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The T-Shirt

Posted on 07/25/2013 01:23:13 AM

While on vacation at a gorgeous beach get away, our little family wound through the streets looking for a place to eat.  Son #1 trotted ahead with his dad while Son #2 toddled beside me holding onto my finger.  We stopped to look in windows and ponder our options.  Were we hungry ..

Jalapeno Sauce

Posted on 07/10/2013 08:19:04 AM

  For the sake of this post, I titled it, "Jalapeno Sauce" to avoid confusion and to prevent any love loss from Google search engines. What I really want to call this is: Hallowpeenyo Soss I think it reflects my silly personality and adds a catchy title, yes? I'm not a fan of things that are to..

A Baby's Prayer

Posted on 06/30/2013 01:54:40 PM

Son #2 is learning to pray before he goes to bed.  Last night, we read from a devotional book as the boys ate berry cobbler at the kitchen table.  After worship, my husband prayed.  Then, he asked Son #2 if he wanted to say his prayer.  Son #2 babbled and smiled. Our boys clo..

The Runner

Posted on 06/29/2013 11:25:28 PM

Lately, Son #1 really likes his privacy.  When he was a toddler, I naturally helped him bathe.  Now that he is six, he prefers to wash his hair and body independently.  I'm grateful because it is one less thing that I have to do. This morning's shower time was like any of the othe..

I'm Shrinking!

Posted on 06/18/2013 12:26:55 PM

I feel like the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz….. Last week I went for my annual checkup…you know, that place you go once a year to be told to lose weight, eat more veggies, exercise more and stop drinking so much.  After sitting in the waiting room for 26 hours (I know ..

Punching People in the Nose

Posted on 06/10/2013 07:20:00 AM

  Growing up, I had to choose between what was right and what was wrong. Didn't we all? I mean, some people paid attention, actually learning from their mistakes and those that didn't are now housed in a state or federal housing unit, compliments of the government (and tax payers). However, I'..

Facebook Fail

Posted on 06/03/2013 06:36:21 AM

  Yep, It's Monday. Rise and shine. I turn on my computer. Go make some coffee. Sit back in front of computer. Check email. Think about what I'm going to write today on my blog. Nothing comes to mind yet. Open up Facebook. Damn, it wants me to log in again. Usually, it knows my User ID and Pass..

Hairy Beasts

Posted on 05/23/2013 11:10:19 AM

  I know I complain about Walmart all the time and for those of you silly enough to ask, "What in the hell is a Walmart?" just consider yourselves lucky. I still hate Walmart. I hate the people that shop at Walmart and everytime I leave there, I feel like I need to be hosed down with bleach. As..

Flipping the Script

Posted on 05/20/2013 09:14:57 AM

  Well, it's Monday and I know I need to get some work done, but I've decided to sit here and drink coffee until the feeling passes. In all seriousness, I won't let it pass though. I'll plod through the fog that is Monday and get tons of work done. I think. Maybe. Why do we all despise Mondays..

English Majors

Posted on 05/18/2013 08:52:07 AM

1. You'll never hear me say that I have too many books. Unless I'm moving. Then I'm constantly bitching about having too many damn books. 2. You'll never hear an English Major say they don't need a calculator? Huh. I usually don't need one. I guess it's that background in engineering. People do loo..

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