One Piece 745

Doflamingo enacts his contingency plan.Kyros was pretty close from getting an unwanted haircut.Summary:In the underground, Diamant..

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One Piece 745

04/23/2014 22:41:00 PM

Doflamingo enacts his contingency plan.Kyros was pretty close from getting an unwanted haircut.Summary:In the underground, Diamante and Pica keep the freed pirates and gladiators from attacking the Smile factory, while Sabo, Koala and Hack meet up wi

Bleach 578

04/23/2014 22:06:00 PM

Zaraki cuts up anything Gremmy can throw at him.A public service announcement brought to you by Kenpachi Zaraki.Summary;Zaraki destroys the giant meteor with his giant knife shikai, and this scares Gremmy a little. Gremmy makes more copies of himself

Naruto 674

04/23/2014 21:42:00 PM

Powered-up Naruto and Sasuke battle Madara.The Naruto-Madara-Sasuke Sandwich, coming right up!Summary:Sasuke and Naruto start fighting Madara. Madara uses his Rinnegan's "Limbo" power to create a shadow of himself that most people can't see or feel,

Bleach 577

04/16/2014 21:42:00 PM

Gremmy tries to destroy Zaraki and the Seiretei with a giant meteor.This reminds me of that chapter in Onepunch Man.Summary:The two Gremmys summon a giant meteor to destroy Zaraki and the Seiretei, and this gets everybody's attention. Everyone is con

Naruto 673

04/16/2014 20:21:00 PM

Powered-up Naruto and Sasuke get ready to battle Madara.Is two better than one?Summary:After saving Guy, powered-up Naruto sends Madara crashing through the sacred tree with a Sage-powered version of Rasen Shuriken. The sacred tree is cut down, but M

One Piece 744

04/10/2014 16:47:00 PM

"Lucy" breaks through the coliseum floor and gets to the underground area.Usopp the Hero of Dressrosa!!!Summary:At the coliseum, "Lucy"'s attack collapses the arena floor and causes the combatants and the fighting fish to fall into the center. "Lucy"

Bleach 576

04/10/2014 16:04:00 PM

Zaraki vs Gremmy continued, with Gremmy opting for a power-up.If it takes a giant falling meteorite to make Zaraki hard, then...I'm not going to go thereSummary:Zaraki and Gremmy continue to battle. Zaraki has the upper hand and slashes Gremmy a coup

Naruto 672

04/09/2014 23:00:00 PM

Mighty Guy unleashes his ultimate attack on Madara.Also, this is my 2000th post on this humble little blog. Yippee!!Feel the pain!!!Summary:The battle between Mighty Guy and Madara has left both battered and exhausted. Guy decides to go all in and un

Winter 2014 Anime Final Thoughts

04/06/2014 00:21:00 AM

It's time to look back at the anime series I've watched that have ended during the Winter 2014 season, and so here are my quick final thoughts on Kill la Kill, Nobunagun, and Witch Craft Works. I'm busy with lots of other things lately, so forgive me

To Love-Ru Darkness 42

04/04/2014 23:55:00 PM

Dark Yami continues to mess around the school while trying to kill Rito.First wife to the rescue!!Summary:Nana and Momo end up in Mea's apartment after Yami sends them away through a portal. Nana declares that she believes in Mea and the sisters make

Sekirei 161

04/03/2014 23:15:00 PM

The three-way battle between Minato's group, Higa's group and the Disciplinary Squad continues.Karasuba just can't admit that she loves Yume.Summary:Musubi and Karasuba start fighting, and Karasuba reminisces about the final moment of her love-hate r

Claymore 149

04/03/2014 17:05:00 PM

Priscilla is back, and more hungry than ever.Priscilla is as close to unkillable as they come.Summary:Clare finds Priscilla in the forest and gets her left arm cut off her troubles. Priscilla has eaten Cassandra and gained her tentacle heads. Miria a

One Piece 743

04/02/2014 23:45:00 PM

Dressrosa falls into chaos as the toys turn back into humans.Better late than never.Summary:Usopp's horrifying face scares the bejeesus out of Sugar and she gets knocked out, and thus all of the people and beasts that she turned into toys return to n

Bleach 575

04/02/2014 23:18:00 PM

Zaraki vs. Gremmy continued.Just getting warmed up.Summary;Sternritters Askin Nakk Le Vaar and Pepe watch the battle from afar and decide to put a little more distance between themselves and the fight. Back on the platform, Zaraki gets Yachiru to go

Naruto 671

04/02/2014 23:08:00 PM

Hagaromo continues talking to Naruto.Hagaromo has this parallel conferencing technique down to an art.Summary:Hagaromo reveals that Naruto is the reincarnation of his son Ashura, and Naruto can guess that Sasuke is Indra. Previously, Hashirama was As

Sekirei 159 & 160

04/01/2014 19:00:00 PM

The Disciplinary Squad joins the fray as the light barrier around Kamikura Island goes down.Musubi uses the Power of Love. It is super effective!Summary:The Disciplinary Squad appear as the light barrier on and around Kamikura Island goes down. Karas

One Piece 742

03/26/2014 20:48:00 PM

Kyros continues his flashback, and going-ons in the coliseum and in the underground bay.Usopp's ultimate attack!!!!Summary:Kyros continues his flashback where King Riku disguised himself as anonymous gladiator Ricky and fought Kyros in the coliseum.

Bleach 574

03/26/2014 19:49:00 PM

Zaraki battles Gremmy.Gremmy just can't bring himself to imagine that he could beat Zaraki.Summary:Some shinigamis down on the ground feel Zaraki's presence, but they wonder why they didn't feel Zaraki's powerful reiatsu sooner. Back on top of the pl

Naruto 670

03/26/2014 19:19:00 PM

Naruto has a conversation with a certain dead person.How long will Naruto need to figure out who this old guy is?Summary:Naruto wakes up and finds himself in a blank world with a man with three Rinnegans sitting in mid air. The man eventually reveals

Bleach 573

03/19/2014 22:58:00 PM

Kenpachi Zaraki takes over the fight.Kenpachi means "I don't give a shit"Summary:Zaraki shows up and informs Isane that he had killed Unohana and therefore truly inherited the Kenpachi title. The Sternritter introduces himself as "V" Gremmy Thoumeaux

Naruto 669

03/19/2014 22:37:00 PM

Mighty Guy goes all out to battle Madara.You can't hide from Springtime of Youth!Summary:Mighty Guy goes all out by releasing his 8th and final inner gate and attacks Madara full force. With some assistance from Minato and the others, Guy gets past M

Sekirei 157 & 158

03/13/2014 19:18:00 PM

It's hard to keep track of Sekirei chapters since scans come out in irregular intervals. Anyways, in the two latest chapters, Minato's group continue to battle Higa's group.Minato the Oblivious.Summary:Higa states that Minaka is Minato's dad, and of

One Piece 741

03/12/2014 19:52:00 PM

Usopp changes his mind and decides to play hero, while Kyros has a flashback .The prospect of GLORY!!!! is too tempting for Usopp to walk away.Summary:Usopp is running away when the dwarfs starting screaming for Usoland. Leo and the dwarfs are confid

Bleach 572

03/12/2014 18:44:00 PM

It turns out Yachiru is not fighting Gwenael after all.No, this is a dance show.Summary:Yachiru's shikai cuts Gwenael in the face again, but it doesn't matter as Gwenael is actually created from the imagination from another Sternritter, who promptly

Naruto 668

03/12/2014 17:39:00 PM

Mighty Guy powers up to the Gate of Death.Mighty Guy is going to go out burning brightly.Summary:Mighty Guy decides to power up to the eight and final gate, the Gate of Death. During the process, Guy has flashbacks about his childhood with his dad an

Bleach 571

03/07/2014 15:11:00 PM

Yachiru battles the invisible Sternritter.Say hello to my little friends.Summary:Sternritter "V" Vanishing Point Gwenael Lee taunts and attacks Yachiru with his vanishing powers. Yachiru swings at Gwenael by instinct but only hits after-images when G

One Piece 740

03/07/2014 14:24:00 PM

The war between Luffy and allies against Doflamingo's operation continues at various locations.Master of disguise, Kinemon is not.Summary:At the palace, Luffy and Violet escape outside and leaves Zoro to handle Pica. One level up, Kyros and his two r

Naruto 667

03/06/2014 23:46:00 PM

The identity of the person near Sasuke is revealed.The stomach-snake is always a cause for concern.Summary;Karin, Orochimaru, Jugo and Suigetsu arrive to find Kabuto trying to heal Sasuke. Kabuto explains that he managed to escape Itachi's Izanami by

To Love-Ru Darkness 41 and Special

03/05/2014 22:08:00 PM

In chapter 41, Momo and Nana try to stop the awakened Yami from killing Rito. Meanwhile in the special chapter, Momo has a little run-in with Risa.Heart Attack!Chapter 41 summary:The commotion caused by Yami's awakening is heard throughout the school

Claymore 148

02/28/2014 23:02:00 PM

The battle against Priscilla is over... or is it?Time to die, you monster!!!Summary:Raki stabs Priscilla through the neck from behind because Priscilla does not perceive him, and this allows Clare to dice Priscilla to pieces with Quick-sword. Raki fa

One Piece 739

02/26/2014 23:35:00 PM

Trebol captures the dwarfs, while One Legged Soldier's group tries to get past Lao G.Funny if the ship ends up knocking out Sugar.Summary:Trebol demolishes the executive tower by throwing a ship into it and captures all the dwarfs with his snot. Afte

Bleach 570

02/26/2014 23:00:00 PM

Rukia goes bankai, and Yachiru and Isane have to deal with an invisible Sternritter.Looks like Rukia grew a couple of inches in bankai form.Summary:Apparently As Nodt was some terminally ill guy who Yhwach decided to give power to, but it does matter

Naruto 666

02/26/2014 22:37:00 PM

Obito and allies try to save Naruto and stop Madara.That's cheating! You can't teleport away during a dodge ball game!Summary;Obito stabs Madara and takes a little bit of the tailed beast chakra before Madara forces him to jump off. Obito tells Kakas

One Piece 738

02/19/2014 19:23:00 PM

Usopp, Robin and the dwarfs make their move on Sugar.Not sure how throwing a ship into the room that Sugar is in is supposed to protect Sugar.Summary:Down in the underground factory, Leo is going to sneak the spicy grape into Sugar's basket, but then

Bleach 569

02/19/2014 18:55:00 PM

Byakuya arrives to face As Nodt.Something interesting finally happened.Summary:Byakuya makes his entrance, and easily beats back As Nodt's attacks with his new and improved shikai. As Nodt turns into an even large and more grotesque form in response.

Naruto 665

02/19/2014 18:35:00 PM

Madara comes to collect his stuff from Black Zetsu/Obito.Obito only wanted Madara's wallet.Summary:Madara arrives to collect the other Rinnegan and the other half of Kurama from Black Zetsu. Black Zetsu heads toward Madara but Obito takes over and st

Sekirei 156

02/17/2014 14:46:00 PM

Back to Team Minato vs Team Higa.Thank God for those CGed vines!Summary:Higa's cronies get control of MBI's orbital laser and fires it at Minato's group, but the blast is defended by Kusano's vines. Homura and Kazehana counterattacks and separates Hi

Naruto 664

02/12/2014 23:45:00 PM

People converge upon Kakashi and Minato's location.It's Guy and Lee's (un)lucky days, since what are the chances that the tools of the Sage of the Six Paths would literally fall onto their heads?Summary:Orochimaru's group are on their way to Sasuke,

Bleach 568

02/12/2014 23:19:00 PM

As Nodt mounts his obligatory come back against Rukia.Looks like an ugly zombie version of Jesus.Summary:Rukia freezes As Nodt, but As Nodt uses his Vollstandig to power up and thaw himself. Rukia tries to attack but can't move her feet because appar

One Piece 737

02/05/2014 20:28:00 PM

The finals at the coliseum continues, and Usopp's group conduct their operation at the underground factory.Those Dragon Talons can crack steel.Summary:Luffy and allies are confronted inside the palace by Pica. Pica has the ability to merge with and c

Bleach 567

02/05/2014 19:42:00 PM

Rukia becomes a little cold-blooded.Well, you are a shinigami, so obviously you aren't alive... oh, she meant something else.Summary:As Nodt doesn't believe Rukia has no fear since to fear is to be alive. Rukia agrees, but then reveals she can now en

Naruto 663

02/05/2014 19:19:00 PM

Naruto and Sasuke are still dying.Nothing can stand between Karin and Sasuke. Nothing!!!!Summary:Sakura is having trouble keeping Naruto alive. Gaara states that they must get to Minato so that Kurama's other half can be unsealed and given to Naruto

Rosario + Vampire II 66-6 (Final Chapter)

02/03/2014 19:06:00 PM

The conclusion to the final battle between Tsukune, Moka and friends against Alucard.Makes sense that vampires would be weak to crosses.

To Love-Ru Darkness 40

02/03/2014 18:04:00 PM

The "Inner Darkness" takes over Yami's body.So this is the new Dark Yami.... I thought she would look scarier.Summary:Yami is losing control of her hair, while Mea transforms into Nemesis to the surprise of Momo, Nana, Tearju and others. Nemesis expl

Claymore 147

02/02/2014 11:30:00 AM

Priscilla starts to overpower her opponents.Didn't see that coming did ya?Summary:Clare and allies and the awakened beings are landing hits on Priscilla, but Priscilla has transformed back into her awakened form which means she has unlimited instant

One Piece 736

01/29/2014 23:09:00 PM

The final battle starts at the coliseum, while Luffy's group invade the royal palace.Subtlety was never Luffy's strong suit.

Bleach 566

01/29/2014 22:16:00 PM

Rukia vs. As Nodt, while Renji gets trailed by NaNaNa.I am not impressed by your performance.Summary:After defeating Mask de Masculine, Renji goes to hide out for a while in accordance to the plan discussed with Rukia, but he is found by NaNaNa who f

Winter 2014 Anime

01/23/2014 18:59:00 PM

Haven't posted about anime for a while. I'm still watching anime and have been following a few shows from the new Winter 2014 season. This post summarizes my thoughts on each of the new anime series. I don't think I'll be blogging anything this seaso

One Piece 735

01/22/2014 20:20:00 PM

Finals at coliseum is about to start, while Violet shows Luffy and company a way up to the palace.I don't know if he's hardboiled, but Senor Pink is pretty hilarious.Summary:In the coliseum, the Block D battle has come to an end. "Lucy", in the compa

Bleach 565

01/22/2014 19:43:00 PM

The origins of Yhwach explained.Your underling died and you pat yourself on the back. Certainly not winning employer of the year.Summary:Yhwach is taking a beauty nap in his chamber. Uryu wants to talk to Yhwach but gets Haschwalth who is in charge w

Naruto 662

01/22/2014 19:19:00 PM

Naruto and Sasuke are both dying.... and when did this guy show up?Summary:Sasuke struggles for a bit after getting stabbed by Madara, but he eventually topples over.Meanwhile, the rest of the Shinobi Army is busy fighting a giant Mokuton Buddha cont

One Piece 734

01/15/2014 22:00:00 PM

Result of the Block D battle revealed.Don't mess with Cavendish when he's trying to take a nap.Summary:The smoke clears in the coliseum, and the only one left standing is Rebecca. Outside the coliseum, Vice Admiral Bastille watches the broadcast and

Bleach 564

01/15/2014 20:02:00 PM

Renji shows off his new bankai.Renji has been around long enough to know how to play the power-up game.Summary:Renji blocks Mask de Masculine's ultimate star beam with his new bankai. Apparently, the last member of the Zero Division Ichibei Hyosube n

Naruto 661

01/15/2014 18:48:00 PM

Manga series are back after the winter break. In this week's edition of Naruto, Madara sucks up the tailed beasts.Slurp slurp slurp! Somebody should teach this statue some table manners.Summary:Madara has the Cursed Statue suck up all of the tailed b

Sekirei 154-155

01/03/2014 01:13:00 AM

Akitsu gets winged and unleashes her norito.It's all about the kissing.Summary:Mutsu is fending off Sanada's crazy three, while Sanada's other three Sekirei are messing around with Himeko. Meanwhile, Akitsu's scrapped Sekirei crest disappears, and sh

Rosario + Vampire 66-5

01/01/2014 00:04:00 AM

The final showdown continues.Everybody except the kitchen sink showed up.Summary:Tsukune and Moka use their shinso power to blast Alucard into pieces, but Alucard quickly regenerates into a giant blob of grotesque flesh and gloats about how he is goi

To Love-Ru Darkness 39 and Special Chapter

12/30/2013 14:50:00 PM

In chapter 39, Yami settles into her life in Sainan High, but then something happens. In the special chapter, Run invites Rito to help her with a sexy photo shoot with him being the photographer.Yami is about to have a bad hair day.Chapter 39 summary

Claymore 146

12/29/2013 23:33:00 PM

Clare, Miria and company team up with Cassandra and the other Awakened to gang up on Priscilla.Good news is that Clare landed a hit. Bad news is Priscilla is going back into her endless regeneration mode.Summary:Under the combined attacks of Cassandr

Fall 2013 Anime Final Thoughts

12/29/2013 17:56:00 PM

2013 is almost gone, and the fall season of anime has come to an end. As always, I give a little final thoughts post to the anime series which finished during the season that I watched but didn't blog episodically. For Fall 2013, the four series are

Kakumeiki Valvrave 24 (Finale)

12/28/2013 18:58:00 PM

Haruto and L-elf battle against Cain's Valvrave II for the final showdown.Here comes the final boss.Nice block using the sword draw.Summary:The world is shaken by the image of Amadeus regenerating from having his throat slashed. Both ARUS and Dorssia

One Piece 733

12/25/2013 14:38:00 PM

Usopp and Soldier's group split up to conduct their operation.That's how you nail people into the ground.Summary:In the underground bay, Usopp realizes that Soldier is gone, and the dwarfs inform Usopp that Soldier had gone to the palace to assassina

Naruto 660

12/25/2013 14:22:00 PM

Madara to absorb the tailed beasts.On this episode of Madara's Tailed Beast Fishing Adventures...Summary:Madara has all the tailed beasts chained up to the Demonic Statue and is trying to pull them in. Naruto tries get out of fox mode but he is unabl

Bleach 563

12/25/2013 14:05:00 PM

Surprise, surprise. Mask de Masculine powers up again.Mask is going for a five-star frog splash?Summary:Renji slices Mask at the belly, but Mask refuses to go down. Mask calls for James, and mini-clones of James emerge from what was left of old James

Kakumeiki Valvrave 23

12/23/2013 01:25:00 AM

Haruto, L-elf and company strike back.There is always time for posing in mecha shows.Well, after I take back my Valvrave, you guys have no weapons and everybody still hates you just like they hate us... so what exactly are you trying to accomplish ag

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