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Funny Search Terms

Posted on 05/16/2013 08:33:54 AM

I know I've done these posts before, but I've had some funny search terms that people have used and landed on my blog instead, so I had to share. Besides, I have nothing else to talk about, so just be quiet.  Work with me here. In case you miss the first three posts, here they are:Funny Search ..

What If Dead People Used Twitter?

Posted on 05/13/2013 07:45:16 AM

What if dead people used Twitter? These might be some of their tweets: @Pocahontas Wondering if that stud muffin’s name is really @JohnSmith #suspicious @GeorgiaOkeeffe Signed up for flower painting class. Hope it’s not boring #vaginas @AmeliaEarhart Just flew ac..

Mud Bugs

Posted on 05/06/2013 07:20:29 AM

  Ah, yes, mud bugs. What are they? They're crawfish/crayfish (aka Redneck Lobster). You know...I'd like to meet the first person that saw one of these little bastards and said, "That thar critter might be delicious after I boil it in a pot of water and throw some Cajun spices on it." Don't eat..


Posted on 05/04/2013 07:40:25 AM

  Sooo...I was perusing the news yesterday in order to expand my ever-growing intelligence (stop laughing!), when I happened upon an advertisement announcing something odd. Out of curiosity, my dumb ass couldn't resist clicking on it and was soon transported to an article announcing that s..


Posted on 04/29/2013 04:07:12 PM

(with apologies to Gene Amole and his Idea Fairy) The jitters were still affecting me last night after having that cup of coffee at 9:00 am. I know, at 7:30 pm, it should have worn off long ago, but it hadn't, which was why I was still enthusiastic and excited, and why I was looking through business..

You Know You're A Redneck

Posted on 04/29/2013 07:42:40 AM

  Here are 20 things to look for...if you answer with a quick nod and a, "Sho' 'nuff" to any one of these, you know you're a redneck! You sponsor cockfights. Without roosters. Your dog has more teeth than you do. More teeth than your wife/booty call too. Hell, more teeth that both of you put t..

Luck Be a Lady

Posted on 04/28/2013 08:11:13 AM

  Luck be a lady, not me. It's hard to be a lady when you have a penchant for 12-year old locker room humor. Hell, I think poop, farts, and boogers are funny. Obviously, because its all I seem to write about besides rednecks. Let's face it though, they're funny too. On the other hand, I do seem..

Whisker Patrol

Posted on 04/26/2013 06:56:16 AM

  It's a known fact that Mother Nature and I are not the best of friends. Ever since I hit the age of 40, she's been in the process of feeding me a plate-loads of karma, one right after another. Now she's giving me a heaping dose of crap, so I have to perform whisker patrol. Bitch! I've been lu..

Very Excited

Posted on 04/25/2013 04:44:48 AM

I'm very excited over here in Texas. The local area rodents rednecks are building a bonfire and will be cookin' up some vittles to celebrate. I've started my very own newsletter. I know, I's not really worth a redneck bonfire or vittles, but to me, it's pretty exciting. Unfortuna..

Running in the Dark

Posted on 04/20/2013 07:40:51 AM

Yesterday (Friday) was a crazy day and I didn't have a chance to write a post starting with the letter, 'R,' but that's okay. The post below is a repeat of one I wrote early on in the blogging game and I know many people didn't see it. I hope you enjoy it! Lemme know! To get the back story, first se..

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