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Verizon and Redbox Streaming Video Combo Will Push Netflix and Others

02/14/2012 11:55:12 AM

Verizon and Redbox have announced they will create a new video streaming service joint venture that will compete with Netflix and other services such as Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, Walmart’s VUDU, and Dish Network’s Blockbuster subsidiary. Coinstar will own 35% of the venture and contribute..

At Home: Blue Valentine

02/08/2012 05:54:22 AM

What happens when the love is gone? According to Blue Valentine it’s filled with arguments, breakdowns in communication and a heart-rending attempt to fix a marriage beyond repair. Derek Cianfrance’s drama plays a bit like (500) Days of Summer except it’s packing a devastating pun..

At Home: Memories of Murder

02/08/2012 05:51:59 AM

  With the emergence of South Korean cinema in the last ten years or so stemming from its striking ‘revenge’ films, violent episodes where people commit deplorable crimes and are duly punished for them; Memories of Murder is decidedly not as barbaric as the Vengeance trilogy ..

At Home: I Am Love

02/08/2012 05:49:48 AM

Unsurprisingly, I Am Love’s score on IMDb ranks at 6.9 (contrasting with its 79 Metacritic score) indicating users had a tougher time grappling with the film than critics did, a response that’s expected with a film that appears to be so abstract and rooted in style over substance. P..

In Cinemas: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

02/08/2012 05:45:44 AM

I wasn’t swept away when The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo became this unavoidable thing in modern culture. I haven’t read the Stieg Larsson's book but I have seen the Swedish original and while it boasted an impressive performance from Noomi Rapace as the titular character it came acr..

At Home: Colombiana

02/08/2012 05:41:39 AM

  There was talk of Luc Besson’s latest project Colombiana being a Leon 2: Mathilda – Assassin for Hire. The reality is far more disappointing with a forgettable ho-hum actioner taking the place of what could have been a fun film. Zoe Saldana is Cataleya, daughter of a South Ame..

In Cinemas: Mission:Impossible - Ghost Protocol

01/10/2012 09:24:46 AM

  “Mission accomplished!!!” It’s been five years since the last Mission: Impossible (echoing the six year gap between M: I2 and M: I3), with JJ Abrams vacating the director’s seat and Brad Bird stepping in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol continues the adventu..

Review: War Horse

01/06/2012 00:16:39 AM

Stories in war movies are usually about the triumphs or tragedies that come from it and almost always contain violence. Whether they are based on fact or are simply a work of fiction, they’re also usually seen through the eyes of the soldiers that are on the battlefield. Steven Spielberg&r..

Review: The Devil Inside

01/06/2012 00:14:52 AM

What do we have here? It’s another “found footage” movie. While we’ve seen quite a few of these now, The Devil Inside is different from the other ones in some ways. They don’t use witches, ghosts, aliens or monsters that show up in New York City out of nowhere. This o..

Review: The Adventures of Tintin

01/02/2012 00:49:46 AM

I haven’t watched an animated movie in a very long time. The last one I saw was probably the original Toy Story movie. Since I’m an adult now, I don’t have any real interest in watching these things. With that being said, I did decide to review The Adventures of Tintin. It’..

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