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Better Luck Tomorrow Review

11/30/2011 11:28:09 AM

Around 10 years ago, movies based on high school life were pretty popular. They were usually romantic comedies and were usually filled with a good amount of raunchiness. They also used fresh, young and sometimes recognizable faces like Jennifer Love Hewitt to help sell it to the masses. They mad..

The Firm (1993) Review

11/27/2011 23:49:41 PM

There are a lot of lawyers and aspiring lawyers that are doing their best to be at the top of their chosen field. In The Firm, Mitch McDeere (Tom Cruise) is one of those people. Right as he’s finishing up law school, he becomes a hot commodity for law firms wanting to attract the best young ..

The Man from Nowhere (Ajeossi) Review

11/23/2011 10:54:29 AM

There are plenty of people who view the police in a not so positive light. Some cops are considered to be inadequate, bias, corrupt or untrustworthy. This is also seen in a number of movies. There’s a difference between movies and reality due to the fact that average citizens in film will ..

Snake Eyes Review

11/21/2011 02:00:49 AM

Boxing is one of my favorite sports in the world. It’s taken a hit over the last several years, but it’s something that I still love and will always watch. I’m also a fan of mysteries and conspiracy theories. Some of my favorite movies are included in those genres and boxing has..

Liar Liar Review

11/18/2011 13:47:35 PM

Lawyers have gained a bad reputation over the years and they usually have negatives stereotypes connected to them. They’re sometimes thought to be money hungry ambulance chasers that are out for blood.  Director Tom Shadyac   takes a comedic look at some of these stereotypes and u..

Attack the Block Review

11/16/2011 13:12:14 PM

Growing up in the inner city, there are two challenges that you have no choice, but to face sooner or later. One will be the dangers that might be around the corners every now and then and the other will be the stereotypes we’ll all have to face even if we’re model citizens. The most..

J. Edgar Review

11/14/2011 10:29:05 AM

I’m surprised that a movie about J. Edgar Hoover hasn’t been done until now. He’s a significant  figure in American history and was involved with many of the largest historical figures of that time. This biopic wants to tell a story of a man’s personal and professiona..

Immortals Review

11/14/2011 10:27:18 AM

When I heard that Immortals was coming out I was okay with seeing it. Then I saw the advertisement that said it was “from the producers of 300″ and my interest level dropped down significantly. I didn’t like 300 and I figured this movie would be fashioned after it. I was going ..

Rockstar Review

11/14/2011 09:43:40 AM

Director : Imtiaz Ali Cast : Ranbir ‘Rockstar’ Kapoor, Nargis Fakhri Real heroes include The music maestro A.R Rahman, the charismatic singer Mohit Chauhan and of course the iconic heartbeat of the generation Ranbir Kapoor. Rating  ★..

William Haines. Tragic Gay Hollywood Icon

11/13/2011 20:40:48 PM

It seems these days in the past few years of the 21st century that an increasing number of movie and TV stars are coming out as Gay.  This is a fairly recent phenomena.  It was not this always like this few decades ago. My purpose in my writing this is to focus on a homosexual thespian who..

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