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Ovation: Johnny Depp Wears An Engagement Ring.

04/01/2014 15:20:49 PM

I'm a sucker for a good marriage proposal.  I love to see the videos online of elaborately planned song-and-dance numbers that involve friends and relatives who all conspire to surprise the bride-to-be just as much as I enjoy a simple heartfelt down-on-one-knee knight-in-shining-armor tear-jerk..

Diatribe: Johnny Weir's Media Circus Divorce.

03/24/2014 15:13:40 PM

Divorce is never easy.  While it’s a difficult time, and often for the best, it should always be a personal matter.  Sadly, celebrity divorces often become fodder for paparazzi and tabloid reporters, gossip websites and other famewhores. Figure skater Johnny Weir recently filed for a..

The Shoe Wardrobe Essentials: Shoe Stopper Vol 3 & Mirchi Music Awards 2014

03/18/2014 12:43:40 PM

Thursday I witnessed the Mirchi Music Awards. It was a star studded night with the country’s best singers and hobnobbing crowd with scintillating music, titillating the senses. The performances were outstanding only one regret, I missed Honey Singh’s performance either I was late or..

Diatribe: Paula Deen Could Still Choose Her Words More Carefully. (Unless She Really Does Feel Like A Black Gay Football Player.)

02/28/2014 12:40:21 PM

I think most reasonable people, when they’ve done something even remotely embarrassing make an effort to divert attention away from themselves until a sufficient amount of time goes by and people have more or less forgotten about the particular transgression.  After all, someone else is s..

Diatribe: The Tenth Anniversary Of “Nipplegate”.

02/03/2014 12:12:40 PM

Recently, I’ve learned the true meaning of “binge-watching”, also called “binge-viewing” when we purchased the first three seasons of the popular PBS series Downton Abbey on Blue-ray Disc.  After the first episode I was hooked.  I am fascinated by th..

The Bierber Road to a Compete Breakdown

01/31/2014 21:22:05 PM

The scenario isn’t anything new and we’ve seen it too many times not to notice what’s happening. The recipe for a fatal outcome comes from the fatal attraction of youth, fame, huge quantities of money, young adoring fans and lack of helpful guidance. The hangers-on, of course..

Diatribe: Biebers, Meet The Lohans And Learn Something.

01/27/2014 11:17:51 AM

Teenagers have been sneaking drinks from their parents’ liquor cabinets for generations.  They’ve been using fake IDs to buy six-packs to bring back to dorm rooms since six-packs and dorm rooms were first invented.  But the teens of yesterday had something that today’s te..

10 Smart Ideas for Charity Fundraising

12/19/2013 03:35:14 AM

Raising money for charity is almost always a noble cause, but it isn't always easy. While many people will make an effort to donate to charity, there are many different fundraisers going on at any given time. No matter what your reasons are for raising funds, you will have plenty of competition. In ..

Bruce Jenner Doesn’t Like His Adam’s Apple

12/17/2013 09:21:52 AM

  Recall those wonderful days of yesteryear when Bruce Jenner, the current husband of a TV gab celebrity, won the gold medal in the Decathlon at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal and he was the face on Wheaties cereal boxes. If you don’t remember..

Ovation: Sam Champion Finds A New Home At The Weather Channel.

12/03/2013 11:07:21 AM

Every morning when I get ready to leave for the office I listen to the morning news.  It’s about ninety minutes of background drivel with an occasional story that catches my attention long enough to stop me in my tracks as I get dressed, feed the dog or make the bed.  The local news ..

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