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Let Mac and Windows Share the Video freely

Posted on 05/26/2010 01:27:27 AM

There are always two systems in your MacBook, Mac and windows for a more convenient using, while these two systems don’t have much similarity in the supported video and audio formats. After you got a precious Blu-ray disc, you may make a backup for the disc to protect it. Would you like to enjoy ...

EarthSoft Bluray DVD Copy Stops You from throwing broken Blu-ray discs

Posted on 05/14/2010 10:51:54 PM

Blu-ray video is really a multimedia feast for its perfect video. But Blu-ray discs are amazing costly investment. Sometimes you may find yourself keep buying the same Blu-ray movies because your naughty child always break it or your pet like to bite it as if the disc is bone. At that time, what you ...

How to convert Blu-ray movies to MP4. AVI, MP3 with LeKuSoft Bluray Ripper?

Posted on 05/14/2010 10:39:26 PM

The newest music phone of Motorola has entered the market, named Evoke QA4 for Alltel. Its excellent big touch screen and perfect audio quality attract a lot of people including movie lovers, music fans, OL, young students and me. It can play MP4 video and MP3 songs, but I cannot bear to watch movie ...

Harry Potter Memorabilia: Books, Movies, Action Figures, Wands to Create a Great Collection

Posted on 05/06/2010 02:59:21 AM

 Harry Potter fans know a thing or two about the characters in the most popular books ever. Since its release June 30, 1997, it has not been hard to become involved in the lives of the magical wizard and his friends.  As the books evolved, so did the characters. The stories became darker, ...

Avatar Movie and The Creatures From Pandora

Posted on 05/06/2010 02:35:47 AM

Action figures based off of movies are a huge hit with adults and children. Children love the miniature toys and they can be a great tool for getting little ones to use their imaginations in creative ways. Adults love the figures because they make good collectibles. Over time, some can become quite ...

Revamping Kurt's Cobain?

Posted on 04/18/2010 04:39:29 PM

There is much buzz circulating about Universal Pictures creating a biopic of the legendary Kurt Cobain. To legitimize the project, the always controversial Courtney Love (who just so happens to be Cobain's widow and the mother of his only child, Frances Bean) is said to be playing a major role in production. ...

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