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Diatribe: Miley Cyrus – Topless On Rolling Stone At Twenty.

09/25/2013 11:08:18 AM

I want to like her … I really do.  Miley Cyrus always seemed like a nice girl.  She appeared to be reasonably talented, in that Disney sort of way, had a respectable singing voice and she was cute.  A daughter of country music’s Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley rose to fame as the ..

Add Video Exchange Service To Your Music Website

09/20/2013 11:59:29 AM

What do you think about adding video exchange service to your music website?   So I was brainstorming looking for more ways artists can increase music sales. I ran across this Video Exchange website that teach people how to play instruments, sing, and DJ through videos. To be honest, I thin..

Brand New Single by Bobby Wells | We Talk About Jesus

09/04/2013 16:07:33 PM

Bobby Wells brand new single "We Talk About Jesus" This hit single takes you back to the back porch, stomp your feet, clap your hands, full of rejoicing kinda days! Uplifting the only Name whereby we must be saved, Jesus Christ! We live in a world where our Lord's name is slowly being eliminated in..

AlexaPro Analytics Rates Our Cirrus Radio To Have The Most Engage Listeners

08/31/2013 14:30:33 PM

A service from a Christian Radio and Web Hosting Network who responds to customers and their needs in over 200 countries and every U.S. State in America.The Media division at Devine Jamz Gospel Network is where you will find the hi tech Cirrus Radio Platform with radio and web hosting services in ov..

mixing in mono -it's not all bad

08/30/2013 07:42:46 AM

I hear what you’re thinking – you’re thinking ‘why should I mix in mono? – what’s the point? – in this day and age that just seems so backwards’.   I thought the same when someone suggested it to me so let me just take five minutes of y..

Get your side sorted

08/30/2013 07:41:50 AM

Last week I touched on mixing in mono and why it's a good thing to mix that way. If you missed it go and check it out here. This week I want to take a step on and talk about stereo - not left and right though - I'm talking Mid-Side processing! I won't be talking about recording techniques with ..

Make Your Music Available to Music Supervisors

08/25/2013 10:56:45 AM

Make Your Music Available to Music Supervisors The music industry continues to grow and evolve, and synchronization licensing provides another potentially lucrative revenue stream for musicians. When you choose TuneCore for your music distribution and publishing administration, your compositions w..

Collect Songwriter Publishing Royalties Worldwide

08/25/2013 01:05:30 AM

  Collect Songwriter Publishing Royalties Worldwide   Attention Songwriters: Please Pay Close Attention! Did you know that your compositions generate songwriter royalties when they’re downloaded and streamed? That's right, but distribution services alone can’t get you the pu..

Add Songs To The Largest Christian Music Database Online 0 FREE

08/23/2013 15:38:32 PM

The NRTeam is an exciting and unique online community for NRTeam members can connect with each other, post their own blogs, update NRT artist profiles, add music reviews and more, all while earning NRT Points for FREE prizes and music! Not only will you have control to con..

Song Cast Indie Artist Radio Network And Distribution

08/12/2013 22:58:07 PM

RADIO AND DISTRIBUTION FOR INDEPENDENT ARTISTS!   Broadcast your music across several networks including; Indie Artist Radio, ShoutCast Networks and iTunes Radio. 21 indie channels featuring today's most popular genres. Watch a live discussion about your song - Get feedback on your music! See..

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