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BinaryTrees For Rescue

08/25/2010 10:18:00 AM

When ArrayLists become big reverse lookups like indexOf, lastIndexOf, contains and the modifications methods can slow down your program. When order is not important, you might use a HashMap. In some other cases you have a constant key-value, that can > read more

DCI and actifsource

08/08/2010 09:12:00 AM

In my last post I introduced the modified DCI meta model. Let's have a look at a simple example.The use case we would like to implement is to transfer money from a money source to a money sink. MoneySource and MoneySink are specific roles, played by > read more

The DCI Meta Model

08/08/2010 08:44:00 AM

In my previous blog I promised to work out a meta model to realize the DCI architecture. As explained before I've made a slight modification: a UseCase is modeled as its own entity.UseCaseA UseCase is business relevant code which needs different acto > read more

The DCI Architecture

08/08/2010 08:21:00 AM

In his new book "Lean Architecture: for Agile Software Development" James O. Coplien shows up with a new programming paradigm: The DCI Architecture.Before reading this blog I suggest to have a look a the DCI vision document: > read more

Advanced usage of Visitor-Pattern

07/19/2010 08:41:00 AM

Have you ever used the Visitor Pattern to resolve the specific type of a collection of objects? What you usually do is defining a common interface and add an accept()-method taking the visitor interface and in the implementation invoke the visit()-me > read more

Modeling Software Architecture

07/05/2010 03:56:00 AM

In my last blog On the semantics of explicit dependency relations I explained the concept of explicit dependency relations between domain-specific components. The big advantage shows up when modeling on an architectural level.A complex system is divi > read more

On the semantics of explicit dependency relations

07/03/2010 04:16:00 AM

Meta-modeling leads to components built along the own-relations (compositions) and to component-interdependencies along structural use-relations.Component interdependencies might appear deeply nested in the component. Remember that component comes fr > read more

Writing C# using actifsource and eclipse

07/02/2010 09:45:00 AM

When people from the dotNet world hear about actifsource running on eclipse, they always ask us if it is possible to generate c# code for example. Today I want to show you how to create a c# application in eclipse using the emonic plugin.First you ha > read more

Structural vs. Functional use-Relations

07/02/2010 09:27:00 AM

In my last blog I talked about the semantics of permanent use-relations. In the meantime Micha had the idea not to differ between permanent and temporary relations but between structural and functional relations.The idea remain the same. Some use-rel > read more

On the semantics of permanent use-relations

06/27/2010 03:50:00 AM

3 weeks ago I have written a blog with the Title Domain-Specific Presentation is Component Visualization. The idea was to provide a domain-specific component visualization which is aware of the different types of components and their relations.Since > read more

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