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Popularity of Music Videos Online

04/19/2014 03:44:51 AM

There are many websites having integrated funny videos and visitors' contribution ability. Apart from the popular video clip websites like YouTube, many other music videos online sites are evolving these days. A lot of websites are blending the features of videos into one and allowing visitors to se..

Gig Review: Foreigner/Europe/FM - Portsmouth Guildhall

04/10/2014 13:33:55 PM

  I was lucky getting a ticket  this one. By the time I got around to popping into the Guildhall box office, they had precisely two seats left,both right at the back except in different corners. "Seats?" I thought "For a rock gig?" I wasn't entirely happy about this - I..

Quadraspire's QAVM AV Rack Review

03/23/2014 12:46:17 PM

Quadraspires QAVM AV Rack £660   Placing your Hi-Fi on different materials can make a small but subtle difference to the way music comes across. I recently sold my trusty Atacama Equinox Hi-Fi rack and decided to buy the Quadraspire QAVM AV rack. Read on to see the effect wood has compare..

Pro-Ject's Debut Carbon Turntable Review

03/23/2014 12:39:42 PM

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon £299   Pro-Ject's Debut Carbon Turntable   Welcome to my first foray into the world of vinyl. For some enthusiasts a turntable is the format of choice, I've always listened to music through a CD player and was eager to see what I've been missing. Read on to..

Marantz's PM6004 Stereo Amplifier

03/23/2014 12:36:31 PM

Marantz's PM6004 £329   Marantz's PM6004 Stereo Amplifier   Last month I reviewed Yamaha's delightful A-S500. Marantz's PM6004 amplifier is smaller and sleeker than the A-S500, and only pumps out 45watts. Could this amp be a good alternative? Read on to find out more....

Yamaha's A-S500 Stereo Amplifier

03/23/2014 12:27:46 PM

Yamaha's A-S500 £339   Yamaha's A-S500 stereo amplifier Looking for a new amplifier? Yamaha make sensational AV receivers, but they also make great 2 channel stereo amplifiers, as well. Read on to find out more... Out of box impressions At first glance, there seems to be a lot going on at..

Tannoy Revolution DC4 Review

03/23/2014 12:23:45 PM

Tannoy Revolution DC4 £349.00   Tannoy Revolution DC4   When my latest arrival turned up, I couldn't quite believe there would be a pair of speakers hiding inside. Tannoy's super small speakers look unimposing, do they have what it takes to rival the Q Acous..

Mallets for Lead Steel Pans

02/14/2014 01:40:02 AM

Each instrument in the steel pan family utilizes a different playing mallet.   Since the different steel drum instruments encompass a wide tonal range, it is necessary to have different materials,  thicknesses and weights to bring out the best sound for each of the steel pans.  A mall..

CD Review : Damon Fowler - Sounds of Home

02/08/2014 15:36:28 PM

Blind Pig Records, 2013 By Phillip Smith; February 8, 2014 Damon Fowler’s latest solo album, Sounds of Home is a grab-bag of Americana at its best.  Soon after finishing the tour with the band, Southern Hospitality, which released one of my favorite albums last year, Easy Livin’..

CD Review : Paul Thorn - “What the Hell is Goin On?”

01/29/2014 19:48:53 PM

By Phillip Smith What the Hell is Goin On? indeed!  This twelve song follow up album to his 2010 release, Pimps and Preachers, is composed entirely of cover songs.  This is not your typical cover album though, as they are mostly all rather deep cuts.  I have to admit though, while t..

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