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Insecure writers' support group

05/25/2012 23:36:08 PM

I normally use the first Wednesday of the month to bitch about how little time I have to write; how my husband gobbles up every spare second; how my children are a couple of basket cases. I'm changing things up today. Thankyous are in order I was a little bitter -- massive understatement -- followin..

Emo Anarchist Girl

05/25/2012 22:56:23 PM

It's so unfair that people expect me to have a job. I'm an artist. I create stuff that's really emotional, and I can't sit in an office all day -- I need to be free. Like I totally think the government should subsidize artists' living expenses, because we make the world a better place. Business peo..

On the bright side -- there aren't any slugs in the shower

05/25/2012 22:50:59 PM

I was moping around the house, because my brain didn't feel like writing -- It's the stress of being financially disabled, I concluded. Everything would be so easy if I didn't have this money thing hanging over my head. I knew it was a load of crap, but you make allowances in these situati..

Telling me you're smart doesn't make it so

05/25/2012 22:47:42 PM

There are a crap-ton of "geniuses" out there who think they know everything there is to know about this art of putting words together in a manner that makes people want to read them -- don't do this, young, aspiring writer; you'll never be as good as Jack Kerouac, young, aspiring writer; perhaps if ..

My husband did it

05/25/2012 22:43:27 PM

Feminists have said for years that women -- especially married women -- should take control of their personal finances -- Never trust a man to do it for you. WELL -- my husband's been telling me for months that his clients owe him thousands of dollars, and I'm starting to think he's a..

The Golden Rule for writers?

05/25/2012 22:38:23 PM

I'd like to say that I don't feel sorry for myself -- that I never raise my arms to the sky and whimper "Why me?" But I do feel sorry for myself on a rather regular basis, and it triggered a thought on my way home from work today that I am a character in a book -- that all writers are characters in..

Better off comatose -- maybe

05/25/2012 22:33:46 PM

I almost didn't come home from work today -- not because I love my job or my home life is unsatisfying. It's just that so many things went so terribly wrong in eight hours that I feared I would die in a car crash. To begin with, I didn't get paid -- my paycheck this week was NEGATIVE-$20.90. Eve..

Wish in one hand ...

05/25/2012 22:30:56 PM

It's not enough to be sick, poor, exhausted and crazy -- no way. Let's top that poop cake off with a pimple as big as a walnut -- WOOT, WOOT! Now I'm deformed, sick, poor, exhausted and crazy. I was only slightly deformed at sunrise, but being home sick with nothing better to do than poke at my ch..

A little help, Dear

05/25/2012 22:29:30 PM

I keep thinking I can train my husband -- if I write enough about all of the ways he gets underneath my skin; he'll get the message and help me in my endeavors to write the next best American novel. Someone must either shoot me now or run me down with a car -- save the bullets -- although, ga..

Verbal diarrhea: A family tradition

05/25/2012 22:28:18 PM

There are times when I'd really love to curl up in the fetal position and die -- say I drank too much on a Friday night and I woke up the next day not quite sure what I said or did. The pieces sort of fall into place as the day progresses -- each a little more embarrassing than the last -- and at s..

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