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Bottle Girls (Hostess Clubs)

08/27/2012 15:32:30 PM

Friday, on 20/20 there was an expose on "Bottle Girls." It pissed me off so badly. Bottle girls are like those hostesses you see in host clubs. They are sexy, charming, girls that are paid by bars/clubs to sit with men and trick them into buying lots of alcohol so they get a high bar tab. The m..

Twisted Sister against Ryan on “We’re Not Gonna Take It”

08/22/2012 22:55:19 PM

Twisted Sister against Ryan on “We’re Not Gonna Take It”. Rep. Paul D. Ryan has become nicely tired of The Man (study: this U.S. government) sticking it to the little man. So no real surprise his budding vice presidential campaign loved to turn “We’re Not really Going ..

Naked Photos of Prince Harry in the newspaper

08/22/2012 22:51:51 PM

Naked Photos of Prince Harry in the newspaper. If anybody uncertainties that the regal loved ones still guidelines in the United Kingdom…simply ask this newspaper editors who have already been asked not to go to push along with photos associated with naked Prince Harry in their pages. Clar..

Don't forget to share those pictures

08/22/2012 18:34:05 PM

When Francine met Rosco she was aware that he enjoyed activities that took him outdoors and although many of those activities included sports, none of them were as important to him as fishing. A day on the water was one that he would look forward to, even more so than a day at the ballpark and it ha..

In Julia Child Birthday

08/15/2012 23:20:37 PM

Happy 100th birthday celebration, Mizz J!! In recognition of Julia Child‘s centennial landmark we discovered a good AMAZEBALLS remix of the woman’s phrases and also techniques, Continue Cooking! Oh yea, auto-melody!! You never quit to be able to amaze all of us!! Ch-Ch-Check out the vide..

Ellen DeGeneres Showcases Photo Miley Cyrus Haircut

08/15/2012 23:18:22 PM

Ellen DeGeneres Showcases Photoshopped Miley Cyrus Haircut. Apparently Ellen DeGeneres liked Miley Cyrus’ new pixie locks cut a lot that the lady chose to get the same ‘do! Nicely, not so quick! She obtained this hairdo okay, but in Illustrator form, obviously. Miley has been tweeting..

Finding the right event planner for your wedding

08/14/2012 23:21:09 PM

It had been three weeks since Stacy had been to a wedding and as it turned out she had one coming up on the weekend and as it turned out she had 3 more in the coming weeks. No it was not that Stacy was that well known, she was one of the better known event planners and many of her events h..

Think safety with battery operated candles

08/14/2012 21:06:06 PM

As he had done so many times in the past, Reuben managed to find himself in the doghouse with his girlfriend Pamela and it seemed that nothing short of a miracle would get him out of it this time. He thought about buying her flowers but she was allergic to most of them, jewelry was just not in his b..

Kristin Chenoweth: Page 2 rail for Aug. 14

08/14/2012 03:52:56 AM

Kristin Chenoweth: Page 2 rail for Aug. 14. Emmy- and also Tony-winning celebrity Kristin Chenoweth, that hails from Broken Arrow, received’t be returning to “The Good Spouse” after suffering injuries in an incident previous month around the set of this CBS drama, according to T..

Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy is now getting closer

08/14/2012 03:51:07 AM

Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy is now getting closer. Nation star Taylor Swift takes her romantic relationship with Conor Kennedy a stride closer. This twenty two-year-aged “Spark’s Fly” vocalist and also the eighteen-year-aged boy of Robert Kennedy are the most popular new couple ..

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