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Cross Ange 25 (Finale)

03/29/2015 11:55:00 AM

Ange and friends have a final showdown with Embryo.Bye bye Jill. You served your purpose.Aura contributing to the war effort.Summary:Salia brings the wounded Jill back to the Aurora, where Jill has a smoke and calls Salia her little sister before dyi > read more

Gundam Reconguista in G 26 (Finale)

03/28/2015 00:09:00 AM

The Capital Army, Amerian forces, and the Megafauna have a three-way battle on Earth.Time to drain down the G-Self's power level a little bit to make the battle more interesting.Free for all battle royale breaks lose.Summary:Bellri, Mask, and all the > read more

Bleach 621

03/27/2015 00:25:00 AM

Yhwach releases black goo all over the Seiretei.Gooey blob babies, to be precise.Summary:After absorbing Soul King's right arm, Yhwach envelopes the Seiretei in darkness. Yhwach then releases a bunch of blobby homunculus (like from Fullmetal Alchemis > read more

One Piece 781

03/26/2015 23:47:00 PM

Guess who's not dead.Special delivery for evil mastermind.Summary:Doflamingo explains that he is closing his Bird Cage to slice everybody in Dressrosa into thin slices, and he wants to see if Luffy can stop him before everyone is killed. Luffy charge > read more

Cross Ange 24

03/22/2015 15:17:00 PM

Ange and friends continue to battle Embryo's forces.Ha, I had sex with Ange already! Take that, Embryo!Going into the water might be a better strategy anyways, unless the disc drones can move in the water.Summary:Jill takes over the fight with Salia, > read more

Gundam Reconguista in G 25

03/21/2015 17:04:00 PM

The battle descends back into Earth.Somebody is clearly going crazy.Random tearful dramatic moment is hilarious.Summary:After the battle with the Yggdrasil, Commander Jugan and the Bruzin are ordered by Cumpa to return to the Capital Tower. Klim's Sa > read more

One Piece 780

03/19/2015 19:35:00 PM

Luffy vs. Doflamingo.Attack got blocked because Luffy forgot to scream out the attack name.Summary:Luffy gets back up to the top of the palace and found that Doflamingo has shot Law several times. Minutes earlier, Doflamingo and Trebol had Law beaten > read more

Bleach 620

03/19/2015 19:14:00 PM

Ichigo and friends gets knocked off the tower.You just got up here? Well, fall back down again muhahahaha!Summary:Uryu explains to Ichigo that he is helping Yhwach because he's a Quincy. Yhwach's elite 4 appear and surround Ichigo and friends, and Ur > read more

Cross Ange 23

03/15/2015 16:43:00 PM

Ange and allies launch their attack to stop Embryo from merging and destroying both Earths.The alliance is only formalized when Ange gets the handshake.Fortunately for Hilda, Ange swings both ways.Summary:Embryo has begun merging both Earths, and thi > read more

Gundam Reconguista in G 24

03/14/2015 00:27:00 AM

Capital Army and GI-T Corp unleash the Yggdrasil mobile armor on the Amerians and Towasangans.Using the new weapon to destroy the old weapon... makes sense (not).Come on Mask. It isn't that hard to tag something that big.Summary:Aida, Bellri and comp > read more

Bleach 619

03/12/2015 22:18:00 PM

Ichigo battles Yhwach.And there is this guy who likes to shoot arrows into people's backs.Summary:Ichigo battles Yhwach while Yhwach continues to taunt Ichigo about how everything Ichigo did up to this point was according to his will. Yoruichi then g > read more

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin OVA 01 - Quick Thoughts

03/09/2015 23:58:00 PM

Sunrise recently dropped another OVA into the Gundam Universe. This time we have a series based on the manga Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin, which in itself is a retelling of the original Mobile Suit Gundam with some different details. I haven't watc > read more

Cross Ange 22

03/08/2015 19:48:00 PM

Ange ends up back at Tusk's hideout.This is what you get for being a bad girl, Salia.Force choke!Summary:At the Misurugi Palace, Embryo gives Salia a spanking for allowing Ange to escape. Embryo then implies that Salia had better capture Ange when An > read more

Gundam Reconguista in G 23

03/06/2015 22:40:00 PM

The various forces in orbit get into another battle.Looks like Mashner does some modeling on the side. She is a babe after all.What sort of general will ask a young guy to put moisturizer on his back?On second thought, don't answer that.Even the Amer > read more

Bleach 618

03/05/2015 19:47:00 PM

Aizen gets to go on a supervised trip outside of jail, while Ichigo battles Yhwach.DO NOT TOUCH. Will make your fingers disappear.Summary:Aizen walks up to the Kyoraku, but Kyoraku is not intimidated because he has the most important key buried in hi > read more

One Piece 779

03/05/2015 19:17:00 PM

A quick check around Dressrosa before getting back to the main event.Enough of the distractions. Time to get back to business.Summary:All of the characters do their quick check-ins. The dwarfs destroy the factory, while Koala is in the palace and cal > read more

To Love-Ru Darkness 53

03/04/2015 23:00:00 PM

Yami becomes more tsundere.Doesn't necessarily mean she's gonna let Rito off the hook though.Summary:At school, Momo has to save Rito from Yami's wrath after Rito falls into Yami. For the time being, Momo decides to observe Yami for now and not try t > read more

Cross Ange 21

03/01/2015 23:49:00 PM

Ange tries to escape from Embryo's grasp.Gotta watch your six.Former lovers end up crossing blades in battle.< Summary: Sala and her two helpers tie up the Ragnamail squad (sans Salia) to give Ange a chance to escape. However, the Villkiss is sniped > read more

Gundam Reconguista in G 22

03/01/2015 12:14:00 PM

Everyone returns to Earth's orbit to set up for a showdown(?).GI-T Corp didn't have a very hard time escaping.Playing with their new toy.Summary:The remainder of the GI-T Corp retreat to their Full Moon Ship, and they block through the X police block > read more

One Piece 778

02/27/2015 00:07:00 AM

Zoro comes up with a plan to stop Pica from crushing King Riku.Cutting this giant down to size.Summary;Pica, as a gigantic golem, makes his way towards the royal plateau to crush King Riku. In order to stop Pica, Zoro enlists the help of Elizabello a > read more

Bleach 617

02/26/2015 23:32:00 PM

As Ukitake's Kamikake holds the worlds together, Kyoraku talks to Aizen.Return of the King.Summary:Mimihagi emerges from Ukitake and heads into the sky where it reaches the Soul King's palace where it latches onto the two halves of the Soul King. Thi > read more

Cross Ange 20

02/22/2015 14:39:00 PM

Embryo tries to make Ange his plaything, but Salia gets jealous.You want me to be your queen? I should have known that I don't take orders from anyone!Summary:Tusk and Vivian are rescued by the Aurora, but Jill throws Tusk and Vivian in jail for help > read more

Gundam Reconguista in G

02/21/2015 00:30:00 AM

Bellri battle the GI-T Corps while water continue to leak out of the colony.The Crescent Ship crew got punked.This does not look save for the two girls being twirled around.Summary:Bellri is in awe of the artificial sea inside the colony, but he does > read more

Bleach 616

02/19/2015 21:46:00 PM

Ukitake is going to replace the Soul King.Behold, the Eye of Sauron!!!Summary:As the worlds shake and rumble due to Ichigo slicing the Soul King in half, back in Urahara's command center, Ukitake states that he'll take the place of the Soul King. A b > read more

One Piece 777

02/19/2015 20:02:00 PM

Back to Zoro vs. Pica.Zoro is not a part of a healthy daily diet.Summary:On the flower fields, Diamante is knocked back by Kyros' strike and is knocked out when he hits his head the short tree trunk that marks Scarlet's grave. After the battle, Robin > read more

Cross Ange 19

02/15/2015 16:23:00 PM

Ange is captured by Salia's squad and taken to see Embryo.They can't even hit a large stationary target.That's quite the parachute.That was rather careless of Ange.Summary:Ange, Tusk and Vivian escape from the Aurora, but they immediately run into Sa > read more

Gundam Reconguista in G

02/14/2015 00:01:00 AM

Bellri and the Megafauna crew battle the GI-T Corps.Shaking the pests out of the Gundam.Sure, you failed to stop the enemy from taking back the G-Self and lost an INCOM in the process, but it's not really anything to cry over.Somebody really loves be > read more

Bleach 615

02/12/2015 20:22:00 PM

Ichigo kills the Soul King.You really fucked up this time, Ichigo.Summary:After Ichigo cuts the Soul King in half with Yhwach's sword, the whole Soul Society starts shaking, and the real world also shakes. Ichigo manages to let go of the sword after > read more

One Piece 776

02/12/2015 20:01:00 PM

Back to Kyros vs Diamante.Isn't it a little too early to celebrate?Summary:After Franky defeats Senor Pink, the dwarfs storm the factory, but Franky falls over from his injuries.Meanwhile back at the flower fields, Kyros is starting to shows signs of > read more

Sekirei 174

02/10/2015 23:15:00 PM

Karasuba makes one final charge against Musubi.Look at that killing intent.Summary:Karasuba, by sheer force of will, somehow "unwings" herself and breaks her connection to Natsu. This destabilizes Karasuba's powers and can have lethal consequences, b > read more

Cross Ange 18

02/08/2015 11:44:00 AM

Ange rejoins her old Arzenal crew aboard the Aurora, but it doesn't take long before she and Jill get into a disagreement.Didn't know Vivian had her own fan club.Hot lesbian action.Summary:Ange, Tusk and Vivian rejoins Jill and the Arzenal gang aboar > read more

Gundam Reconguista in G 19

02/07/2015 00:11:00 AM

The Megafauna hitch a ride on the Crescent Ship towards Venus Globe, but the ship gets hijacked by a gang of mercenaries.Keeping fit is important, especially when you are in space.I'd be disappointed too if the hot girl I liked turned out to be my si > read more

To Love-Ru Darkness 52

02/05/2015 20:11:00 PM

Saki and Aya set Rin up for a date with Rito.Forced date is more like it.Summary:Saki has this idea of setting Rin with Rito, and Rin has no choice but to go along and ask Rito out for a drink. While Rito and Rin are at the cafe, Saki and Aya are hid > read more

Bleach 614

02/05/2015 19:28:00 PM

Urahara is still preparing to send the shinigami officers to the Soul King's realm.Some things never change.Summary:In Urahara's command center, Hiyori and her group of Vizards show up to deliver some special water to help Urahara open a portal to th > read more

Cross Ange 17

02/01/2015 16:55:00 PM

Ange, Tusk and Vivian follow the dragon invasion force back to Embryo's world.Every. Single. Episode.That's quite the beating Ange put on Tusk there for the above infraction.Karaoke competition? How about a bikini Twister rematch?Summary:Based on Riz > read more

Gundam Reconguista in G 18

02/01/2015 00:17:00 AM

The Megafauna tries to follow the Crescent ship to Venus Globe while the other factions want to capture the G-Self for themselves. Non-existent security on the Megafauna once again.Get off me, Mask! I'm not into guys!Summary:The crew of the Megafauna > read more

One Piece 775

01/30/2015 00:00:00 AM

Franky and Senor Pink have a battle between men in the Smile Factory.Franky really likes getting German-suplexed.Summary:As Leo and Giolla carry Princess Manshelly out of the palace, the defeated Jora thinks that she needs to report the setback to Do > read more

Bleach 613

01/29/2015 23:30:00 PM

Ichigo and friends confront Yhwach, while Urahara gathers the captains to beam them up to Soul King's realm.We got to the staredown. Tune in next week for staredown, part deux.Summary:Ichigo and friends arrive at the Soul King's palace to confront Yh > read more

Cross Ange 16

01/24/2015 23:59:00 PM

Ange and Sala have some quality bonding time.Can't stop and won't stop, baby!Cross Ange, Sports Edition!Blatant fan service is blatant.Summary:The dragon leaders get a report from Riza that Aura is located under the Mitsuragi Empire, and the dragon p > read more

Gundam Reconguista in G 17

01/24/2015 12:02:00 PM

Bellri and friends and get into a mobile suit scuffle with the Capital Army as everyone is helping to clean up debris from a leak on the colony.Swat, swat, swat! Swatting some space dirt!Summary:Something happened to Cyrano 5 and soil started leaking > read more

One Piece 774

01/23/2015 23:56:00 PM

Leo and the dwarfs try to rescue their princess from the royal palace.Cuteness isn't enough to ward off villains.Summary:Robin arrives at the Flower Fields to protect Rebecca, so now Kyros can freely fight Diamante.Meanwhile, Leo and Giolla are fight > read more

Bleach 612

01/23/2015 23:32:00 PM

Yhwach stabs the Soul King.So Yuushirou is a guy? Hard to tell by his appearance.Summary:Yhwach enters the Soul King's palace and stabs the Soul King, who is immobile and encased in a block. Yhwach calls the Soul King his father and states the Soul K > read more

Quick Thoughts on Tsukimonogatari

01/18/2015 16:39:00 PM

At the end of last year, we were treated to another 4-episode mini-series from the Monogatari-series, this time depicting the story of Yotsugi Doll. I finally got around to watching this story and here are some quick thoughts. Contains some spoilers. > read more

Cross Ange 15

01/18/2015 00:26:00 AM

Ange and Tusk meet the dragon princess and learn about the real Earth.Ange and Tusk won't stop and can't stop.Looks like Ange is not all that concerned about Tusk's life after all.Summary:Ange, Tusk and Vivian are brought back to the dragon home base > read more

Gundam Reconguista in G 16

01/17/2015 22:26:00 PM

Bellri and Aida learn about their true origins at Towasanga.Nice make-you-own sandwich platter.Bellri is more concerned about checking out Aida than seeing the pictures of his long lost parents.Summary:Inside the Towasangan space colony, Raraiya's fr > read more

One Piece 773

01/15/2015 23:45:00 PM

Bart and Robin have to deal with the uncontrollable Hakuba.Bart is a true Luffy fan, even paying homage to Luffy's attack names.Summary:Cavendish turns into Hakuba and makes short work of Dellinger. Hakuba then slices at Bart's barrier before trying > read more

Cross Ange 14

01/10/2015 23:53:00 PM

Ange, Tusk and Vivian end up in a strange, abandoned city.From dragon killer to dragon rider.Everyone else is dead, which means it's Ange and Tusk's job to repopulate the planet.Summary:Ange, Tusk and Vivian wake up to find out that the Villkiss has > read more

Gundam Reconguista in G 15

01/10/2015 00:26:00 AM

The Megafauna and the Salamndra travel to Towasanga on the dark side of the moon.Ghetto style beam shielding.Looks like the Moon People's new toys aren't all that they are made out to be.Summary:As the Megafauna and the Salamandra travel towards the > read more

Sekirei 173

01/09/2015 22:36:00 PM

Natsuo wants to use Norito with Karasuba, but Karasuba doesn't want it.It's getting hot and steamy in here?Summary:The battle between Karasuba and Musubi is interrupted with Natsuo's appearance. Natsuo pleads for Karasuba to open her heart to him and > read more

Amanchu! 56

01/07/2015 23:40:00 PM

Hikari's little sister and her friend start their first day in Yumegaoka High.The Diving Club might be getting some new members.Summary:Spring has arrived, and that means Hikari's little sister is in her first year of high school. Little Sis is joini > read more

Winter 2015 Anime

01/06/2015 23:08:00 PM

Another anime season is upon us, and so it's time to look through the list of new series... or not. Out of the bunch, I will for sure be watching the second season (half) of Tokyo Ghoul. The first season ended at a rather unsatisfying point in the mi > read more

To Love-Ru Darkness OVA 05

01/05/2015 22:54:00 PM

The 5th OVA episode of To Love-Ru Darkness came out in mid-November, but like usual I'm late to the party and only heard about the episode when someone mentioned it in the comments. Like previous episodes, the 5th OVA covers three separate stories fr > read more

Cross Ange 13

01/05/2015 22:14:00 PM

The Arzenal girls try to fight off Julio's forces.Pilots from all other squads are chumps.Momoka is adding a little spice and pepper to the show.Summary:Julio's fleet of ship approach Arzenal proclaiming that there are here to give aid and evacuate t > read more

To Love-Ru Darkness 51

01/01/2015 10:39:00 AM

Nemesis turns Rito into a baby and hands him off to Yui.Here's a baby. Have fun!Summary:Rito has just left his father's apartment when he runs into Nemesis. Nemesis is bored and decide to spray Rito with some gas that is supposed to turn him into a g > read more

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis 12 (Finale)

12/30/2014 16:54:00 PM

Kaisar and friends try to stop Bahamut from destroying the world.I'm gonna torture you by messing up your hair!!!Oh Belzy... if you could have just stepped back a little bit you'd know your plan would never work.Summary:Upon being unleashed, the firs > read more

Gundam Reconguista in G 14

12/26/2014 16:28:00 PM

The different factions set course for the dark side of the moon.One of the highlights this week is that Raraiya and Noredo got new outfits.Isn't it obvious that I want to take a look at your twins?Summary:The representatives from Towasanga continue t > read more

One Piece 772

12/26/2014 11:52:00 AM

Continuing to check out the battles up the mountain.Mismatched tag teams always have the potential for comedy.Summary:On the 4th level of the mountain, Kyros continues to battle Diamante and while Rebecca is standing around not doing much. On the thi > read more

Bleach 611

12/26/2014 11:30:00 AM

Ichigo and company arrive on the scene.Now we know it takes 13 chapters to use the cannon to travel to the Soul King's realm.Summary:After Ichibei and the rest of the Zero Division are defeated, Yhwach and his forces go after the Soul King. Ichigo an > read more

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis 11

12/23/2014 00:21:00 AM

Rita and allies try to stop Belzebuth from releasing Bahamut.Get used to this, because Kaisar does this a lot in this episode.Summary:Now that Amira has been turned into the God-Demon Key in the form of a ball and Favaro has been turned into a demon, > read more

Cross Ange 12

12/21/2014 00:58:00 AM

Ange learns the truth about the world from Jill. Not sure if giving Julio something important to do is the best idea.Jill could have told her story in her office, but we know she just want to get naked with Ange.Summary:The world leaders including Ju > read more

Gundam Reconguista in G 13

12/19/2014 23:23:00 PM

The Capital Army and Amerians form a temporary alliance against the Moon Fleet... or not.What was the purpose of the tape?Reunion time. Is this girl Luin's girlfriend?Summary:It turns out the the Towasanga fleet (the people from the Moon) hit the Gav > read more

One Piece 771

12/18/2014 23:37:00 PM

Checking out various battles on the mountain to the Royal Palace.Apparently fighting the Donquixote Family is not enough, Chinjao and Sai have to fight each other too.Summary:Zoro runs into Elizabello while running up the mountain battling Pica. Eliz > read more

Bleach 610

12/18/2014 23:03:00 PM

Yhwach wins by opening his eyes.Yhwach's awesome power is that he can cross his eyes?!!!Summary:Yhwach shows off his true power by opening his "eyes" so that each of his eye has two pupils. This allows Yhwach to understand and counter all powers of e > read more

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis 10

12/15/2014 23:21:00 PM

Amira's journey to find her mom takes a demonic turn.One reason why shouldn't keep so many dead creatures in your lab: they can help a neromancer escape.From saint to demon in 30 seconds.Summary:Martinet catches Rita sneaking around in his lab, but R > read more

Cross Ange 11

12/14/2014 00:26:00 AM

The island base gets attacked by dragons and Paramails from another dimension.Julio is not a very capable villain, but at least he is getting some succubus pie.So Jasmine used to be the base commander? She also looked considerably better back in the > read more

Gundam Reconguista in G 12

12/12/2014 23:55:00 PM

Amerian and Capital Army forces battle near the top of the Capital Tower.Raraiya is upset at the direction of this show.Why does the G-Self have to physically move its arms down to fire the missiles?Summary:The Amerian forces led by Klim hatch a plan > read more

One Piece 770

12/11/2014 20:26:00 PM

Checking on Zoro vs. Pica and some other battles.Can a giant shoulder press 10000 tons?Summary:While Luffy is dealing with Bellamy at the royal palace, the battles continue down the mountain. Zoro runs around trying not get crushed by Pica, who sneak > read more

Bleach 609

12/11/2014 19:55:00 PM

Ichibei unleashes his finishing move on Yhwach.Now that's what I call a stomping.Summary:Ichibei paints Yhwach black with his brush which takes away Yhwach's name. Ichibei then unleashes his bankai, which he calls "evolved zanpukto" which allow him t > read more

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis 09

12/09/2014 22:52:00 PM

Favaro and Amira continue their journey to find Amira's mother.Sing along as you march onwards to adventure!!Even Joker demon is singing along.Summary:Favaro and Amira escape Anati via an underground canal, and the knights learn of the escape. Lavall > read more

Cross Ange 10

12/07/2014 15:23:00 PM

Ange escapes capture and is brought back to the island.Sylvie gotta put her legs into it if she wants to whip hard... oh wait, she can't put her legs into it.This guy has been taking lessons from Rito Yuuki.Summary:In front of a Norma-hating crowd, A > read more

Gundam Reconguista in G 11

12/06/2014 14:22:00 PM

The Megafauna, Capital Army and Amerian forces battle it out in space.You'd think they would have better repair tools than a giant mallet.I have doubts on this guy's leadership abilities.Summary:Gusion takes the glider back to the Amerian capital, an > read more

Amanchu! 53-55

12/05/2014 23:12:00 PM

Three more chapters to wrap up the Ai-Katori-Peter magical world story. Together forever.Chapter 53 summary:In Peter's dream world, Teenage Katori explains she first met Peter when she was close to graduating high school. People tend to wander into P > read more

To Love-Ru Darkness 50

12/04/2014 22:42:00 PM

Rito sees Sephie's face, and trouble is bound to follow.Being too beautiful has its drawbacks.Summary:Rito accidentally falls and rips off Sephie's veil, and this allows him to get a full view of her face. Thinking that Rito will go into beast mode, > read more

Bleach 608

12/04/2014 21:49:00 PM

Crazy monk vs. Quincy boss continued.All them blackness belong to me!!!Summary:Ichibei releases his shikai and starts spraying black ink everywhere with his giant brush/sword. Yhwach doesn't think of much of ink at first and gets sprayed, but then he > read more

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis 08

12/02/2014 23:31:00 PM

The aftermath of Azazel's attack on Anati.Finally getting some recognition for their work.Of course the super duper sword is given to the warrior saint instead of the king. What is a king who sits around doing nothing going to do with that sword anyw > read more

Cross Ange 09

11/30/2014 12:55:00 PM

Ange and Momoka venture back into the capital city to rescue Sylvia, while Hilda goes back to her home town to meet her mother.You managed to sneak in the back... but then you had to smash the window to get out? Not exactly a cat burglar, are you?Sor > read more

Gundam Reconguista in G 10

11/28/2014 14:47:00 PM

Bellri and friends go back to the Megafauna to defend against another Capital Army attack.Don't go out there, Aida. You are making all of us look bad.Bellri must have caught his zipper on his family jewels.Summary:After Bellri, Aida, Rariaya and Nore > read more

One Piece 769

11/27/2014 15:26:00 PM

The battle continues on top of the Royal Palace.Time for a certain rubber man to come to the rescue.Summary:After hitting Doflamingo in the abs with Injection Shot, Law tries to crush Doflamingo with a corner of the palace, but Doflamingo avoids it a > read more

Bleach 607

11/27/2014 14:15:00 PM

Yhwach vs. Ichibei continued.Example of logic in Bleach.Summary:After Ichibei cut Yhwach's power in half, Yhwach just restores his power and throws bolts at Ichibei. Ichibei catches them and then proceeds to smash through Yhwach's Blut Vene barrier a > read more

Sekirei 172

11/25/2014 20:23:00 PM

A little history on how Karasuba met Yume.Wait... this is Yume?Summary:Years ago, Karasuba guarded Kamikura Island as the only member of the Disciplinary Squad. She is then approached by Yume, who dressed exactly like Musubi. Unlike the other Sekirei > read more

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis 07

11/25/2014 00:15:00 AM

Bahamut is back after a recap episode last week. In this episode, Azazel's demonic forces attack Anati in an effort to capture Amira.Medieval fantasy paratroopers... without the parachute.You can't separate Amira from her favorite meal.Summary:Azazel > read more

Cross Ange 08

11/23/2014 19:54:00 PM

A festival on the island presents an opportunity for Ange to escape.The swimsuit episode.I'm Licky Bear. Mind if I join your licking session, ladies?Summary:An important delegate is visiting the island, and therefore the island has a beach festival a > read more

Gundam Reconguista in G 09

11/22/2014 00:01:00 AM

The Megafauna heads into Capital Tower territory with some help from the Capital Guard.One must make time to buy fresh chicken even when you are on an important covert mission.Aida is slightly less useless this week, but still pretty useless.Summary: > read more

One Piece 768

11/19/2014 23:03:00 PM

Back to Law vs Doflamingo in the present. Doflamingo seems especially vulnerable to body blows.Summary:Back in the present, battles rage all over Dressrosa between Doflamingo's forces and the Straw Hats/allies. Back at the top of the mountain, Doflam > read more

Bleach 606

11/19/2014 22:37:00 PM

Ichibei vs. Yhwach continued, and Urahara runs into some old friends.Not going to have high expectations for these guys, given how badly the rest of the Vizards have fared so far.Summary:Ichibei gets pissed and declares that he is going to kill Yhwac > read more

Cross Ange 07

11/16/2014 13:34:00 PM

Salia's squad battles a new type of giant dragon without Ange as Ange is sick with a cold.Salia and the girls wouldn't look out of place in a Mahou Shoujo show.Summary:After buying Momoka's stay at the island, Ange continues hogging the dragon kills, > read more

Gundam Reconguista in G 08

11/15/2014 00:15:00 AM

Aida's dad and Bellri's mom get involved in the battle between the pirates and Mask's squad.Hey, stop hanging around and get out of the way!Aida seriously needs some pilot training. This is getting ridiculous.This ain't no Red Comet Kick... It's the > read more

One Piece 767

11/13/2014 23:37:00 PM

Rociante tries to help Law escape Doflamingo's grasp.That was unfortunate...Summary:With the Bird Cage in place, Doflamingo and his forces search the area for Rociante and Law, and they eliminate the Barrels Pirates in the process. Rociante is captur > read more

Bleach 605

11/13/2014 22:39:00 PM

Yhwach battles Ichibei.Don't get into a shoving match with Ichibei.Summary:Down on the ground, Kyoraku surveys the wreckage of the Quincy buildings and has a chat with Ukitake who has a strange shadow behind him. They talk about Yhwach's invasion bei > read more

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis 06

11/11/2014 23:07:00 PM

Amira, Favaro, Rita and Kaisar are captured and taken to the human capital.Angels only show up when they want the humans to do their job for them.Totally deserved that, just because he's Favaro.Summary:Azazel returns to the demon world, but finds tha > read more

Cross Ange 06

11/09/2014 19:29:00 PM

Ange's former maid Momoka sneaks onto the island to visit Ange.Operation Maido-Sneak-In is a success.Pretty impressive that Momoka was able to redecorate the locker room.Ange has the money, so why not live a little more comfortably?Summary:Ange's for > read more

Gundam Reconguista in G 07

11/07/2014 23:42:00 PM

Mask and his new squad launch a new attack against the Pirates.Can't say Mask doesn't care about his team. Huddle up!Funny how difficulties with radio and radar makes balloons a viable decoy.Summary:The Megafauna goes back to hiding in a cave on the > read more

One Piece 766

11/06/2014 20:22:00 PM

Things take a turn for the worst for Corazon and Law.That's an unfortunate set of circumstances and coincidences.Summary:Corazon returns to Law with the Ope Ope Fruit. Corazon makes Law eat the Devil Fruit, but Corazon then collapses due to all the g > read more

Bleach 604

11/06/2014 19:47:00 PM

Yhwach sucks power from his other Sternritters to give his four special Sternritters a power up.Yhwach advances forward with the power of plot-kai.Summary;Yhwach takes power from the Sternritters on the ground and uses the power to revive and power u > read more

Naruto 699 & 700 (Final Chapter)

11/06/2014 19:25:00 PM

Naruto ends its 15 year run with two chapters, last of which is in full color.And that's a wrap, folks.Summary:Kakashi and Sakura locate Naruto and Sasuke. Sakura patches them up, and Naruto and Sasuke dispel the Infinite Tsukuyomi and free the taile > read more

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis 05

11/03/2014 23:25:00 PM

Favaro and Rita attempt to rescue Amira and Kaisar from Azazel's flying fortress.This new partnership is starting off well.This torture is... less cruel than I expected demons to be. Probably to keep it PG13.Summary;Amira and Kaisar have been capture > read more

Cross Ange 05

11/02/2014 23:23:00 PM

Ange meets the man of her dreams.This guy is obviously up to no good.Lingerie to use for sabotage... how kinky.Summary:The squad takes care of the dragon threat, and decide to return to base and send a team later to recover the Villkiss and Ange (dea > read more

To Love-Ru Darkness 49

11/02/2014 20:11:00 PM

Lala, Momo and Nana's mother arrive on Earth.Who can this be...?Summary:Rito and Mikan are walking on the street when they see a beautiful woman with a veil over her face convince two punks to not fight and convince the perverted principal to do some > read more

Sekirei 171

11/01/2014 10:49:00 AM

Kusano's norito revives a bunch of Sekireis.Area-effect revival spell has drained all of Kusano's mana.Summary:Kusano's norito revives all of the downed Sekireis including Akitsu (who is now one of Mikogami's Sekirei), and also heals some of Minato's > read more

Gundam Reconguista in G 06

10/31/2014 23:15:00 PM

The Megafauna battle the Capital Army in the upper atmosphere.What are you doing Noredo, bullying this mentally challenged girl?Summary:The Megafauna fly to the upper atmosphere to draw attention away from some Amerian ships sneaking around Earth's o > read more

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