Ridiculous Waste of Time

08/25/2015 08:00:09 AM

I often get asked, “Do you make money from blogging?” I always respond the same way, with a knowing smile and the line “Do have ten minutes to listen to my answer?” because, if truth be told, the answer to this question is not that si > read more

Writing for Effect: How to Create Exciting Blog Copy

08/24/2015 17:38:05 PM

At the heart of every great website you will find great content. An awesome design is convenient, but without awesome content to back it up, you won’t get the results that justify whatever you’re spending to host the site. Sometimes peopl > read more

How To Promote Your Content Through Social Ads Effectively

08/18/2015 08:00:08 AM

Nowadays, it’s getting harder and harder to be “noticed” on Google. Your SEO efforts take ages to get you results. Even social organic traffic is not working so well anymore. No wonder a lot of folks are turning to paid social media advertising > read more

10 Facebook Hacks to Make Your Small Business Look Colossal

06/23/2015 08:00:31 AM

When a social networking site (read Facebook) has over 1.39 billion active users it’s wise to have a good brand establishment over there. Whether you are a blogger, artist or a small business, marketing on Facebook could surely get you tons of expo > read more

Fetching Friday – 30 Posts on Marketing and Productivity

04/10/2015 14:46:03 PM

Fetching Friday is back for week fifteen of 2015! Each week, I’ll share with you the top posts on online marketing and productivity. Without further ado, here are the top posts this week! Content Marketing Ways Content Marketing is Going to Cha > read more

Fetching Friday – 23 Posts on Marketing and Productivity

04/03/2015 12:00:53 PM

Fetching Friday is back for week fourteen of 2015! Each week, I’ll share with you the top posts on online marketing and productivity. Without further ado, here are the top posts this week! Content Marketing 5 Ways Blogging Changed My Profession > read more

Conference Spotlight: Build Grow Scale LIVE

03/30/2015 14:11:54 PM

If you’ve seen my extensive list of over 120 business, online marketing, and and tech conferences for 2015, you know there are a LOT of events out there to choose from. Today, I would like to highlight one of the events from that list to give y > read more

Fetching Friday – 24 Posts on Marketing and Productivity

03/27/2015 10:00:04 AM

Fetching Friday is back for week thirteen of 2015! Each week, I’ll share with you the top posts on online marketing and productivity. Without further ado, here are the top posts this week! Content Marketing 26 Blogging Tools to Simplify Your Li > read more

Fetching Friday – 33 Top Posts on Marketing and Productivity

03/20/2015 12:00:59 PM

Fetching Friday is back for week twelve of 2015! Each week, I’ll share with you the top posts on online marketing and productivity. Without further ado, here are the top posts this week! Content Marketing How to Craft Headlines That Draw People > read more

Introducing Bloom: A New Way to Grow Your Email List

03/18/2015 13:00:30 PM

There are lots of plugins for WordPress users to help grow your email list. If you are looking for a plugin that offers all of the features you need to increase the size of your list, then you should add Bloom to your website. Developed by the team b > read more

How to Get Insanely Productive with Social Media Updates to Scale Your Referral Traffic

03/17/2015 08:00:22 AM

Life can get crazy… Holidays, trips, family and personal life: There are lots of things that may stand in your way to being consistent with your (and your business) social media presence. Therefore making some sort of social media editorial cal > read more

How to Use Viraltag to Schedule to Pinterest, Tumblr, and More

03/16/2015 08:00:43 AM

If you’ve been looking for a Buffer-equivalent for visual content, then Viraltag is the platform you have been searching for. In a nutshell, Viraltag allows you to create a schedule and schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook (profiles and pages), > read more

Fetching Friday – 24 Posts on Marketing and Productivity

03/13/2015 12:00:23 PM

Fetching Friday is back for week eleven of 2015! Each week, I’ll share with you the top posts on online marketing and productivity. Without further ado, here are the top posts this week! Content Marketing The Secrets Of Writing Smart, Long-form > read more

Fetching Friday – 23 Posts on Marketing & Productivity

03/06/2015 10:00:44 AM

Fetching Friday is back for week ten of 2015! Each week, I’ll share with you the top posts on online marketing and productivity. Without further ado, here are the top posts this week! Content Marketing Four Ways to Increase Social Shares for yo > read more

Fetching Friday – 29 Posts on Marketing and Productivity

02/27/2015 10:00:41 AM

Fetching Friday is back for week nine of 2015! Each week, I’ll share with you the top posts on online marketing and productivity. Without further ado, here are the top posts this week! Content Marketing Danger Zones: 4 Things You Need to Know w > read more

Fetching Friday – 25 Posts on Marketing and Productivity

02/20/2015 10:00:16 AM

Fetching Friday is back for week eight of 2015! Each week, I’ll share with you the top posts on online marketing and productivity. Without further ado, here are the top posts this week! Content Marketing How to Encourage Influencers to Share Yo > read more

Fetching Friday – 23 Posts on Marketing & Productivity

02/13/2015 11:45:52 AM

Fetching Friday is back for week seven of 2015! Each week, I’ll share with you the top posts on online marketing and productivity. Without further ado, here are the top posts this week! Content Marketing Effective Outreach: Making It as Easy as > read more

Fetching Friday – 28 Top Posts on Marketing and Productivity

02/06/2015 11:39:42 AM

Fetching Friday is back for week four of 2015! Each week, I’ll share with you the top posts on online marketing and productivity. Without further ado, here are the top posts this week! Content Marketing Content Curation: How to Easily Find Grea > read more

Fetching Friday – 20 Posts on Marketing and Productivity

01/30/2015 11:09:15 AM

Fetching Friday is back for week five of 2015! Each week, I’ll share with you the top posts on online marketing and productivity. Without further ado, here are the top posts this week! Content Marketing Know What Your Audience Wants Before Inve > read more

6 Essential Split Tests for WordPress Users with Nelio A/B Testing

01/26/2015 08:00:21 AM

Have you ever found yourself trying to make a decision about your website’s design or content? If so, then split testing can help you make the best decision possible based on conversions. Nelio A/B Testing is a split testing tool made for WordP > read more

Fetching Friday – 24 Posts on Marketing and Productivity

01/23/2015 09:00:01 AM

Fetching Friday is back for week four of 2015! Each week, I’ll share with you the top posts on online marketing and productivity. Without further ado, here are the top posts this week! Content Marketing 50 Amazing Resources That Will Make You a > read more

12 Social Media Tools for Scheduling and Publishing Updates Compared

01/19/2015 11:00:36 AM

In the never ending search for tools to make social media management simpler, I decided to research several tools that help you update multiple social media networks in one place. In this post, I wanted to share my findings for others who are also in > read more

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