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One Piece 795

08/03/2015 23:35:00 PM

Checking on Sanji's group, and also other pirates in the New World.A Beast of a man.Summary:On the coast of Dressrosa, Fujitora is throwing dice everyday to decide when he'll go arrest the Straw Hats. Meanwhile at the palace, Rebecca reports to Riku > read more

Bleach 637

08/03/2015 23:00:00 PM

Pernidas reveals his true form.Talk to the hand.Summary:After commenting about how Zaraki can still move his eyes after being paralyzed, Mayuri then starts on his mad scientist speech, and almost has an orgasm when Pernida transforms into a giant lef > read more

To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd 04

07/28/2015 22:38:00 PM

Rito and friends attend the summer festival where they get a surprise visit.Can you be any more tsundere?Summary:Rito, Momo and friends attend the summer festival and all of the females are decked out in yukatas. Nana runs off to meet Mea; Mikan is h > read more

Bleach 636

07/23/2015 23:18:00 PM

Zaraki and Mayuri continue their buddy adventures against Pernidas.Oh no! A betrayal from best bud Mayuri.Summary:Zaraki and Mayuri wonder what Pernidas is up to as Pernida's hood continues to expand, while Nemu, Ikakku and Yumichika watch from some > read more

To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd 03

07/22/2015 23:25:00 PM

Nana is feeling down after learning Mea's "true nature" but decides to approach Mea about their friendship after some encouragement from Rito.That's why you don't wander into a alien safari zoo.Summary:Nana saw Mea's real form while Mea was battling > read more

Aquarion Logos 01 & 02 - First Impressions

07/17/2015 23:57:00 PM

I decided to check out the new Aquarion series this season. I watched Aquarion Evol and that was fun, so let's see if Aquarion Logos is any good.The return of Aquarion...First Impressions:After watching the first two episodes, I thought Aquarion Logo > read more

To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd 02

07/16/2015 22:28:00 PM

Rito gets turned into a mouse, and Mea is feeling down about her master not contacting her.White ray of death censorship still sucks.Summary:At school, Lala goes to see Nana, and Rito notices Lala dropped something from her pockets. Rito makes the mi > read more

Bleach 635

07/16/2015 00:06:00 AM

The shinigami get picked off by the Sternritters.And now back to the scheduled program "Zaraki and Mayuri's Odd-Couple Adventures"Summary:While Bazz-B went off to get beaten by Jugram, Liltotto and Giselle are defeated by Yhwach, who proceeds to go b > read more

One Piece 794

07/15/2015 23:13:00 PM

Sabo tells his story to the Straw Hats.Getting a bear head-hug from Luffy... not the greatest feeling lol.Summary:Sabo hangs out with the Straw Hats at Kyros house, and tells his story to the Straw Hats who are awake (Franky, Robin, Zoro). Kyros, Uso > read more

Code Geass: Akito the Exiled OVA 03

07/12/2015 23:57:00 PM

The 3rd episode of this Code Geass OVA series came out about two month ago, so at least I'm not as late to the game as I was to episode 2. In the second episode, Leila's gang hang out with gypsies, while Lelouch Julius Kingsley makes his presence fel > read more

To Love-Ru Darkness 57 and Special Chapter

07/12/2015 14:11:00 PM

In chapter 57, Rito stands in for the perverted principal for an interview with reporters. In the special chapter, Rito accidentally becomes the bathroom sponge.For a feared assassin, it look Yami long enough to actually kill someone.Chapter 57 summa > read more

Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX 01

07/12/2015 00:16:00 AM

Some quick first impressions of the third season of Symphogear, which is basically a show about transforming power ranger girls fighting monsters and other enemies to save the world.They just shortened K2!!First impressions:I'm was surprised that Sym > read more

To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd 01

07/10/2015 18:57:00 PM

I'm back to blogging anime again. Of course, since this is To Love-Ru, I already have the summaries written up for the manga so there is less work to do lol. Anyways, in the first episode of the 2nd season, Haruna gets drunk on some alien soft drink > read more

To Love-Ru Darkness OVA 06

07/09/2015 23:38:00 PM

As I was checking around for the first episode of the new season of To Love-Ru Darkness anime, I find out that there has been a 6th OVA episode for the series, so let's blog that first before I get to covering the new season. As usual, the OVA covers > read more

One Piece 793

07/09/2015 23:14:00 PM

Doflamingo's defeat and Fujitora's public apology to King Riku gets the ball rolling.Even these old farts have taken notice.Summary:News of Doflamingo's defeat and Fujitora's public apology to King Riku spread like wildfire throughout the world. Duri > read more

Bleach 634

07/09/2015 22:37:00 PM

Jugram defeats Bazz-B.That didn't last very long... or did it last longer than it should?Summary:Bazz-B gets sent flying by a slash to the chest but refuses to give in and uses more of his fingers to attack, but Jugram cuts off one of Bazz's arms and > read more

Summer 2015 Anime

07/08/2015 23:27:00 PM

I missed the start of the new summer season, mostly because I wasn't watching any of the spring 2015 anime series. Looking at the line-up of shows, I'll definitely be blogging To Love-Ru Darkness, since TLR has been a staple of this blog. Also I can > read more

Sekirei 176 & 177

07/03/2015 13:50:00 PM

The actual manga is up to at least chapter 182, but translations are few and far between. Anyways, here are chapter 176 and 177, continuing the action on Kamikura Island.Everybody needs to get kissy-kissy, even you, Mutsu.Summary:Benitsubasa and Haih > read more

One Piece 792

07/03/2015 00:32:00 AM

Wrapping things up after Doflamingo's defeat.Is this sanctioned by the World Government?Summary:Doflamingo and the Donquixote Family are defeated, and Dressrosa celebrates even though the country is in ruins. In a corner of the city, Sabo is beaten d > read more

Bleach 633

07/03/2015 00:13:00 AM

History of Yhwach, Jugram and Bazz-B continued.Bazz is just pissed because he ain't special.Summary:Yhwach calls Jugram his other half and says he needs Jugram by his side. Jugram looks back at Bazz and says that Yhwach has made a mistake and that he > read more

Naruto 700+10 (END)

07/02/2015 23:54:00 PM

The end of the gaiden.Expecting something, Sakura?Summary:The Shin-clones, being inexperienced kids, give up after Sarada beats up a few of them and Naruto scares them with Kurama. The Shin-Clones all get sent to an academy run by Kabuto. Sarada reco > read more

Amanchu! 59

07/02/2015 23:22:00 PM

The diving club gang go to a mountain festival.Hikari is onto something...Summary:Hikari, Futaba and the diving club gang including new members Alice-clone and Hikari's little sister go to a mountain festival that involves setting a large fire at the > read more

One Piece 791

06/29/2015 23:34:00 PM

Just confirming that Luffy did indeed knock out Doflamingo.Is it over yet?Summary:The Bird Cage disappears, and Gatz takes the entire chapter to announce that Luffy has beaten Doflamingo. He took so long because he is still bleeding from the stab wou > read more

Bleach 632

06/29/2015 23:26:00 PM

History of Jugram and Bazz continued.The chosen one.Summary:Jugram and Bazz trained together so they can infiltrate Yhwach's ranks, but Jugram has no talent for forming Reishi so he practiced his sword skills. One day, a group of Yhwach's men appear > read more

Naruto 700+9

06/29/2015 22:52:00 PM

Late posts again because I'm lazy and went on a weekend trip. Anyways, in this edition of Naruto extra chapters, Sarada and company go save Sakura.Naruto: The Clone Wars.Summary:Sakura decides to fight Shin and his clones and they end up in a cave. S > read more

One Piece 790

06/22/2015 19:43:00 PM

Luffy recovers his haki and battles Doflamingo once again.OMG!!! The indestructible shades got destroyed!Summary:Luffy recovers his haki and stops Doflamingo from using Rebecca to kill Viola. Doflamingo attacks Luffy with mountains of threads. Law he > read more

Bleach 630 & 631

06/22/2015 19:19:00 PM

Bazz-B goes after Jugram in these two chapters.Quincies don't always like each other either.Summary:Askin survives Grimmjow's attack and runs away, and Grimmjow runs after him in pursuit. Meanwhile Bazz-B confronts Jugram and the two start fighting. > read more

Naruto 700+7 & 700+8

06/22/2015 12:40:00 PM

Haven't posted in two weeks or so, because I was busy with work and then went on vacation for a week. I'm only two chapters behind though so it's not too bad.Confirmation that Sasuke is a pimp.Summary:At the hideout, Shin reveals to Sakura that he is > read more

To Love-Ru Darkness 56

06/08/2015 23:26:00 PM

Lala's body starts to return back to normal.When was the last time Lala and Rito took a bath together?Summary:One day, Lala has recovered enough energy that her body is growing back to her normal form. During gym class at the pool, Haruna wants to te > read more

One Piece 789

06/06/2015 00:53:00 AM

Counting down to when Luffy recovers his haki.Luffy is hard-headed.Summary:The Bird Cage is starting to cut into the Royal Plateau and everyone is still trying to push against the cage to slow it down. Mansherry's temporary heal starts running out an > read more

Naruto 700+6

06/06/2015 00:36:00 AM

Naruto and Sasuke battle many-eyed guy and the Shin-clone.It wouldn't be Sasuke if he didn't take a shot at Naruto.Summary:Sasuke battles Shin (the guy with all the Sharingans) and his "son" and hits them with a fire blast. However, Sasuke's sword is > read more

Bleach 629

06/06/2015 00:04:00 AM

Ichigo and allies run around in Yhwach's new flying city.Nothing escapes Zaraki's eye.Summary:The group of shinigamis led by Kyoraku notices that Mayuri is missing from the group. Mayuri had purposely entered the gate after the rest of the group so h > read more

Naruto 700+5

05/28/2015 23:33:00 PM

Sarada meets her dad Sasuke.This guy loves Sharingans.Summary:Sasuke tries to stab Sarada on sight, but manage to recognize her in time before any real damage is done. Naruto and Chou-Chou join them in the tower, and Sasuke wonders why the kids are h > read more

One Piece 788

05/28/2015 22:57:00 PM

Happenings around Dressrosa as Luffy tries to recover his haki.Keep on pushing so that this story arc can last longer.Summary:Doflamingo is still rampaging through the city looking for Luffy. Meanwhile, Gatz the coliseum announcer runs around with Lu > read more

Bleach 628

05/28/2015 22:04:00 PM

Ichigo's group and Urahara's group arrive at the Soul King's palace to find that Yhwach has done some remodeling.Apparently Yoruichi can read minds.And the cat guess is not too far off.SummaryIchigo's group and Urahara's group arrive at different loc > read more

Sekirei 175

05/25/2015 23:07:00 PM

Haven't posted Sekirei chapters in a long time. The actual manga is past chapter 180, but translation efforts seem to have dried up. So chapter 175 is somewhat old, but any chapter that I haven't read is new, right?It does make more sense to do norit > read more

One Piece 787

05/21/2015 23:41:00 PM

Sabo and other people try to buy time for Luffy to recover.Apparently a kick to the face just isn't enough punishment for Burgess.Summary:Sabo starts fighting Burgess and leaves Luffy in the care of the other gladiators. Meanwhile, Doflamingo is ramp > read more

Naruto 700+4

05/21/2015 23:22:00 PM

Naruto faces off against the mysterious Shin Uchiha.The cape isn't just for show.Summary:Shin sees Naruto and activates his Mangekyo Sharingan and he makes his giant ninja star break into bits and fly at Naruto. Naruto summons Kurama's tail-claws and > read more

Bleach 627

05/21/2015 22:14:00 PM

Ichigo and friends finish riding the elevator back up to the Soul King's palace.Ichigo is such a playa. Look at him getting his flirt game on while riding to the final battle.Summary:The whole Seiretei shakes after Yhwach absorbs the Soul King. Back > read more

Naruto 700+3

05/14/2015 23:04:00 PM

Sarada and Chou-Chou try to follow Naruto, but they get attacked by the strange Sharingan man.Oh, and Sarada and Boruto fight over a lunch box. Poor kids. There just isn't enough food to go around.Summary:Naruto starts his journey after telling Shika > read more

Bleach 626

05/14/2015 22:03:00 PM

Ichigo and friends ride their secret elevator back up to the royal palace.... and somebody gets a makeover for the worse.Summary:Ichigo's group ride the secret elevator built by Riruka and Yukio back up towards the royal palace, and the group has som > read more

One Piece 786

05/14/2015 21:53:00 PM

Luffy runs out of gas before he can finish Doflamingo off.Luffy couldn't keep all that hot air inside of him anymore.Summary:After hammering Doflamingo into the mountain, Luffy tries to follow up with a finishing blow, but he suddenly runs out gas mi > read more

Amanchu! 57-58

05/10/2015 23:41:00 PM

Haven't posted Amanchu! in a while due to inconsistent scanlation schedules. I finally tracked down chapter 57 and 58, and both chapters are about history.Who is scuba diving beauty?Chapter 57 summary:Hikari takes her little sister on a dive to an un > read more

Bleach 625

05/07/2015 23:52:00 PM

Grimmjow and a bunch of other people show up.It wouldn't be a reunion episode if only one character shows up.Summary:Grimmjow emerges out of the Garganta and immediately tries to pick a fight with Ichigo, but he gets knocked over by Nel (in her adult > read more

One Piece 785

05/07/2015 23:00:00 PM

Luffy Gear Fourth vs. Doflamingo continued.Gomu Gomu no Kamehameha!!!Summary:From onto of a building, Jesus Burgess watches the battle between Luffy and Doflamingo, and Koala is monitoring him from the shadows. Meanwhile, the dwarfs and Franky leave > read more

Naruto 700+2

05/07/2015 22:28:00 PM

Sarada decides to seek out Sasuke to learn the truth about her family.Sharingans are usually a sign of trouble.Summary:Sasuke is walking in a forest when he is attacked by some guy. Sasuke manages to toss the guy aside, but the guy reveals that he ha > read more

To Love-Ru Darkness 55

05/02/2015 11:12:00 AM

Word of Rito and Haruna's accidental lip lock gets out.You can feel the awkwardness in the air.Summary:Lala manages to fool Haruna's parents with her disguise, and she and Rito return back home without further incident. Rito's is stuck thinking about > read more

Naruto 700+1

04/26/2015 01:08:00 AM

So apparently Naruto is not over. Well, the serialization of the main series is over, but they can always add more if they want, and here is the start of a new Gaiden short story set after the end of the main series.Naruto, the Next Generation.Summar > read more

Bleach 624

04/26/2015 00:04:00 AM

Ichigo and company work to get back up to the palace.Nice view.Summary:Aizen wakes up from his little nap after the attack by NaNaNa, and Kyoraku tells Aizen to sit tight while the rest of the shinigamis and Quincies work to form the reiatsu gate to > read more

One Piece 784

04/25/2015 23:00:00 PM

Luffy unleashes Gear 4th on Doflamingo.Luffy's 4th gear certainly packs a PUNCH.Summary:As the Bird Cage continues to close in on Dressrosa, Zoro recruits the two samurais to help him stop the Bird Cage wires. Meanwhile on the flower fields, Cavendis > read more

So about that Spring 2015 Anime season...

04/16/2015 23:07:00 PM

It's already two weeks into the new season, and I haven't watched any of the new shows. There was nothing that really caught my eye. Knights of Sidonia looks interesting, but I haven't watched the first season. I'm also becoming more busy with work, > read more

One Piece 783

04/09/2015 23:48:00 PM

Luffy vs Doflamingo continues.Gonna drop someone off first though.Summary:Trebol blows himself up, but Luffy manages to grab Law and jump mostly out of harm's way. Luffy throws Law off the palace to Robin in the field below. Doflamingo sends some bul > read more

Bleach 623

04/09/2015 22:50:00 PM

Aizen's plans of shooting down the royal palace runs into a snag.Somebody pulled the plugs.Summary:Aizen tries to shoot down the royal palace from the skies with his reiatsu, but finds out that his reiatsu can't extend that far. Kyoraku then has Mayu > read more

To Love-Ru Darkness 54

04/03/2015 23:31:00 PM

Rito and Haruna end up in a predicament in Haruna's apartment thanks to Lala.It had to happen eventually.Summary:Lala (still in her little girl form) hangs out with Haruna at Haruna's apartment. Lala encourages Haruna to confess to Rito and suggests > read more

Winter 2015 Anime Final Thoughts

04/03/2015 19:58:00 PM

The winter 2015 anime season is in the history books, so it's time again for me to share my thoughts on the series that concluded this season, which I watched but did not blog weekly. For this season, those series are Garo, Parasyte, and Tokyo Ghoul > read more

One Piece 782

04/02/2015 19:59:00 PM

Luffy tries to stop Doflamingo and Trebol from killing Law.Let the slug-fest begin.Summary:Luffy stops Doflamingo from stomping on Law's face and both release their Conqueror's Haki. Luffy lands a couple of strikes, but he then gets kicked into the w > read more

Bleach 622

04/02/2015 19:07:00 PM

Aizen shows off his powers.Nice chair.Summary:The shinigamis are shocked by Aizen's appearance and vehemently disagree with Kyoraku's decision to bring Aizen out, and Kyoraku explains that Aizen's power is needed to save the Seiretei. Aizen wants to > read more

Cross Ange 25 (Finale)

03/29/2015 11:55:00 AM

Ange and friends have a final showdown with Embryo.Bye bye Jill. You served your purpose.Aura contributing to the war effort.Summary:Salia brings the wounded Jill back to the Aurora, where Jill has a smoke and calls Salia her little sister before dyi > read more

Gundam Reconguista in G 26 (Finale)

03/28/2015 00:09:00 AM

The Capital Army, Amerian forces, and the Megafauna have a three-way battle on Earth.Time to drain down the G-Self's power level a little bit to make the battle more interesting.Free for all battle royale breaks lose.Summary:Bellri, Mask, and all the > read more

Bleach 621

03/27/2015 00:25:00 AM

Yhwach releases black goo all over the Seiretei.Gooey blob babies, to be precise.Summary:After absorbing Soul King's right arm, Yhwach envelopes the Seiretei in darkness. Yhwach then releases a bunch of blobby homunculus (like from Fullmetal Alchemis > read more

One Piece 781

03/26/2015 23:47:00 PM

Guess who's not dead.Special delivery for evil mastermind.Summary:Doflamingo explains that he is closing his Bird Cage to slice everybody in Dressrosa into thin slices, and he wants to see if Luffy can stop him before everyone is killed. Luffy charge > read more

Cross Ange 24

03/22/2015 15:17:00 PM

Ange and friends continue to battle Embryo's forces.Ha, I had sex with Ange already! Take that, Embryo!Going into the water might be a better strategy anyways, unless the disc drones can move in the water.Summary:Jill takes over the fight with Salia, > read more

Gundam Reconguista in G 25

03/21/2015 17:04:00 PM

The battle descends back into Earth.Somebody is clearly going crazy.Random tearful dramatic moment is hilarious.Summary:After the battle with the Yggdrasil, Commander Jugan and the Bruzin are ordered by Cumpa to return to the Capital Tower. Klim's Sa > read more

One Piece 780

03/19/2015 19:35:00 PM

Luffy vs. Doflamingo.Attack got blocked because Luffy forgot to scream out the attack name.Summary:Luffy gets back up to the top of the palace and found that Doflamingo has shot Law several times. Minutes earlier, Doflamingo and Trebol had Law beaten > read more

Bleach 620

03/19/2015 19:14:00 PM

Ichigo and friends gets knocked off the tower.You just got up here? Well, fall back down again muhahahaha!Summary:Uryu explains to Ichigo that he is helping Yhwach because he's a Quincy. Yhwach's elite 4 appear and surround Ichigo and friends, and Ur > read more

Cross Ange 23

03/15/2015 16:43:00 PM

Ange and allies launch their attack to stop Embryo from merging and destroying both Earths.The alliance is only formalized when Ange gets the handshake.Fortunately for Hilda, Ange swings both ways.Summary:Embryo has begun merging both Earths, and thi > read more

Gundam Reconguista in G 24

03/14/2015 00:27:00 AM

Capital Army and GI-T Corp unleash the Yggdrasil mobile armor on the Amerians and Towasangans.Using the new weapon to destroy the old weapon... makes sense (not).Come on Mask. It isn't that hard to tag something that big.Summary:Aida, Bellri and comp > read more

Bleach 619

03/12/2015 22:18:00 PM

Ichigo battles Yhwach.And there is this guy who likes to shoot arrows into people's backs.Summary:Ichigo battles Yhwach while Yhwach continues to taunt Ichigo about how everything Ichigo did up to this point was according to his will. Yoruichi then g > read more

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin OVA 01 - Quick Thoughts

03/09/2015 23:58:00 PM

Sunrise recently dropped another OVA into the Gundam Universe. This time we have a series based on the manga Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin, which in itself is a retelling of the original Mobile Suit Gundam with some different details. I haven't watc > read more

Cross Ange 22

03/08/2015 19:48:00 PM

Ange ends up back at Tusk's hideout.This is what you get for being a bad girl, Salia.Force choke!Summary:At the Misurugi Palace, Embryo gives Salia a spanking for allowing Ange to escape. Embryo then implies that Salia had better capture Ange when An > read more

Gundam Reconguista in G 23

03/06/2015 22:40:00 PM

The various forces in orbit get into another battle.Looks like Mashner does some modeling on the side. She is a babe after all.What sort of general will ask a young guy to put moisturizer on his back?On second thought, don't answer that.Even the Amer > read more

Bleach 618

03/05/2015 19:47:00 PM

Aizen gets to go on a supervised trip outside of jail, while Ichigo battles Yhwach.DO NOT TOUCH. Will make your fingers disappear.Summary:Aizen walks up to the Kyoraku, but Kyoraku is not intimidated because he has the most important key buried in hi > read more

One Piece 779

03/05/2015 19:17:00 PM

A quick check around Dressrosa before getting back to the main event.Enough of the distractions. Time to get back to business.Summary:All of the characters do their quick check-ins. The dwarfs destroy the factory, while Koala is in the palace and cal > read more

To Love-Ru Darkness 53

03/04/2015 23:00:00 PM

Yami becomes more tsundere.Doesn't necessarily mean she's gonna let Rito off the hook though.Summary:At school, Momo has to save Rito from Yami's wrath after Rito falls into Yami. For the time being, Momo decides to observe Yami for now and not try t > read more

Cross Ange 21

03/01/2015 23:49:00 PM

Ange tries to escape from Embryo's grasp.Gotta watch your six.Former lovers end up crossing blades in battle.< Summary: Sala and her two helpers tie up the Ragnamail squad (sans Salia) to give Ange a chance to escape. However, the Villkiss is sniped > read more

Gundam Reconguista in G 22

03/01/2015 12:14:00 PM

Everyone returns to Earth's orbit to set up for a showdown(?).GI-T Corp didn't have a very hard time escaping.Playing with their new toy.Summary:The remainder of the GI-T Corp retreat to their Full Moon Ship, and they block through the X police block > read more

One Piece 778

02/27/2015 00:07:00 AM

Zoro comes up with a plan to stop Pica from crushing King Riku.Cutting this giant down to size.Summary;Pica, as a gigantic golem, makes his way towards the royal plateau to crush King Riku. In order to stop Pica, Zoro enlists the help of Elizabello a > read more

Bleach 617

02/26/2015 23:32:00 PM

As Ukitake's Kamikake holds the worlds together, Kyoraku talks to Aizen.Return of the King.Summary:Mimihagi emerges from Ukitake and heads into the sky where it reaches the Soul King's palace where it latches onto the two halves of the Soul King. Thi > read more

Cross Ange 20

02/22/2015 14:39:00 PM

Embryo tries to make Ange his plaything, but Salia gets jealous.You want me to be your queen? I should have known that I don't take orders from anyone!Summary:Tusk and Vivian are rescued by the Aurora, but Jill throws Tusk and Vivian in jail for help > read more

Gundam Reconguista in G

02/21/2015 00:30:00 AM

Bellri battle the GI-T Corps while water continue to leak out of the colony.The Crescent Ship crew got punked.This does not look save for the two girls being twirled around.Summary:Bellri is in awe of the artificial sea inside the colony, but he does > read more

Bleach 616

02/19/2015 21:46:00 PM

Ukitake is going to replace the Soul King.Behold, the Eye of Sauron!!!Summary:As the worlds shake and rumble due to Ichigo slicing the Soul King in half, back in Urahara's command center, Ukitake states that he'll take the place of the Soul King. A b > read more

One Piece 777

02/19/2015 20:02:00 PM

Back to Zoro vs. Pica.Zoro is not a part of a healthy daily diet.Summary:On the flower fields, Diamante is knocked back by Kyros' strike and is knocked out when he hits his head the short tree trunk that marks Scarlet's grave. After the battle, Robin > read more

Cross Ange 19

02/15/2015 16:23:00 PM

Ange is captured by Salia's squad and taken to see Embryo.They can't even hit a large stationary target.That's quite the parachute.That was rather careless of Ange.Summary:Ange, Tusk and Vivian escape from the Aurora, but they immediately run into Sa > read more

Gundam Reconguista in G

02/14/2015 00:01:00 AM

Bellri and the Megafauna crew battle the GI-T Corps.Shaking the pests out of the Gundam.Sure, you failed to stop the enemy from taking back the G-Self and lost an INCOM in the process, but it's not really anything to cry over.Somebody really loves be > read more

Bleach 615

02/12/2015 20:22:00 PM

Ichigo kills the Soul King.You really fucked up this time, Ichigo.Summary:After Ichigo cuts the Soul King in half with Yhwach's sword, the whole Soul Society starts shaking, and the real world also shakes. Ichigo manages to let go of the sword after > read more

One Piece 776

02/12/2015 20:01:00 PM

Back to Kyros vs Diamante.Isn't it a little too early to celebrate?Summary:After Franky defeats Senor Pink, the dwarfs storm the factory, but Franky falls over from his injuries.Meanwhile back at the flower fields, Kyros is starting to shows signs of > read more

Sekirei 174

02/10/2015 23:15:00 PM

Karasuba makes one final charge against Musubi.Look at that killing intent.Summary:Karasuba, by sheer force of will, somehow "unwings" herself and breaks her connection to Natsu. This destabilizes Karasuba's powers and can have lethal consequences, b > read more

Cross Ange 18

02/08/2015 11:44:00 AM

Ange rejoins her old Arzenal crew aboard the Aurora, but it doesn't take long before she and Jill get into a disagreement.Didn't know Vivian had her own fan club.Hot lesbian action.Summary:Ange, Tusk and Vivian rejoins Jill and the Arzenal gang aboar > read more

Gundam Reconguista in G 19

02/07/2015 00:11:00 AM

The Megafauna hitch a ride on the Crescent Ship towards Venus Globe, but the ship gets hijacked by a gang of mercenaries.Keeping fit is important, especially when you are in space.I'd be disappointed too if the hot girl I liked turned out to be my si > read more

To Love-Ru Darkness 52

02/05/2015 20:11:00 PM

Saki and Aya set Rin up for a date with Rito.Forced date is more like it.Summary:Saki has this idea of setting Rin with Rito, and Rin has no choice but to go along and ask Rito out for a drink. While Rito and Rin are at the cafe, Saki and Aya are hid > read more

Bleach 614

02/05/2015 19:28:00 PM

Urahara is still preparing to send the shinigami officers to the Soul King's realm.Some things never change.Summary:In Urahara's command center, Hiyori and her group of Vizards show up to deliver some special water to help Urahara open a portal to th > read more

Cross Ange 17

02/01/2015 16:55:00 PM

Ange, Tusk and Vivian follow the dragon invasion force back to Embryo's world.Every. Single. Episode.That's quite the beating Ange put on Tusk there for the above infraction.Karaoke competition? How about a bikini Twister rematch?Summary:Based on Riz > read more

Gundam Reconguista in G 18

02/01/2015 00:17:00 AM

The Megafauna tries to follow the Crescent ship to Venus Globe while the other factions want to capture the G-Self for themselves. Non-existent security on the Megafauna once again.Get off me, Mask! I'm not into guys!Summary:The crew of the Megafauna > read more

One Piece 775

01/30/2015 00:00:00 AM

Franky and Senor Pink have a battle between men in the Smile Factory.Franky really likes getting German-suplexed.Summary:As Leo and Giolla carry Princess Manshelly out of the palace, the defeated Jora thinks that she needs to report the setback to Do > read more

Bleach 613

01/29/2015 23:30:00 PM

Ichigo and friends confront Yhwach, while Urahara gathers the captains to beam them up to Soul King's realm.We got to the staredown. Tune in next week for staredown, part deux.Summary:Ichigo and friends arrive at the Soul King's palace to confront Yh > read more

Cross Ange 16

01/24/2015 23:59:00 PM

Ange and Sala have some quality bonding time.Can't stop and won't stop, baby!Cross Ange, Sports Edition!Blatant fan service is blatant.Summary:The dragon leaders get a report from Riza that Aura is located under the Mitsuragi Empire, and the dragon p > read more

Gundam Reconguista in G 17

01/24/2015 12:02:00 PM

Bellri and friends and get into a mobile suit scuffle with the Capital Army as everyone is helping to clean up debris from a leak on the colony.Swat, swat, swat! Swatting some space dirt!Summary:Something happened to Cyrano 5 and soil started leaking > read more

One Piece 774

01/23/2015 23:56:00 PM

Leo and the dwarfs try to rescue their princess from the royal palace.Cuteness isn't enough to ward off villains.Summary:Robin arrives at the Flower Fields to protect Rebecca, so now Kyros can freely fight Diamante.Meanwhile, Leo and Giolla are fight > read more

Bleach 612

01/23/2015 23:32:00 PM

Yhwach stabs the Soul King.So Yuushirou is a guy? Hard to tell by his appearance.Summary:Yhwach enters the Soul King's palace and stabs the Soul King, who is immobile and encased in a block. Yhwach calls the Soul King his father and states the Soul K > read more

Quick Thoughts on Tsukimonogatari

01/18/2015 16:39:00 PM

At the end of last year, we were treated to another 4-episode mini-series from the Monogatari-series, this time depicting the story of Yotsugi Doll. I finally got around to watching this story and here are some quick thoughts. Contains some spoilers. > read more

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