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فيلم الاغراء للكبار فقط +21 Unfaithful مباشر اون لاين

03/30/2013 19:46:12 PM مدونة سينما افلام اون لاين  فيلم الاغراء للكبار فقط +21 Unfaithful مبا..

Titanic Movie…. Surely this ain’t true definition of love in my opinion!!!!!

03/19/2013 22:19:08 PM

100th year anniversary commemorations of the Titanic has just got me reflecting over the titanic movie (originally released in 1997) which for so many years have caused un-told havoc in relationships as more and more girls have asked their partners if they were willing to make the same sacrific..

Blog Bits! Bits About This & That – Movie Goods

03/12/2013 19:09:04 PM

I love when I stumble across a website and find hidden treasures within the site itself. When I first heard of Movie Goods, I thought they just had movie posters which was great at the time because I was looking for a unique gift for a movie loving friend of mine. While searching through their bl..

Film Review: Amsterdam Heavy (2011)

01/21/2013 15:42:28 PM

After a trip to Bangkok, JD arrives back in Amsterdam stowed away in a container.  He has no memories - at all - an impressive set of bruises and a set of numbers carved into his arm.  After recruiting nurse-turned-stripper Monique, JD wants to find out who did this to him and why so ..

Film review: Seven Magnificent Gladiators (1983)

01/06/2013 14:21:45 PM

STARRING: Lou Ferrigno in a short kilt Brad Harris in a short kilt Dan Vadis in leather underpants Sybil Danning in a  leather swimsuit Carla Ferrigno in a proper dress (spoilsport) Several other blokes in short kilts A few blokes in furs At least two women who really needed to..

Jack Reacher

12/21/2012 00:19:00 AM

Cruise's vigilante ex-army cop isn't interested in sex and focuses only on bringing killers to justice The film is like another episode of 'CSI', with Rosamund Pike playing a damsel in distress   THE release of writer-director Christopher McQuarrie's Jack Reacher was delayed one week out of..

The Sweet Hereafter

12/21/2012 00:11:39 AM

Listed in 1,001 Movies You Must See Before You Die 1997 film deals with small town trying to get back on its feet after deaths of children in accident Similar theme in Newtown, the US, after the Dec 14 massacre of 20 kids and 6 teachers   A QUESTION that is dominating the media in the wa..

4 Key Points to Concentrate on While Learning Bollywood Dance

10/19/2012 22:47:09 PM

The Hindi or Bollywood movies are incomplete without lyrics, music and dance. In some movies, dance numbers and item songs are included to entertain the masses. Also, the songs and dances are often used to carry forward the narration and story of the Indian movies. When you decide to learn Bollywood..

THE LAWL: A look-back at "Judge Dredd" (1995)

09/25/2012 09:29:29 AM

Last Friday "Dredd (3D)" came out and word has it it's actually pretty damned good! So, it seems like the right time to remember the cult-classic comic book character's first cinematic outing, the Sylvester Stallone "Judge Dredd" that came out in 1995.   "Judge Dredd" belongs in that dreaded (l..

Sensational Saturday - Spy Game

09/22/2012 08:21:42 AM

Sensational Saturday - it is sensational to learn life lessons from the movies, here is what I learned from "Spy Games."Each Sensational Saturday throughout the month of September I will be sharing lessons I learned from my favorite movies. By sharing my favorite movies, I will be sharing with you a..

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