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Elemento Mineral Black Clay Soap

08/01/2013 02:48:00 AM

I need to send Rossana from Elemento Mineral a huge apology, I owe her two reviews for the products she sent me when I was pregnant (that was over 2 years ago now!!!). There were too many things happening in my life that made it impossible ...

Long Time No See!

07/18/2013 10:08:00 AM

Hello! I haven't been on the blogosphere for eons. Life had been throwing me curve balls by the bucket loads.   It's way past midnight where I am now, suddenly remembered that I had (still have?) a blog. Quick check on the long-neglected ...

Sanctum Body Soothe

04/01/2011 00:03:00 AM

I came across Sanctum Body Soothe during my stay at a Sydney hotel recently. It's a light lotion that's easily absorbed by my skin and smells strongly of lemon myrtle to my nose. When I checked out the description on the webpage it's supposed ...

ELF Studio Angled Eyeliner Brush

03/24/2011 19:35:00 PM

The key word here is ANGLED. You can tell that I'm intrigued when I saw the new ELF Studio Angled Eyeliner Brush pictures in my inbox. The blurb on the webpage says, "This thin pointed brush creates even and accurate color application in ...

Billy Goat Soap: Milk & Honey

03/22/2011 00:51:00 AM

Last year I had to change most of my skincare & bodycare products due to pregnancy. I was so sick I was stuck at home for 4 months. Hubby tried to get me some "non-perfumed" soaps. Unfortunately according to my super-sensitive nose they ...

Kit Cosmetics Lip Sheen

03/16/2011 02:04:00 AM

"Minty shine for soft lips and fresh breath" - that's what it says on my tube of Kit Cosmetics Lip Sheen. I've been on the hunt for a lip balm as my lips have felt dry recently, thanks to full-blown A/C to ward off humidity and heat in Cairns. ...

Welcome & Goodbye to Max

03/13/2011 08:26:00 AM

My nephew, Max, was born on 28 Feb 11. He passed away two days later because of health complications. I never saw him, as he was born overseas. Nevertheless, he has made a huge impact in my family's life. I had tears of joy when he was born. ...

QV Face Purifying Mask

02/27/2011 19:04:00 PM

Ever since I got pregnant I had to do a total overhaul of everything I used, from skincare, haircare, to bodycare. Somehow the moment I hit "5 weeks" suddenly my sense of smell went 100X stronger than usual. Even slightly scented product ...

I'm Back... with a MUCH Bigger Tummy

02/22/2011 23:11:00 PM

Hello everyone!! *waving* I've been away for sooooo long I can't really remember the feeling of blogging.... I hope someone is still around to read this. I have been unwell in the past few months. Reason being: I'm PREGNANT! The early tri ...

Natralia Nourish Naturals Shampoo & Conditioner

10/23/2010 04:54:00 AM

I like to use "natural" products, the kind that says "FREE FROM sulfates, parabens, artificial colours and fragrances..." But I only like them IF they work. Which can be a quite rare occassion in the hair department, as in general those ...

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