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05/05/2007 02:35:00 AM

And yes, she went down dancing To the tunes of a fall. Enchanted.Upon the fingers of the lesser known kidsWhere her shadow glowed until the glory.Upon the fingers of the lesser known kidsStill too drenched within her tears. [whisper]And yes, ...


01/13/2007 12:44:00 PM

The pain surged from his sleepAs he fell out of itBreaking his night. A crackOn the center of his backA third hand grew.The third hand grewAs he spread his original handsTo pick his bloodstainsFrom the dusts and floors.The third hand grewPicking ...

Love Hymns - 2

09/25/2006 18:50:00 PM

He Who FellHis fall was completeThe day he tumbled down the cocoonAnd found himself runningFor the door. He imaginedInside. Outside. Crossings.The possibilities of a door.He covered.He was led to a worldOf tangled bodies. Criss-crossed.Clinging ...

She Had Left A Bubble Inside Me

07/31/2006 20:03:00 PM

She whispered her evanescence into me.She claimedIn her days of effervescenceShe had left a bubble inside me. FloatingThrough the vessels of my bloodIt passed through many mountains and lakes;Through many a cities above.When it stopped over ...


07/04/2006 19:40:00 PM

I picked her down the river bedWhere she lay among flowersAmong dewdrops, amongst bloodstainsOf her own.Her soul laid asleepIn the white comfort of a swarm of wasps, butterfliesAnd the forgettings of 'had-beens'.The forgettings of time, eternity ...

Facades of The Carnival - 5

07/01/2006 21:05:00 PM

Skin"Have you seen the Christ made of animal skin at Burgos? There's a very curious book, Monsieur, about those statues made of animal skin and even human skin." -Jean ...

Facades of The Carnival - 4

06/29/2006 19:46:00 PM

Lovers Three PacesOne day, in passingI invaded the valley of her dreams,And foundHer absence in the realm,And foundHer lost in her absence,And foundHer searching all that's lost.I found all three of herSitting sep ...

Facades of The Carnival - 3

06/26/2006 21:18:00 PM

Poet Euthanasia "You Glimpsed soldier of fortune Sweeping their footprints ...

Facades of The Carnival - 2

06/24/2006 21:03:00 PM

Parents The ReturnIt rained petals last nightOn these streets, dew-worn.It rained petals in the darkOf flowers all yet unknown.And they covered the pain of a lonesome lane,And they heaped by the broken window panes,And ...

Facades of The Carnival - 1

06/21/2006 19:36:00 PM

Children This Christmas EndsI came loitering into the townOf lingering children, untamed.I found Christmas sans candles.I found smile-illumined cherry-treesAnd I heard playing feet, unreasoningInto their life-ending ...

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