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One Piece 760

09/12/2014 22:21:00 PM

Doflamingo regains the upper hand.Doflamingo looks like he has plenty of pent-up rage to go off on a rant.Summary:Back down in Dressrosa, Fujitora and Sabo have stopped fighting, and Sabo is getting scolded by Koala for the brawl. Up on the royal pla > read more

Bleach 596

09/12/2014 21:53:00 PM

Mayuri shows off his new zombies.No love for old fat diaper babies, that is. > read more

Naruto 692

09/12/2014 21:42:00 PM

Just when you thought the party was over...Sasuke isn't going to let this series end on such a quiet note.Summary:The zombie Hokages leave, Hagaromo congratulates everyone and it looks like the only thing left to do is the easy task of undoing the In > read more

Amanchu! 45-47

09/05/2014 19:29:00 PM

The third and final Amanchu! catch-up post covering chapters 45, 46 and 47.Everyone is getting along on the first day of the year.Chapter 45:Everyone in the diving club and Kokoro goes to Hikari's grandma's diving shop to celebrate the new year. Afte > read more

One Piece 759

09/04/2014 20:49:00 PM

Luffy and Law battle Doflamingo and Trebol.Let's see how hard those abs really are.Summary:On the third level of the mountain, all of the headcracker dolls turn back into henchmen because Sugar was knocked out. Back at the top level, Doflamingo uses > read more

Bleach 595

09/04/2014 19:00:00 PM

Byakuya battles Pepe and his puppet Hisagi.If that's your God's Love, you should probably switch religions.Summary:Pepe spews some stupid speech about love but Byakuya has already immobilized Hisagi. However, Byakuya makes the mistake of talking too > read more

Naruto 691

09/04/2014 18:40:00 PM

Thank you's and farewells for Naruto and friends.I saved the world on my birthday. Fuck yeah!!!Summary:Hagaromo congratulates Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi for sealing Kaguya and saving the world. Kakashi says goodbye to Obito's spirit and loses > read more

Amanchu! 41-44

09/03/2014 21:39:00 PM

Part 2 of my Amanchu! catch-up posts.Magic is in the air.Chapter 41:Futaba sits at a roadside cafe and realizes she is in a dream. She then hangs out with a younger girl sitting nearby and the two go flying around on brooms. Futaba warns the girl to > read more

Amanchu! 38-40

09/02/2014 20:30:00 PM

I have not blogged Amanchu! in a long time. It's not that I dropped the series. It's because I couldn't find any translations for the new chapters until recently. The manga is now up to chapter 47, so I got a lot of catching up to do. Since there is > read more

To Love-Ru Darkness 47 and Special

09/01/2014 14:09:00 PM

In chapter 47, Yami apologies to everyone for causing trouble as Dark Yami. In the special, Mikan bathes with Rito to prevent Momo from sneaking into the bath.Flustered Yami is kawaii~~~Chapter 47 summary:Everything has returned to normal now that Ya > read more

Claymore 154

09/01/2014 13:33:00 PM

Awakened Teresa takes on Priscilla.The ultimate slicing, dicing, cutting, chopping angel of death and salvation!Summary:Teresa awakens into an angelic form, but in terms of yoki Galatea seas Teresa as Teresa and Clare in the twin goddesses form. Awak > read more

Thoughts on Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo

08/31/2014 21:47:00 PM

I finally got around to watching the third Rebuild of Evangelion movie, and here's what I thought. Contains spoilers.Hmmm, this is Evangelion?!I actually watched the movie when I was on a flight some time ago, and didn't get around to writing about i > read more

Quick Thoughts on Hanamonogatari

08/30/2014 15:09:00 PM

In the middle of August, Shaft unleashed another 5-episode story arc of the Monogatari series upon us, and here's what I thought of it. Contains spoilersHighlight of the series.In Hanamonogatari, the athletic Suruga Kanbaru is back in the spotlight a > read more

One Piece 758

08/29/2014 23:19:00 PM

Luffy and Law reach the top of the mountain with some help from friends."God" strikes again!!!Summary:Luffy and Law make their way up to the royal palace and leave Kyros and Rebecca to deal with Diamante. Luffy and Law are confronted by Sugar, but Us > read more

Bleach 594

08/29/2014 23:05:00 PM

Mayuri has to deal with more zombies, and moving back to Byakuya's group vs. the Sternritter group.Old, fat guy using the Moe Moe Kyun beam!? > read more

Naruto 690

08/29/2014 22:41:00 PM

Naruto and Sasuke put the seal on Kaguya.Somebody is going to get sandwiched.Summary:Naruto and Sasuke put the seal on Kaguya. The tailed beasts are expelled from the Juubi, and Kaguya is encased by rocks to form a small moon with Madara being expell > read more

One Piece 757

08/21/2014 19:36:00 PM

Luffy and company continue to advance up Doflamingo's mountain.That's a true Luffy fan right there.Summary:On level 3 of the mountain, Bart uses his barrier power to build a stair for Luffy, Law and Kyros to get up to the next level. Bart, Robin and > read more

Bleach 593

08/21/2014 19:06:00 PM

Mayuri vs. Zombie Hitsugaya.Zombie Hitsugaya is getting thrown for a loop.Summary:Mayuri and Zombie Hitsugaya start to battle. Hitsugaya overpowers Mayuri with bankai, but he finds himself trapped in a time loop where the loop resets every time he ki > read more

Naruto 689

08/21/2014 18:53:00 PM

The members of Team Kakashi work together to take down Kaguya.Good job, Sakura. Never thought I'd ever say that lol.Summary:The members of Team Kakashi (Team 7) reunite for one last try to seal Kaguya as Kaguya forms a gigantic tailed beast bomb to b > read more

Sekirei 166-168

08/20/2014 22:55:00 PM

It's been a while since I blogged Sekirei, and there have been 3 new chapters since then. In these chapters, all of the Ashikabis and Sekireis on Kamikura Island have to deal with the military forces trying to invade Kamikura Island.There she blows! > read more

To Love-Ru Darkness 46

08/19/2014 21:49:00 PM

Again, due to me moving at the beginning of the month, I completely forgot about the monthly manga series, so here is the post for chapter 46 of TLR Darkness. In this chapter, Rito tries to use the power of ecchi to turn Dark Yami back into normal Ya > read more

Claymore 153

08/18/2014 23:14:00 PM

I've been so busy moving that I completely forgot about this month's Claymore chapter, and it was when the action was getting good too. Anyways, in this month's chapter, Teresa and Priscilla fight it out in the rematch of the century.Priscilla is so > read more

One Piece 756

08/17/2014 13:38:00 PM

The battle continues at Dressrosa.Ready or not, it's time to avenge your mother, Rebecca.Summary:Kinemon and Kanjuro reach to royal plateau to join Usopp, King Riku and Violet, but Kanjuro's ladders also give the people after the bounties a way up. V > read more

Bleach 592

08/17/2014 12:59:00 PM

Zombie Hitsugaya and Mayuri size each other up.These two are two of a kind.Summary:Zombie Hitsugaya walks onto the scene and makes short work of Ikakku and Yumichika. Hitsugaya also wounds Charlotte, but Mayuri saves Charlotte with an energy barrier. > read more

Naruto 688

08/17/2014 12:29:00 PM

Haven't blogged in a while because I've been busy moving and staring my new job, but thankfully I've not fallen too far behind as there didn't seem to be any Shounen Jump this week. So in the latest Naruto chapter, Obito dies, but guess who gets a po > read more

One Piece 755

07/31/2014 23:23:00 PM

The dwarfs open up the Smile Factory and Franky has a showdown with Senor Pink.Two can play the suplex game. Or maybe three.Summary:At the scrap heap, Kanjuro draws a bunch of crooked ladders for the other people to climb out of the pit. At the Smile > read more

Bleach 591

07/31/2014 22:57:00 PM

Mayuri and Giselle bring out their zombie helpers.Fighting fire with fire. Fighting zombies with your own zombies.Summary:Mayuri brings out four arrancars Charlotte, Cirucci, Luppi and Dordoni that he had revived to deal with Giselle's shinigami zomb > read more

Naruto 687

07/31/2014 22:41:00 PM

Obito dies.I hope that's not a jinx.Summary:Obito gets hit by Kaguya's dissolving rod. Kaguya transports everyone back into the central dimension so she can gather chakra. Sasuke keeps Kaguya busy while Naruto tries in vain to keep Obito alive, but O > read more

One Piece 754

07/28/2014 17:46:00 PM

The battle continues in Dressrosa.For a quick doodle, the bird is not that terrible.Summary:At the scrap heap below the surface, Kinemon finally finds his friend Kanjuro. Kanjuro uses his giant paintbrush to bring to life a large bird to carry himsel > read more

Bleach 590

07/28/2014 16:53:00 PM

Kurotsuchi vs. Giselle... sort of.Bambi must be drooling for strudel.Summary:Mayuri Kurotsuchi shows up with his blindingly bright coat to take over the battle against Giselle. Giselle abuses zombie Bambi for a bit before having Bambi launch some ene > read more

Naruto 686

07/28/2014 16:23:00 PM

Late blogging for manga this week. It's not that I read the chapters late, but I've been occupied by other things. Anyways, in this iteration of Naruto, Obito brings Sasuke back to the battlefield to help Naruto fight Kaguya. Curious how the stronges > read more

One Piece 753

07/16/2014 21:02:00 PM

Luffy and cohorts continue to try to get to the top of Doflamingo's mountain.Luffy and Cavendish's awareness of their surroundings seems to be pretty low given how people can easily freely hitch rides.Summary:At the palace at the top of the mountain, > read more

Bleach 589

07/16/2014 19:21:00 PM

Ichigo and company find out the plan to get back up to the Soul King's realm, while Ikakku and Yumichika battle Giselle and her puppet Bambietta.It didn't take long to reach this subject.Summary:Ichigo, Chad and Orihime find that Urahara had built a > read more

Naruto 685

07/16/2014 09:57:00 AM

Obito and Sakura try to find Sasuke among Kagura's dimensions.Surprised that it took them several tries to find Sasuke... Sakura should have used her fangirl instincts.Summary:Since the Naruto clone was killed in the central dimension, the real Narut > read more

Summer 2014 Anime

07/14/2014 21:41:00 PM

Even though I haven't written many posts on anime recently, I'm still watching anime. I didn't follow any shows in the spring season, but I started watching a couple of series this season.~~~Fighting evil by moonlight. Winning love by daylight...~~~O > read more

Bleach 588

07/10/2014 14:42:00 PM

Yhwach invades the Soul King's realm, while Ikakku and Yumichika battle Giselle.Not sure if showing up one at a time is the best strategy for the Zero Division.Summary:Yhwach, Haschwalth and Uryu invade the Soul King's realm. Haschwalth calls forth s > read more

Naruto 684

07/10/2014 13:39:00 PM

Naruto fights back against Kaguya while Obito's group try to sneak into Kaguya's realm. Naruto always has the numbers game on his side.Summary:Kaguya stares at Obito's group for a bit before going after the trapped real Naruto, but Naruto is ready fo > read more

Sekirei 162-165

07/07/2014 20:05:00 PM

Haven't posted about Sekirei for a while, and I finally found some Chinese scans of chapter 162-165. In these four chapters, the final stage continues on Kamikura Island, but the battle is interrupted when external forces invade.Finally it's Matsu's > read more

One Piece 752

07/04/2014 22:17:00 PM

Luffy and Law fall into Doflamingo's trap.Some hitch hikers can be helpful.Summary:Luffy, Law and Ucy find themselves at a dead end full of water, and Doflamingo appears and takes out Ucy which dumps Law and Luffy in the water. Law and Luffy are help > read more

Bleach 587

07/04/2014 21:29:00 PM

Ichigo and company chase after Yhwach, while Rukia and company continue to battle the Sternritters.This is how Chad usually greets his friends.Summary:Yhwach, Uryu and Haschwalth ascend to the heavens and leaves with a big explosion. Ichigo then join > read more

Naruto 683

07/04/2014 20:27:00 PM

Naruto ends up facing Kaguya by himself.Let's play a little game of portal tag.Summary:Naruto now has to face Kaguya by himself now that Sasuke has been tossed to another dimension. Instead of attacking Naruto directly, Kaguya takes the safer approac > read more

To Love-Ru Darkness 45 & Special

07/04/2014 16:50:00 PM

In chapter 45, Mea, Rito and company come up with a plan to bring Yami back to normal. In the special chapter, Rito and Yui have fun on a crowded train.The Rito Lick-Attack!!!Chapter 45 summary:Mea takes over and starts fighting Dark Yami, while Momo > read more

Claymore 152

07/04/2014 16:00:00 PM

Teresa has a chat with Clare's friends before fighting Priscilla.The main event finally starts.Summary:Priscilla appears to be weakened after getting rid of Chronos and Octavia, but Teresa lets her recover and instead goes to chat with Clare's friend > read more

One Piece 751

06/26/2014 00:50:00 AM

Sabo takes on the Marines, while Luffy and cohorts continue to climb the mountain towards Doflamingo.That's one way to get rid of freeloaders.Summary:Sabo beats up the lesser marines and makes short work of Bastille before taking on Fujitora. Meanwhi > read more

Naruto 682

06/26/2014 00:26:00 AM

Naruto uses his ultimate move to battle Kaguya.This is thinking outside of the box.And Sakura, why are you nose-bleeding?Summary:Naruto and Sasuke realize they need to think outside of the box to beat Kaguya, and so Naruto uses his ultimate Reverse H > read more

Bleach 586

06/25/2014 10:56:00 AM

Ichigo chases after Yhwach but is shot at by Uryu.Maybe two never really liked each other that much.Summary:Rukia and company battle the group of eight Sternritter, and this lets Ichigo chase after Yhwach. Ichigo approaches the tower but Uryu shoots > read more

One Piece 750

06/18/2014 19:36:00 PM

The Straw Hats and allies battle the Donquixote Family on multiple fronts.Let see if Fujitora can take the heat.Summary:Luffy's bull-riding group charges up Doflamingo's mountain, and the other coliseum gladiators also make it onto the mountain from > read more

Naruto 681

06/18/2014 16:40:00 PM

Black Zetsu appears and reveals that he was the true mastermind behind the masterminds.Kaguya wants a good look at Naruto and Sasuke's handsome faces before killing them.Summary:Kaguya repels Sasuke's attack and then she opens a portal to sneak behin > read more

Bleach 585

06/18/2014 16:05:00 PM

Ichigo goes after Yhwach while handing off the Sternritters to his shinigami friends.It's now 8 on 6 instead of 8 on 1.Summary:Yhwach appears and declares that Ichigo coming down from the heavens has left an opening in the defense around the Soul Kin > read more

Bleach 584

06/11/2014 14:35:00 PM

Ichigo gets outnumbered even more.Once again, everybody wants a piece of Ichigo.Summary:Candice loses an arm from Ichigo's attack, but she gets Giselle to grow her a new one. The girl group are suddenly sniped off by Bazz-B, who appears with three ot > read more

Naruto 680

06/11/2014 13:53:00 PM

Naruto and Sasuke try to survive against Kaguya.Is Kaguya the senile ancestor or are Naruto and Sasuke the ungrateful descendents?Summary:Kaguya transports Naruto and company to a different dimension, and Naruto and Sasuke have to ward off Kaguya's a > read more

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn OVA 07 (Finale)

06/06/2014 20:30:00 PM

I finally got around to watching the final episode of the Gundam Unicorn OVA series, and here are my thoughts on the final episode and the series as a whole.Another round of Unicorn vs. Banshee, but now with the jealous competitor for the girl in the > read more

Bleach 583

06/05/2014 22:48:00 PM

Ichigo shows off some more moves against the Sternritter girl group.Cross-slashes is one perk you get for dual-wielding.Summary:Ichigo easily avoid the the arrows shot by the Sternritter and tosses them into buildings again. Candice gets really pisse > read more

Naruto 679

06/05/2014 22:22:00 PM

Black Zetsu takes over Madara.The final boss powered up even though it was winning.Summary:Black Zetsu starts transferring himself over to Madara and starts absorbing chakra from all the people trapped in Mugen Tsukiumi which turns Madara into a ball > read more

To Love-Ru Darkness 44

06/04/2014 18:37:00 PM

Dark Yami vs. Lala continued.Reinforcements have arrived.Summary:Dark Yami and Lala clash with their respective full power attacks. Lala is forced onto a building by Yami's giant energy blade and presses up against Rito. Lala goes all out with her ta > read more

Claymore 151

05/31/2014 12:00:00 PM

Teresa has a little tune-up fight.Violence at its most elegant.Summary:In the inner world, Clare tells Teresa of her adventures and the friends that she has made and lost during these times, and then the two agree to fight together. Back in the real > read more

One Piece 748-749

05/31/2014 10:25:00 AM

Luffy manage to rally a ragtag group to go after Doflamingo.Let me smack the ugly off of your face!Summary:Stone Giant Pica punches the ground and sends Luffy's group flying to the coliseum where they run into Cavendish and other strong fighters from > read more

Naruto 677-678

05/30/2014 23:28:00 PM

Madara pulls off Mugen Tsukiumi.Sweet dreams.Summary:Madara pulls off Mugen Tsukiumi and sends pretty much everyone on Earth into dreamland. The people caught in the genjutsu are then wrapped up into cocoons connected to giant roots that sprout from > read more

Bleach 581-582

05/30/2014 23:00:00 PM

Finally found a little bit of time to do some manga blogging. In the last two weeks of Bleach, our hero shows up to confront the four girls Sternritters.Ichigo is irresistible to the ladies.Summary:Ichigo takes an entire chapter to make an entrance a > read more

Dr. TJ is in the house

05/29/2014 17:13:00 PM

I haven't posted for a while and have lagged behind on my usual manga blogging. There is good reason behind this though as I recently graduated with my PhD degree, so you may now refer to me as Dr. TJ. I've been busy with the graduation festivities a > read more

One Piece 747

05/19/2014 23:29:00 PM

Straw Hats and allies try to survive in Doflamingo's Bird Cage.Let's hope that the bigger they are, the harder they fall.Summary:Dressrosa falls into chaos after Doflamingo enacts Bird Cage, but Fujitora still insists on catching the Straw Hats and a > read more

Bleach 580

05/19/2014 22:49:00 PM

The four girl Sternritters lay a beating on Zaraki and his underlings.The Zaraki hype train has been slowed... for now.Summary:The Sternritter girl group consisting of Candice, Liltotto, Meninas and Giselle proceed to beat up the injured Zaraki and k > read more

Naruto 676

05/18/2014 22:59:00 PM

Manga blogging is late this week because I had to travel during the week. In this week's chapter of Naruto, Madara comes back with both of his Rinnegans. I'm baaaacckkk~~~Summary:Madara returns to the real realm with both of his Rinnegans, and black > read more

One Piece 746

05/07/2014 23:30:00 PM

Doflamingo turns the country to chaos with his Bird Cage plan.How dare these people abandon their god and savior?!Summary:Doflamingo traps everyone in Dressrosa and sinks the country into chaos by having people randomly attack each other. In addition > read more

Bleach 579

05/07/2014 22:33:00 PM

Gemmy is defeated, but Zaraki immediately gets new foes.Zaraki's next job is to shut these b*tches up.Summary:Gemmy's body disintegrates and reveals that his real form is a brain in a case. Zaraki wins the battle, but he received some injuries from t > read more

Naruto 675

05/07/2014 22:11:00 PM

Sakura proves to be useless yet again as Madara ends up alone with Obito in the pocket dimension.We are disappointed in you, Sakura.Summary:Madara arrives in the pocket dimension by using the Sharingan he stole from Kakashi. Obito sees Madara coming > read more

Thoughts on Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

05/04/2014 15:55:00 PM

The few of you who still check on this blog may have noticed that I haven't been blogging or even talking about anime during this spring 2014 season. I haven't been watching any of the new series in the season. Instead, I plan to watch some of the ol > read more

To Love-Ru Darkness 43 and Special Chapter

05/01/2014 00:04:00 AM

In chapter 43, Lala battles Dark Yami to stop Yami from killing Rito. In the special chapter, Haruna invites Rito to her apartment and treats him to her home cooking.Girls can get nasty when fighting over a guy.Chapter 43 Summary:Momo and Nana arrive > read more

Claymore 150

04/28/2014 22:54:00 PM

The return of Teresa of the Faint Smile.She'll beat you with her eyes closed.Summary:Miria and company are fighting for their lives against Priscilla's Cassandra and Chronos tentacle heads when they feel a new presence on the battle field that is lik > read more

Rosario + Vampire II After Story

04/24/2014 23:42:00 PM

The epilogue of Rosario + Vampire season 2, featuring the character that was conspicuously missing during the series finale.Meeting with the future father-in-law not going so well.Summary:In a room somewhere, a man hands a Fairy Tale bounty poster fo > read more

One Piece 745

04/23/2014 22:41:00 PM

Doflamingo enacts his contingency plan.Kyros was pretty close from getting an unwanted haircut.Summary:In the underground, Diamante and Pica keep the freed pirates and gladiators from attacking the Smile factory, while Sabo, Koala and Hack meet up wi > read more

Bleach 578

04/23/2014 22:06:00 PM

Zaraki cuts up anything Gremmy can throw at him.A public service announcement brought to you by Kenpachi Zaraki.Summary;Zaraki destroys the giant meteor with his giant knife shikai, and this scares Gremmy a little. Gremmy makes more copies of himself > read more

Naruto 674

04/23/2014 21:42:00 PM

Powered-up Naruto and Sasuke battle Madara.The Naruto-Madara-Sasuke Sandwich, coming right up!Summary:Sasuke and Naruto start fighting Madara. Madara uses his Rinnegan's "Limbo" power to create a shadow of himself that most people can't see or feel, > read more

Bleach 577

04/16/2014 21:42:00 PM

Gremmy tries to destroy Zaraki and the Seiretei with a giant meteor.This reminds me of that chapter in Onepunch Man.Summary:The two Gremmys summon a giant meteor to destroy Zaraki and the Seiretei, and this gets everybody's attention. Everyone is con > read more

Naruto 673

04/16/2014 20:21:00 PM

Powered-up Naruto and Sasuke get ready to battle Madara.Is two better than one?Summary:After saving Guy, powered-up Naruto sends Madara crashing through the sacred tree with a Sage-powered version of Rasen Shuriken. The sacred tree is cut down, but M > read more

One Piece 744

04/10/2014 16:47:00 PM

"Lucy" breaks through the coliseum floor and gets to the underground area.Usopp the Hero of Dressrosa!!!Summary:At the coliseum, "Lucy"'s attack collapses the arena floor and causes the combatants and the fighting fish to fall into the center. "Lucy" > read more

Bleach 576

04/10/2014 16:04:00 PM

Zaraki vs Gremmy continued, with Gremmy opting for a power-up.If it takes a giant falling meteorite to make Zaraki hard, then...I'm not going to go thereSummary:Zaraki and Gremmy continue to battle. Zaraki has the upper hand and slashes Gremmy a coup > read more

Naruto 672

04/09/2014 23:00:00 PM

Mighty Guy unleashes his ultimate attack on Madara.Also, this is my 2000th post on this humble little blog. Yippee!!Feel the pain!!!Summary:The battle between Mighty Guy and Madara has left both battered and exhausted. Guy decides to go all in and un > read more

Winter 2014 Anime Final Thoughts

04/06/2014 00:21:00 AM

It's time to look back at the anime series I've watched that have ended during the Winter 2014 season, and so here are my quick final thoughts on Kill la Kill, Nobunagun, and Witch Craft Works. I'm busy with lots of other things lately, so forgive me > read more

To Love-Ru Darkness 42

04/04/2014 23:55:00 PM

Dark Yami continues to mess around the school while trying to kill Rito.First wife to the rescue!!Summary:Nana and Momo end up in Mea's apartment after Yami sends them away through a portal. Nana declares that she believes in Mea and the sisters make > read more

Sekirei 161

04/03/2014 23:15:00 PM

The three-way battle between Minato's group, Higa's group and the Disciplinary Squad continues.Karasuba just can't admit that she loves Yume.Summary:Musubi and Karasuba start fighting, and Karasuba reminisces about the final moment of her love-hate r > read more

Claymore 149

04/03/2014 17:05:00 PM

Priscilla is back, and more hungry than ever.Priscilla is as close to unkillable as they come.Summary:Clare finds Priscilla in the forest and gets her left arm cut off her troubles. Priscilla has eaten Cassandra and gained her tentacle heads. Miria a > read more

One Piece 743

04/02/2014 23:45:00 PM

Dressrosa falls into chaos as the toys turn back into humans.Better late than never.Summary:Usopp's horrifying face scares the bejeesus out of Sugar and she gets knocked out, and thus all of the people and beasts that she turned into toys return to n > read more

Bleach 575

04/02/2014 23:18:00 PM

Zaraki vs. Gremmy continued.Just getting warmed up.Summary;Sternritters Askin Nakk Le Vaar and Pepe watch the battle from afar and decide to put a little more distance between themselves and the fight. Back on the platform, Zaraki gets Yachiru to go > read more

Naruto 671

04/02/2014 23:08:00 PM

Hagaromo continues talking to Naruto.Hagaromo has this parallel conferencing technique down to an art.Summary:Hagaromo reveals that Naruto is the reincarnation of his son Ashura, and Naruto can guess that Sasuke is Indra. Previously, Hashirama was As > read more

Sekirei 159 & 160

04/01/2014 19:00:00 PM

The Disciplinary Squad joins the fray as the light barrier around Kamikura Island goes down.Musubi uses the Power of Love. It is super effective!Summary:The Disciplinary Squad appear as the light barrier on and around Kamikura Island goes down. Karas > read more

One Piece 742

03/26/2014 20:48:00 PM

Kyros continues his flashback, and going-ons in the coliseum and in the underground bay.Usopp's ultimate attack!!!!Summary:Kyros continues his flashback where King Riku disguised himself as anonymous gladiator Ricky and fought Kyros in the coliseum. > read more

Bleach 574

03/26/2014 19:49:00 PM

Zaraki battles Gremmy.Gremmy just can't bring himself to imagine that he could beat Zaraki.Summary:Some shinigamis down on the ground feel Zaraki's presence, but they wonder why they didn't feel Zaraki's powerful reiatsu sooner. Back on top of the pl > read more

Naruto 670

03/26/2014 19:19:00 PM

Naruto has a conversation with a certain dead person.How long will Naruto need to figure out who this old guy is?Summary:Naruto wakes up and finds himself in a blank world with a man with three Rinnegans sitting in mid air. The man eventually reveals > read more

Bleach 573

03/19/2014 22:58:00 PM

Kenpachi Zaraki takes over the fight.Kenpachi means "I don't give a shit"Summary:Zaraki shows up and informs Isane that he had killed Unohana and therefore truly inherited the Kenpachi title. The Sternritter introduces himself as "V" Gremmy Thoumeaux > read more

Naruto 669

03/19/2014 22:37:00 PM

Mighty Guy goes all out to battle Madara.You can't hide from Springtime of Youth!Summary:Mighty Guy goes all out by releasing his 8th and final inner gate and attacks Madara full force. With some assistance from Minato and the others, Guy gets past M > read more

Sekirei 157 & 158

03/13/2014 19:18:00 PM

It's hard to keep track of Sekirei chapters since scans come out in irregular intervals. Anyways, in the two latest chapters, Minato's group continue to battle Higa's group.Minato the Oblivious.Summary:Higa states that Minaka is Minato's dad, and of > read more

One Piece 741

03/12/2014 19:52:00 PM

Usopp changes his mind and decides to play hero, while Kyros has a flashback .The prospect of GLORY!!!! is too tempting for Usopp to walk away.Summary:Usopp is running away when the dwarfs starting screaming for Usoland. Leo and the dwarfs are confid > read more

Bleach 572

03/12/2014 18:44:00 PM

It turns out Yachiru is not fighting Gwenael after all.No, this is a dance show.Summary:Yachiru's shikai cuts Gwenael in the face again, but it doesn't matter as Gwenael is actually created from the imagination from another Sternritter, who promptly > read more

Naruto 668

03/12/2014 17:39:00 PM

Mighty Guy powers up to the Gate of Death.Mighty Guy is going to go out burning brightly.Summary:Mighty Guy decides to power up to the eight and final gate, the Gate of Death. During the process, Guy has flashbacks about his childhood with his dad an > read more

Bleach 571

03/07/2014 15:11:00 PM

Yachiru battles the invisible Sternritter.Say hello to my little friends.Summary:Sternritter "V" Vanishing Point Gwenael Lee taunts and attacks Yachiru with his vanishing powers. Yachiru swings at Gwenael by instinct but only hits after-images when G > read more

One Piece 740

03/07/2014 14:24:00 PM

The war between Luffy and allies against Doflamingo's operation continues at various locations.Master of disguise, Kinemon is not.Summary:At the palace, Luffy and Violet escape outside and leaves Zoro to handle Pica. One level up, Kyros and his two r > read more

Naruto 667

03/06/2014 23:46:00 PM

The identity of the person near Sasuke is revealed.The stomach-snake is always a cause for concern.Summary;Karin, Orochimaru, Jugo and Suigetsu arrive to find Kabuto trying to heal Sasuke. Kabuto explains that he managed to escape Itachi's Izanami by > read more

To Love-Ru Darkness 41 and Special

03/05/2014 22:08:00 PM

In chapter 41, Momo and Nana try to stop the awakened Yami from killing Rito. Meanwhile in the special chapter, Momo has a little run-in with Risa.Heart Attack!Chapter 41 summary:The commotion caused by Yami's awakening is heard throughout the school > read more

Claymore 148

02/28/2014 23:02:00 PM

The battle against Priscilla is over... or is it?Time to die, you monster!!!Summary:Raki stabs Priscilla through the neck from behind because Priscilla does not perceive him, and this allows Clare to dice Priscilla to pieces with Quick-sword. Raki fa > read more

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